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Sport Technology Youtube Teaching Assignment

Published June 12, 2023, 3:20 a.m. by Courtney

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very class my name is Mr Wilson today

I'll be your substitute teacher for

physical education

because Mr Brown is sick Mr Brown

informed me that you guys are currently

on the topic of nutrition and

more specifically carbohydrates so I'll

just start sharing my screen and we can

get straight into the immediately with


all right so let's start things are


carbohydrate is

full okay but relent to the alcohol

which is a type of marketing micronation

found in foods and drinks this could be

either a healthy food or unhealthy


sugar starches and fibers all this uh

all the um

carbohydrates and usually foods high in

carbohydrates are really important in

having a healthy diet and it provides

your body with glucose which your body

then converts into energy

which we use to support ourselves

physically throughout the function


all right so the four major functions

are carbohydrates you know it hurts here

um store energy

um it produces energy and blood glucose



it provides fiber and it's also

essential for protein and fat sparring

right so I recommended daily intake of



calories so you can see here we have the

ages the recommended minimum

carbohydrate including grams a day and

the carbohydrates as a percent of your

daily calorie intake so let's say all

right most of you in this classes in

between the Utah 9 and 18 years old as

you can see on the charts right he

recommended minimal carbohydrate intake

you know

pretty would be 120 grams

all right so obviously Beyond where you

are the last year I need because you

know it's less energy disputing

so if you also thought well toddler

close down you're born baby zero to six

months old you know it's recommended

about 60 grams of carbohydrates in your

diet per day you know what

pregnant woman specifically might need

to take a little bit more you know

because obviously they're eaten for

themselves and the baby that's growing

inside of them as well so I recommended

carbohydrate daily intake will be around

a hundred and


75 grams and then when they do make this


you know then they'll be breastfeeding

so they need to take even more because

everybody has now producing food for

this baby that's it recommended for them

to take a hundred and sorry 210 grams of

carbohydrates per day

right before I come to the second slide

if anybody could just give us some ideas

of what they think are

some high quality

carbohydrate Foods

okay all right some of them all right

it's high quality fiber foods basically

provide you within your chance to eat

and maintain and healthy weights and

improve your health so it's basically

basically healthier foods right which

are all that are always high in


carbohydrates the good carbohydrates

specifically so things like lean meats

you know like chicken breasts pork you

know specifically when um you know see

like people in the gym working out I'm

trying to gain muscle or anybody trying

to gain muscles

so that's a normal person though there

will usually arcs for chicken breasts or

they'll usually be eaten chicken breasts

because I'm all lean meat you know

because other parts like that City Thai

you know have a lot more fat in it so

each chicken versus more leaner is more

essential for

maintaining a healthy weight things like

fish eggs which are also high in protein

uh leafy green vegetables so things like

you know yeah bok choy yeah yeah


yeah cottages

yeah Water Crystals and all things like

that cauliflower and broccoli Not seeds

you know things like granolas

um intake if you're trying to maintain a

healthy body weight and also


keep up with your daily recommended

carbohydrate into

oils but these specific oils as coconut

oil olive oil and sometimes perhaps seed

oil also is recommended

fruits like apples blueberries



and unsweetened dairy products like

whole milk and Greek yogurt not

irregular yogurt because that is highly

sweet Greek yogurt specifically

some low quality carbureted Foods you

know we are

kind fruits

because you know these are processed and

these are

you know the low quality carburetors

those are usually

refined food so it's not

Straight From the Source or the acidic

Mass quality also so yeah canned foods

in on this process process cereal Donuts

you know covered in icing and sodas

which is basically the salmon sugar

you know chips you know that Brian and

oil Lord Beacon with oil and heavy and


candies and french fries I will love so

much all right so this brings us to the

end of

your lesson thank you for your attention

another any questions


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