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The Culture Of Igbo Land(new Nigerian movie 2022)latest nollywood movies/most trending movies online

Published June 12, 2023, 12:20 p.m. by Arrik Motley

this how Igbo cultures started #Trendingnollywoodmovies #Nigerianmovies #Ghanamovies

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what do you have to say

sir i'm not talking to you i'm talking

to her i don't mind if you can give us

some privacy

i'm sorry my dear palace guy you can't

separate my friend and i

say whatever you want to see don't worry

listen to what he has to say meet me up

you've succeeded in anticipating my

friend and i

may i know what you have to say

i'm not just a palace guard

i'm a trusted guard that the king sends

on important errands

so show me some loyalty and do what i

asked you to do now i know that you

don't have anything to say

hey go wait

you know my name

how did you get to know my name why

would you have such a question


do you know many men that are dying to

have just yes

see ego you are beautiful

if you see you have all the qualities

that no other girl in this kingdom has


do you in any way know who my father is

he gonna know your father now

he's been a good hunter he's one of the

strongest men you have in this kingdom


i will pretend i didn't hear this and

let you know happen again the next time

you stop me to say this kind of thing

again i bet you my father were here and

you know the implications rubbish

you're beautiful


just take a look at it

you don't know that you're just an

ordinary servant to the king

just pray that you don't want him to try



i am doing everything possible to

understand you

why are you so angry with me why


do you want the king to kill me

eh okay

why would you insult the king of the


is that your problem

you're asking me is that my problem is


anyway i've told you before and i'm

still repeating it again

odera is not our king what it is just


how could you say such nonsense

if you are not mad


let me ask you

for how long do you think you can deny a

child he's right

for how long

odera is not the rightful owner of the

title he's holding

very soon the rightful owners will


and take that title

there and then you will understand the

reason i said odera is not a king

you understand that i am not mad i'm

making sense

he's not a king


now tell me

may i know the reason you say that odera

is not talking thank you

now you're talking

have you forgotten

that there are noble men of this kingdom

that were said to confess the source of

musu the remega

have you


let us concentrate and think of those

noble men

as soon as they come back

you understand the reason i say that

udera is not the king

you will see everything happening

my village yeah let's go

let's go

what kind of person is this

let us go everybody in this village

knows that odera is not a qualified king

you are the only one talking about odera

udera maybe they

get you on it nothing

let's go






step back


where are you coming from

you sent me to gambling okay

i asked you to go get okay

yes you go

so where is okay

i met him and his friend drinking at the

village square

i delivered the message to him but he

refused to follow me

you delivered the message yes

it was as i'm talking to another studio


that's the drink


i understand what this animal is saying

to the king

that's the drink

now look at me

go to the palace guard room

and lock up yourself

i wouldn't want anybody to touch you

go to the room and lock up yourself

if they give you water

do not drink

and if they serve you food

in the garden for your benefit

do not eat

get out of this place


this is the drink

in all the years i was banished from


i have come to know and understand the

bushes and the forest

if you listen to me this mission will be


you are the one in charge of this


if there is anything you want us to know

that would bring contribution to this to

the sources of this mission

say it

we are listening good

we have come to the territory of abunda


i'm sure you all must have heard of

habundi but none of you has ever been


wait a minute

i want to get one thing straight here

is this the same abundant the women walk

and marry the men why the men will just

be sitting at home eating and drinking

same abundance

i will also tell you that the women of

abunda are very beautiful


we also heard that the women of habund

are wonderful singers

my mother told me that she once met a

woman that sang for two complete days

without stopping

i am not surprised

women of abunda are equal to anything

so i would like to know the reason for

all these warnings

apart from the things i have told you

about them

i must also tell you this

they are evil

this is the month of their masquerade

called obakutazu

during this period

men are not supposed to look back

women are exempted because they are the

custodians of the masquerade

so i charge you as the one in charge of

this mission no matter what happens

do not look back

women are the custodians of damascus

this time must be evil

i told you they are not normal people

follow me as i walk

you will hear noises you will hear lots

of strange things

dangerous things will happen behind you

and around you but no matter what


do not look back

what happens if one does

you want to know what will happen


the soul of the person will be

transferred to the shrine of our


the cops of the person will not be


let us concentrate on this mission so

that such fate will not before any man

of nankwo and like i said

do not look back

follow me


that those who sit in position of


should take a decision on how to solve

the problems or else or else what

beautiful woman of my land

she left the presence of the king

without answering the king

how am i going to get the beautiful

woman of my land

to ascend

to the king


the point now is that i don't even know

what my face is

why would the king ask me to go and lock

myself up

i was giving you sign to shut up your


but you didn't understand me

you were lying to the king what do you

mean i'm lying to the king

how could i pee your mouth and say that

i'm blind to the king

you were asked to go and call the cake

and you went to somewhere else after

delivering the message to them

so this is what you told the king right

how could you be in the palace i know

that i went somewhere else after divine


the person you were asked to call

arrived at the palace before you

the king has already dismissed him

before you came back

so how can you convince me or any other


that you delivered the message and came

back immediately


you don't know that you're just an

ordinary servant to be kinky just pray

that your point is trouble



she was right

she was right

finally i've run into trouble


crazy that was right

she told you hey

where's the i was ah

the mere fact that you gave


simply means

you are a great woman

you are a woman with royal quality

and that is the reason why i wanted to

stay with the king

don't ask me to explain what i mean by

stay with the king because i know you


what it means to stay with the king

decide here and now that we are going to

stay with the king this night and you

can be sure of one thing

the poverty that is now ravaging this

kingdom will not touch you

and i want you to understand something

that this is the king

and you should trust the king to keep


whatever thing that we are going to

start this night will be a secret

between us until we die


there's surely something that you're

hiding from me

and i'm asking you not to tell me what

it is


i finally confronted the king

and i now know why this kingdom is

sinking every day

i'm lost

you confronted the king and now you know

why the kingdom is sinking

what did he tell you i mean what do you


when the head of a family

wallows in immorality

the family suffers

when the head of a kingdom

indulges in immorality

the kingdom comes to a standstill

that is what i know that is what i found


what you're saying here is very strong

and it can only mean one thing

you went to the king and caught him with

a woman


who is the

woman i do not wish to

discuss the king

but now i know why

people of this land

do not regard him as the king

are you not going to at least tell me

the foundation of your application

i mean we are friends and you can always

confide in me

i bow in greetings

for the women of our land

we buy our greetings too

so what do we order on our best visits

the king just asked me to come and call


the king stands for me yes

you have the opportunity of coming with

me to hear the king

i don't know his reason

permits me to take my leave

the king is sweating

i don't know what you think but

i do not wish to see the king


how could you say anything like that

do you know what it means to be invited

by the king

i'm advising you not to start going


you don't understand

i don't understand what


i want you to open your mouth

and tell me what i want to hear what you

want to hear

do you realize you are standing before

the king of this kingdom

and that i can order your execution and

it will be carried out immediately do

you realize that i put it to you there

are you are talking nonsense


now both of you

i order you to leave this palace this


or i am going to stab you to death

mark my words


you have to


your problem is that you are a fool


am i the one you are calling the fool

to my face

am i

as long as you refused

to release the throne peacefully

we are going to retrieve it violently

and you reduce to dust


did you see me fall on the ground

no i'm just returning from the message

you sent me

i saw not in your majesty

even in death

those evil men have continued their plan

to overthrow me who are the people your



where is the woman i ask you to go and

bring for the king

your gift was presented

and your message delivered

i'm sure she will be here soon

i am going to shame those evil men

they have no right whatsoever to square

up to the king

i am going to deal with them

i am the king

and i must always have my way


why are we standing in one place

the evil maidens of abunda have


like i told you

they are the custodians of the

masquerade in this place

we cannot ignore them

but you said we can't turn and i am

still saying that we cannot turn

we must not turn

whatever happens behind us

whatever we hear

whatever distraction

do not look back

i repeat

do not ever look back

men of namco













i'm sorry your highness but you have not

impressed me as the king

see wonder why we do something like that

i am your king

you should be happy that your king found

you irresistible

you should be

your highness i want to ask this



do you truly desire me


do you truly want my body yes

the wife of a man that holds you in high


the man of this land that that has

sowing that under your supremacy your



the simple fact that i asked you to come

into my room this afternoon

and you agreed

it means you are standing

it means you are a great woman

and it means you are an obedient woman

of napo

and that is the reason why i want us to

get involved


this thing can happen between us this

afternoon and nobody will know about it

in fact i'm making one promise

if you do this thing with me this


i will make you the leader of all the

women in our world

you will be the one controlling all of


your highness

even ugebo

has made me discover

but he did not move me

because that is not my problem your


my problem is that this kingdom is going

down and i want us to revive it i want

this kingdom to be prosperous again your

highness i am not interested in politics

i don't want anything i don't want i

don't want any position

i am happy being a housewife your

highness what i really understand is


this wonderful promise i made nadine

are you trying to compare my promise

with that of

you shouldn't

her promise is just from a goddess

that if she decides not to fulfill the

promise tomorrow you won't even know

where to see her to hold her responsible

my own promise is different because i am

going to cover my victoria wood

i will put an oath

in my own

promise okay let us forget about


you what i'm saying you don't like it

tell me what you want me to do for you

and i will do it

i want you to come

come into this bed


tell me what i would do

your highness

i make you this promise today

i will not tell anybody about this

discussion definitely i know you are not

a fool to tell anybody i know you will

say but please do this for me

kill this lost inside of you your

highness before you destroy this kingdom

with your own hands please

because of your highness



don't don't don't don't even think about


what are you trying to do

you want to work out on me

do you know it is an abomination for

anybody to walk out of the king

it can happen in other kingdoms people

will just be walking out on kings

here in napo it is

a taboo

and why would you elect

to inflict that kind of abomination on

your head

walking out on the king

instead of doing what the king wants you

we want to work out


your highness

as we speak now mobile men of our land

are traveling beyond evil lands and

forests at the risk of their own lives

only to salvate this kingdom from the

ruins that has befallen it

my husband is one of those noble men

your highness

i want to ask

does this not bother you

about their faith

if they will survive

if anything would befall them on the way

they will come back successfully

why are you busy trying to trick a woman

that sees you and looks up to you as a

god why are you trying to treat me into

sleeping with you your highness now i

know what the problem is

look is that why you have been resisting


because you see me as a god i am not a

god i am a human being like you

is it because i am king that you you see

me as a god

i am not god my name is odera

king got that off now

no my man there is no mountains like you

can we please

come into this bed please

stephen please


do you think




i hate the millions of abundant

they are so annoying

these realism made him singing behind us


yeah how did they get in front and how

did they even get to know our names

oh better their plan is to make us turn

once we do that

our souls will be transferred


no matter what they do no matter what

they say do not turn

men of now must remain focused

as you are feeling fine

can you tell


can you tell

i have the feeling that they are talking

about my wife

i'm the only one that's married here

let me turn around and let him explain

to me that song no no no no no

the moment we turn around we are dead


she's feeling fine

on top of the world

under another


she's feeling fine

on top of


to you

i have this feeling

that you are not money no

shame to you

shame on

your wife is feeling fine

she's feeling okay

feeling fine

on top of


no matter how you look at this

you have brought shame upon yourself

she wonder i don't know why you will

settle like that

the important thing here is that you

have laid a solid foundation for


and based on that alone i can tell you

that the time is coming in this kingdom

when all the women of non-washer come to

you are begged


why would they come to me and beg

very simple

you have stayed with the king

you have played with the king

and the king appreciates you

none of them ever stayed with the king

it means you have what they don't have

and i want you to understand something

human though i am going to make you

very relevant in this kingdom

i know why you're saying all this why

you're saying this because you think you

got me easily

but i put it to you that you have not

seen anything

i don't know why you will say that again

we spend the better part of this

evidence playing here in my room


i have seen everything

i have fed everything and

do you think there is anything about it

that i have not seen already

read my lips i like your lips

you have not seen anything


why would you say that beautiful woman

of my kingdom

not beautiful




was that a dream

i thought i had started

i practically saw you kissing the throne

your majesty now i order you to shut up

you saw what

don't ever repeat this anywhere

if i hit this anywhere you would regret

the very day you were born

get out

you saw me question the throne


she gave it to me in my dream

she must give it to me in real life


are you not going to tell me why he

called you

tell me whatever happened in the palace

i mean we are friends and we shouldn't

hide anything from each other

all i can say is


is under a curse but that is no news now

everybody knows that naoko is under your


that's why the elders sent the noble

ambassadors to fetch the sons of most of

the remake

why are you talking as if you are new in

this kingdom


i do not want to discuss the king

all right

all i know is that odera who is now the

king of namco is not qualified to be



what did he tell you

i mean what happened in the palace



i want to concentrate and think about my

















yeah welcome thank you

you said you want to see me urgently


is anything the matter

can you please give me




you are the seer of nampo

many people may have different opinions

on the efficacy of your powers

but as far as i am concerned

you are the seer of namco

and each time we are confused over any


we fall back on you


thank you very much for your kind


i appreciate

in the last couple of days

i mean ever since we sent out our search


to go and fetch the sons of musu the


i have been having series and series of

dangerous dreams


i called you here to know what is going



i see


i see an immoral dream


is that what you call dangerous dreams

immoral dreams

what do you mean by immoral dreams


you are the king


and it would be my pleasure

to hear what you saw in your dreams



few days ago

i came out from my house to sit on this



and then i noticed

that the tune has broken

i looked under the throne and lo and



have eaten the better part of the throne

i wasn't able to comprehend what that


i was confused then


then today

in one moment of nap

as i sat on this throne i closed my eyes

to sleep


i saw ubi


the same men that my father killed for

political insubordination

attacked me violently

with the sole aim of pushing me off

this throne

i woke up again and i realized i was


and i called you here

what is the meaning of all these




this search part we sent out

is having hectic time along the

forest of abunda

oh but i want you to talk about my


why are you mentioning men that are

working so hard

for their reputations

tell me about my throne tell me about my


your dreams

have a direct link to the mission


the men are not working for their


they are working for the entire people

of now


can you please inquire about my throne

because it is clear to me that the

dreams and the revelations are all

talking about this throne

i wanted to leave our money and his


because as far as i'm concerned those

men are on their own

tell me about my throne

if i should tell you the king

that you are sitting on a strolling


how would you react


studying truth


what do you mean

storing through






all the spirits of namco

are accompanying the messengers we sent

to faith sons of muslims


i cannot say anything further

without them

we must wait for them

and i repeat



we must wait for them





these men are dear me

i am the king

and once a king

always a king

i am going to grind all of them




my neck is beginning to open me

no ago

hang on

you are walking with the spirits of


you must carry yourself like one who's

moving with the spirits then we can sit

down here and rest without turning our

necks huh i still say noah gossip

we will not rest

until we get to the boundary between

abundant telepeople

if you sit down now to rest and you turn

around mistakenly you know what will

happen to you

your soul will immediately be

transferred to the shrine of habakkuk

you move forward


















do you know how many times

do you know how many times




i'm going to wait for them



ever since i saw that girl

she has remained the only thing i'm


just wait a minute

are you actually telling me that the

reason why you delayed

is because you ran into a woman on your

way i had a dream

where the king told us that our services

is no longer needed in this palace and

he volunteers us to live that's a

useless dream why are you making

reference to it

i want you to plan on time ahead

because the king will ask us to leave

this palace one day

and you need to settle down in case it

happens urgently

what makes you think that ego

the daughter of ibn nebu the great

hunter of namco will listen to you

it is true that we both work in this


but the bigger truth remains that i'm a

man of many ways

when i desire something i must get it

i will be alive and see how you are

going to achieve this one

it's night let's go sleep


i defy the horror of the night to come

and see

why did you send for me

i sent for you

because i like you

i can't believe you you asked me to come

and see you just to tell me that you

like me

you're not serious

i am not a pretender like a odera

that is now piloting himself as the king

i say things the way i see them

do i feel

you know your father is not at home

right now so i know you are free

what do you mean by that that i'm free

very soon

the position of the king

of alenko kingdom

will change

i'm talking about

a fundamental change

at the end of this change


will mostly be favored

i don't understand

what do you mean by the position of


any man who is destined to be a king

must be a king

i am the sole custodian

of the staff of an inaugural kingdom

and you are from the religion of the


very soon

something that has been

hidden in this kingdom

you blow open

you're still confusing me



i wanted to make no one promise


that if finally

it happens that you find yourself


you are going to look my way

and marry me

don't tell me that you've been nursing

the thought of having me as your wife

your great woman of this kingdom


and i okay

the second

son of okay the first

is equally a great man

very soon the position of the king

will change

and all i'm asking is for you to marry


i will understand you first before i

answer that


i know you like me very much

and you cannot deny it

you like me

to the extent of defiling the horror of

the night

just to come here and see me

just do what your heart is telling you

very soon the position of the king will


and i want you to marry me if it happens

are you truly a seer

i'm the holder of the staff

of an enough kingdom

i'm more than is here

tell me

will you marry me



will you


we are now in the wilderness of italy


tomorrow evening

we shall be in on marciano

that is where the sons of mosul live

they live like kings there




men who survive the evil meetings of

abunda can always survive an old woman

that is what we think




is possible and why are you threatening


we are noble men of namco

embarking on a noble mission to save our


grant us permission to move forward

so we do not have to explore the options

before us

this is

i make this request

hold on to what you have

and we shall hold on to what we have

we do not want to fight and we do not

want to wrestle

you have refused to taste

my dream

and that means only one thing

you dare me


how on earth

would you want us to drink her durian

there is only one thing on my mind

i want to prove to that old woman

and to whatever she represents

that we can get to a mercy and without

crossing our river and how are we going

to do that

men who are men do not talk too much


i have not managed to sleep again


you must go and get me that apostle of

confusion this minute

who is the apostle of confusion


is the apostle of confusion

go to his house and bring him here this



they call him drunk for nothing

he is not a drunk

he knows exactly what he is doing

and i'm going to deal with him



minis of the night business of the night

meeting top hall

this is only for us the foreign







to live peacefully before you are

consumed by something



fine please





whether i sent you to come and call me

because he's planning to kill me

now let me ask you


do you believe that odera can kill a man

who is the custodian

of the staff of an alcohol

i can tell you immediately

that the king wants to see you


he knows that you are very important in

this kingdom

and he will not do any harm

tell me the truth

what exactly happened in the palace

and why are you here

the king asked me to come and beg you to

come to him tonight

ever since your last visit

the man has not slept


i have the solution


time to drink 1 4 cup of cooked plantain


and he will sleep for two days

he wants to see you

are you aware that odera is a fake king

a fake


are you

i'm not aware of that

tell him i will see him after sunset




also tell him to prepare something for


otherwise i will not talk if i can't

i'll do as we ask

one more thing


the day is coming in an uncle

when you will be with the king

and something strange will strike him

he may die at the process

but do not panic

or scream

because his exit

is for the good of this kingdom


what you are saying is like religious

men do not wish the king that your king

and not mine and can never be my king


men who wish other people's more to


can never have sleep



i find you more appealing than the rest

of your colleagues

and that's why i decided to settle for

you i look into your eyes and i see a

man who has a wife at home

are you going to deny this

we are planning on our future

and i think that should be your concern

why are you allowing your mind to water

you are exhibiting the threats of the

men of nampa

you just asked me a question whereas

with not answered mine

if you realize i have a wife

what would you do i will ask you to

mother your wife for my sake why are you

talking like that

or would you want me to kill

i am going to give myself to you

but you have to promise me that when i


you will keep your wife from sick


that's the name of my wife

she's the wife of my youth

the mother of my lovely daughter

she remains one of the best women

that ever lived in nagpur

she's my future

which makes it very impossible for me to

kill her

you're saying all this because you've

not graced the woman and me

he promised you that i'm going to give

it to you

we have to look into my head and promise

me that when i do

she will bother you for me


i didn't like the looks on your face

i promise to give it to you like no

other woman has given it to you in your

whole life

just kill your wife for my sake please



can you say

you know what your husband is doing

with all the

women of easy virtue that are literally

along the road to masienu

it is possible that your husband is

actually doing something with one of

these women

and you cannot be left


this is why i did not support my

husband's inclusion

who is this woman that wants my husband

to mother me



you just heard the night's nail is

nowhere with my father

what is it what did you hear

i saw women in the sounds of my father

they said he selected all of them and

refused to keep to his promise they were

beating him so misleadingly i was

actually on the verge of killing him

before the goddess of now who came to

his rescue

i tried telling them that my father is a

responsible man and is known to me but

they didn't even look at me

echo you can never tell maybe your

father has changed


because i also had a similar dream and

this all leads to one thing that your

father is messing around with one of

those women that litter along the world

leading to my sin so what do we do

what do you do about it

you see why i did not support that trip

you see it


everything is okay

you see it

he's cheating on me

he's cheating on me



i called you here because it is not very

clear to me that i need your help


and i'm asking for your help have you

arranged for the ego that is to be

sacrificed to an uncle

the eagle is ready

and if you want the ego

i can give you the ego today so you can



and sacrifice the ego

i will talk

but before i talk there must be a

thought party

without a third party i will not open my


ok why are you making reference to a

third party

i don't need any third party

this is supposed to be a private

discussion between you and the king

why are you talking about a third party

i need a third party

how dare you

who called you

how did you budget on me like this

now you get out

hold on

just hold on and listen to what i have

to say

he entered here by the powers of the

gods not by his powers

he entered here just to be the third


we do not need the ego anymore

because the men we sent for that search

have passed the evil kingdom of habundi

we need a bigger sacrifice

bigger sacrifice


what do you mean by bigger sacrifice


you must return the stolen mandate

the kingship

of an outward kingdom

must return to where it should be



i hit that brat

i hate him so much

if care is not taken

i am going to personally assassinate him

and wait for the gods


we are now in omasino

we will find a place to rest


we will go in search of the sons of


the man

is always the man

rainmakers are peacemakers

water has no enemy

the man

is always the man


we have had enough troubles already

can you please permit us to continue

this journey in peace


i beg you

let us go the people

that killed their maker

has killed their reign

the same people that ruined the stream

returned early in the morning to dream

from the same stream


he sounded like

like someone who is familiar with narco


if he was familiar with nago

he wouldn't have disappeared

he would have waited to guide us



it's not my father

the farmer

that did not show his face

was also the remake of now

had already told him how they stole the


the authentic king

of nankwa is here in omaha

and saw the right man and the one of

riches shall return to nanko


that was my father


you know


now that i have seen my father

i don't know but


i feel strong again


you better woo


we rest today


we will surely locate

the sons

of warsu

follow me




there are more than a million ways

to kill a man

do not kill a man that said nothing

i'm sorry the revered goddess of nanko

but i am not planning to kill anybody

what do you have in your hand

you have color not in your hand

you have already called the name of your

husband into the color notes

and you are moving towards the shrine of

nago to throw the color note into it

you are automatically asking the ghost

to judge your husband

i came to ask you why

it was revealed to me

that my husband is messing with a girl

in one of the bushes leading to a


it was also revealed to my daughter

she saw an angry mob of women he cheated

chasing him

i want to go and end it now why would he

cheat on me

it has been revealed to him equally

how you have been sleeping with odera

when must a woman of narco destroy the

fabrics of our cultural heritage

by opening up to a man who is not a

husband me

hey god forbid

me sleep with the king

i have never slept with any man that is

not my husband


forces that are mightier than you are

manipulating you

the reason is to prevent you from seeing

what is coming to you

say no to these enemies of yours

and live to be happy

and please

goddess of nanko

are you saying that

my husband has been faithful

all these days he travelled

draw the color notes

your husband is too principled for the

kind of unfunded revolution that you are


go back and do realize that you are

destined to be part of the future of


do not kill a man

that said nothing


that's the name of my wife

she's the wife of my youth

the mother of my lovely daughter

she remains one of the best women

that ever lived in nagpur

she is my future

which makes it very impossible for me to





look i don't know why we're standing


we're meant to continue moving forward

until we get the sons of warsu we seek

why are we suddenly idling like women

your father told you that the king of


is here

does that mean that one of the sons of

wonsu is the authentic

king or are you the king

i do not know anything about the

kingship of nankwa that is not my

problem my problem is to find the sons

of mosul the greatest rainmaker of namco

and bring them back home that's all so

we keep moving i have wanted to discuss

this speech better

but now that it has come up again i

wanted to trash it

trash what topic

we had your father when he spoke

we know you are nesting up now

one resource when you are finally the

king do i forgot to

forget all these criticisms

the dangerous route

all right if that will make you happy


but we will trust that when we get to

namco and remember we still have all

these spirits to confront on our way

back so we need all the concentration we

can get

let us move


there we go

the day is coming in on my cnu

when you shall see me

follow me close as you see me and i

shall take you to the man you seek


we must follow this woman

are you out of your mind


we're meant to be going that way that is

our route how can you say we should

abandon our route and start following a

woman no she's not just a woman she's a

goddess of the stream of narco and she

will take us to the man with sick

i know what i'm talking about

where's the woman you caused this i

don't know why you decided to argue with

me when i told you let's follow this



are you sure that the woman we saw was

the goddess of man you want to doubt me

listen i have seen this woman before and

she told me that there will be a day

we shall see her and once we see her we

shall follow her she will take us to the

men who thinks

i saw this woman i reckon i asked her i

asked you to follow me but you refuse

you start arguing with me now the

question is how do we get to see the men

we seek



i must say immediately that this is rude

ladies of our master you should know

that women should generate before men


why are you passing us if you didn't see


assumption is nothing in the world of

mortals but assumption is a serious

offence in the spirit world so why would

men of narco assume that we are made in

suffolk is it because we are taking a

walk in a mercenary

okay okay okay

you win huh you win

we accept that

you are not human

we need your help we are searching for

mnek and wuza the sons of mosu the

greatest rainmaker of all times

can you please help us

you were asked to follow

why didn't you follow that's exactly

what we were talking before you arrived

the goddess of the stream of nakhoa

taught me

there will be a day in merced where we

shall see her and once we see her we

should follow her

i saw that i recognized her

i told my partners but they refused they

started arguing with me the the bottom

line is we have lost the goddess and

you've totally lost the clue

none could continue to wallow in poverty

until you do the right thing wait wait

wait wait wait please wait don't go

can you please tell us what the right

thing is



let us not play the fool for the second


can we follow these people let's go




why didn't you do what you were asked to


please pardon us

we are very sorry

ebene who told us what you instructed

but before we could decide on what to do

you are disappeared

please pardon us

help us find the people we seek


when people look in the mirror they see


the time is coming now for when men will

look into the mirror and they'll be

seeing strange things

do you want to say strange things

your promise to me was that

you shall lead us to the man we seek

we want to see the man that we healed

our land

we don't want to see strange things

look in the mirror and tell me what you


i do not know the man

i'm sure he's strained to all of us

he lives close to omasi lake

he is the one you seek

and i am asking you to leave immediately


oh okay okay please please please don't

don't go

thank you very much

how do we get to a massive league

you will surely see a villager that will

take you to a mass lake

do realize that the authentic king that

was savage now god is there no mercy

and whatever you do

must have the resemblance

and all the attributes of reality


can you tell us who the king is so that

we can start in time to accord him the

respect he deserves

the star of an inaugural is hanging on

the air

when the rain making source gets to now

the self is going to come down from the


and then shall you know


and you what is your problem

what is your problem why are you always

twofold what is your business with the

next thing tell me

i want to personally know who the

authentic king is so that i can start in

time to according to respect to desire

i want to be part of the man that will

change the course of history for the



it has been revealed to him equally

how you have been sleeping with odera

when must a woman have not destroyed the

fabrics of our cultural heritage

by opening up to a man who is not a



why do you seek to do this

you are the chief custodian of our

cultural traditions and values

and that is the same reason

why consistently i ask you

to give me something i know you can give

me with ease

does she want to listen to me

as far as this kingdom is concerned

i am the king

and i have the final say

you sit in judgment

to judge those that destroy the fabrics

of our cultural heritage because i am

the king so why then do you want to

destroy the sanctity of our traditional

contents and values why


she went why are you bringing too many

diversions into this very small

discussion we are holding this afternoon

there's something i want you to



i must have you

you must have me


how will you have me

eh will you see me and whip me how can

you open your mouth and say that you you

you must have another man's wife in one

of my dreams children i heard you


and you opened this your mouth in that

dream and told me that you enjoyed what

we did

i want you to

oblige me this privilege

make this decision

and i am going to swear on the throne of

narco kingdom

that it is going to be a blissful

experience for you

in fact on that tournament again

it is going to remain a secret

top secret

between you and i

until we die

you know from now

i will not hold my mouth when i am

talking to you i will not watch what i



because i have just noticed that you

always swear on the throne of naoka

even when you're planning abomination it

only means that you do not have value

for this throne why would you say


this man that is sitting here with you

is the king

i am the ultimate decision maker

i am the person that is going to decide

what abomination is

and what abomination is not

how can you say that i don't know the

value of the truth

whereas i sit on the throne as the king

why would you say that

the throne is not yours

the throne is for the people of namco

and now i have agreed with what they say

that you are an incompetent king


and for the fact that i have arrived at

that at that decision you're going to

leave my compound now leave my husband's

compound please

do you have another visitor

or are you talking to me

if you don't need this compound now i'll

get the first shot

what do you want

you want to shout

you don't have respect

you don't want to go

okay look at this house

because we are we are legends something

that you can look at these landings here

your husband is not in town

we are into this thing

oh at the names of man

it will happen

i always knew

it would happen one day


do not play with their rainmakers



killed the greatest rainmaker of our



what is sacrilege


my brother and i

will return to now what tomorrow

with you


to set the one's flourishing peaceful



back on the path of peace and prosperity


we decided not to start our families



because we had always known

that one day


we shall return back to now our land


to marry from the maidens of our land


and then

we will start our families there


so i'll be right with you america


on behalf of my partners here

noble and brave men of namco

i say a big thank you to you for your

hospitality you're welcome

thank you


i want to make a special request

and that thing is if there is another


we can follow to get back to now

without going to see those hostile

demons we met on our way when coming


if you say this

i will be disappointed in you that you

are afraid

men of now

must never be afraid of anything

except the gods and the goddesses

we shall use the same road we used to

get here

and we shall triumph over all the

hostile spirits and demons

let us not argue on that

men of nowhere

should prepare their minds


and ready to meet mary


we are not passing through abundant

we are not passing through ahmodela


we are not passing through italy

we are passing through aguilera

and i can tell you

before the sun set tomorrow

we shall be now


is that ever possible

i mean

we spent six days and six nights on our

way to this place

how then do you think we can get to

namco before sunset tomorrow

we have lived the better part of our

lives here you know inaudible

we know the nukes

we know the chronic


kings in nowhere are crowned at night

and tomorrow's night it will happen


we shall stand before the throne

of nowhere kingdom

and all our ancestors shall show

that even though they are dead

they are not dead

men of now

eat and make merry

you are









listen to me

that you overhead over there are

pleading with you and to oblige him her

body is not in news it's not a news at

all the news now is that something

mightier than odera is about to happen

and i tell you it's very close yes


something might have done odera the king

i mean

what could that be

listen odera is not a king so stop

calling making

the staff of anna what is itching to

come down

and i tell you once i succeed in

bringing it down

there and then whether i understand that

men that control nations and kingdoms

are not men muslim but intelligent men

okay what happens if you go to bring the

staff of an example only to find out

that it is no longer where you hit it

you see your problem

when i say that you are not among the

strong men of nowhere you will get angry

the question you just asked now has even

proven you not to be qualified to follow

even the masquerade of naoko




one more time


has anyone ever told you that kingodera

is not the authentic king of namco

my mother told me he retired the kinship

from his father

that's not in doubt

but the truth is that

he used a strange charm to take over

from the rightful person


who is telling you all those noises

mind the kind of things you say in this

kingdom i don't want


you're to of the people that call me

drunk in this village as if i'm drinking

with their money why did you say that

i'm okay


son of a cake the great the first okay

i am bigger than all the men in your

family i beg your pardon

all the problems we'll be facing in this


have come to an end

do you get that

all the wasted years have been buried

very soon

very soon

a new king will image

a king that fits the throne

and i the person you call it drunk i am

the one in charge


i've known it from the very beginning

that you are part of the future of

young kingdom

i want you to prepare your mind prepare

yourself body and soul for


to tell me that it's my turn all the men

in my family

if i were you i'll concentrate more on

the important things he said about our


he proposed to you are you ready to

marry a drunk

i doubt if he's a drunk


spirit of my now god


i'm not working down


i stand before you in humility



your son is standing before you

seeking for the staff of arena

the remake stone has finally come

let's the staff return

let's the staff return

let's disturb return





we sent our money

and his colleagues


we gave them specific instruction

go to mercenary

and fetch the sons of mosul

to return to this kingdom

we didn't making stone that their father

was stole from our land

why are the sons of muslims finally

standing before me

without the remaking stone


when a naval man sits as the king

the land must surely pass through trials

and tribulations

an evil man sits

as the king in namco

and that is why

the land is facing the poverty we are

facing today


is the evil man that sits enough was the


are you possibly making references to me

of course

he cannot possibly be referring to him

it's not possible

he's not he's not


what is on ground now does not require


violent storm

let us listen to what the son of moses

has to say

he with this nanko kingdom

has gone through poverty for a long time

yes the lack and suffering is too much

it has to end tonight

this meeting is going to continue


but first

everybody here

must surrender under my supremacy

i remain the king of namphu

and if this meeting must continue

then all of you here

must bow down

and acknowledge me as the king

or s

i am going to invoke my powers

as the king of this land

you call yourself the king and i ask you


are you the king of fuji

can you explain the meaning of this


why are they insulting the king

right before the throne

the great ancestors of namco had

revealed that you egodara

is sitting on a drone reserved for

another person

we now know that you are not worthy of

this throne

and i beat with you to please step down

this moment and serve my personal

troubles unbelievable

extremely unbelievable

you are asking me to step down from the


the same thing that i inherited from my

father your father stole the mandate and

i want you to know this

falsehood cannot last forever


falsehood will end so i plead with you

to do one honorable thing

step down

or be disgraced king order

every other date

any man

that's gonna put this stuff from the

ground of an inaugural

is the king

now if you insist

you are the king of this kingdom

come out here and put this stuff

are you talking to me

is he possibly talking to me

he are you

are you asking me

nobody in this kingdom is disputing the

fact that you are king

of us

but you have to prove it to every one of


by approaching the staff

go ahead and opportunity and continue

asking yes

you are supporting this

i have no voice

are you supporting this your majesty it

is the general opinion of the people

that's my equipment



i don't know the meaning of this


i don't know what you're up to

i don't know what you have planned but

i'm telling you this night

that i remain the king

of this land

nothing changes

i remain the custodian of this throne

and as i continue

to rule

as the king

here in napoleon



a stolen crown

is nothing but a makeup

on the head

his death

marks the end

of all the evil in this kingdom

the next king of this kingdom is here

with us


come out and approach the staff from the


of alinau


as for me

i am not going to attempt to uproot this

stuff from the ground


simply i know i am not the king i am not

the throne is definitely not for me so i

won't even give you the trial

not at all

your father was right when he appeared

to us

you are indeed a king

go and uproot this stuff

and save this land from embarrassment


i am not the king

i repeat

the king of this kingdom is here with us

who is that king that must be crowned


come out


who is the next king

of this kingdom

i said come out

for the throne

he's waiting





i'm oh the king

who is that king that must be crowned


the throne is waiting







that i'm standing here before you this


it's a huge risk


i was banished from this land by the


and i know that his warriors will kill


if they set their eyes on me


it has become imperative

that i come back to this land

my land

it is right to say that the land is

passing through a time of desolation and

i'm only here to ask

just one question

what is our crime

what is our sin


you are the ani of nampo

and there is nothing we can do without


i know that i will die someday

but not in exile

i will surely return to the land of my


but i do not want to return to a land

without inhabitants


i am sure it is the voice of the gods i


i submit myself to the supremacy of the



tell me those questions that our men are

not asking


you must



and what you must do


i just passed here now and i didn't see

anybody standing here

who are you frieza and how did you know

my name and my daughter's name

my name is


i have not heard that name before and

i'm sure it's not meant

when people

do something about this

no no i actually think you're giving me

a message for somebody

you might know me in fact you know me

because you just called my name and my

daughter's name

but there's something you said that is



you just called me a woman in authority

and i'm not


start to do something so that whenever


don't allow them




what is the motto with you

i had a nightmare

i saw a spirit

she disappeared before me


did did the spirit say anything to you

she's a very beautiful woman

dressed like an asian queen

she introduced herself to me as ugg

it is clear to me that you are not human

identify yourself

i am a hunter of now

i will never be intimidated by any

spirit that refused to identify herself

know my name

what do you want

i am

what do you mean


do something now







what is it

is there something you're not telling me

have you heard of her before

what you saw was not a spirit

no no

she was a spirit

if she wasn't she will not

vanish before me she disappeared she

disappeared i didn't see her again

there's a goddess of the scream of naga


what does the goddess want from me

do you know the difference between

yesterday and tomorrow


my husband

this question is really weird i don't


what i would ask you to do is to go back

to bed



a lot of things are wrong and now

but it is clear to me that the gods and


are attempting to solve the problem

but how does that concern me

she also said that those of us that sit

in position of authority must do


she said i would not like it if she gets

angry with me i don't understand how do

i come in

what does she want from me

i will make a quest to you now


go back to sleep


tomorrow will surely be bigger

than today and yesterday



i have not slept for weeks


my heart is tearing into two


and that is why i call the elders that

sit in cancer with me

for us to know

and decide the way forward

prosperity has been banished

from this land

and i asked myself again and again

why is it happening during my time



the three clans that represent nankwa

kingdom are all here

i am the head of my clan

iruza here is the head of his clan

nebula is the head of his club iguay do

not bother yourself do not worry

we have sent for back the suit saya to

come here and tell us why prosperity has

been banished from now walking dog

is it yogurt

are you aware of the information that

got to me this morning no anyway you

don't know


a woman of this kingdom


died on her way back from akama

where she has gone to buy yaman kokoyam

can somebody

here with me

imagine this scenario

a woman of namphuo

known for of all kingdoms

could that

be the reason why the gods killed her

away from the buddhism i have never said

that the gods killed her i didn't say

that you didn't hear that from me no i


what i am saying is that i am very very


why is it happening during my time


everybody is angry

people are in agony

i asked myself

have i committed any offence

or did i inherit any cause from my

father or any of my ancestors

why is it that now that i see it as the


prosperity has taken a leave

from napo



in fact let me let me start good

i have to stand because

my heart is heavy

very heavy

it is very heavy because of the

situation we have found ourselves

in nanko


the way things are going


we will be tempted to crush the gods

but i am not saying we should curse the


let us wait for oba

to come here and tell us here and now

why we are where we are


the problem in now is that our men will

not allow us to go out to other lands

and make new friends you're standing as

though you want to run away

if i have the means

i will do just that

i will know what's in the way

now what is under a course

and the prosperity has dried up and

progress has taken the lead from here

our men are only lost after us

and none has the money to take your wife

things are not just right

and everything that passes by meetings

of now are getting older

you're sounding more like a strange

woman this afternoon i would advise you

not to allow any other person to hear


hope you got to wait for me let me face

it down together


why are you angry hope it does not have

anything to do with your failed marriage

proposal what did it just say


i can buy from any of the surrounding

kingdoms but can never mind for my karma


what did you mean

we were talking about marriage before

you came your friend here is angry

because her father refused to allow her

mind for my camera

if not for her father she would have

married a man from a camera i know what

that means




the problem we have in namco is grave

i came here because i knew i would meet

some maidens here

you are afraid

i see fear in your faces but the maidens

of nowhere must live above fear

go to the palace and tell the king to

meet me here

you mean you want us to go and fetch the

king i say it again the problem we have

in namco is great

king odera must meet me here


are you know the same amount that has

been traveling the land

no you can't fetch him yourself

i do not want to believe that the

madness has caught up with the maidens

a man of namkhua has given a direct

message to the maidens of namkwa it is a

taboo for you to ignore my message

now ron

run and fetch me the king






i am seeing things

i see too many things


everything is awkward and extremely

unclear oh what am i saying

oh why you should you should not be

silly before the king

you are the seer of landfall

and the others in castle come to the

conclusion that you are the only one

that can suffer a problem that's why

they sent for you and you're finally


why are you telling me that you are

seeing things that are awkward and


settle down and do your work as this


tell us the way forward

my eyes

even my eyes are seeing what my mouth

cannot explain how do we solve our


how do we solve them we sent you here to

come and tell us what our problems are

we are lost without you

all by begin to see properly help us

there is only one man that can clearly


what i am seeing


i see things

but i cannot explain them


we must send for this young man

he is the only one who can explain what

my eyes see

is it not clear

that albert is only parading himself as

this year

he doesn't see anything


now who is that man

that can see what you are seeing and you

are not able to explain who is that man

that can explain it for us because we

need to sense that immediately

i'm adding

is the only person who can see what i'm

seeing and explain it clearly

ahmadi has super gift of sin uh

are you aware that this is ahmadi he's

an exile thank you

are you aware that this ahmadi was sent

into exile because of his wickedness

towards this kingdom


you now want us to go and fetch the man

who was sent into an exile as an enemy

of this kingdom to come and provide

solutions to our problems

we are lost without him

we are lost without him


the desolations we face today

shall remain

until we fetch him


are you the only one living in this

kingdom who is ignorant of the fact

that almighty was banished

from this land

because the others in council

concluded rightly

that he is an enemy of this kingdom


why are you finally sitting before the


as the seer of noun for and you are

advising us to come bring the same man

that is destroying this kingdom to come

and solve the problem of this kingdom

how dare you make such suggestions for

the king

i am just a messenger of the gods

of god


we met the man that troubles the land he

said you should come to the


you met the man that troubles the land


who is the man



did i hear you say almighty yes

he said he should come and see him at

the screen it sounded like someone has a

lot to say


how will i believe that obama has no

hand in this

how can i believe

how am i going to believe

that we have no hand in this mission of

the of the maidens

what on earth will almighty ask me

the kingdom of narco to come to this


it doesn't counsel are you not seeing it

that our mother is still lost in his age

long ambition of overthrowing this king

to be the king in this land


people do not conspire before the king

we are not conspiring

why should we we are only discussing the

way forward

i want us to thread with culture as far

as this issue is concerned i want to

understand what you mean by caution ego


any problem that is bigger than namco

is bigger than the truth and what do you

mean by that

we see it for yourself

this is here says

ahmad is the only one that has the

solution to our problems

he has not finished the meetings are

here saying that the same almighty also

see the eagle at the village stream

we'll see for yourself now let us go

let us go there and see him whatever it










i sense the maidens to get king odera i

did not send for the elders who gave you

the permission to come into this kingdom

ahmadi if only you can humble yourself

king odera

i will tell you what the ancestor said

the ancestors of nepal

cannot speak to the man who is in exile

your majesty


it is always good for one to glorify the


one one sees one because he never can

tell oneness you're going to see another

our children yet unborn will never

forgive us if we fail to remedy this


men of nonqua are not cowards

we must avoid to behave like cowards

why is it that every time you are

talking about war talking of war

we don't need war what we need is peace

can you define peace what do you know

about peace

when i was a child

i usually go to that farmland with my


but today

the cursed people of urugi are claiming

that land and here you are

telling us about peace

go to war with the people of food


also my brother

you've spoken way

and for you also

there is how you risen at times

that makes me wonder if you are a man of

this nankwell oh no

honestly you and your brother should

stop insulting me since fight wait don't

try it again

don't dare me again what do you consider

as insult

men of namco

it is only a coward

that would think that war would last


the people of akama are claiming our

land from the north

and also the people of uruji are

claiming our land from the south

what then are we saying should we fold

our arms and watch them take a land from



the noble men of this kingdom

if nothing is done you wake up one

morning and see now under the blind king

of urugi



what i am suggesting now is war let us

confront them once again with what

men of


i want to make my point

if this meeting

hence now

with impression that i am a weakling who

is afraid of war

then this meeting

is unfair to me

i want us to know that i am not afraid

of war

i thought that in subway

i fought at a budget i thought i talked

i want to let you know that i have seen

more words than all of you

but as a remake

i am supposed

to be

a preacher of peace

and preach peace

all the time

let us

seek peace

enough of that

what we are discussing here has nothing

to do with the red making it has a lot

more than a lot to do with it


is talking about water

water signifies peace

what has no enemies

let us seek peace

because i know that progress and

prosperity only come with peace

my advice

is that we send a mysteries

to the people of uruagi

to let them know how we feel

let us stay away

from war



rest my case


it seems

the house is divided into two

once who seems to be alone in his

doctrine of peace

but that's a clamoring for wars

i like to stand in between

i support those who are clamoring for


and at the same time

i support mosul

concerning his doctrine of peace



the men of urugi

we will not allow them to undermine

our military might what have you just


you said nothing

you ended up saying nothing

this is one thing i hate with men of

your clan

they will always want to speak

and end up saying rubbish hold on are

you crazy

make no reference to my clan any longer

and if i make reference to your clan

what are you going to do

what i did to your father

remember what happened to your house in

the wilderness

what happened to your fans of youngs

you recall

in every generation there must be men

who will always stand out to fight for

that generation

it will be a dent on the men of our

generation if we allow the cause people

of uragi to take control of our farmland

i am a man of war

i am not afraid of war

but the problem now is

how can we get the leader of the

warriors to come forward

are you saying the leader of warriors

will be against the call i don't know

what he's going to do

but we need to understand

that we cannot go to war without the

leader of the world you know what

america leave me to handle the leader of

warriors if he has to make the call i'll

personally force him to make the call

why are we all talking like kids

also going here is the one talking like

a kid

how can he say that the warriors can go

to war without their leader

how can

you know what

i want us to close this topic for now

let us return back to our hot and sleep

over this particular issue

and i want us to meet frosting tomorrow


before the heat of the day after our


we shall be going to see the head of the


don't worry

i will do the talking myself

and i know what to tell him




also golo

men that are men

move after their cross

learn to move after your god

because if you move before your god

you are a dead man


i will never be tired of saying the same


there is no need for any war

and there is nothing anybody we say that

will make me

support any form of war


the best thing we can do is to send

emissaries to urology people

men of food are arrogant quite all right


we can't go to work

if we accord them that

could see of

sending their miseries to them

there is a way it weakens them

i am a remaker

and i know


prosperity and progress come with reign


i am equally against war

but will never be afraid of war

honestly shouldn't be a kingdom that is

afraid of war

i will show you a kingdom whose men and

women and perpetual bondage to their



whoever makes

peaceful negotiation impossible

makes war inevitable

we shall go to war if necessary


as you rightly pointed out

we shall be very cautious

we shall be very cautious


must not go to war


people why

if we go to war against them

our ancestors will rise up against us

and fight for them no let's not go to

that direction

uh let's not go to that direction i

think i'll be back when i return from

the romanticity

i'll be back





yes go and call your brother

let me open your eyes

before it is too late

go and get it


come on





clean your ears very well and listen to

me very attentively


by the gift of our ancestors

we are makers

we did not learn it


my father inherited that stone

from my grandfather

and i in turn

inherited it from my


and if i go the way of our

ancestors one of you



the stone

we are a makers

remakers are peacemakers

and there can hardly be


or prosperity

without peace


i want you

to keep away

from all avoidable wars


i don't understand

it seems as if there's a problem

men of namco

are planning to go to war

against the people of uruaji over the

obara farmland

i called you here

tonight as my sons

to tell you that we have no right

to wage any war

against the people of roger



and also

if i sleep tonight

and fail to wake up


that i have warned you

over any war



you used to tell us that men that are


should never run away from wars that's

when the war is justified

we are not justified

we have no right

to wage any form of war against

the uruguay people

and always remember

that we all are present-day survivor

to the people of



we cannot wage any war against them



i want to know the reason of your visits

and this ungodly hour of the night

you're standing as if you already know

why i'm here i don't know

why with already people is very imminent

and i've come to tell you to get ready

for war also

i saw onogolo telling other members to

sleep over the mata

i was like limited i'll be shadowed

tomorrow morning after the morning food

you elected not to wait for any meeting

also you're elected to move faster than

your colleagues


is there anything they can say tomorrow

we can do tonight

or whatever farmland is our land

we must rise and silence any kingdom

that wants to encroach on that land

what's the gulu


hardly a match

at the leader of warriors

what is the meaning of that statement of

yours the meaning of my statement as a

gulu is that i am

do you want to go for war here in our

land not to you

and you will never be the one

know your office

that is why i'm here this night

this one must commence before dogs


we just slaughter all

the men of uroji and since they are

women and not forza balu

you are a warmonger

if you must know i am the leader of the


and i am not in a hurry to go for any

war against two raj people

i'm here to tell you immediately that

your tenor as the leader of warrior is

about to expire

this war is imminent

we if you don't call this one we'll call

it ourselves and when we begin to fight

we shall identify you as a man of origin




how many times did i call you

are you talking to me

those that roast yum

do not roast your fingers on the process

that's a gulu

go ahead and call for your wall let's

see what will happen


leave my house

other gulu


my house

the entire

ancestors of namco

i invite you to come





that support peace

i invite you to come

i call you to come


okay boy


and all you heard us


that should rise and condemn



i call you together

a sacrilege

is tiring me on the face


and all you heard


us i can stand

and condemn

this sacrilege

i invite you to rise


the things we have not seen before

cannot be seen

in our time


it will not happen


this sacrilege

must never be never







i want to set an example with you

i am pleading with you the king

and the elders and counsel please to

spend my life

i'm a man of peace

i have not committed any offence

don't whisper anything to me

speak so that

everybody hears

we are here to judge a man

i have looked around

i have not seen

the leader of the warriors

this is wrong your majesty

how can we judge a man

in the absence of the leader of the


do you realize that i am the king

i recognize you

as the king

and i also want you to recognize me as

the remake of

i am forever committed to peace

and due process i said shut up your


and for your information

the supposed leader of the warriors has

been detroit


he is a man of uraji

and the man of urugi must not be the

leader of our warriors

the only thing that will save you

is that you must tell me the truth that

i want to hear

what is your name and where do you come


my name is zubac

and i'm from raj

you were arrested in obarabaland

what was your exact mission there

i am a hunter

i was hunting when your men arrested me

do you know why they arrested you they

said i was transpassing into your land

but what that means i don't know

are you not aware that uber of a land

belongs to us the people of naoko are

you not aware i am a man of raj and i

must always hold on to the truth what do

you mean by the truth

what do you call the truth are you not

aware that that land is our land if i

should die for holding unto the truth so

be it

why are you tempting the leaders of our


what do you mean by the truth

our rabbi land

belongs to us

the peaceful people of uraj

it is not your land

if i should die for holding on to the

truth so be it how dare you utter such

nonsense before me so many years ago

you the people of nangho

migrated from ahmadallah

even the land on which you live today

was donated by our forefathers

belong to us


take this man away


kill him and cut him into pieces of meat

to feed our hungry crocodile yes


give me

king kill me

give me i will die

you are freaking me even believe me

yourself give me yourself give me your

kill me let me die for you ubi and musu

why are you not saying anything

have you suddenly gone blank

open your mouth and say something about



we have the orders of the king

to end your life

but i personally want to give you the

last opportunity

denounce your early statement and which

i leave to tell the story

that land does not belong to you

you are narrated to you people by our


and that is the truth

i cannot abandon the truth no but i want

you to call me the others of the king


terminate his life


just let me watch


what happened today

is the climax of bad judgment

on the part

of the leadership of namco

this land

is defiled

and if all the elders keep quiet



the remaker of namco

must never

keep quiet would you shut your mouth you

can't shut me down i am the remake of


deep down in our hearts

we know that we are doing the wrong


why should anyone assemble the initiated

man of language just to order the mother

of a man that was

telling the truth

why must we pass

that sentence

on a man

without the impute

of the head of the warriors

i want

all men of peace

to rise up

and condemn

what happened


a huge abomination

should the man of urug

die in this land

he is going to be an abomination

and the consequent effect

would be alarming

are you leaving the meeting has not

ended and you're working out on the king

where do you think you're going

i have already asked the gods

to exempt my family

from the abominations

that are being unleashed from the throne

i am not a part

of this abomination

we shall go to war

against the people of uruogi yes

we will go to war

we shall never allow any community

to take us for granted you are allowed

you are biting the finger that is

feeding you

we are strangers here

the man of furuanji was right when he

told you that we migrated from amudha

do not reach any war

against the people of uruaji

i cannot be intimidated

what he was saying happened a long time


and has been overtaken

by events


the land is our own we own that land we

are the owners of the land yes we are

the owners

you go wildo

your young men

have been clamoring for wars

only those who have loved and lost can

tell the agonies of a party without


you great

he who never remembers where the rain

started beating him

we never remember where he drive his


a she-god does not suffer the pace of

persuasion on his teddy while an adult

is in the house

it is only a flight that has no advisor

that usually follows the cops of the


we are not the owners of the land and

you know it

talking about history it can take some

millions millions of years for history

history and any kindred that does not

know its history definitely is studying

for doom

we cannot wait wars

against the roger people


they have been very nice to our


they land on which we are living they

donated to us

where we cultivate today was donated to

our forefathers by the russian people

why they should we go to wars against



if we wait wars against the logic people

our ancestors will definitely be against


and the result is clear we shall lose

the war

of course

we shall remain justly perpetually

advised to know what was against them do

not buy the finger that face you

yes come back i can see you are now

a seer

my answer to that depends on your

definition of the words here


who have been feeding you with lies and

deceiving you

must have told you

that i see beyond the normal human


well if that is what you call this year

i am a seer kind of

i am living

what my my word



he who likes to live let him leave

i have

taken a decision

that decision is to go to war

yes we shall go to war we must go to war


your father sent his men to kill and

debate the head of the warriors because

he refused to declare war on uroji


and then he killed my father because he

stood for the truth

and he killed wusu the rainmaker of

nankwa the greatest rainmaker of all


a people must not murder their heroes

but your father murdered heroes of namco

and i ask

how can we know



i want to

apologize on behalf of everybody yes

sorry i'll have to interrupt you

i want to ask the king right here

why did you banish me from my land


we cannot be adding pepe

on top of injury

see anything can bite a man in the night

but for the purpose of peace and for

this one we are here yes let's call

everything mosquitos

so what do we do

what do we do how do we heal this land


you banished me because i told you that

your father was the root of the problem

in nanghua

i came back to namco because i got the

news that my people are wallowing in


men and women cultivate every year with

little or no results

we are seeing desolation and destruction

of a kingdom that was once the envy of

all kingdoms


nothing works in nankwa the prophecies

of the rainmaker have been fulfilled

but he was killed because he was trying

to save the kingdom

i defied the security to sneak into the

shrine of aninam to pray last night

and the ancestors are angry that the

elders are not asking questions

they spoke clearly to me

why are you not asking questions elders


or why is he

you can verify from about


we have been asking questions

only today

we invited our bodies to say

the king and the elders and council

to ask him the way forward

he was actually speaking to us before

the maidens bashed in on us

to tell us that we are waiting

and what did you tell them about

i was saying things

but i could not explain the things i was


i want to ask you just one question


do men use lamps in the afternoon


the sons of most who left this kingdom

with the rain making stone

and as long as that stone remains in a

distant land

now for will never know peace

we shall never see that reign of

progress and prosperity


no how many you would

you wait you have a part of playing all


only today

albert told us that he was seeing things

he was unable to explain the things he

was seeing

and he was emphatic

he said that you are the only one that

could explain what he was saying

and we were actually wondering

where to get you before the maidens came

to tell us that

you are waiting here

you don't have to live in a hurry

because i believe you have something

to do in all this

i want you to understand something

the order

for your punishment

is here withdrawn

you are now a freeman of namco


and you can freely

come with us to the palace

for us to discuss

the way forward


to and i'm surprised that you're not



why should i be bothered my husband said

i should not be bothered so

can you hear yourself talk


for gossip to you when do you encounter

a goddess manari i encountered a goddess

in my dream not in real life

what do you want me to do my dear

whether in your dream

or real life the truth is that you

encountered a goddess and she have asked

you to do something


now i'm advising you as your friend

do what she asks you to do before she

unleashes her anger on you because

please oh what do you want me to do

she appeared to me and told me that

i am a woman in authority and i should

use my position to do something in the

in the land

look at me

look at me from head to toe am i a woman

in authority



i have a feeling they want to dare the


dead gods

i cannot dare the gods now who am i

who am i to dead gods

listen i actually called you here to

tell you this because

i don't know what to do if you have any

advice for me give me now

she wonder if the goddess said that a

woman in authority then grabbed that

position and threw the meeting of all

the women




chin wendy

call a meeting of all the women

who am i

to do that would they even listen to me


listen to me my dear

don't underestimate the ways of the gods

and goddesses

start something first and let's see how

it goes


you know i'm your friend i cannot

deceive you it's not something okay


we must send a search party of four men

in search of the sons of the greatest

rainmaker of all times

one must be a hunter

the other a prey singer

and then a wrestler

and a soothsayer

namco will never see that reign of

prosperity if the sons of mosul do not

return willingly with the stone


america i want to seek for an important


this meant that we must send on this

mission that you are telling us about

what they come from now

strangers cannot embark on this mission

they must be men of ngo


he has created an opening

for the possible solution to the problem

we face

now i want to ask us

where do we get this man

that we can send on this mission

your majesty

i don't think we are going to rush this

election with all due respect oba

there is no time

the great goddess of the stream of

namkwa has started to appear to people

and that is because she is no longer

comfortable with the condition of namco

omomawaro is a beautiful goddess but she

can be deadly if taken for granted

we must get these men urgently


i i i sincerely understand the urgency

of this uh this issue but i i want to

ask you something

almost it happened today

i am afraid your majesty

but we cannot wait for another day


it must happen today


my husband

do you know what happened to me


what happened

even ego was there when everything

happened she has first-hand knowledge of


don't give me a suspense

tell me what happened to them that my

daughter saw

a maddie

made a surprise appearance at the stream


he ordered the girls to go and fetch the



you can't be serious


ego there you go yes mother

calm now

you've changed have you had your bath

you're so in a hurry to change this

clothes we managed to get together today

anyway tell your father what happened at

the stream today


he told the king that his father relates

because of the problem

why are you doing this

i don't know you

why are you blocking my path

my name is okuneko

why are you such a fool

her name is okuneko

why are you calling me a fool

you recognize today as the king of

nankolan he is the king of my land

and i recognize you as a king

the time is coming

when you will remember this meeting

and i want you to have it at the back of

your head

odera is an evil king

his father

was the root of all the problems we're

having in now poland are you saying

you're a man from norco you are a hunter

hunters can always dive for the kingdom

as you are ready to die for now

our land of peace

do remember

that the problem that is eating now

is from the father of the satan king

something drastic must be done

before this land is consumed



are you telling me that he tore the king

to his face that his father is the cause

of the problem we are faced with today

in this land yes he was talking like

someone that has a lot of power

and the king and the elders even begged


he follow them to the palace yes he did

they were leaving before we started



this is serious

the former king

of this kingdom

is the cause of the problem we are faced

with today

what did he do

you know i was discussing with manawi

today and she advised me to call an

enlarged meeting of the women of this


called an enlarged meeting of the women

of narco so say what what are you going

to tell them my husband that revelation

i had was not ordinary

and since the men of this of this

kingdom are just relaxed they don't want

to do anything let me gather the women

of this kingdom so we can all stand up

and do something


i'm not trying to discourage you okay

but you see you must be careful the way

you get yourself involved in the

politics of this life

there are weakened men all over the

place and i wouldn't want some people to

start looking at my wife


even abu

the great man of nanko

i bring you greetings from the throne

i greet you too

if i may ask

what is your mission here this night the

throne is waiting for you

you are the only one iguoderaflanco

wants to see tonight

my father ordered me never to appear


before the

king i can't see the king this night

because i have nothing in my house

to present

this kingdom is burning

and you can't claim you don't know about


a part of the men that will participate

in the process of healing

my husband

has it got anything to do with what

amanda said

earlier on today

a man that has the privilege of hearing

from the king

should not make inquiry from the god

come with me and listen to the king


i want you to tell me the truth


are you saying that the only solution to

our problem

in nowhere

lies in our ability to get the sons of


to return with the remaking stone of

this kingdom

if we hope to see the kind of rain that


progress and prosperity

then we must get this stone of reign of

namqua back to namco

like i said before

we do not have time to waste

i do not know what the elders are

discussing but we must get these men


and they must leave


the others are trying to resolve on the

men that we are going to send exactly



the elders have reserved on the first

three men

that will go on this very important


we have gotten the hunter

we have gotten the wrestler

we have gotten the breeze singer

but iguay

it's it is very difficult for us to get

the first person default man

who happens to be the suit sayer

so the elders resolved that

amadi here

should complement

the three men and they represent the

soothsayer okay yes

because he himself is the greatest seer

as we now see

of our land yeah making a request


others of our land i greet you all


the invitation was very urgent

but to fulfill my father's other

that i should never come before the

throne empty handed

i bring you this


thank you

you may rise


i am very much impressed

what you did is in line with the saying

of our land


he who respects

and which is the king

must surely one day live like the king

thank you very much


look at your daughter closely and tell

me what you see

what else do you want me to see now i'm

saying my daughter

when you look at her closely

you will see the arrow of royalty

rotating around her


you said this morning you start talking

induce your funny manner

which one is horror of royalty again

you have named her ego

and i must say i liked him

but when she grew up

tell her that she reconnected from the

lineage of kings

and that she must carry herself

as princess


first of all i do not believe in


secondly ego is a gift to me from god

me myself and i she did not come from

anywhere and she's not going anywhere

she's just mine and then my husband

that's all

so let's cancel anything about

reincarnation it's not about easy


this is not the time for me to educate

you on some of the beliefs of our


the only thing i must tell is that

your daughter came from the lineage of


and you must always refer to her

as princess

yes my shizuon is my princess my

princess and she'll always be my



you're thinking

what are you thinking about


stand up

walk up to that place and come back here

why would you want me to do that go and

do it for your mother i want to see you

i want to admire you with the eyes of a




no go back you do it again and again if

you just do one more time








i hope you're impressed if you're gonna


my daughter

you're growing so fast

anybody that walks in here now we think

we are twin sisters mother

you know what my mother told me

she said you look like a princess

and you possess this aura of royalty

as you grow day by day i'm beginning to

see you as a potential princess princess

it's more than anything something you

know during the time of festival of


i encountered this masquerade that was

calling me a princess

and i told him that was never a princess

but buddy followers insisted on walk up

to him

what happened yes

and i had no choice than to do that what

mother i shook the hand of a masculine

for the first time in my life is


masquerade hey

i'm not even finished and they were

thinking to me as if i was truly a


i felt so embarrassed because i know who

i am i'm not a friend said

do you sing it for you mothers

hey my daughter this is very remarkable

it is only queens and princesses that

are allowed to see the masquerade let

alone shake his hands

hey my daughter you should have saved me

this is good news

mother look at who i am i am not a


my mother told me something

she said you reincarnated from the lion

age of kings but

i don't believe in reincarnation i still

don't believe in it till tomorrow

but no matter what happens you'll always

be my princess my special princess thank


and you're so beautiful

you're more beautiful than your mother


you're growing bigger videos

men who are men

always see it as a great honor

when they are asked to represent their


we may not be the best

but the mere fact that the elders found

us worthy to embark on this mission

simply means that

there is something we have

that can be used for the improvement

of this kingdom

i am not the eldest among us

but i have been entrusted with the

leadership of this mission

i thank the gods

in the next two marker days

two days representing the two eyes of

the high flying eagle

we shall set out on this journey

the mission i know

will be tough

we must understand that this mission

must be accomplished

if we hope to solve the problem in namco

i want you all to prepare your minds

i'm not trying to shy away from this


my problem is that two days is too short

for us to prepare for this journey

why would you say that

i have this woman of akama i have been

invited to my place for the past three

months now

but she had always refused

just this afternoon she she told me

total confidence that

she would be coming to me in the next

three market days so in other words

you are telling us that you are

declining from this mission a mission

that will bring peace to our land all

because of a woman

are you not the same person that has

been urging me to get married and i'm

beginning to walk towards it

i'm pleading that you should allow me to

see this woman of akama after her visit

then i would be i would be free

now i bet you're listening to me

i don't want you to provoke me with that

you have baseless reasoning

language kingdom is on the verge of

collapse and everyone has been praying

for solution

now the solution is here

you are not telling me that a woman from

akama is more important than not working

on i'll bet are you out of your mind

i didn't say that

i just want us to enough or better


we already accepted before the elders

that we will embark on this mission

augusta is ready


and i am ready

do you want to back out now


listen to me i'll bet you

do you want to tell me that you are

ready to sacrifice the resurrection of

this kingdom on the altar of immorality



we live in two market days



so you're still planning to leave us

i was still going back on this

i thought we have resolved this matter


we have not resolved anything

listen i smell danger i don't want it to

go anywhere

do you realize that i'm a hunter

have you



why would you want to deceive me from

doing something something that would

bring changes to this land


i know what god has told me

the king wants to destroy you what we

are doing has nothing to do with the



the others in council have sent us an

association for our brothers are left in

the ring making stone off now

it has nothing to do with the king

i know what my mother told me about the

meetings of abunda

she told me horrible things

those mid-inside definition of over did

anyone tell you we are traveling in

search of the meetings of abunda

whoever told you that

no we are traveling to omasinu

yes but you will definitely go through

the forest of abunda before you get to a


how will you now survive all those

meetings of abundant along the forest

how will you survive them okay countless

numbers of times i have encountered

deadly animals in the thread forest

and i survived them i survived them all

so what makes you think

i can't survive the

ordinary meetings


the meetings of abunda are not ordinary

those medians have mystic powers they

can even make your manhood disappear


my husband


just go back to the elders and counsel

tell them tell them you're not

interested in this journey


do this for me

do this for our daughter please my lord


what i'm sorry i have to disappoint you

i remain a hunter

and the interest of this kingdom comes


we are full men that are bargaining on

this journey

to save our land

and i must go


we have brought you here to this

boundary of nangwa

and the reason is simple

to show you that we appreciate the fact

that you are doing this

for the good of the people of nangua

and also to assure you that we support



and as we have supported you

our ancestors will support you

the lord of the hills will support you

he said the lord of the mountains will

support you he said

our ancestors will lead you

peacefully and you shall return

peacefully they say

with no peace again yes so

shall it be he said he said he said

i am happy that the elders of namco are

here to see us off

i believe that our journey will be a

smooth one

we shall go

and we shall return with

results i'm also aware that ichiogodo

was meant to be here

but he is not here

and he explained his reasons to obey


tell him that we understand

and we still hold him in high regards


thank you my others




elders of nagpur

i want you to do us a favor

if we do not return after eight marker


i want you to sacrifice an ego for us

at the shrine of an uncle


where do you expect us to get an ego

from in


there is surely an eagle in nankwa

i want the others to find one

and sacrifice it for us at the shrine of


this is important

and the elders must do it for us

what do we do we go one day from igu yes



i'll be very disappointed if you tell me

that i don't want your husband to be

part of those men that will save the

kingdom no

it's not that i'm against the trip i'm


i'm just i'm just i'm just scared that

my husband might know it's not alive

i'm scared


last night i listened to the tongue cry

as he went round


i felt

so so disappointed that my husband was

not selected


those men are going to be permanent

heroes in namco don't you get it

there's something you're not thinking


what if they perish a longer foreign

why are you reading negative meaning

into this

nothing will happen to them



what are you looking at i mean what is

the matter with you

are you not seeing her

see i'm not seeing anybody what is wrong

with you

man of this

kingdom to do what you have to do


what does she want from me

this is serious

what did you say to me















wow wow





i am so happy that

you came back this night

to give me feedback

after seeing of our men

that are traveling to merced

in search of the sons of

the remakes

i know what happened


we have uh we have escorted them

and uh as we speak

they have embarked on the journey that's



so did the money tell you when they are

going to come back

and nadi didn't tell us exactly when

they are going to come back agree

about a igbo

something happened

something happened that uh

i don't know how to handle it

with you know there you go

so man will say this kind of thing to me

and i will begin to give you the second


now something came up and they are not

able to handle it

i know you

to be a different man entirely

in this kingdom you are a mighty man of


and there is surely nothing that will

happen that you cannot handle

so may i know this thing that came up

that you are not able to handle


at the point of wishing them save john

ahmadi turned back and looked at us and


that if they do not come back after its

market date

we should sacrifice an equal

have you seen the reason why i told us

that i don't trust


i don't trust him

why would he make a strange request

from the kingdom headers and cancer



i would advise that we tread with


ahmadi has become more anesthesia now

he is now a mighty man of valor and

whatever he says must be taken seriously

so that we can heal this land

i am not surprised that we are defending


i'm not surprised at all

but i want to ask you an important


if it so happened that after eight days

they are not back

where are we going to get this ego that

we are going to sacrifice

do you have any good

your majesty

important thing is for us to agree that

an ego will be sacrificed


once we agree on this

an ego for sure must be found in namco

alban understand one thing i was born in

this kingdom

and i was raised by my father

he too taught me on the customs the

traditions of this land

and i am aware

that we do not sacrifice eagles to

deities in nampa


why would it start now

if we

from the history of bangkok we have

never experienced such backwardness and

poverty like we have that is the problem

that's worrisome we have never sent our

people in search of our own people in a

strange land

and this is the first time it is


our people say that strange development

requires strange sacrifices exactly

we are all trying to explain

offer different explanations but nobody

seems to be answering the question i

asked this question again

if it so happened

that after eight days

ahmadi and his colleagues are not back

in this kingdom

where do we get this ego that we are

going to sacrifice

somebody should be able to answer that


if we

the most important thing is for us to

accept that we will

sacrifice that ego

then in an


because of this land


i apologize if i should know you

the truth remains that i don't know you


and i am not asking you to introduce


to the king and tell me what you are

doing before the throne

this night

my name is chundu your majesty

i am ibn abu's wife

is it the same benevole that we sent

with other men of this kingdom in search

of the sons of mosul

yes your majesty i am his wife

are your parents from this kingdom they

are from this kingdom your majesty

you are a beautiful woman of this


why is it that you have not been coming

to the

king why

please make yourself comfortable as you

see it i'm happy having you around


thank you your majesty

but i do not wish to be comfortable

because our kingdom is going through a

very terrible time and that is the

reason why we sent men of this kingdom

your husband inclusive

in search of the source of moshe that

left the kingdom with the remaking stone

of this kingdom

we are very sure

that they are going to find the sons of


and they will come back to this kingdom

with the remaking stone and the kingdom

will be good again

the goddess of the stream of namco has

appeared to me twice your majesty

i can't believe this

is appeared to you twice

would she appear to you

your majesty that is why i am here

i do not know why the goddess of namco

should appear to me

i am not part of the politics of this

kingdom eh i am only a house i wouldn't

want us to go into all that

can you tell me exactly what she told

you when she appeared to you

she said

that those who sit in position of


should take a decision on how to solve

the problems or else or s what

oh that's what

i'm sorry your majesty i'll have to take

my leave

no she won't do you don't have to live

like that

this is the very first time you are

coming before the king and why are you

in a hurry to leave

your husband is not in this kingdom as

we speak


you can take advantage of that leave and

stay with the king


with the king stay with the king

your majesty

please i do not understand

you have to explain what you mean your


the mere fact that



the fact that she appeared to you simply

means you are a great woman

you are a woman with royal quality

and that is the reason why i wanted to

stay with the king

don't ask me to explain what i mean by

stay with the king because i know you


what it means to stay with the king

decide here and now that we are going to

stay with the king this night and you

can be sure of one thing

the poverty that is now ravaging this

kingdom will not touch you

and i want you to understand something

that this is the king

and you should trust the king to keep


whatever thing that we are going to

start this night will be a secret

between us until we die

and do not do not actually try to to do

anything because even as we are speaking


can you say

you know what your husband is doing

with all the women of easy vision that

are littered

along the road to masienu

it is possible that your husband is

actually doing something with one of

these women

and you cannot be left out

i want you to sit down

so that

we can start something tonight

you don't need to leave


why would she live

she is a beautiful woman of my kingdom

why have i not been seeing her all this



and why is she not coming to the king


that kind of woman


it is only the kings

that you stay with that kind of woman

only the kingdoms

i'm at the way

sorry for asking you this question


it is not good for us to talk while we


we will soon settle down to sleep

then we can do all the talking we want

but to answer your question

the sons of moose who live beyond the

mountains of the west


but don't panic

lords of the hills and the mountains

will surely lead us to where they live

oberche status will increase right after

this joining

and then you will no more desire the

women of akama

that woman that i found in akama

is better than all the women that i

found before her

i can continue searching i already found

the best please

let us concentrate on this journey and

stop thinking and talking about women

noun quote is boiling

as the immorality is gradually

commencing in high places

let us concentrate on healing our land









i am the chief guard to the king

why is the king not sleeping

is it anything i can handle for the king

i'm at your service

i have not managed to sleep

sleep has vanished from my eyes


i am deeply troubled

because i cannot understand these

requests by almighty

that we should make a sacrifice of an


to a deity as elevated

i don't understand what that means

i am sorry

a mere guide like me

is not in a position to discuss that

subject no madoka you're wrong

the kingdom is up in flames and every

single individual must be involved

i knew your father before he died

he was a great man of this kingdom

now tell me madoka

in all the times you had private

discussions with your father

did he ever tell you that we do

sacrifice egos

to deities in namco

not to talk of a deity as exhorted

as an angry

did your father ever mention anything


that why would our money

appear from nowhere and this demanding

that we sacrifice


if you permit me


i will go and fetch okay

he is the son of okay

the last priest of alenanco

i think he should know the


for that request


why is it happening now


why would anybody ask me to sacrifice an





it is obvious you're not a friendly


identify yourself

i ask you a question which you have not


what is the difference between yesterday

and tomorrow

i am a man of

i am equal to anything

i fear nothing

i tell you again identify yourself or i

will declare war against you


we don't want any trouble okay

you don't want trouble why are you in


who gave you the rights and thanks to my

territory this is

kingdom you cannot say it is your


the foundation ancestor of ubuntu land

you must practice sasha in my land

i have see us in ubuntu

if you need to see here to tell you what

happened tomorrow

go to my crs in ubud you shall see war

if you attempt to inquire of unknown in

my land again


this is the first time

i'm seeing a muslim in my life to face

it's all right

i want you to know that distractions

will come our

way but we will confront anything we see


the lords of the mountains will

definitely see us through

so what are you suggesting that we stay

















are you doing with us

it is

that all of you are wonderful

and i am

what does that mean




you see is

do you realize that they are traveling

with my life


and i can tell you

they are equal























if you see a poor man

10 times in 10 minutes

tell him sorry in each of the occasions

ask me why


because there is always a corpse for the


even when there is no physical corpse

his stomach

is enough corpse for him

it has always been a problem for the

poor man

to bury the corpse of his stomach


my brother

the youths of this kingdom

that are involved in businesses

are complaining of her time

the authentic rain

that brings prosperity

progress and abundant harvest in this


are ceased in the sky of an album

and i'm the one responsible


what did you just say


i'm the one responsible

the elders looked down on me


they refuse to come to me

and i'm just watching them


i am the one holding the authentic ring

what you see is just a nonsensical ring

that can only wash away good luck

i don't believe you


you are not a rainmaker and your family

is not known for remaking

is that what you think

is that

okay now let me clear you


you can ever seek for in this life

is inside the ancient staff of an uncle

or have you forgotten that my father was

the last chief priest of this kingdom


you i am the only person in this kingdom

that knows where the asian staff is


anyway the staff is hanging in the air

because the land has been desecrated

and as long as it remains in the air

poverty will continue to be the order of

the day

no youth will progress

even the father will not progress

if you are so sure you know what we can

do to help

why not do it

the whole kingdom is suffering and all

men that can help are enjoying to do

just that i have decided to remain


as long as odora is still sitting on

that room

odera is not my king

i don't know about you

he's not

okay carco

the train is waiting for you


what did you say

are you not okay yes i am and i will

advise you to accord me some respect

the way is waiting for you

who is the way

how many ways do you know



you've not been told there

anyway in case you don't know

i ok

i am also i need with

so which of these ways

wants to see me

you can blame me witness that delivered

the message to him



i only wanted to prove my point yeah

let's go


where are you going let's go

huh just let's go yeah but i've not

finished my drink just let's go

if you waste time












why are they running like that i wish we

are not under attack

don't you know

he's running so that they are called are

you drunk

why are you trying to linking up with

drunkenness let me

i am not sick there is something about

him that i have not seen in others

something like what

i've interacted with him a couple of

times now and i've noticed that he's not

an ordinary man he has some mystical

powers when i see men like that i

according with so much respect

do you know that he has nothing and has

no question

do you know now i have the feelings that

you've joined people of naokoto


listen to me and read my lips


the future of this land that's me




i sent a palace guard to go and fix you

and to the best of my knowledge that guy

that said to god face you is not back in

this palace

how were you able to arrive before him

simply means that that god is a

for him to still be on the way and we

arrive here before him


the owner of an angkor kingdom

the one

that is holding the most important asset

of this kingdom

i knew the kingdom inside out how dare


how dare you stand before me to say that

you are the owner of nampoo

how dare you coca-cola

you are a king


and the corrupt elders of that time

crowned you king the night your father


what's your problem


and you will understand that you don't

have the blessings of the gods

i raise this man


how dare you

you are meant to obey others no doubt

but you should learn how to obey

reasonable orders

i'm the one who did the staff of an


how can you raise your dirty hands up

against me

whose hands are you calling it

my hands or what so you don't know

you don't know that you have dirtier

hands than you can ever think of

anyway you have not said the reason you

called me get out

leave this palace immediately and in

your life

do not ever think of coming back to this

palace now leave i'm not going to forget

that you know

but i still tell you

over the years

one day

you shall need me we shall need my

assistance and i will decide not to be


maybe small in this kingdom

from the look of the people

but i tell you

mightier than


why is he dearing me



i hate the meetings of abundant

they are so annoying

made in singing behind us before

yeah how did they get in front and how

did they even get to know our names

oh better their plan is to make us turn

once we do that

our souls will be transferred


no matter what they do no matter what

they say do not turn

men of now must remain focused

as you are feeling fine

can you tell


can you tell us


they are seen whatever they are singing

is rubbish social rubbish the moment we

turn around we are dead



she's feeling fine

on top of the wall


i have


i have


your wife is feeling fine

she's feeling okay

feeling fine

on top of the world under

she's feeling fine




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