May 21, 2024

The Culture Of My People| Regina Daniels - African Movies

Published June 12, 2023, 12:20 p.m. by Arrik Motley

In This African Nigerian movie ....The Culture And Tradition Of The Land Forbids Their First Daughters Marrying Outside Their Community. These Laws Are No Longer Acceptable By Their Daughters As They Make Plans Of Changing It. Will They Succeed?

Starring : Chinwe Owoh, Destiny Etiko, Regina Daniels

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I love my body yes

oh well I'm sorry I'm sorry you know

sometimes when you rub or apply perfume

you know find it difficult to you know

and get the smell

you're welcome

sorry I know I'm wasting your time my

name is okay

the only one boy that was settled with

dollars I must tell you the truth

dollars dollars

you know what

I want to shock both of you

I'm in love with both of you I'm in love

with you I'm in love with you

you're in love with me

out of your mind I know you'll say this

you know but I want to tell you


I know you're thinking on how to you

know take care of both of you no no no

you see this money that I'm holding here

this is dollars American money

so you are not like it the equivalent of

this money is double of Nigerian money

yes you see there's more money now if I

give you this if I if I give the

president of the country this money he

will contest presidency contest contest

contest and contest

yes you must be out of your mind how can

you say you're in love with both of us

it's okay

it's okay now



sweet smell you just get us like two


I love you too

you you mean if I give you two give


you know I was even thinking that you

asked me for a car house other big

things you are demanding for the person

that I care

you know what

and give you four

and I'll give your friend four

thank you

one one two three four five this is

hundred dollars okay

um this one is for spending

snow we're giving you this money now

they change this money with ID card


Embassy ID card if I give it to you and

you go to the place they are changing it

they will arrest you because you've not

you've not crossed the course



good afternoon



thank you what do you do for your living

mature attendance



thank you

um is this your first marriage no I

married the first wife but all died

so I won't marry our daughter to be the

first wife number one





who's that bad

well done





once again you're highly welcome thank

you very much

according to the tradition

we shall proceed to the center of this


ah great in law

we thank you very much

especially for the warm reception you

have given to us

this is my son in whom I am well pleased

he has seen a very beautiful flower in

your compound and he has brought us here

to seek for your permission to block

that beautiful flower Silas I hope this

is why we are here yes Papa

thank you very much we appreciate but

yeah if you may ask

each of the beautiful flowers you are

talking about because in this country

we were blessed with a lot of them


her name is


the girl you mentioned is my daughter

that's true that's good

I think that she's matured enough to

make her own decision

in that case I would like to invite her

here for us to know her mind

it's good okay




I apologize

do you recognize anybody

among these are visitors here

Yes Papa

so we should go ahead and drink it

he has come to us


you do accept him as a landlord to be

yes papa

I should go ahead and drink



you know this Village is a

very large one yes yes if I may ask

what part of this Village are you from

um our big in laws

we are not from this Village

we are in the jeans of Harmony





ly changed is there any problem please

tell us


I'm sorry

you get your accent go and the marriage

it's my first daughter

good very good that makes her the other

of this compound

our tradition forbid

another getting married to a man who is

not from this Village

what will you shut up here


absolute tradition is


people you want my son's heart to be




for my forefathers and it has been like

that please please consider me I'm in

love with your daughter we love each

other please see we did not start it and

we will not end it that is the tradition

we would have asked question before

coming laws

um is there nothing you can do to change

this absolute tradition I love your

daughter and she loves me too yes yes

money is not a problem


can't you do something can't you just do

something to avert this ugly situation

and change your tradition because my son

lost their daughter very dearly and he

wants to marry her his heart is not you

know something do something listen not

if I do not welcome you people but the

question do it is


what is it my love please

I need to marry her



one more time you know now that I belong

to the government welcome hi you came

back alive right after all this shooting

killing everything

mama you know I've always remembered you

what now I now belong to the government

I don't own myself anymore sometimes

they stand up for training seminar

peacekeeping the bush so many things

mama I hardly have time for myself but

now I have come back with a good news

come my daughter

how is everything hi my daughter's

taking good care of me

yeah so where is he now


God has remembered me so well I want to

share this good news with you and Papa

he's crazy

don't forget about your father tell me

the good news









also I'm gonna start on my vehicle

get out

get out get down




standing under the sun this rain come

you go far from my head

cold then come shy for your own bloody

fool good

and I just I just stop you you just Waka

why off your back and I beg at the big

nah my my ticket will break stop y'all

could come back

I think

shut up

come down from that Hill I just want to

do I'm like this the team fret break if

I break outside the drive myself

again so I won't carry your cake now

carry on go for police station go


by yourself



oh so I've not brave an officer like me

you want to guide me a good office are

like me



bloody blood type oh


correct God

it's more money

not bright

now you don't pay yourself


how could you avoid people

the book I'm highly disappointed in you


you won't understand

what understand why you're heartless and

wicked or understand why you're a

romantic Thief which one


can you just bring down your voice

you're making my brother


this is your thing it's not fair now

it's not like that it's not the way your

scene it's just saying that's if I don't

want to marry your brother or I don't

love your brother or something I love

him but

you will not understand

what that you better my brother for nine

good years nine years

with all his hard-earned money give you

a better life and it's time now you're

dumping him is it fair

is this Fair

oh no don't be him oh my you will know

you broke up please you need to have


please think about this I will be happy

if you do this to my brother uduka

please have everything it's not fair

it's not fair remember I'm your friend





in fact I decided to make it a surprise

surprise what surprise Papa I'm now the

oga of my own

how my organ certainly

yesterday's good news

about to add more surprise

I'm the only one boy settled with



we're looking for something

are you looking for the dollar oh is it

lost or what I I


do something I miss

I thought that this is why are you

coming back okay so let's not get lost

no no no



is my wallet


this one is also my white wallet you


hey but this is the money my

the Bella thing yes after five years how

much is that place


two three four hundred dollars to fifty


hundred dollars hundred dollar hundred

dollars foreign





that's all the noise

anyway it's an achievement coming bring

your back coming coming wait let me help


try it

like you said that you're the first

person living in dollars it's an



after I saved you from the hands of the

Hyatt killers

then he fell in love with me and we

started dating

thereafter he proposed to me and I


then a few days back he called me and

asked me to come and inform my people

that will be coming in few days time for

the proper introduction

thank you sir hey finally

my daughter is getting married okay so




well we give all glory to God for this

good news you brought to us


but don't you think that


is rather too soon

for us to prepare for such a location

don't even understand what I'm talking


I am telling you that the man that

proposed to me is a wealthy man

as a matter of fact he gave me a huge

amount of money for any class of

preparation that we need

there is money oh yeah

mama I have been preparing for your

marriage ever since ever since he became

an adult

I am readily available


has he also returned to the Village to

see his people ahead of this

introduction yes he has gone to his own

village to see his people

this is his village yes and I forgot to

tell you he's not from this Village he

is from Oreo Village


why are your faces like this

what happened shut up I get out of my

present I thought you had good news

here we come here

all the way from the city to raise our

house just only do that to faces

all right

how could you be so stupid what is wrong

with you Mama Mama


do not bring this to your useless

tradition into my metal do not even try

it at all this man is a man that I love

and I must marry him



like me

look at you

a bad that does not know

the tradition guiding us


if you are ready to marry go and get the

right super and don't distress us here

did you just say the right cheater tell


who is the right shooter


please I do not understand what you

people are saying and I don't even want

to date I am going to buy with my

husband okay





you just have to let go

the tradition has been even before we

were born

I Were Meant to live by it

this is just it

you cannot kill yourself over a

situation you cannot change


just go inside and dress up let's go to

namaka's house for the Army Recruitment

you know she does not stay long whenever

she comes to the Village

all right it's okay did they go now

you know we've been planning this

together and let's go and see how before

she leaves the village oh

tell me

what's in free at night just feel it

that join the Army or the police

but the way our sister has to do catch


the tradition said we must marry from

this Village but the moon are not coming

over this weekend let's stop


we just have to look for a way to occupy

ourselves let's go to wamaka's house


that is story for the gods huh save

yourself the headache


let's let's go

as for me I have concluded that their

dads are not meant for marriage

so marriage isn't lasting on my mind now

I've made up my mind to join the Army I

don't know about you too

crying criminals of this whole thing


come back and watch those plates oh come

back and watch those places

come back now when I get back from from

work I'll take the plates I'll do all

the household jobs

yeah how could I have been doing that

before just have my mama's list but to

come and watch those places don't step

out from this place unless you watch

those plates

what is that if I wear my husband's

place will you be sending me a letter

but we are not in your husband's place

now yeah you can get one now

not in your husband's place as far as

you're under my roof you must be doing

whatever I asked you to do is that what

you said yes is that what you said yes

then blame it from traditional property









where are they

might swear

I might as well is this where

in this world

so this is what you reduce my son to

never be away with you

I don't have to talk to my wife


why are you here the second one let's go


it's okay it's okay it's okay


I know you're what in this community

and that is why I've come to ask of this

favor from you


I'm all ears I'm all ears


ude I have a shooter from the

neighboring Village

um our tradition like you know will not

allow me to marry him it will permit me

to marry him

make your point

please they I want you to make it work

for me

because I know that it's very difficult

to get such caliber of Sita oh you're

gonna please

what you have just vomited from your

mouth is an abomination


may please Abomination please help me I

don't even know what else to do this is

the third time I'm being used

before you invest me with your evil


come on





welcome once again

all right yes sir I went for uh I'm

sorry I couldn't lose


never Wonder

but I've been trying to reach you but

you see me there was no network service

there you know I was wondering even over

here it's terrible The Village this

sensor disappear

yeah okay okay I can't do from you why

accept yourself

you sent him home or you settled him

I sent him home after he stood my 200


my son stole your money

your dollar the fact that it was


he had already spent 100 out of the







making noise in the whole place



please don't be offended

don't feel bad about it

oh oh

I have a son but I don't have a son

huh look at it now it's hard to find it

now thank you very much

thank you please don't be your friend

that that's all right don't be your



that's what they get see my mom my mom

is always

party breakfast

I'm tired

look at my age

if I went my husband's place will she be

sending me like that

you can imagine

what I'm doing

if you just see how the thing works

I was split I washed the clothes I cook

I do this one especially I would do the

other one do that they don't know they

are older they should die yes you die

now and let me join my life

because I want to chat with both of you

it's not my mother's supposed to have

died by now

you can see now you can see you can see

you can see the type of people that



look at them

look at the way they are dressed

look look at what they are wearing right

even if they don't have first pass can't

they at least dress well

can they find husbands like dressing

like this

this ones are totally lost to their


get your phone

is not their fault

you know this tradition of a thing

affecting them

can't you understand

tradition is the tradition tell them to

dress like that let's go bro the

traditional tell them to dress like that

just uh

you know I'm tired


you see it was

brother just try and forget that useless

gift who knows it might be God who

doesn't want you to marry how I know

he's not going to be easy but please

try and forget that please


I have moved my homework around her for

this nine years we dated so

it should be hard for me to stand again

I want you to understand that

I know brother I understand

we literally thought she was joking we

thought she was pulling our legs now we

know she meant that decision

please mama why not

why now

after I've trained her in school

sacrifice everything I have to make life

better for her and her family


why now

she's rejecting my life


oh my God you see

ah I know how you feel but I want you to

know that I still love you

who do I love her all I want for me just

to help me to beg her I still online I

can't imagine by another woman


please I just want you to help me okay

at this point

pick something more


don't forget my Cosmetics on my makeup


every time



to rejected him

he started to step back in this Village

to see if I could find a home-based

husband for myself

but same thing or call to Ego and then

so we made up our minds

to join the animal

yes swamaka

we've heard of how you helped Timaya and

the rest who are now in the army

please I beg you

we want to join the Army too please this

is our only Faith now please

I'm so confused

I didn't expect it for this

I've always dreamed of being

a typical wife

until my long time love was rejected my



please I beg you help us help us that we

can console ourselves with it please and

you think it's right for us to allow



to deal with us in this manner


more of that must not end up as a

soldier or a police no

we shouldn't


we have the right to marry men of our

choice put our parents are devoted to

the tradition that is what I'm saying we

should come together we should come

together and fight this useless

tradition once and for all we should

fight me because if we don't it will

continue to bite us like this forever

that is where we are here

join me if you have finally made up your



you must fight against this tradition

I swear with my life

I will fight my finished tradition let

my blood split

this weekend tradition must stop

yes it must stop


you are my son

I knew you even before you know yourself

I know when something is wrong with you

you became a millionaire at a very young


and succeeded in every business you

ventured into

your problem started as soon as you got

married to that game

now look at yourself

no money

my mind peace I don't have

I've been running from one problem

to another

I swear I'm beginning to reason like you

the first gift I received from my wife

immediately I got married to her


she became so sick that she almost lost

her life

I spent so much money

next to it that the government seized my

containers that it was contraband

after how many importations

my biggest Plaza was marked for


during the highway expansion

and yet problems have never left me one

to another Mama right




this deal has finished you



if that will solve the problem

but but why is would you doing all this

to me

after all the love I have for her

fire and got that wish out of your house


whether the tradition liked it or not

the woman get married to their choice

husband now so whether they like it or

not it must hold they should go and hold



tradition nonsense

I will tell you hey

we must fix this thing

stupid people all cargos


now what

is not real ah



thank you

thank you

give me give me give me

thank you

on the mountain


thank you no no everybody goes






that can quench the fire

Ruby's daughter

came back to the Village

it was foreign

foreigners are saying impossible so what

you have to do gather your fellow

mothers go and stop this shame being

inflicted on the physics of our people

thank you very much thank you my body

meanwhile let me finish my work finish

your work once you finish go there okay

make sure the shame stops

all right go back to your work let me

take care okay



really I think they have a point there




they talk to you oh

so you know what you are here okay Mama

hey guys

you from nowhere to talk the most pretty

one no talk and now it's just the beauty

of the beauty excuse me sorry what is

the problem



sorry my name is

my name is


I said fine I'm the only one boy in this

Village no party in this Village that

was settled with dollars in fact as a

matter of fact I am in this Village to


for the lucky price

I'm in this Village tomorrow

but thank God I find my missingly

ciao my people my family everybody's

disturbing me I told them I will get

them white and thank God you are here so

I don't know will you marry me of course

you can't say no because there is power

in the morning

something wrong with you

talking to the English daughter


hey Jesus Christ

I know

that I'm talking to the daughter of yoga

yes where are you on your own pocket


excuse me Mr



okay my name is Princess ogadi

the only daughter of the king of this


you see them no no no you see them oh

God them and your own name


let me tell you your name is the work

everywhere you know what and you deserve

my taller love it's not that I'm going

in five place I would have dashed you

this one you deserve more than this I

love you and I love you I love you I

love you in fact I would die in fact I

can kill this person because of your

love yes

seriously I I love you will you marry me

please we'll see some other time

let's talk some other time

we'll see some other time don't worry

we'll see you again

laughing with him

look at the things he was saying because

thank you




okay but


sometime yeah

I love you so much

and I cannot marry another woman


I wish I could understand me


there's nothing I can do about the

traditions of my Village


or transition


it is


forbidden for another to marry someone

that is not from my Village


oh when a Jet's age

this is modern world

I mean we're gonna you know we can we

are going tomorrow in a Christian way so

it's not supposed to be a problem it's

you it's a problem

my parents warned me

before before before this time he told

me that if I should marry someone that

is not for my Village



saying nothing will happen to me

I mean man

let me face the consequences I love you


it must be you and not another one




we cannot continue on this way

we cannot continue this way

we can't keep living this way



we have come to sit and wait for our

in-laws yes

to find out whether they are from this


but the tradition of this land

must not who has gone to its still Yes

spiritual simple yeah

hmm foreign

others for breasts you have two breasts

like every other one neither do you have

several heads you have one hand so

tradition has come to stay yes

now I understand so you promote our


still just like knuckles


we cannot continue this way

we cannot continue this way


we can keep on going this way





pick your call now do you want us to be

stranded here

You Know You're Expecting visitors you

you're not with your phone


take it easy now I've been calling her

mother she's not picking and she wants

us to be stranded here my son why don't

we drive into the village perhaps we ask

somebody for direction mama she asked us

to wait for her here

do you know that their chapter has

closed that is why they want to close

our brand new book don't mind them let

me see that anywhere around this house

again I will destroy their feet

go inside

go inside




you outside what

anyways just please give my Academy

phone I want to speak with her


hello this is afiance



yes you just carry this way give up

here why is your face like that son I'm

not let's leave here

let's go


guys guys


you don't like it

would you shut up your mouth me we are

talking about ceiling stealing I'm

believing you huh whenever you say hey


in this Village everywhere all the boys

thank you because I'm a Chapman

you are the biggest fool I've ever

sucked my eyes on loud here yes okay

Papa in that case you need eyeglass

because I can see that you're not saying

well I will buy microscope for you if I

take my dollars


they will be happy yes

dollar tip is far better more better

than naira criminal



out of the thousands your uncle had only

two hundred dollars

or one thousand

or upgrade it

then I marry a second wife will I even

marry you a wife I can even give you you

flows the way to give you the title of


hey okay

come on


I'm disappointed in you



I thought it was somebody

you are a titled chief

and a member of the royal cabinet you

are supposed to be a trusted custodian

of our culture and tradition

but judging for what you have done you

have not only betrayed that trust you

have paid this


how could I have been involved in such a


I want my daughter seriously

that he went ahead and disobeyed me so

they just hold it mother hold it

our Witnesses confirmed

that you prepared your daughter for the

marriage the question so what are you

telling us here

we witness that I have no hand in that


believe me



responsible for any form of violations

it is to that effect

that this Council have blessed a fine on

you a spotless white round

you have to build these items all of

before the next meeting

it would you win





I love you so much

I love you so so much

about my tradition will not let us be


that's what I want to prove myself

I'm so sorry but I have to do this but

it's not that way I could show you how

much I love if I don't do this


I'm sorry but I will miss you














are you hearing me

listen very well there is very big war

in the village and you have to come back

and fight for your right you have to

come back very very soon

this evil tradition preventing no matter

from getting married to men outside our

village must come to an end this time


and the older um others are saying no to

this change that is why you have to come

back yes going back so that all of us

will combine forces together and fight

against these children tradition

please eh

so we should be expecting you yeah

okay okay we'll be waiting

Jesus is coming next tomorrow yes keep


keep calling

them come back please

and don't come back here again


thank you


Patsy I have come to advise you as a

friend and as a sister

please join us to fight against this



I'm not interested in your advice or

your your peace talk

carried to somewhere else yes this

tradition has come to stay

this tradition was

is and shall remain

what come here for long talk

to pass this information

but since you have chosen to dwell in

the dark that is your business that is

your business as for me this okay

tradition is as good as dead

10 cents let's see who loves life





it should be fine but usually that you

need some rest

thank you





what is this that you're doing huh

what are you doing

I'm watching NTA

MTA Channel 12. that's what I'm watching

oh this mountain of food and soup has

become an NTA

you're watching

hey I'm happy you want to finish all the

food in the house

oh you see Mama don't make me suspect

you so mama you know very well

and all you can do is to ask me what am

I doing

there's nothing you

don't allow me to believe that you are

the one that resemble

what am I doing

Mama you're complaining too much oh

they're complaining too much listen to

me huh

if I change this dollar that I came home

with yeah I'll open Fufu campaign and uh

Soup company I'll make you the permanent


is that why you want to finish all the

food in the house would you remain small

don't want to remain some food in the


I'm gonna wait for you till you kill

yourself with this I will not wait


no sense

so this little brats

came to my house to warn me to insult me


but I have to call the other oh mother

this woman

has come to stay


nobody can change it

let me just make calls


let's walk



Pauline now


yes there's Fire on the Mountain

yes yes yes yes what I'm trying to tell

you is that is it all this little umada

I mean the the the

um yes

this little girl this Bratz I mean amaka

came to insult me

forgive me

in fact I I don't believe it



we just have to do something you have to

come home and join us in the fight


everybody everybody Paulina everybody

you have to come and join us in this


it's not for one person

yes we are going to do that fight


we stand




please I want to find out about my


you mean the lady that joined poetry yes

I want to know about her result oh well

the first suit has been reduced

considerable oh thank God yes well you

know how these things works it's one

step at it but is anyone we can just

flush it out once I mean she will get

herself but

but he'll be there in five minutes well

thank God you came on time to save her I

thank God I thank God I was on my way to

her house when she called oh I'm sure

God wants her life that's right um Dr

Harrison is taking care of her all right

all right all right I'm sure also she'll

be discussed give and take me four days

thank you thank you thank you doctor

thank you

another one

relax yourself relax yourself

physically fit

physically fit I know you are all above

50 but then we have to be strong


in your body


left to right left right

left right left right

right okay

red lights

let's try it together up and down I say

it together open you

what do you think you're doing

all I'm doing

okay Friday


left right left right left right

left right

left right left right



you're ready




we cannot continue this way

we can't keep living this way


we can keep on going this way






I really wonderful













after a long time relationship within my

father said the relationship in March

imagine my father refused that he should

marry me hi


do you know what

symptoms started coming to me when I was



small small tiny zombies


I cried

hey foreign


refused to Hear My Cry

oh God

then I went to that useless as them more

that is the more for this same tradition

hey do you know what the man tells me

because our wives


then we remain to be wise




that I cross

into pieces


imagine at my age

I am still Paulina

instead of Mrs Paulina somebody or

something or everybody

too can you imagine

this tradition will remain forever

I don't understand

you see this useless


why tell me


I understand



now they're not bloody reggae after the




one more


no more




hold on


we really find the things I've got for



all these things for me yes

watch tell yours

what is this eyeglass




see baby

I keep asking myself what reason do I

have to cheat on you

you are reminding me of Titanic these

are the Dutch in Titanic the case again

you do it like this

you know what

I promise to love you and love you

forever in fact my love for you can

never cease I'll continue loving you

every day by day I know but you don't

expect your blessings to stop flowing

and when you're in love with the only

daughter of igwe okay these are just

small small things compared to what is


it's once more what you call this thing

small behavior these are just small

things compared to what is coming

maybe you are spoiling me wait after

this you even bought a new clothes for

me and you're telling me it's it's more

small too more are coming don't worry

maybe I love you I seriously love you

and I promise I will love you baby I'll

die for you

I don't have good voice I would have I

would have seen this song for for you

and or I've seen this song olamide


chioma Jesus they they sang this they

sang the song I will die for you I will

sing it


I just can't enjoy them all is not well

at all

but we've come to make everything

perfect anyway

so what is the matter anyway

on behalf of the entire Armada of this

community we have come to know what it

will take for us to abolish this woman

that's tradition yes

please your highness

the gods of our land have their mouth


and only people can respond to your


I said no way

check up

that beat us the Elder put two mothers

must beat all these kind of things


let us know we don't have much time for





pack all your things

the so-called husband

tradition by marrying that man

please forgive me


in this family again


on Facebook please forgive me


these are the consequences of violating

the tradition of the land


you have invited the Wrath of the Gods

go and face it to the end




this house

in this house

s reversing his Lord


he now why do we tell you to leave

but it does not go out to empty-handed

let the man of this house come out with


thank you



I have heard what you said

I will take care of it

please just a minute

let me go and get the sacrifice



oh my God


I want to do


this is the sacrifice



hey okay take care bye-bye

you need to see how princess was walking

when I passed out your daddy


I know

come on



this perfume is killing me

uh you mean yes okay else

you know what um

did you uh see any perfume you perceive

any sense yes of course be president


okay I'll find beautiful angels okay

tell me where can I get it I'm looking

for it it smells all over your body

I love my body yes

oh well I'm sorry I'm sorry you know

sometimes when you rub or apply perfume

you will find it difficult to you know

and get a smell

you're welcome

ah sorry I know I'm wasting your time my

name is

okay the only one boy that was settled

with dollars

I must tell you the truth yes dollars

you know what

I want to shock both of you

I'm in love with both of you I'm in love

with you I'm in love with you

you are in love with me

but I want to tell you something you

know I know you're thinking on how to

you know take care of both of you no no

no you see this money that I'm holding

here this is dollars American money

like it the equivalent of this money is

double of Nigerian money yes

you see this more money now

if I give the president of the country

this money he will contest presidency

contest contest contest and contest

yes you must be out of your mind how can

you say you're in love with both of us

it's okay

okay now

you love us yeah

perfume this

sweet smell you just get us like yes

you mean if I give you two give your

friends to both of you who love me

you know I was even thinking that you

asked me for a car house or other big

things yeah demanding for the person

that I care

you know what

you're surprised brother yeah I'll give

you four

and I'll give your friend four

okay thank you

one one two three four five this is

hundred dollars okay

oh no

um this one is for spending

snow we're giving you this money now

they change this money with ID card


Embassy ID card if I give it to you and

you go to the place they are changing it

they will arrest you because you've not

you've not crossed

the international season

okay if I give you this thing now after

action for international ID card they

still ask you for international give yet


I've been seeing you

with my daughter for some years now

and none of you have made no attention

mean to me you don't expect me to see

any man with my daughter as her sister

you're right Papa

I take the blame to myself

but what is the way forward now

The Way Forward is that you and I will

become a casual friend

and nothing more than that


can I we love each other

and we have come too far to just end it

like that

I'm not disappointing that but I want to

tell you that casual friends

does not mean you're ending your

relationship but for marriage impossible

yes my son

we really appreciate

it is


it's okay

okay so


it's okay bye

will you shut up your mouth

bye bye bye as if you can face that when

you see that face to face

I have an important routine to attend










let us join us together to abolish this

Mother's tradition



when I die


listen to me you old cargo yes

look at this video

hey let's respect them for the second


if it ever happens for the third time

then we will show them that war has

three letter words and we will give you

one in abundance and demolition destiny

let's go

let's go

it was terrible

but I was almost killed by the skills


commanded them to produce me

destroy me

but Wonder me in Africa

it was a defensive trip the island while

in primary school that swept me

I pretended like a map was wriggled out

run away

that was my savior


hey Google


you need to see those girls threatening

the life of everybody in our community

in fact it was a big riot

a full-scale war

in my humble opinion

if you are highness

does not do something



there will be a genocide yes a

traditional genocide in this community

will be did you hear that

did you hear the harbor the atrocity

your daughter has been committed

perpetuating in this Village

inciting the people against the

tradition of this land

will be

take this last warning to that daughter

of yours

don't have to stop us

she would leave the rest of her life

outside this land yes yes


I am tired of that girl


I have talked to her in every way I can

I have just sounded my last one

this mythism

um probably


one of my cat is your daughter


you must do something about

because the whole thing is not going

beyond control

who is going to help us

who will help me

look over and ask him you better help

yourself because I don't have the energy

to 110 kilometers per hour again because

of your daughter

I don't have the strength

what do you mean

because of your daughter


my daughter



long ago


many many decades they go in the days of

our ancestors


was done once in every two years

during the festival

a woman

who is expected to be clean

is giving the Buffalo Oracle to carry

around the village


in the process

if she's not really clean

she won't be able to carry the araku

around the village

it is only harder

that will help her carry the oracle

this went all successfully over the


because the women were clean

until this Unfaithful yes









the great one is married to a man in a

far Village a very far Village go and

get her go fast and get her before the

opinion like before yes the great one

I'll send you to do that immediately


the whole day

writing to the far village where the

other was married



it was late

at night

on the Oracle had already fallen


the consequences of what happened

has not been forgotten

in the history of Islam


and this made

for the tradition that no no other

on this land will get married to any

other man outside this Village hey


but why is one

that was in the past

nowadays people use telephone

to fly people faster from one place to



let's add that of every woman

John is to carry the every Oracle the

presents on the radio of the festival



are you rather than our systems


I have no power

to destroy what the ancestors repeated



this is the last thing you will hear me

say concerning this issue

why is one





so Papa you mean I'm actually because of

my husband's downfall that's what it


she was married 25 the tradition of the



why didn't you marry here hey

is that why I could not even get a child

it happens to anybody

who does what you are doing and what you

have done so the gods did all this to me

just because I married a man who I love

and who truly loves me if you love The

Man what of the tradition of the land

you must not violate the tradition to

love anybody that man you married is

against our tradition

Foods what is tradition you see those

that your gods and the tradition and I'm

up for them and I'll fight them with the

last drop of my blood but I will fight

them and I'll fight them to the last let

them do their worst I'm waiting for

those your Gods right now those


he who said the war with the gods will

have the consequences here

that's my foot

tradition let come I'm waiting for them

right now so they frustrated me just

because of what they call their

tradition a man that I truly love and

build a relationship for years now my

husband is so scarce and they took him

away from me I'll find that tradition

I'm happy

where are you coming from

you called me yes

go and prepare let's go to the farm

if you go to the kitchen you will see

you home you'll see bring them let's go

to the farm don't watch some pleasure

wait wait

um I I did not hear you well it's

actually I should follow it you heard me

right Papa flying to the farm to do what

I said


in my pocket yes your dollar has become

useless even you the owner you're not

useful again to yourself what have you

achieved so join me to the farm become

useful once in your life okay Papa fine

this thing is getting too much Baba if I

change these dollars into Nigerian


all the others in this Village

I would renovate their house I'll marry

a new one for them I will take them to

abroad even that fact that you are

thinking of that that you are telling me

to follow you to I'll buy it from you I

use as a public toilet and all these

things that I'm telling you I will do

for the others I will not do one mom for


if wishes were horses even beggars who

dried so jump on the horse and begin to

enjoy your life but it's not like that

come and join me to the farm you don't

argue here with me I'm not I'm not

arguing I don't have time for that I

thank God you say no argument I cannot

argue with you but the issue is this I

will never and I will not even if I need

farmer with my money if I get this money

I will use it and buy my own Farm I

can't go to that I'm me me Arabic with

my dollars to farm I always go to the

farm now and wait for you 10 minutes

no I can't just follow you to that farm

when I have these dollars in my pocket


10 minutes

not Beyond I get there I don't see you I

come back here send you away this is my

house not your house

my sister

hey bye princess good afternoon

okay hope there's no problem no problem

I I heard about the 50 people organizing

against the tradition

I just want to advise you to be very

careful you know the fight against

tradition is not an easy one my princess

we've made up our minds to fight till

the end

okay then I wish you best of luck my

princess is that all you have to say eh

in the matter equally concerns you

you are the only daughter of the igwe

that makes you another of this Village


cha cha don't worry yourself I'm already

engaged I have a fiance so for me this

battle is

not worth it I'm not Oliver Twist could

I be acting so much my princess we are

all the same we are the young adults of

this Village we need to come together

and fight this fight thank you my sister

did you hear me I said I am getting

married very soon so this is not my

fight to me this fight is useless my

princess thank you very much you're

welcome well you see we will fight this

fight to the end we are not relented I

wish you luck again thank you



he went away







oh God huh





don't worry



it is for the Gods







who came here empty-handed




your gifts oh


there is a more


I learned that she came here

for you to advance the hand of tradition


so that um

now it is I'm going to plead with you

that you should not listen to how

whatever it takes

to do it again


I don't know

your desires are granted oh


you can't fight because

nobody I have no power to act what our




there man

there man

like I said I'm still ready

go in peace


who gave you this wisdom


I got the wine


the girls are happy with you

thank you the girls are happy with you

thank you


my others I greet you all no no welcome

on behalf of the entire mother of this


I have come to offer each and every one

of you the sum of 50 000 naira as an

appreciation he if you will help us

abolish the umada's tradition


how dare you

invite Elders of our caliber here just

to offer us right

she is not stupid she did not call it


what is that


Nation appreciation


let me tell you no tradition will be


I forgotten

why not

say you are old and allow others to save

their peace of mind

simply because she mentioned 15 000


I can see how your body is shaking you

just simply change your mind what's your

business if somebody changes his life

virus can be changed there is freedom of

a changing mind

let me even ask



I can see you Elders are selling your

reputation remember the love of money is

the root of all evil is that why you are

dancing on yourself


look at them hungry people dancing on

your seat

with him are you enjoyable

no no I'll be going now go in peace


foreign birthday an opportunity


thousand uh but this is 18 000. to do it

just hold it before evening I'll

complete it is 18 000. now completed by

evening I promise yeah

before even it I will



without you

I followed joint Street the chief Armed

robber they do all these things they

collect paper check it and goats they

don't see that big game but if I don't

do it for you will I do it now

don't worry yourself see I want to go

somewhere with the former I'm going

somewhere but I don't come back I'll be

in the balance for you

something tells me that this is for my

DC for my ship and she's up to something


with her you have to be very very

careful because that girl she looks like

somebody that will be arranging you for

other men no no no no no no no no do I

look like a baby am I a baby I'm going

to do that kind of thing you two don't

look at all those videos

outside you now if I see what I guess

I'm blind I know they see hey don't see

them don't see they don't go into India

take care of yourself

did you just give him


he's my boyfriend why would I give him




going on


right three times

iPhone 6. 0



did you just give him all that money



what's your own

if you're not in this Village don't you

know how hard it is for another to get a

husband in this Village but your case is

different okay your ego's only daughter

they should be easily available to you



I hope you are ready for this war

fight to Finish I must return to my

husband's house and have his blessings

restored that is why I have come to join

this battle

as for me I'm more than ready the others

of this community deserve the right to

be free to make their own choice of

husbands so we end up fighting over one

man yes hope you are aware of our

aidedness are you for those ones they

are as good as losers anyone who tries

to stop this Crusade is playing with

fire honestly fire and as for those old

condemned cuddles their days are not bad

in this Village I promise them that very


that's the spirit

welcome to the battlefield of equal

rights and justice

I am very glad to have you here

but I'll be more happy if you're going

to stick with us till we achieve our

success promise no retreat no surrender

good we can't keep living this way


all is not well that's why we

so that we can rub mines

oh yes how more years now as the chair

Lady of two

we know all women listen to you

our young adults wish to change the

tradition and I've gone to others to

tamper with the tradition wait wait wait

is it the tradition of our people that

the young woman has wished to change

exactly and that is why we have come so

that doesn't achieve their purpose but

that's impossible




you know what you're the US president

and it is in that capacity now we have

come to pay you at the South respects

you're welcome my sisters

you know that youth is the strength of

every village and therefore we cannot do

anything without your support

I know you've heard about the reserve to

fight against the abolishment of omadas

tradition because we're having


from the old umadas and the elders that

is why we have come to see you please

wait a minute do you say you're having

challenges with older mothers for what

my brother asked me

they say tradition stop them to get

married during their own time so same

thing should happen to us

that is why we've come to seek for your

support please we need your support

but you already have my support and

entire duty of this community if you

know that we know that but there is

something we need to do to obstruct the

Peace of this community for also achieve

our aim because if you don't do that

nobody will listen to us







leave them


they should go you are going to marry

according to traditions

oh my God


let me do more




look at me where

as old as I am I'm not yet married

are you happy about that

you want it so much so all I'm trying to

say that you should go and join young um

oh God

I don't want to end up like little lost

hey so are we to go on to with me



he would

you know where we're here the entire

Village is now on the house arrest

nobody can go to Japan nobody can go to

this dream

everything is now at a standstills


destroyed masquerors do not even allow

us to go to the bush

ourselves he would tell me what happened

to those of us that do not have


we have not seen food to eat no water to

drink you're talking about going to the

booth to this church

is you know when the stomach is full

that he sees something to discharge

all of them are problems but the one I

mentioned is the one that

was any one of you able to recognize

those behind this masqueries

they're the most horrible thing I've

ever seen

what is the matter woman even the last

cried attacked the Village Market



no more


do you know something about these my

spirits harassing people everybody in

the village

I'm relying on you to give me

information on that now these girls have

the spiritual they want to go extra

miles to achieve the evil objective


I think these girls are trying to

pressurize the elders so that they so

come to their stupidity

that means you have to launch a counter

attack with immediate effect

with immediate effect nice

you just threw a drum tuber to a sharp

goat good forget how I do justice to it

because a counter attack

counter attack counter attack


mama how can we have clothes in the farm

and we are here starving I'm going to

that farm whether whether those good for

nothing but school is like it or not I'm

going chicken please don't go I don't

want you to go there because the people

that has witnessed the the attack of

those masquerades so they can kill I

don't want you to go there that farm is

a dangerous place to be now please mama

I'm a man I'm a man if those muscles

comfort me I'll confront them back in

different village I've carried boys

we have to be afraid of mama please I'm

going I'm going eh I'm going chicken

please chicken come back

come on I don't want you to go to that

farm now cheeky




you too must desist from this


as you have this land to contend with

you respect you

this is okay

she's the one causing confusion all over

the place

enough of that


you realize you are in the presence of


how are you going to talk not to you

whosoever I'm argue that has hand in the


tormenting our people must talk


this is true

your highness

we are only pleading that he opened us

tradition be reversed to enhance peace

and unity in this community

because it is to

socially be tomorrow and forevermore

meaning that meaning that if we remain

Allah is going to remain

forever all days are gone

allowed the Young Generation to change

the tradition they always use them

that's it

that's it it's changing

I am suspecting you yes


that's a foul play here

position why are you supporting evil

I wonder yeah



I am still on the side of each energy oh

let us abolish this economic tradition

once upon

the respect

I don't think it's proper for us to

continue this deliberation in the

presence of this movement


you two can go now

but they won't








please help us

we are no longer saving this image

we can no longer go to the river

all to our farmland


Lord to the markets

the evil masquerade are everywhere

what's wrong please

do something before we die of starvation

this was one do something listen

my sick mother is lying helpless at home

no food to eat no matter to drink

I can't even go to the bush to find some

house for her treatment

because of the masculine yeah please

you have to help us out before it's too


my crops are in the farm wasting and I

cannot go and harvest them

listen more we don't understand what is

going on in our community please let the

gods intervene because of the night

we have something though


none of my masqueries are missing

the five more schools are here

each of the muscles are you talking


there you go

I love you to see to eat


now we should go I said go

just like that bro we have to do

something new yes we just have to do

something before something happens to us

see with the current relationship is

a mountain in this Village

the elders might for come to their their


would you have to do something

huh you know a woman said


we should make him

while the sun shines

I suggest we go and get our own


Because by the time you see that our

masquerade is more dangerous than theirs



I have a suggestion come on



well Mommy

come here come here come here

why haven't you watched the clothes I

told you to watch


you've actually asked me

what happened

if I why don't you wash the clothes

excuse me I want you to ask you


are you telling me to wash your clothes

or what that's what I told you hey

even if you need somebody to watch with

the fourth are you not me now or you

could have tell me this

more money from my dollar buy washing

machine for you instead of telling me to

watch what makes you too big to wash

clothes for me because I watched for my

father because I am in dollars now which

dollar which dollar and she remain like

this I can I can start seeing if this

place now if we can build and use this

place as a swimming pool then this side

now use this place build three

government officials quarters then this

place good portrait for you why are you

changing the topic why are you changing

the topic what have I got to do with the

clothes that we're talking about no I'm

talking about the two days and I'm

talking about washing clothes


who has monitor to build mansion who who

has that money you

where's your money from huh you're


you want to go and sail and build


we're talking about you washing clothes

that's why you build a washing clothes


this is what is getting too much they

shot me inside you still saw me in front

of my wife do you my wife to be do you

call reality insult

election in this house then after that

there will know who will be the head

inside this house which election in my

own house yes you build your house you

run an election not in my own house huh


that she's calling you uh Ronnie how can

you be honey

man we don't have money

yeah you don't have money you're

actually honey

eh go ahead and answer cloth washer

that's what you are finish what you're

doing go and wash my clothes

stop Dreaming Dreams


lazy my father is so stupid do you know

what the problem is you know I bought I

bought clothes for him with dollars he

said I should wash it so that the thing

will come out to naira and I don't have


and again I was telling him that I want

to pull this place down and put three

dick in he will leave first floor when

you leave for the middle flower lift

down floor yeah and let's go


let's go inside let's go


inside hey

look I love you





if you guys are doing a great job it's

just as if you went for school of

vlogging even the goats and chickens in

those Village don't even want to come

out again

you know what just make sure you eat and

enjoy yourself because you're fighting a

just cause God yes I will eat to eat to

eat we are fighting a just cause what of

our balance or are we going to try to

just cause for a balance or are we going

to eat it from from there don't worry

yourself why should you fight over your

money it's very much intact

lose it do you know what it does

seven times but we just managed to

discuss two people lose it you don't

need entity

your money

this to me


in the morning


to your houses

and kidnapped your husbands my cabinet

chips yes you would they came to the


took my husband their way and tried to

kill me if I should look at their faces

it was part of it is that

they are women

yes because not my cheese

who could be

this way I suspects


yes because they are not happy that our

husbands are not in support of the

abolition of umada tradition

even don't mind her don't mind her don't

just listen to her she's just telling

lies friend me things up against my

daughter foolish woman

after Crossing hard work in this land

to now connect my Chiefs

happiness cheese

oh they have beaten more than they can

chew I will do with them

I will deal with them

Well for now

if you go home

I'll show you your husbands will come

back to you as soon as possible

just go home


let me tell you just hear me clear and



hey that will help you alive

my own father Mama seriously I do not

understand you I

use it now

you will understand me you don't

understand because you think you came

personally where you came back from

you have been causing trouble oh yeah

I've been causing bro I've protect my

husband it's not this house this house

will not contain the two of us

is not my father you go and provide my

father for you in this household else I

will show you the difference

so are you stupid ass

you think you can abolish

the laws of the land okay


thank you

why should you call your name when you

abuse it

no we are not supposed to see so what is

the problem


I don't know how to you don't know how

to say what tell me something what is it

did anybody die your house no so what is

it I I haven't seen my period in three


your period

three months


that you are pregnant

you think if you tell me that you're

pregnant I will run

or I will start hiding here you go thank

you I have not proved to the whole world

and yes I'm a man so you know what

from now I will plan your marriage

I'll come to your house pay your

breakfast do wedding carry you both of

us you and I leave this Village

very very seriously I thought I would

tell Princess that I need money for

business okay she'll bring it I'll use

it and settle everything


she's my Central Bank you've been our

Central Bank

okay yes I want some trouble





these days

what's on something that is happening in

these Village is becoming so suspicious


thank you


the elders utility truth it didn't

surprise me he's not even working like

someone who is scared well again they

look at it so how he's so brave and

bored walking around around the village


I wish to be like him okay man you want

to be like him yeah well last man

standing I'm beginning to look at you

somehow when you grow up his age you'll

be worse than him

let's go before this man turns back and

do or something diabolical I don't trust

him that man is so good the people I

sent for you because I don't want this

crisis to go beyond this point

crisis is threatening the unity of my

people and I want it stop as soon as



they don't have choice

because they know the consequences of

their action they don't stop this

display of foolishness

there it is I will ask you for the very

last time which of you cannot be done us



she and her articles

did not the others

I said enough

is this it yours and her courts

they were the people that took him with

you they held us because they refused

their idea that they should abolish our

tradition we went this food and her

caught us

kidnapped them

one badger

people were talking about tradition

you are the custodian of culture

and it has come to stay

check it out now

this girl this girl it's okay it's okay

just calm down

is a very serious criminal offense lots

of legal consequences




must follow me to the office to make

their final statements

I agree with you now follow me we are

going heading to the office right now

please do ever since we discussed this

issue this day you've said nothing how

can we fold our hands and what is our

village upside down

to display

for granted

come here it's pretty good that is why

we have come

see let me tell you you and I know that

the youths are the strength of every


so can our fathers be kidnapped in our

very presence and we are watching them

like fools in this Village we must do

something now and we must do that now

yes but today I understand that we are

deliberately allowing the younger

mothers to get Justice done but I'll say

my own

our position in this matter is becoming

very very suspicious I repeat very very

suspicious we have to show ourselves a


because our mothers and also the people

of this community

are now seeing us as weaker vessels

which is not supposed to

understand all that you have said

but you cannot send a man to war and

start shooting at the back these guys

seek our permission just to disturb the

way so as to achieve their aims which is


we all know that we are yearning for the

abolition of umada for many years and

now these girls are fighting for the

same cause we must support them till the



even when our parents are being

kidnapped please do what is going on

no no no no no no I know you're a very

wise man but within this one reason this

one again











to make this announcement

is the ghost must be very serious

what is our plan what are we going to do

don't worry we think of the Masquerade

voice and divide another means of

disturbing the whole thing


I will not give up this fight I will not


eat together with heavy rain I will not

give up who is giving up nobody is

giving up this fight even the devil will

come up from the Peter fell and say God

forbid nothing the fight has just begun

yes and nobody is giving up but I don't

mind one thing one thing that makes one

thing that do that same thing that makes

you think do the same thing

don't worry I


not so fast

a ship that decides to eat sheer supper

with the Lions will end up being the

Lion's dinner yes I've heard your

proverb so what exactly is your problem

when a rat and a cat is married to the

same husband the rats have the gods to

feed the cat but never heard of the rats

eating the cat it is always the cat that

does the eating so what exactly is the

cat here the one who is pregnant for the

fine boy or the one who has fibroids

I've expected the cat will always cry in

front of the Rat so let's see who is the

right here


see I'm going to release you people

under one condition provided you don't

try it again

because if you dare me if you dare


I'm going to make sure Patricia that you

people spend the rest of your lives in

the cell and do you hear me


this way

we are here


for your information

we will never abolish any tradition get

it in your head now

as for some of us you gave money

so that we can support you

oh it's a lie we can never support you

that money is gone and it's gone forever

you think you can give us right

count me out of your fight I like my

life the way it is so I like my life the

way it is so look let me tell you

anything you and your young adults are

planning yes





did you do this to her


daddy you do this to her

she was one that brought the acid she

wanted to use it on me so I collected


look at this girl


I won't be waiting

it's me




I've continued to receive several calls

from this my beloved daughters here

ever since I became the parish priest of

this land

I am here

so that we can rub Minds to see how we

can help these innocent Daughters of

this land

out of this kind of misery

thank you for your concerned father

it is our culture and tradition we are

talking about here so I cannot do or say

anything without involving my ideas

that means

I should go and come back

while you assemble your elders

I'm sure you are

you at home people tell us by our


I am not here to exchange words with


I'm only here

to bring the light of God in Me

to this community

I am speaking the command of the

almighty God


there is great difference between women

that is traditional and Christianity you

are crossing the boundary do you

understand give unto Caesar what is

Seasons after all your Bible says

yeah and don't tell the world what is

the worst whatever

yeah look who is talking

about Patricia does your present

condition not give you

concerns yes

and my condition it doesn't warn you at

almost 70.

you will get to that




I've spoken the minds of the Gods

he that has ears let him hear bless him

to leave



we cannot continue




may God blessed




cannot just stand by and watch all those

good movies



thank you


please please


this is selfishness

now tell me if you're in the shoe of the

mother of the lady that was disfigured

what will you do

for you anyway

oh God they will find our way home to

face the consequences of our actions yes


I brought you here

for us to have a quiet time

because this prayer

is not just an ordinary ordinary

day-to-day prayers


the battle we are going to face is not a

battle of flesh and blood

but the girls principalities and powers

in places

we shall support these our prayers with

14 days fasting starting from tomorrow

and I'm very sure

Our God will answer your case amen

it shall be a six to six fasting

and each one of you

will be in your father's house

and in the evening

by six o'clock

we will convert back here

for group prayers


lead us in closing prayers

in your mother father

Everlasting king of glory I bless your

name we worship you this day because

your lord and you're worthy to be

praised father we have comfort in your

presence today oh Jesus father remember

you said in your word that we should ask

you shall be given to us that we should

seek that we shall find that we should

knock that the door will be opened unto

us oh my father my father to not allow

us to go back in shame do not allow us

to be crying like this oh Father please

touch the heart of our elders touch them

oh Lord so that they can understand us

and help us so that we'll be happy in

our lives Jehovah Nissi I beg you and

you know you've answered our prayers in

Jesus name amen we cover ourselves to

the blood of Jesus the Heart of Jesus


for the name of the father and of the

son and of the holy spirit amen I'm will

be my son yes Mama what is your plan

concerning your pregnant wife and your

business let me tell you that one is not

even I'm not scared of anything by the

time my plans mature eBay and the castle

of the elders will beg me to marry more

more in fact more girls more ladies from

this Village

my son yes what is your plans

um plus I get plenty plazo yes

my plan is I'm thinking of how in fact

I'm waiting for the time hundred dollars

we will be equivalent to one million

naira and how do you think that that

will be possible how do you think that

that is going to be possible

this country changes every day by day

every day by day yes

from you

yes yes I want all these are politicians

let them keep on getting confused so the

the work of the propeller will come up

remember what you have to help me do is

this I want you to help me keep feeding

a a former you know when the matter

comes if I change this money I will take

care of you I will change the money for


yes want to go out and look for

something reasonable for you to be doing

for yourself

get a job good kind job huh

look for job

but any job I can look for now that I

can work with my mind is a job that will

pay me dollars because


job that will pay me dollars


Mama be yourself

trying this verse feed this lady and


I will pay you back I'll get it back in

dollars so not even in naira

I don't really understand why you

you've kept this girl in my house for

the past and there's one supply of our


like I told you

she came to me for help

she said her parents chased her from the

house so that's why I just wanted to

stay with you for some time before you

know I get a permanent solution

I mean you don't want to go to my house

sleep with this girl and then go see I

don't understand this at all do you want

to help her and if he has wanted to get

back to the parents what hit me relax

now allowing me to enjoy this game

you don't speak You're Just behaving all

righteous here hello


so like I was telling you I mean I mean

you I just have to know to you know

these days relax man sometimes

sorry guys I kept you waiting


the manager was on call I had to wait

for him to finish

why you asking too much questions



when I was just 16 years

all of them you turn them away

You're disturbing me and marry according

to the tradition now

we are told enough to appeared I don't I

don't have your time Mama


from your heart


Patricia are you not ashamed of yourself

see her see her oh


to get myself

I wanted to get married

he said we do her all my problem with

you now is to become married





I don't like the way you are doubting my

dreams bro yes today I will surprise you

you're my son see doubt is part of human

life yes I want this it's conviction

once you convince me what I'll give you

is encouragement

um okay Papa you know what you do for me

if anybody asks you where I'm going to

okay tell the person that I'm going to

our farm



are you sure this bag is enough why not

make it too


but let's wait until we see the money

once the money comes caterpillar you

mentioned is just close by you just

perform one demolition

when the money comes

when coming back safe trip to this place

I want to Mansion a castle a demolition

We Begin

but if I don't see you early enough



that is why you are called

Smo that is where you you do that is

what you have done that is why you are

called Jehovah


that is why you are called Jehovah

that is why you are called Jehovah

what you say you will do that is what

you have done that is why you are called

Jehovah Jehovah you are the most high


Jehovah you are the most high God you

are the reason why we are gonna be over



thank you Jesus father

I thank you for today

I glorify your Holy Name Lord today

because you have done wonders in our

land yes Lord oh shall we pray

in the name of the father and of the son

and of the Holy Spirit

mighty God we thank you we glorify your

holy name because we are so good you are

so wonderful we thank you Lord for what

you have done in this very Community we

glorify Your Name Lord because your

light has come to this fun community

we thank you Jehovah because for what

you have used these your daughters to

perform for the Salvation of this

Village father glorify your holy name in

the name of Jesus Christ I thank you for

prayer and sad because I have seen the

signs and I know that you are here

already with us glory to your holy name

my father and my God continue to use

them continue to use this your daughters

because they are the strong pillars of

God in this community they are Delight

that you want to use to salvage this

community from all the principalities

and Powers Jehovah will glorify your

name for giving them all the powers in

their hands in their tongues in their

prayers in the name of Jesus Christ amen

thank you

thank you thank you for

in Jesus most merciful name we pray amen

he has given us Victory I will lift him


he has given us victory


thank you

he's my friend he has gone to see

look at it this is here you're welcome

thank you

I look from this Village yes

yes no

oh no

what do you do for your living mature



I have trouble

sir this is no

yeah thank you

um is this your first marriage

no I married the first wife but all died

number one


don't don't come here again oh after now

you want me to go and die okay

because you are too active um


well done





who's that

hey what is it


anybody who killed you

I don't even know what to say I'm

surprised I don't know who to suspect

will I say that my ogre get me five

dollars or will I say the people that I

gave the dollar they gave me wrong or

fake in fact money went all reach my own

or when I say that my father


after five years




did I not tell you have you seen

yourself now


of apprentice


6 can come

away you haven't talking God demolish

this house


but y'all seemed this is not your fault

maybe you've been duped so resign to fit

come let's go in huh

it's of no use

it's what's no use it is


finished person

yeah people are carbon copies of their

fathers intelligent fathers

you are my opposite

anti-climax of me

come I'll deal with you

I don't burn the two of you in my house


come on we're here


welcome once again

thank you

you're welcome

thank you very much uh well um for the

sake of a responsible officer like you I

have forgiven her thank you very much

your highness I'm very sure she has

learned her lessons and I'm very certain

that she won't repeat herself nah I know

you must be hungry after a long journey

from the city let's get you something to

eat ah know your highness I'm trained to

always be on the move and but I really

appreciate I appreciate it

who is a GPU of your division okay um

it's um

okay don't worry don't worry you'll hear

from me

there are similar to your people okay as

you go all right

May the gods bless you

thing ah Hebrew thank you so much this

morning thank you for forgiving our

daughter I swear thank you yes it's our

daughter we have no choice yes but you

have to take care of your doctor very

well talk to her


party good afternoon

welcome thank you

I'm getting ready for work don't worry

yeah okay and we are here to collect

ourselves for not coming to our youth

meeting yesterday yes



that party the meeting was made

compulsory for all the youth in this

Village yes

do I look like a youth to me



I asked you of course well just go

inside there and give the money for us

now wow

so any single person in this place is a

youth okay


of course please just go in there and be

together for us

yeah let me tell you


this party

is almost 60 you know


do your face like that



and you're oh it's your mother up to

sleep that party

as long as you are single you are still

a youth and mothers are married

okay I'm married to Jesus


that one is not recognized here we are

talking of this Village please just go

in there and bring our Tony let's pray

please I'll finish dressing now so that

I will go to the police station hey no

what about this is

speak woman speak






oh God


to speak that out of your mouth to me


who is responsible

who is that possible


and upon this Palace


for the fact that you have decided to

put shame upon this Palace and our


I will not have you give birth to a

bastard in this Palace not in this land


From This Moment

I don't want to see you in this Palace


don't let me

let me think

if you want to

come on




thank you


let's download the princess

Jesus the princess






oh God do you have to do this to us

Timeless shameful death


I don't know why we are crying this way

if nobody traditional forbid from

getting married to men from other



because you would have enjoyed her life

most of us are dead inside

this is the height of it

what have we done to the tradition

please help us

help us

get more life


is hereby abolished


of their choice


take our cops away






mad at me foreign










thank you

to be the best for killing about what




every time you're having strong feelings

strong feelings strong feelings

we have been crying for the punishment

of this tradition we have been crying in

every now and then I know it has been

done and you are still talking off your

feelings that what we did is not a right

or what


each other

everything we have done is all right

nothing will happen it's okay just be a


you should be a man

you should be a man

nothing will happen


and we like it

oh yeah








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