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Studying Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences

Published June 12, 2023, 3:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

The School of sport, health and exercise Sciences at bangor university is research-led and staff have well-established national and international reputations.

Resources include an extensive range of laboratories and state-of-the-art equipment, all housed in buildings overlooking the Menai Strait with some of the best views in the country.

The surrounding area is one of the prime university locations in Britain for pursuing sport and outdoor activities.

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sport science and bang university starts

very broad in first year where you look

at the issues in sport

and the biomechanics of sport in second

year it becomes more specific

as you'll look at sport nutrition and

sports and exercise physio

and then in third year you apply that

into context with your project looking

at various things such as psychological

skill usage

and skill acquisition sport

the reputation of bandwidth at

university was very high the range

of equipment they had that we could use

and the hands-on experience we were


was amazing in my opinion and i feel as

well the teaching and learning team here

are very engaged and passionate about

their work

we have a range of equipment we have

the spinning bikes which we can get

measurements such as vo2 max and

lactate threshold which can be very

beneficial for your second year module

such as sports and exercise physio

we also have equipment such as the body


measuring machines which we use them to


different types of body compositions in

second third year in

human and health physiology here at bank

university the

lecturers of sports science are always

willing to help with your work

they have a broad knowledge of the area

in sport ranging from psychology

nutrition and physiology so when they

come into our lectures

and they tell us of their experience in

sport working

with team gb athletes or army veterans

it really gives us an insight of what is

possible for us in the future as well


here at sports science they have a vast

amount of things within the sports


we've had the opportunity over the years

to go and shadow psychologists at

various football teams such as

southampton and manchester united we've

also had

opportunities to coach within uk sport

whether that is with

athletes or paralympians and we also

have opportunities of shadowing in the

ministry of defence


here at bangor with it being a small

city there's always someone that you'll

see who has a familiar face it's a very

warm and welcoming

environment and from my experience i

really enjoyed being here at bang

university and i think i've got friends

for life here

when i graduate i plan to go back into

further education

and study to become a pe teacher in a

secondary school

coming to bangor to study sports science

i feel like this has helped me choose

what i want to do

to teach future students in high schools

about what i've learned



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