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Sport Technology International

Published June 12, 2023, 3:20 a.m. by Courtney

Video made by Sport Technology International (sti), world leader in the design, construction and installation of Sports Surfaces Built for Performance.

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sports technology international or STI

as we're known globally stands alone as

the world's premier manufacturer

designer and builder of elite sports

surfaces with offices strategically

located around the world we attribute

our success to our science our

systematic approach to research and

development into manufacturing designing

and delivering world-class sports

services add that to our intimate

understanding of athlete expectations

and it's no wonder that we've been given

the tick of approval by many of world

sports governing bodies from London to

Delhi Sydney to Singapore it's our

mission to be innovators market leaders

to maintain our position as a global

leader we achieve this through our

dedicated teams of specialists who

personally control every aspect of a

project our scientists who lead research

and development our engineers who employ

world's best practice our designers who

create the best solution for your needs

our construction teams highly skilled in

the art of preparing sites and

installing our services and our

dedicated project managers partners and

appointed accredited agents the critical

link between you and your project just

like any champion team our players are

well trained and fit for their role they

are well-drilled experts in their field

and all combined as one to give you the

winning edge

born from the merger of two industry

leaders 1998 saw the emergence of sports

technology international combining

extensive experience in surface

technology and establishing a group

unequaled in its field driving the

sports surfaces industry to a whole new

level uniting the science behind the

product with a technical skill of design

and installation our success is

reflected in STI being the principal

supplier of sports surfaces for the

Sydney and Beijing Olympic Games the

Melbourne and Delhi Commonwealth Games

rugby's Hong Kong tens and many other

high-profile international sporting

events including our track and field

installation at Singapore's youth

olympic games in recognition of our

achievements our manufacturing division

was recently awarded the governor of

victoria exporter of the Year award and

inducted into the Victorian

manufacturing Hall of Fame outstanding

recognition for our industry STI and our

agent Network provide a holistic

approach to every project we can provide

you a sports surface many companies can

but we can offer you so much more your

project becomes our project no matter

how large or small it will receive a

hundred percent attention from

conception to completion at STI our

global big stadium experience becomes

your experience we work closely with you

to ensure your project meets your budget

and exceeds your performance and

management expectations all products are

independently tested and certified for

quality and performance this means your

surface is guaranteed not only to look

good but more importantly to perform at

world standards all year round combine

our technology with our highly

experienced design and construction

teams and our hands-on attention to

detail and we offer you a playing

surface solution like no other company

in the world that's the STI difference

there is no one-size-fits-all solution

to sport services and that's why STI

should be your first choice when it

comes to your project more athletic

stadiums and running tracks throughout

Asia Pacific choose record tan or spurt

at surfaces than any other running

surface our football surfaces are widely

regarded as the best available with STI

being the official pitch supplier to the

f IH World Cup poly grass is widely

recognized as the preferred surface for

elite hockey depending on your

preference tennis is well looked after

without poly clay l'ecole Supergrass and

omni court surfaces similarly supergrass

is a highly regarded surface for golf

putting greens diner point has a

suitable system for all synthetic indoor

floors and of course supergrass

promaster has long been regarded as the

premier synthetic surface for lawn bowls

all of STI sports surfaces are specially

designed to meet both the playability

and wear and tear demands of a vast

array of sports our meticulous

scientific approach to research has

translated athlete and administrative

feedback into high-performance sports

surfaces we've analyzed the data listen

to your feedback and have delivered

innovative groundbreaking enhancements

such as our exclusive cool plus

technology that improves player comfort

and safety by reflecting infrared rays

minimizing heat absorption and keeping

surface temperatures fifteen to twenty

percent cooler than other surfaces our

new respring yarns that are softer yet

more durable than previous fibers

maintaining ball surface characteristics

while looking and playing like grass for

a longer time dramatic savings in the

use of water both during play and under

maintenance improved cushioning and

force reduction

accelerated drainage and improved UV

resistance so that's pretty good

we're continuously improving and

challenging our products STI sports

surfaces really use the latest

technology available in the industry and

they will actually exceed performance

requirements SDI sports surfaces provide

an economic advantage over natural

surfaces and they are also more durable

than natural surfaces for athletes our

scientists have responded to critical

elements such as ball response player

compatibility shock absorption and

performance consistency in all types of

weather for administrators we've created

surfaces that offer consistent

playability for all levels of

competition durability UV stability heat

absorption reduced water use and reduced

maintenance costs our polygraphs Olympia

pitches at the 2009 Women's Champions

Trophy tournament performed above

expectations and were very well received

by all of the international teams after

nine days of high-level competition the

amount of water used was around forty

percent less than previously laid

pitchers at Sydney Olympic Park sti's

surface saved us time and money and made

the management of the events so much

easier all of STI sports surfaces are

manufactured in our iso 9001 certified

facility where we focus on quality

service and innovation utilizing supply

chain integration and environmentally

sound technology with a commitment to

safety to progress from raw materials to

finished goods and right next door our

chemical plant produces all the

adhesives and bonding materials used

during manufacture and installation of

our surfaces capitalizing on our

research and development is critical to

our success and having our own

manufacturing facilities allows us to

bring new products to the market quickly

and efficiently also having our own

manufacturing facilities means that

we're able to produce surfaces on demand

creating personal attention and prompt

delivery for every project

we understand the commitment and

investment you make to install an STI

sports surface our dedicated project

manager appointed accredited agent or

partner will take care of all your

requirements from initial consultation

and advice on surface type and design

through planning timelines and

establishing milestones to supervising

safety and quality protocols this means

that your project will be delivered to

STI strict world's best quality

standards imagine taking your playing

field from this to this these before and

after shots of recent projects provide

graphic evidence of the dramatic

improvement STI can make to any sports

facility there are several stages that

make up the entire project stage one

includes the initial consultation site

investigation and preliminary design

followed by the first review process the

second stage features a detailed design

including construction specifications

risk assessments civil construction

inclusion of infrastructure and surface

installation finally independent field

and laboratory testing confirms

compliance before hand over and ongoing

maintenance that's quite a comprehensive

process and we understand that your

relationship with STI is all about

communication that's why we'll keep you

fully informed every step of the way

from your first contact right up to


at STI we're passionate about sports and

we're passionate about sports surfaces

that passion is reflected in everything

we do good sports services are not just

about safety for participants they

provide an environment for the

enhancement of skills they provide

sports organizations with distinct

financial advantages and most

importantly they provide year-round

access to physical activities to promote

health and well-being for participants

of all ages STI sports surfaces are

found on some of the biggest sports

stages all around the world and for good

reason STI sports surfaces are built for




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