April 15, 2024

Staff Profile of James Hardy - School of Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences

Published June 12, 2023, 3:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Dr james hardy is a Lecturer at the School of sport health and exercise sciences at bangor university.

Find out more at www.bangor.ac.uk/sport

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hi my name is james hardie i'm the

current deputy school for teaching and

learning and I originally did my masters

and PhD training in Canada and then

ended up here because and when I was in

my final year PhD I was looking for

places to work in the UK and there was I

kind of surmise there was only a handful

of sports science departments I really

want to work with and this is one of

them I'm a lecturer in sport and

exercise psychology most of my my

research gravitates around and has an

applied emphasis I'm sort of interested

in general themes of how can i aid

athletes to get better results as well

as more recent research so expanding

into more educational side of things so

how can i aid students to learn better

and get better results that way I actual

specific research interests lie along

two dimensions one mental skills so

really self-talk and imagery and

specifically more recently how how best

to combine those two and if you're an

athlete watching this then there is

there are benefits for combining both of

them I'm interested not just in

performance so we know that self-taught

can aid performance but I'm also

interested in why or more indirect

effects of self-talk so for instance

whether or not self-taught can aid

people's concentration or confidence and

then as a result they perform better

weather stronger research is about group

dynamics it's about cohesion roles that

people have them in teams and leadership

that's provided within a team as well to

help me with my research then I

supervise PhD students massive students

and undergraduate students and and I

hope that we have a bit of fun doing

that research as well but I'm also

fortunate in that I'm able to teach my

research to other students to so in the

second year undergraduate program that I

teach in a module that's called

psychology sport performance and that

covers anxiety confidence and group

dynamic related issues

and then in the third year I will I

teach thirtyish students on a unusual

unique module that's applied it's in

depth and that focuses on self-talk and



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