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Sport culture

Published June 12, 2023, 10:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

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big representative players and teams

have emerging from this beautiful city

Junior is a local team this team

generate different fashion in a people

for example fanaticism and in the

followers and the other sport is book

sale is very common in Barranquilla

baseball is other sport that is very

common in Barranquilla the more famous

player is Edgar Renteria and all and the

team is the claustrum Alice

in box I'll sugar baby Rojas is only the

champion has born in Barranquilla in the

other categories and the other sport for

example half champion for example in

halle Lena and the 100 and 200 a murders

dash and the others any others

categories bernanke arrows are

characterized by the blankie a carnival

and the socket thing Junior they were

hanky they say that when the junior lost

am at ADA mode in Barranquilla during

the suite is set at the legal union it

was it was found in 1824 and there has

been a champion seven times they are

currently playing the finality to the

Colombian codes on the junior

barranquilla half place a mini star like

it that will have a wrong 7mb era yo one

and A two fellow UTA Carlos bagus in


and the red and white color representing

the joy a struggle of the barang quiero

supporting this team the junior isn't is

not for beautiful day and the quality of

the players in many case for example in

manacles a gustavo oil and guillermo

saline representing to jr of

Barranquilla in the Colombian teams a

blankie arrows a are are looking forward

for sunday and and are always eager or

they super this junior of the soul of

the soul

comparing this culture with the with the

Ice Bears the junior found in the upper

layer because the junior bernanke are

representing many values a and behaviors

and belief of the Barranquilla culture

also a operate loft liar because during

at matts in the stadium a we have a many

common a verbal and nonverbal

communication today I will talk about

five of the most important football

player or the Canadian vision first of

all I will talk about the few and the

lava his name is kallu maggot valderrama

most known as I feel he was born in

Santa Marta and it's 54 years old he was

a very smart player and despite of the

slow movement he has a feel perfectly

visualizing with junior he had to

victory or 1993 and 1999 on 2004 he

officially retired of the files and 2007

he was junior coach and now he's

remembered I love football player in


secondly i will talk about valency a

know he was born in Barranquilla he is

43 years old and he used to be a

football player in Colombia he's the

second scoring in Colombia football

history with 2017 balls and the first

quarter in junior with 158 goals he

retired on 2009 in the 2008-2010 he was

coach of real cartagena hitter would in

junior and on 1998 and he won but in the

order on 1995 he playing team like up

deportivo cali the opportunity bonita

melodies me Janeiro's anilos

now we have four year he was born in

Santo Tomas atlantico he is 24 years old

he has played in Columbus national team

like a patio calendar nine Spain I

salehi plane in an eternity teófilo

gutiérrez these flurries are role model

for those children who live in critical

Sony's which violence is a constant

threat they find in a soccer an

opportunity to move forward in life this

football career started in Barranquilla

down 2007 after that he played enjoy yer

and later because of his talent they

achieved the plate in biggest clubs in

other countries they are like Argentina

torquay in Mexico Portugal and he is a

pro clicquot stadium finally we will

talk about double back on page 29 years

old but he was born in a whole

neighborhood in puerto colombia he's had

a life of struggle where he served for a

fisherman both helpers to famous

football player in a several team of

like a civilian million and junior now

he had a wife and son and a daughter

in Barranquilla sports culture a place

an important role in the construction of

the interior representation in the

society in the case of junior most

popular teen in Barranquilla with the

time have a many to many fans around the

Caribbean region these fans over the

time have have been created a sub

cultures that are colored Barras bravas

the virus bravas a or colored are two

fans that are support the major support

in the Colombian saucer teams in

Barranquilla there are two the Frontera

he Blanco Sol and lavanda a los Cuervos

a these two teams these two teams of

fans and the third of his location the

Starion north and south and in his

neighborhood that they belong but they

have a similar deals a characteristics

traits that are the traditions

nationalism symbolic identity values and

behaviors that they shirt and this pile

of multiple stereotypes prejudice

because many of a many people of these

teams of these batters browse a have

been able to aim orders drugs and

alcohol there are many true fans that

support this thing with loyalty and love

according to the hostel motor that is a

high degree of collectivism in the

subculture not only for the Barras

bravas also a the support of the entire


when the team plays the will the Union

and loyalty is the basis of the soul of

the succeeds and the support the junior

of the Warren quiero para mi Dios in

chica alegria emocion este algo que

representa La Cosa Nostra presentado Co

Co este seguir la pasión hora press in

de leiria go no se da do ramen represent

a merabh Adria more Daigoro de corazon

que pode SE la vida mi mejor y amor del

planeta babaji jeweler para me represent


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