June 23, 2024

Qatari rugby star Yasmine Dehbi on the importance of sport for health

Published June 12, 2023, 3:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Qatar National Rugby Player, Yasmine Dehbi, explains how sport has positively influenced her physical and mental health. Yasmine has lent her support to the Sport For Health partnership between WHO and the Qatar Ministry of Public Health. More information at https://www.who.int/initiatives/sports-and-health/healthy-2022-world-cup

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hello my name is ismil debbie i'm the

captain of qatar women's rugby sevens

team in qatar sports to me is everything

it's not only beneficial for our

physical health it's also beneficial for

our mental health you become more active

more energetic and it really gives you

positive energy to do everything better

in your day

i started playing rugby with the

national team back in 2016.

i was still a student back then i was

studying and training almost every day

so to have a team a community and a

family to go and train professionally

and play the sport that i love

almost every single day was the best

thing not only that the positive energy

that i had on the pitch and of the pitch

was very good for my mental health so

playing sport is very beneficial do not

hesitate to try a new sport

i'm very supportive of the work the

ministry of public health is doing with

the who and the supreme committee to

help promote sports and health

the world cup is a wonderful opportunity

to put a focus on health and sport so i

encourage everybody to find a sport they

enjoy and go and try it




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