May 30, 2024

Sport, Health and Exercise Science at the University of Portsmouth Webinar

Published June 12, 2023, 3:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

An introduction in Sport, Health and Exercise Science at the university of Portsmouth.

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good morning everyone can hear me okay

just checking on the sound quality okay

just to make sure that all your work is

done I can see that the sound is working

okay now there is a chat box right-hand

corner of your screen and you can raise

your hands at end points on that so

today I'm joined by three academics just

to repeat again if you didn't hear me

the first time and I'll just quickly

show you their faces just so you know

you will be talking and they will

explain in a while about undergraduate

BSC programs in the School of sports

health and exercise science and so I'll

just introduce and they'll just

introduce their names and the course and

then I will go into the University of

Portsmouth and the City of Portsmouth

just to give you a context of and a

reminder if you've forgotten all about

our university so to the right hand side

let me just introduce I am the course

leader for the sporting psychology

program only course leader sports next

life science course and the exercise and

fitness management course


would come off so you don't see my face

here anymore it is a bit of a cold

morning so apologies for the scarf I'm

sure it's nice and we are 70 miles from

London an hour and a half on the train

and location really does sell the

universal its main reason why a lot of

our international students cheese

Portsmouth because of its location our

ranking and extremely high numbers in

many delete tables especially in sports

and health mix so science school which

is currently ranked 13th in the UK

universities you can see those went 21

overall in The Guardian 2020 we are a

big University about 25,000 students so

you can see there there are five

faculties but today we're talking just

really about the Faculty of science and

health and the school of exercise

science so you can see on this slide

that and there's a lot of support not

unusual to many UK universities but just

so you know that we do have a University

Portsmouth global and international

student advisors exchanges and study

abroad team and global offices and they

travel around the world there's about 40

of them and so we have offices in Kuala

Lumpur Delhi Bangladesh and Pakistan

also visit you and offices and also can

come and meet your students many of our

courses offered work placement so you do

get work experience and either is in a

sandwich course or as part of your three

year degree program and our three

academics here today will tell you

whether there are these type of study or

work experiences as well as well you can

also learn a language at the university

partnership partnership it's a


internships and placements as well so

here's some brilliant OCS really just

the whole international experience that

these students do get here with us each

year and we celebrate the diversity as

well at the University of Portsmouth so

we have up to about 5,000 students from

all around the world so it really is a

diverse campus that we have here and

again many of our students can join the

Students Union club as well and here's a

list of all the different societies as

well as athletics clubs and you can go

online and find more information there

students do finished at the Universal

for our Portsmouth there is a lot of

support there for international students

not just the home students about when

they graduate so they can access our

services for five years after they

graduate a little bit about the tuition

fees the average tuition fees for you to

know is that we do offer some great

international scholarships which do

apply to all of our programs including

the three that you have

today so we have a chances global

academic merit scholarship which is up

to 5,000 pounds discount and also Vice

Chancellors below these developments

fellowship of 1600 so that does depend

on the country but again you can go

online and you be able to see whether

your country does apply for these

scholarships accommodation and is

guaranteed to all our international

students provided they can accept their

offer before the summer the summer being

around gym time and you can see here is

some world wide range of choice for

students based in the city centre so

again about ten minutes walk 15 minutes

from an accommodation into the passes

into the lecture theatres so it's really

really a great city to move because of

the proximity of study life and also the

social life outside of the classroom as

you know I think you learn how to apply

your work without global offices for

agencies on how to make that application

to the University of Portsmouth and also

here is a little bits which hopefully

about how to write a personal statement

which I think yeah there's a big nod

from these three courses that personal

statements are part of the screening

process and when making an offer so

really I will hand over to let me just

make sure let's get rid of the webcam

just because I know people are shy

working on to the school I hand you over

to talk to introduce us all nor do I

wish to I am Jesus okay just before I

hand you over to the


in The Times and the Complete University

Guide and we're also consistently high

in the National Student Survey as well

so students who do come to the school

tend to be very happy very satisfied

with their programs so these are the

four courses that you'll learn more

about today so we have the exercise and

fitness management sports and exercise

psychology sports and exercise science

and sports management and development

and you can see on the right-hand side

of the screen that these are the

professional bodies and which accredit

some of these programs

okay so we'll move on to the first one

which is Sport and Exercise science


science course so this exercise science

course covers three key areas those are

the biomechanics physiology and the

psychology but also on the course

students are allowed to specialize in

their areas of interest via a series of

optional modules and these modules

include things like nutrition strength

and conditioning performance analysis

healthy aging the course is actually

endorsed by the British Association of

Sport and Exercise scientists although

this is a british-based endorsement it

does ensure our graduates leave with the

appropriate level of knowledge and

practical skills to move on to a career

in the area now from a course perspect

a level four students begin with three

modules that last the whole year in the

key areas of biomechanics physiology and

psychology and this provides a basic

underpinning to those core disciplines

and also introduces the concept of

research methods in the scientific

inquiry process at level five I have a

number of core modules again but also at

level five the students can start to

tailor their degree to what they're

interested in level six students conduct

a year-long project that enables the

student to study in depth an area of

interest and also to gain valuable

skills associated with project and time

management as well as developing their

knowledge and practical skills in the

area that they've chosen and there's

more information about the structure of

the course and the modules on the

website throughout the course there are

lots of additional opportunities for

students to develop their portfolio of

skills by opting for or completing

additional qualifications such as first

aid but one of the key aspects is

gaining industry relevant experience the

course has an optional sandwich here

that can be taken after level 5 or after

level 6 the sandwich here includes a

work placement where students have the

opportunity to develop specific

employment related skills by undertaking

a relevant placement with a relevant

organization and the student will be

minted through our science faculty

placement office students will also have

a placement tutor that will liaise with

the student during their placement

opportunity this is really a great

opportunity for the students to identify

them demonstrate skills developed in the


such as professional accountability

interpersonal communication and time

management and they also will manage and

complete tasks in a business and work

environment relevant to their course if

the student doesn't wish to complete a

sandwish year alternatively they could

choose a professional development module

at level six and this is like a mini

sandwich here where they complete

approximately 150

of work placement or mini self-employed

placement and they received monitoring

from our University of Portsmouth to

develop their own business in previous

years we've had students that work with

local teams such as Portsmouth Football

Club as a sports science officer officer

or aiding the team with performance

analysis or strength and conditioning

this allows the student to utilize the

knowledge that they've gained at level 5

and apply these to the professional work

environment and finally our graduates

have continued on to careers and wide

range of areas including postgraduate

study physiotherapy many students have

gone on to run their own businesses

they've worked in our national health

service teaching and education and

strength and conditioning or even sports

science support in fact one specific

example is from a student a few years

ago there's now gone to work as the head

of Sport Science support for a national

governing body and another student has

gone on to work in the area of cardiac

rehabilitation for our National Health

Service we will take any questions about

programs as at the end side that was

that was great so on to the next I do

believe the slight change to management

okay so back to me again and so the

exercise and fitness management course

is a bit different I'll try to highlight

where the differences are more than

anything else so exercise and fitness

management covers again three key areas

biomechanics and physiology but actually

business management as well and that's

one of the important differences between

exercise and fitness management and

sports and exercise science and again

the students can choose optional modules

to tailor their degree to what they're

interested in and these can include

things like sports facilities management

healthy aging sports

Marketing sports entrepreneurship and

the course is actually endorsed by the

register of exercise professionals again

ensuring that our graduates leave with

the appropriate level of knowledge and

practical skills to move on to the

career similar to Sport and Exercise

Science and structure however the

modules are different again the students

will have three core modules at level

four covering the key areas of

biomechanics physiology and management

and then they'll move on to level five

where they have a number of core modules

and a number of optional modules to

enable them to tailor their degree to

what they're interested in again

throughout the course there are lots of

additional opportunities particularly in

the exercise and fitness management

course to help the students develop

their portfolio of skills and they can

opt to complete a number of additional

qualifications such as the gym

instructor award the personal trainer

award or the exercise referral

qualifications and again with the focus

on employability particularly in this

course we strongly encourage our

students to complete the optional

sandwich here and again similar to the

Sport and Exercise Science the student

will be encouraged to conduct a

placement activity whether it be

supportive of the science faculty and

it's really a great opportunity again to

develop those skills in a business

environment I'm also part of is for the

students to identify and reflect upon

their learning experience and consider

their future employment skills and

there's an element of evaluation of the

work placement activity related to their

knowledge in practice and from the

broader perspectives of what they would

like to continue to do as a career and

again also on this course if they don't

wish to complete a full sandwich here

they can also choose the professional

development module that's also available

on this course again 150 years and it's

like a mini sandwich year and many of

our students have actually conducted a

mini self-employment placement where

they receive mentoring from our

University of Portsmouth team to help


developed their own business in the

health and fitness sector in previous

years our students have gone on to work

in the local health and well-being

centers providing health and fitness

advice to clients where they've utilized

their knowledge gained at level five and

applied these to the professional work

environment our graduates have continued

on to careers in a wide range of areas

including postgraduate study and again

many of our students actually set up

their own personal training businesses

or health and promotion businesses one

specific example is from a student a few

years ago who's now gone to work for a

sports promotion company and helps

promote national level sporting events

another student has also gone on to work

in cardiac rehab for a specialized

health clinic as well I'll be happy to

take any questions after the remainder

of the presentation so now we have Karen

who will talk to you that management

hello again everybody so I'm going to

talk to you a little bit about the

sports management development program

we've actually got a long history of

delivering this type of program at the

University of Portsmouth delivering this

kind of program for over 20 years now

and the course itself has gone through

several iterations where it's been

revised by the course team to

continually stay in line with the trends

within space-boat Sports Management and

the sports developments one of the

latest changes that we've made to the

program is to ensure that we've

globalized the delivery of all the

materials that we include within the

course this is a great benefit not only

to our domestic students but also to

international students coming in and

actually seeing increasing numbers of

international students coming into our

program to study with us here in

Portsmouth and they're coming from all

over the world they're coming from you

Latvia and Lithuania area as well as

China Hong Kong as well as India

Pakistan Bangladesh so we're trying to

develop a truly global program for our

graduates to to study and gain a degree

from and the course itself is focused on

three particular areas and I'll split

them down on the slide there for you and

labeled the muckers sports management

how we manage and control and structure

and deliver sports programs and sports

management areas of sports management

and and this is particularly interesting

globally because the leisure sector more

generally and which the sports sector is

part is one of the fastest-growing

industries in the global economy if we

think about the emerging economies that

are out there in South America as well

as in the Far East

where people are becoming more wealthy

and gaining more time and financial

ability to engage in an increasing

amount of leveraged leisure pursuits

while in tandem with that we need people

to enter the industry and they'd be able

to deliver those those opportunities and

indeed we've seen not only on

international students but some of our

domestic students and set of businesses

and go out to the Far East say and to

set up organizations or businesses to

deliver sports management programs and

companies and deliver sporting

opportunities in new and emerging

markets and I've also got sports

development in there and I've got to

have separates that into two concepts

for development and sport for

development supposed about amenities

basically about how we take potential

athletes and put them on the right track

to achieving their potential and

hopefully seeing them standing on the

podium at an Olympic Games or when the

world could football or whatever sport

that they were involved in so it's about

managing and organizing and developing

talent and developing the structures

that allow people to achieve their


the other area sport for development is

how we use sports to achieve social

outcomes and this globally has become

and increasingly important factor with

Nash international organizations and

NGOs charities that are working in

particular communities who use sports as

a vehicle to achieve some of the other

social outcomes like vaccination program

say for instance and there are

opportunities for graduates of a course

like the one we deliver here to go into

those those industries so it's quite

diverse in terms of sports and also if

we think about the skills and the areas

of knowledge that our graduates learn as

part of the program there are a vast

number of careers that are open to them

outside of the field of sports as well

so it's it's a truly pluralized program

in that in that sense so what will

students learn well I mean I can only

give you a very basic overview it's in

this brief time and there is more

details on the website about the program

and also if you need more details about

the program specifically feel free to

contact me directly and I can supply you

with any information that you need about

actual specifics on the program but

breaking it down into core elements

we're interested in how sports is

developed on a local a regional national

and an international level so we look at

sporting structures how sport is

governed how politics engages with


this is actually interesting for our

students because if we've got lots of

international students on our program

then we can we can look at different

examples from different communities

different cultures different nations and

start to compare and contrast what

happens here in the UK to other

countries like China or Australia or

some of the Eastern European countries

so it gives us a real opportunity to

engage in some critical discourse in the

classroom and we're also interested in

how sport is managed as I said before so

things like events management facility

management as well as strategic

management and strategic management is

one of those areas where those strategic

management skills will equip our

graduates to look at project management

careers when they're new to university

because some of the skills there are

very transferable so um even in a sense

of our graduates being able to gain


it's not always just in sport where I

graduates will be looking to to get a

role of employment interestingly as well

instead of having the standard research

project at level three at year three we

have an international research project

where we actually travel over its

Barcelona and we look at the particular

legacy of the Barcelona Olympic Games

and look at the the long-standing legacy

that a large scale sports event can

bring to a community in a city and this

is probably one of the highlights for

all of our students in terms of being

able to to contextualize all of the

knowledge that they've learned across

the three years in their project as

Chris mentioned before as well we do

have work based opportunities in as part

of our program and we have the level

three the year three final year

professional development unit that Chris

mentioned as well but we also have a

specific core or based learning

opportunity at at level two in the

second year we felt that it was very

important that our students had the

opportunity to go out and contextualize

their learning in the workplace so we've

actually created that and it's the first

year that that work-based learning unit

has has run this year so and it looks

like it's gonna be a good unit for our

students some of the other highlights

being able to work with with

organizations that are out there

delivering sports in the community so

I've got there on the screen the great

one company they actually coordinate and

deliver the the great south rim which is

the the ten mile race the biggest

describe it the highest number of

runners in the world that's the it's the

biggest participated in ten mile race in

the world

we also have our students working with

Portsmouth Football Club we also have

them working with a community

organization called the active community

network as well which allows them to

actually engage with some hard to reach

communities out in absolutely Portsmouth

area as well in terms of careers so the

careers that are

there's the obvious ones such as PE

teacher and a lot of our students do

want to go into education but we also

have a lot of students who want to go

into sports marketing sports event

management and indeed a lot of our

students actually move from sports event

management into other areas of event

management particularly music management

or corporate hospitality management and

there is again that transferable nature

to the skills I've got project

management on there and we've got a lot

of people who have got gone on to work

in project management roles that have

been very much outside of the Spheeris

for particularly in engineering

companies and those those kind of

opportunities and then there's obviously

the Sports Development Officer

coordinated management roles it will be

a kind of standard career pathway so

there's quite a ploy realized nature to

to the roles and opportunities our

graduates have and what I would say is

that our graduates the people who leave

our course have the opportunity to go

outside of the world of sports and news

their skills very successfully in other

areas of finance management human

resources and as I mentioned before

project management so hopefully that's

given you a better on that better idea

of what sports management and

development is like University thank you

very much and ask you a quick question

have you done great exercise psychology

so hand you have more about this one

okay so hi everyone and say sports and

exercise psychology undergraduate

program is the newest program that we

have within our school and the program

looks specifically at how we apply

psychological principles to how athletes

go on to develop and enhance their

performance their mental health their


being and then also focusing on how we

can help members of the public increase

their physical activity and how they can

meet their health health outcomes the

program is accredited by the British

Psychological Society which means that

students receive call psychological

knowledge alongside sports and exercise

related content as a flavor of this in

the first year we have students who

complete modules in sports psychology

sports sponsors biomechanics and sport

exercise physiology the reason for

having this these three programs three

module stories you're looking at

psychology biomechanics and physiology

is to provide the students with a

foundation in each of the core areas in

Sport and Exercise Science to enable

them to be part of multi deep

multidisciplinary teams future on later

on in their career when they're moving

to their second year they also then

start to learn more core psychological

knowledge so this is when they start to

learn more about biological psychology

cognitive psychology social psychology

and developmental psychology alongside

modules in skill acquisition so learning

how individuals develops expertise as

well as continuing their hansmann of

their knowledge on sports and exercise

psychology in the final year we begin to

look at the application of this

knowledge so that has the opportunity to

complete a module on professional

practice in sports psychology so what is

actually like to be a psychologist and

they also learn more about physical

activity exercise and health and think

actively about how to apply

psychological knowledge to the promotion

of healthy behaviors as well as then

having optional units in areas such as

neuroscience clinical health psychology

and professional development throughout

the program we use a variety of

techniques and equipment to help the

students learn more and apply their


so we have lots of practical

opportunities where we develop workshops

and things like that but we also have

equipment such as eye tracking goggles

we have use virtual reality a lot within

our teaching to help students

particularly with the skill learning and

skill acquisition modules and then we

also have a podcast which is available

by the university of university of

portsmouth a podcast so feel free to

have a search for that and you'll see

there five episodes on that that I've

actually done with world leaders in

Sport and Exercise Psychology to cover

the key topics that we will look at on

our programme so for any potential

applicants you might be interested in

this program it'd be great for them to

have a listen to get a flavour of the

sorts of things we we we learn and we

look at and as with the other courses we

have the opportunity for a sandwich here

this can take place after the second

year of study or after the final year

and again here students often go and

work in relevant opportunities such as

those within local sports clubs

charities health service type settings

as they move beyond the degree so I

mentioned this is the first so our

newest program the first set of our

graduates finished this year and the

majority of the students went on to

further master's level study so at the

end of the undergraduate degree program

students are accredited with bps at

British Psychological Society a graduate

basis for charter ship which is the

first step that enables them to go on to

become a psychologist the second step in

that process for most of them is to go

on to complete a master's degree program

if they want to work in Sport and

Exercise psychology then here at

Portsmouth we have the opportunity for

them to go straight on to that master's

program but our undergraduate course

also enables the students to go into

other areas of psychology so if they'd

rather move into more clinical or health

psychology areas our undergraduate

program prepares them for that as well


so if we have the opportunity for

students to really move towards their

career goals of becoming a psychologist

as we currently speak the majority of

our graduates have gone on to that

master's but there are others who have

started to apply a psychological a

psychological knowledge in other areas

and roles as well thank you very much so

you've got four different programs so

that you had a little bit about this to

give you a taste and we'll have some

questions at the end and just remember

the ignition side of it of course we

have people here from across the world

by giving you a link that you can go

onto and you can find out the

equivalency of these you caste tariff

points of the UK's ten points for the

a-levels all the qualifications that

come in from a hundred and twelve up to

a hundred and twenty eight tariff points

and these were very any officer in your

country any questions for the panel so

you would have to type those questions

into the box there any questions from

you management and development sounds

phenomenal for students but also what

are the costs involved international

students is it part of the tuition fee

it's all included in the tuition fee so

there's absolutely no cost for the

student both of them paying for food

while they're there so we cover the

flights the accommodation and the only

thing that international students will

have to do is apply for any visa to go

into into the eurozone to

spend the time there so I think think

that may include triples London to go to

the Spanish Embassy which is obviously

bad because you get gets up a visit to

London as well so actually it's a

four-day trip and we try to get the most

out of the trip that we can so we have

various visits that were organized while

were there we go to the Barcelona FC

Stadium we've got a stadium tour we go

in the museum there we go to the Olympic

Park have a tour with the Olympic Park

we also have a tour of the marina which

was built specifically for the Olympic

Games and it's really set up to show the

impact that an Olympic Games can have on

on a city and what we do within the unit

that it's attached to as we show some

pictures and talk about what Barcelona

was like before the Olympic Games and

there's actually quite stark contrast

and if there's anybody listening from

China you go to identify some of the

benefits that you can have from hosting

the Olympic Games of some of the

infrastructure development those are

those kind of benefits and what it does

is it allows the students to

contextualize all the things that we've

been telling them about how how good an

Olympic Games can be for a community

both culturally socially and

economically and contextualize that and

see it for themselves and we connect it

through a piece of project work and the

project work is it's set by the students

themselves it's a bit like a

dissertation but instead of doing it

here in the UK we actually do all of the

data collection so as well as the trips

that I mentioned just there and the

students will also be quite busy because

they'll also be collecting information

and data for their project in the gaps

between the trips so it's a it's not a

holiday it's a working trip and but it

is very wise what I'll then the feedback

that we get at the end of the year is

that it's it's the absolute highlight of

their cause so many programs here in the

UK you get a trip to Barcelona in Spain


and I can't see we have a question what

are the ways to apply to the University

of Portsmouth thank you and simply as an

I presume you are all agents of the

University hopefully you are and you

will apply only direct to the University

or you can apply on behalf of a student

via you cast so either one of those is

absolutely fine the third way is if a

student goes without an agency

assistance therefore they would be no

Commission paid for that okay so direct

to the international office the global

office or via you cast but make sure

that you tag your agency next to that

applicants name otherwise you won't be

able to claim your commission later on

ok I hope that's clear for you and I

also wanted to explore with panel today

a little bit more about the work based

learning which happens in what kind of

supports to give students if they're

finding a placement or preparing a

student for work based learning what

kind of support is in place across the

school generally or within your program

it's may be good to start with my

program because I have to work based

learning opportunities the first one is

in year 2 which is it's it's more

designed to give people a flavor and

give students a flavor of what it's like

to actually engage in work in a sporting

environment and the support that we give

those students because what we try to do

is we try and identify the type of roles

that they want to go into after they

graduate and we try to identify

opportunities for them to work in an

area there's a lied to their career

ambition so if that's working in

coaching development say for instance

and we might try and find them a

placement within the university helping

to deliver coordinate and manage coach

activities in the university - maybe one

of one of our activator programs we have

various activator programs in the

university volleyball football futsal

etc and that's an opportunity for

students to actually have a coordination

role within the sports industry equally

if somebody comes to us and says

actually I want to go into event

management or sports marketing then we

can put them in contact with links that

we have as academics with people who are

actually working in those areas and in

the past we've had people working in

school sports competitions we've had

been working with the great room company

we've also had people delivering

community activities through Portsmouth

in the community and those kind of

opportunities will be there for level

sick level year - sorry at level five

the level six unit is slightly different

because it's slightly more involved so

secondary unit on my courses is thirty

hours of community work the level six

the final year professional development

is slightly more involved is a higher

standard of study and we expect Ashley

is 150 hours of work out in the

community and that's something that

covers all of our programs it can be

both so if somebody even what we've

we've had in the past is we've had

students who have opportunities to work

in the summer between year 2 and year 3

and they've used that employment

opportunity as their professional

placement so they've actually been able

to do the hours before they come back so

and and from my international students

and a good example of this is we had a

student who actually graduated last year

but between his second or third year he

was from Jakarta and he went out to went

back home for the summer and actually

did his professional development

placement with an organisation that was

managing sports events and actually it

was quite beneficial for him because he

wanted he thought he wanted to do events

but actually he ended up in a role which

was volunteer called an

so in and actually from that he

established that he wanted to go into

human resource management especially the

placement was actually really worthwhile

thing because he actually got a better

sense of what he wanted to do when he

left University I think that's the

practical hands-on you go into the

workplace as well work based learning

you explore different avenues so part of

that if you imagine going back to in it

being an eighteen year old I suppose is

understanding what your career is going

to be what do you want to focus your

modules on your optional modules that

you can take through your degree program

so so it does offer that kind of

flexibility so it's a really good point

is there anything else you add about

work based learning I think it's also

helpful to know study abroad as well as

to the placement opportunity and we have

a number of connections with

international universities which allow

students to spend time studying abroad

and I think often those opportunities

are the ones that really help the

students develop and mature introvert

develop those interpersonal skills in

particular which are really really

valuable when they then go on to their

future careers so being able to

experience education in a different

system in a different country allows

them to develop those additional skills

and network and make those connections

which are highly valuable for them when

they want to go on to their future

careers brilliant and I'm glad you've

actually built up the the sandwich

courses and studying at international

universities because we do have very

good links in Canada America Australia

and also hopefully New Zealand very soon

where students can get that one year

study in an english-speaking country

other than the UK so that is great for

our international students coming here

who might also consider oh I'd like to

try America I'd like to try Canada as

well not be part of some of these

undergraduate sandwich programs okay

do have one question that's come up here

and thank you for waiting any alumni if

any alumni graduated from the University

which are internationally well known um

is there a chance I just made that up

u.s. we have to try oh she didn't

graduate from here but we've supported

the triathlete haven't we join Stedman

and she is an Olympic triathlete and we

have supported her as a university in

her training through the sports and

recreation departments yeah she has won

multiple Olympic she was the England

hockey captain but she might still be

the hockey captain unfortunately she did

have to have to leave halfway through of

course because of the contractual

obligations that she needed to be

trained and get vetting et cetera so she

was one of our students at one punters

within we have famous sailors as well

some of which have gone on to work in

the America's Cup teams and we'll be

looking and buying for spaces in the

next America's Cup taking place

representing the British team in that so

some of our alumni because we by the sea

we have lots of sailors and very good

some about student athlete scholarships

go towards quite a few sailors who train

here and base themselves out of here who

is the competed in a Commonwealth Games

and several world championships he was

one of our sports management and

development students from a couple years

back as well so so there are elite

athletes who are coming through where I

knew yes flowing now realize there's so

many other

and do you have any further questions

for us at this stage thanks Alton I'm

okay well I think then we will end the

webinar and thank you very much for your

time this morning or this evening for

you and we wish you well for the rest of

the day and it's a thinkI and goodbye

from us all right



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