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Super Mario Bros THE MOVIE! DIY How To Make Nesting Dolls

Published June 12, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Let's make some Super Mario Bros The Movie nesting doll while we go over some fun facts. Learn how to make DIY nesting dolls with me!

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"Super Mario Bros Movie Princess Peach & Bowser WEDDING! + BOWSER Sings PEACHES Song"



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quit you're yelling Mario and Luigi will

never save you my


name Princess Peach I'm coming to help

you Bowser you let her go but first I

need to fuel up

stool I'm going to need help from you


decisions decisions which one should I


yo Mario Mario look yes Toadstool what

is it quick ly I'll take your pick it's

his Peach is in trouble hmm let me

choose this one first

it's a star I don't need a star how

about this one


plant no not this one either how

how's the one

a mushroom just what I need

a mushroom you think that'll defeat me

Mario always defeats you Bowser that's

not true and we know

oh Mario you're huge where are you Luigi

I was at a plumbing job bro that's a

giant Mario exactly Bowser now you're in


oh that ought to teach you thanks thanks

Mario it's my hero


she anyone have a fix for this I sure do

all right then let's go the new Mario

movie came out April 5th I'm super

excited about it have you seen it yet if

you haven't that is totally okay okay

you can watch me make some nesting dolls

of Super Mario if you haven't ever seen

nesting dolls what you can do with these

is paint them however you want and on

the inside of this big one are several

little ones that you can stack inside so

we can open this one up and then we've

got a smaller one and then we have

another smaller one and it just keeps

going now so here are all of the nesting

dolls we are working with so starting

off with the biggest nesting doll what

we're going to do is get some liquid

gesso on the wood now what this is

basically going to do is give us a nice

surface to work with without having the

wood soak up all of the paint so what

we're gonna do is slap all of them gesso


instantly Donkey Kong showing up


oh excuse you all right here we go it's

a good size brush we're gonna get some

gesso on our nesting doll oh but this is

not just any old boring nesting doll DIY

we are going to be learning lots of fun

facts about Super Mario so now all of

our nesting dolls are covered in gesso

and they're completely dry we are on to

the sketching part this part usually

involves deciding which characters we

want on which of the nesting dolls and I

bet you know who we're gonna put on this

biggest largest nesting doll so let's

sketch Mario out all right so about

those fun facts let's start off with fun

fact number one did you know Mario

didn't start out as a plumber he was a

carpenter fun fact number two Mario's

first appearance was in Donkey Kong fun

fact number three Mario's original name

was Jumpman because of his ability to

jump over barrels what's fun fact number

four you asked did you know Mario got

his name after Nintendo's Warehouse

landlord Mario Sagal they thought the

character of Mario looked like him so

that was that fun fact number five

Princess Peach was not always known by

the name Peach her original name was

Princess Toadstool she got the name

peach in 1993. here's an interesting fun

fact what did Popeye have to do with

Mario you know Popeye the Sailor Man the

creator of Donkey Kong and Mario wanted

to create the game based off Popeye but

the creators of Popeye couldn't come to

an agreement so Donkey Kong represented

the role of Bluto Pauline was olive oil

and Jumpman slash Mario was Popeye fun

fact number seven what exactly is Bowser

a lizard a dragon nope Bowser is a

turtle even though he's more like a

dragon since he breathes fire and lives

in a castle so it's kind of obvious that

Luigi is taller than Mario but in the

beginning the creators made him the same

height as Mario fast forward to Super

Mario Brothers 3 Luigi goes back to

being the same height as Mario fun fact

number nine you know those chained balls

that have the teeth in the game they're

actually from a bad memory that the

creator of Mario had when he was chased

by a crazy dog before it was Inked back

by its chain it's pretty scary all you

Super Mario fans out there here's a

mind-blowing one Super Mario Brothers 3

isn't a game at all it's actually a play

a stage performance the Creator

confirmed that the curtains in the game

hanging stage blocks and flat worlds are

actually all pointing towards the game

being a stage performance attention all

mushroom lovers Mario hates mushrooms

which is funny because he always has to

eat them to power up and get bigger I

don't blame him I mean mushrooms are

actually fungus here's the next fun fact

Yoshi Mario's pet dinosaur was supposed

to be a Koopa at first you know the

turtles and Mario with the shells I'm

glad they decided to make him a cute

little dinosaur fun fact 13 Mario is

actually the older brother even though

he's shorter and here's the 14th fun

fact in the video game Donkey Kong Jr

Mario was actually a bad guy next fun

fact there was a live-action Super Mario

Brothers movie that came out in 1993. it

didn't do so good and the 16th fun fact

is that the new Super Mario Brothers

movie was actually supposed to be

released in 2022 but the dates kept

changing so that there were no spoilers

from any part of the world sneaky sneaky

now I'm gonna add some shading with some

chalk pastel


now we're moving on to the second

biggest nesting doll it's gonna be the

second most important character

if you guessed the nesting doll is going

to be Luigi you're right how about some

fun facts about Luigi Luigi is Mario's

twin brother but he is the younger

brother he's actually 24 years old a

silly fact about Luigi is that he is

terrified of almost everything

especially ghosts so Mario is definitely

the braver of the two brothers

so the next fun facts are a little bit

of a spoiler so if you don't want any

spoilers from the movie you might want

to fast forward a little bit okay Mario

and Luigi actually live with their

parents and a whole bunch of other

family members and their dad is a little

bit disappointed in them they just

started a plumbing business and it's not

going so well but their mother loves

them and supports them no matter what

and here's the next kicker Yoshi doesn't

have a big role in the movie he doesn't

actually have any role at all I was

expecting to see a little more of Yoshi

and maybe to see if they would make him

talk in the movie or not but you only

get a glimpse of Yoshi and he's on a

little island with a whole bunch of

other Yoshi's in different colors and

that's all you really see of Yoshi in

the movie








let's go


next nesting egg is going to be another

leading character in the story and let's

just say it's the leader of the toads


thank you


thank you



thank you







thank you


now this next nesting doll is going to

be Princess Peach's biggest fan if

you've seen the movie you know who I'm

talking about


thank you




next up we have another fun character in

the movie and it's not a human or a

turtle and his name rhymes with clunky

pongs friends


I can't remember



our last little tiny nesting doll is

going to be the cutest mushroom of them

all it's Toad the most bravest of all









thank you






thank you


now to seal all the paint in I'm gonna

use some extra high gloss it's going to

make it nice pretty and shiny


thank you


look at that we saved Yoshi look at that

we have a whole bunch of Mario nesting

dolls so now let's see how these work so

the tiniest nesting doll is the toad

nesting doll and that goes inside the

Donkey Kong nesting doll he's got a tiny

little mushroom head

and then we're gonna get the Donkey Kong

nesting doll inside of the Bowser

nesting doll

and Bowser gets to go into the Princess

Peach nesting doll

oh it's half Bowser half Princess Peach

Princess Peach goes into this nesting

doll with Luigi on it

and finally Luigi gets to go into the

Mario nesting doll

and that way all of the nesting dolls

are secretly hiding inside the Mario

nesting doll let me know if you've seen

the Super Mario movie and who your most

favorite character is or what's your

most favorite part of the movie is and

until next time I will see you later bye




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