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Sport Technology- MarvelApp

Published June 12, 2023, 3:20 a.m. by Courtney

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good day to the viewing audience good

day miss g'day students

today this is my presentation on my

marvel app

so i chose to do a sport

and the sport i chose was gymnastics

specifically types of jumps in

gymnastics i did the straight jump also

known as the pencil jump the top jump

the star jump and the straddle jump

this app will be used

for form 1

physical education students both boys

and girls and it will also be used at a

gymnastics club

for recreational gymnastics or beginner

gymnastics as jumps is a beginning topic

so this would have been the creation and

i chose

to display it on an iphone 8 plus


this would be



front or the home page of


so it says welcome to gymnastics

when we click the right arrow it takes

us to our

second page which would be the types of

jumps specified and it is a straight


in it has the

name of the jump as well as how the

jumps are done together with photos of

the jump

i can also go back

or i can go straight to home

so when we go on to the third slide

it also has another jump which is a tuck


how it's done

and pictures of it

then the star jump again how it's done

the name

and pictures of it

we then have the straddle jump

and then we have our final slide which

is a thank you slide from our final

slide you can go straight back to home


you could have used the left arrow that

will take you back

through the previous screens

so this is my presentation

for my marvel app

on the types of jumps in gymnastics

thank you


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