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Soh Rui Yong talks about Singapore Sport Culture & National Service

Published June 12, 2023, 7:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

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Indonesia's simbolon outlasts singapore's Soh Rui Yong to win 10000m race | athletics SEA Games 2023

#running #seagames2023 #singapore

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here in Singapore do you have any roots

that you like or do you kind of run the

same thing quite a lot


minions I run this look I'm showing you

around my house quite a lot so this is a

30 minute look

um you can actually extend it to bedok

Reservoir make it one hour off

we run two laps there you can make it


an hour and 20 minute run today

I'm pretty tired it's been a long week

so I'm doing that 30 minutes right now


thank you I think

so young um definitely

well did you add an extra one yesterday

before we can do this because I

appreciate it every day are you planning

on wrestling

well I usually only do one run on Friday

but yeah

yeah again thanks for your time can you

please talk a bit about your uh

progression as a runner like when did it

start and have you hit any plateaus or

have you always been consistent

um oh yeah I think I started running


I started training with a team who knows

12. yeah this is my secondary school


institution right then known as the

Chinese High School

trained uh for two years transferred the

rifles institution but never quite took

it seriously to

Junior College I think that's our

equivalent of your high school

so when I was in high school

that's when it was

really like serious serious for me

because I met coached even quickly

the running is not just about putting in

the training




vitamins so if you don't fall sick

probably good stuff so that's

probably the hardware I took it more

seriously because before that it was

just you know I'll play football in

there show up for training after yeah

maybe pretty exhausted and Katrina

in half

but yeah definitely yeah

took it more seriously and that's when I

started to see results in high school


all of us have to go through

military service two years

so it actually kills a lot of our

athletes as much as

like I'm being yummy is important not


opponents of military service I like to

say that Elementary service there's a

barrier that athletes have to overcome

and you know

people went out of

areas of life embarrassed as well such

as you know if you look at right Brigham

Young sorry Brighton yellow Brigham

Young University in the US

so there's a lot of moments go they also


I think one year of Mission or two years

of mission

in the middle of their studies and then

they come back

and a lot of them still run also pretty



yeah I think that I think it's quite

different in Singapore the sports

culture is already not very good


I do think that in Singapore

it's always an academics and it work

that's the Forefront of our culture like

I've experienced it where in the UK

if you have a job and you're good in

something outside your job

you see that's pretty cool and it seems

encouraged like oh like you might be

working in for example Deloitte

by one of my referring Partners in the

UK it's an accountant at deloittees his

partner and he's around the 217 Marathon

I think he's the fastest guy in our club

club record holder for Clapham chases so

that's pretty cool

but here

if you do too well

there's something outside of work

it's kind of seamless and this guy

doesn't know what to do like it's

because she's too free

he's gonna stop he's got too much time

to do other stuff outside so there's a

bit of jealousy in a bit of like your

spring it's just my opinion our culture

is not very accepting of Sports

and there's not a lot of hope life

balance so that's unfortunate

throw national service into the mix it's

even worse because our athletes lose two

years national service they come out

and I was like oh I'm so far behind

where I used to be the guys I used to be

on power from other countries or faster

than me

sorry for hours faster than them now

they're faster than me because they had

just two years to keep going

keep building

and I actually just like pretty much the

setback but I couldn't train properly

yeah how did that affect you

I think I just accepted it and yeah

I'm just trying to get back to where I

was previously I was very fortunate in

my second year of the army I

had a rudder


posting where I could train

four times a week yeah so it was good I

I had the opportunity to train all right

I made my own opportunity to train


I would be running in Camp

all nights that I could get out of Camp

I would go to a track nearby and do my

sessions yeah but it takes a lot of I

mean I was incredibly stubborn just

refused to die just kept powering

through and it also meant I couldn't

give my fullest on the yummy because

if I was really doing my coolers I'll be

given more and more responsibilities so

in a sense because I kind of

and it's a slacked off in the Army and

got a more relaxed role that helped my


well like still really impressive


like even if it was a bit more chill

compared to other people like like still

definitely a sporting setback

like two years of like you know not

ideal training there's a reason why our

national records are so weak right and

not just so not just for running but

a number of other sports as well

obviously we have sports that we do

quite well in swimming yeah swimming

yeah like Joseph schoolings

National record for the 50 sorry 100

meter fly is one of the best times in

the world it was the Olympic record when

he beat my goof-ups in 2016. but he also

had a benefit

of deferment so he didn't serve national

service until now and not everyone gets

the opportunity you have to be really

really good

and in his sense even our ministry of


wasn't going to give him that deferment

if this mom didn't really push for it

like really I put all those data points

all those numbers she fought incredibly

hard from what I understand to get in

that department yeah and

credit to everyone involved

he finally got that deferment but it was

one of those like extremely special case

scenarios yeah have anyone else gotten

it like I think I heard of uh closing

win yesterday yeah yeah I feel it's only

kind of benefited from Joseph like

because during one of us always

not quite as good as Joseph but not too

far behind so when Joseph gets it join

benefits but you notice you want to do

something get it

after the last the last Olympics yeah so

I mean anyway

product means they're both incredible


and now this is stuck in the Army not

able to do very much

I'm trying to see games but Joseph he

has even had the opportunity to get a

decent shape

put out from the sea games right yeah

Olympic champion now can't even get into

Fitness he needs to do cheat games yeah

he actually speak quite a lot of the

system and that's really tough

challenges I think he's facing yeah


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