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Published June 12, 2023, 2:20 p.m. by Liam Bradley

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the best movie for every sport part 8.

for bowling I Gotta Go With The Big

Lebowski now while this really isn't a

sports movie it's one of the funniest

comedies out there it's laugh out loud

funny one of the Cohen Brothers best and

it's so damn quotable some of the most

hilarious bits from this movie take

place at the bowling alley for band I'm

going with School of Rock I think this

is Jack Black's best role of all time

it's an ultimate feel-good type of movie

that's hilarious I watched it a ton

growing up and the song teacher's pet

certified Bob and for swimming this is a

big stretch I'm going with Jaws the fact

that this movie made people terrified of

getting in the water is just impressive

I know it's not a swimming movie it's a

horror Adventure film but it literally

kept people out of the water for years

and still does that's how you know a

movie is effective plus it's just one of

those all-time classics and one of my

personal favorites


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