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Precision Science - Technological Advances in Sport | Gillette World Sport

Published June 12, 2023, 3:20 a.m. by Courtney

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To find out more about the role of science in sport we visit the img academy in florida and take a look at the specially tailored programs that are being developed to encompass the whole range of the sports science sphere.

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sports science is playing an ever

expanding role in giving athletes the

crucial edge in their pursuit of victory

at the img academy in florida specially

tailored programs are developed to

encompass the whole range of the sports

science sphere

our goal with these athletes is to help

them avoid injury

and perform better whether that's


becoming more aware about how much their

training workloads are or

benchmarking their performance and

giving them tips and actionable feedback

to improve

that's our goal in a nutshell

the pioneering modis lab puts a special

emphasis on technological innovation in

baseball training athletes undergo a

series of tests using reflective markers

placed around the body to create a 3d

image of their actions when they step

into the motion capture lab we use the

assessment for two things one is the

general motion assessment to monitor

joint mobility and stability and we also

have them go through a full body

pitching assessment like a bullpen


so during there we'll pick out all the

flaws and strengths and weaknesses of

their pitching delivery and give them

feedback on what they need to do from

whether it's a training perspective or

work with the coaching staff here to

work on drills they need to do to

improve their mechanics

and then coming full circle we're going

to show how these athletes how they can

use a sleeve the piece of wearable

technology to continue this experience

during their entire season so they'll be

able to monitor their workloads and

their performance outside of this lab to

make sure they'll stay healthy and

increase their performance

this fusion of work done in the lab with

the reflectors and on the training field

with the sleeve provides the most

flexible conditions for athletic

development for hansen the technology is

key to opening up a whole range of new


what you see today is our first step

it's our first go at cracking on field

technology and we've done it with

pitching mechanics and throwing motions

we're very geared up towards not only

getting this technology in multiple


like batting golf tennis lacrosse but

also multiple sensors connected on the

body i'd say our goal is to build a

digital athlete and a kind of a wired


over at the gatorade sports science

institute the focus is on what an

athlete puts into their body we are

about personalizing nutrition

and personalizing fueling for that

athlete so we look at things such as

body composition using our bod pod we

can look at an athlete's power and

fatigue we can look at their muscular

strength because ultimately helping the

athlete understand what his or her

strengths and areas of opportunity all

work together to help the athlete really

improve their performance

i think the role of science is just

going to continue to grow there's more

and more interest in it performance

continues to get tighter and tighter

between athletes and so you're going to

need that edge

and science is what's going to help the

athletes understand where they can get


this attention to marginal gains is

further illustrated by the work done

over at the academy's mind gym where

budding young footballers undergo vision

training to maximize their alertness and

seize the slightest of advantages over

their opponents there are a lot of

exercises that can train the brain in

many different ways whether it's just on

a an ipad or an iphone but what we

prefer is in our mind gym room we have a

lot of multi-sensory exercises that are

more practical that really stress that

doing the motor reaction speed and so we

have a lot of different athletes that go

around the room and do a bunch of

several exercises we have found that

these exercises can improve reaction

speed for example one of our great

exercises is the diner board it's an eye

hand coordination slash peripheral

awareness exercise

when our athletes normally come in they

for 30 seconds they're trying to hit a

number of lights as fast as they can

average times range from 30 to 40 which

is about an average reaction time of a

second to about 0.8 of a second when we

train athletes

they can go down as far as point four so

you think about being twice as fast in

terms of how you see the light how you

process where it is and being able to

react to it and of course when you're

thinking that fast and reacting that


most likely you're reacting a lot faster

than the opponents around you and that's

where the draw is really for a lot of

our football players

as advances are continually made in the

various strands of sports science one

common thread is evident athletes are

increasingly embracing new ideas and

technology in order to gain the vital

edge that converts defeat into success

the overall philosophy within the mind

gym is the small things lead to the big

thing so being able to practice where to

look to practice what to see enhance

that peripheral awareness will help you

deal with a range of different visual

and mental things that happen in a match

and so we really try and stress

very finite details

so that when an athlete is under

pressure and they're out on the field

they can make those decisions more

readily if it's fine-tuned and practiced

over and over again thank you very much

gentlemen that's it for today i'm gonna




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