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Staff Profile of Stuart Beattie - School of Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences

Published June 12, 2023, 3:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Dr stuart beattie is a Lecturer at the School of sport health and exercise sciences at bangor university.

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hello my name is joe BTW i'm a sports

psychology lecture hit up buying a

university the skills poor health

exercise sciences I came to Bangor in

1996 said undergraduate degree here and

then I wanted to stay on the newer

masters with NFL and at that time I

might be going to NFL when the

subversion of Lou how they and i did a

part-time PhD with british gymnastics

who funded my PhD and I what with the

the under-14 under-16 junior European

squads at that time there are no senior

athletes and fact a few of them were

competing at Olympics this year I

researched in stress and performance I

also research in self-efficacy and how

that influences a reciprocal

relationship a performance influences

self-efficacy and how self-efficacy

influences subsequent performance and

more recently we've been working on it

is a mental toughness and using a

theoretical driven research for for

trying to explain what is mental

toughness and who may it be developed I

teach stress and performance so a lot of

the research that I've done in

catastrophe models and conscious

processing hypothesis ironic effects etc

and I actually teach a lot of the

research that I've done so that gets fed

into Thunder modules MSC modules I also

teach sports psychology MSC level which

is in essence another strand of stress

of performance and I also look at

effective coaching and within mses

looking at coach athlete relationships

and how those relationships influence

athletic performance over a long

longitudinal period the moment we've got

a really good PhD issue of one of my PhD

students james bell iveco supervised

with Professor Liu hardly he was funded

by the English and Wales Cricket Board

on a specific mental toughness training

program I'm gonna get to big studies

that are under review at the moment and

one is developing a mental toughness

measure and the other one is a two-year

longitudinal study

looking at how we can develop mental

toughness in elite cricketers


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