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The Little Mermaid Movie 2023 DIY Custom Back to School Locker Organization! Ariel and Ursula

Published June 12, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Lets organize with The Little mermaid movie 2023 diy custom back to school lockers including ariel and Ursula dolls during their school day. We also organize and decorate the lockers with lots of fun stationary items, stickers, and items that they need. Which locker did you like. What a fun pretend play. #littlemermaid #thelittlemermaid #thelittlemermaid2023

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yay I'm going to be human

Ariel Scuttle what are you doing

underwater oh there you are I brought

you another book what's it about I don't

know it says the Stars what's the Stars

Scuttle says the Stars I'm just gonna

drop it off I can't bring it underwater

gotta go that was so nice of scuttle I

mean just take a look at this collection

that Scuttle found for me I wish I could

go to school that way I can learn about

all these subjects

Ariel are you crying oh hi Daddy

um it's okay I'll be fine it breaks my

heart seeing you this way Ariel looks

like this is quite a collection of books

yeah and I've looked over all of them

but it would be so nice to go to school

up on land you know we talked about this

Ariel land is no place for a mermaid I

know but Daddy can't you turn me into a

human just once just for one school day

what would be the point Ariel I've never

experienced what it's like to go to

school there's so many things I could do

Daddy it's okay I understand oh Ariel

you know I don't like seeing you sad uh

I know I'm gonna regret this all right

Ariel I've made my decision I'm gonna

turn you into a human for one day what

Daddy yay I'm going to be human and go

to school all right Dario here we go you

gotta swim to the surface once I turn

you into a human yep I understand

one two three your human swim Ariel


I can breathe Let Me swim to the shore I

don't want to miss class

oh finally I have legs whoa I'm okay

just have to learn how to use these


hi there doggy Max oh hello sorry about

my dog oh not not a problem what are you

doing here all by yourself oh just

exploring uh my name is Ariel oh I'm

Eric what are you exploring here looks

like there's water sand and grass

actually I need a ride to the school I

want to take some classes oh that could

be arranged I could give you a ride that

would be great thank you all right

follow me okay Ariel you can do this one

step at a time I can walk all that Ariel

becomes human and meets Eric I need to

follow her to school and see what she's

up to Ursula transform much better

she'll never recognize me oh wait Eric


here we are ladies at the Kingdom

College thank you so much Eric yeah

thank you for waiting for me as well

what was your name again I'm ER I mean

uh my name is Anna oh okay Anna nice to

meet you too well Ariel you have my

number so if you need me to pick you up

again let me know thank you so much

enjoy the school day we sure will he was

awfully nice wasn't he uh huh well hello

ladies Welcome to our school I am the

principal Mr saw oh hello Mr saw what

kind of classes are you interested in oh

anything you can offer I would love to

take our music history all right all

fabulous subjects and what about you in

the purple I want to take voice lessons

oh Anna do you sing not yet oh okay so

first time huh but I know it's going to

be good well ladies first things first

we need to get you lockers backpack

supplies so right over here we have two

extra lockers left I'll let you to

decide which color you would like

definitely the purple for me oh yeah I

like the blue one all right and I'll

send over all of the supplies and books

that you need will you help us fill and

decorate our lockers

caboodle fans welcome back to my Channel

today we are filling up Little Mermaid

lockers on the left we have our fabulous

Ariel and on our right we've got Ursula

disguised as Anna who should we start


let's go ahead and get started with

Ariel's Locker unlock it let's see

what's inside it's purple we need to put

a divider up here cute multi-colored rug

of course a mirror an organizer to match

let's start out with our basket Ariel's

taking an art class so we have an art

book we've got an art notebook and then

some coloring pages for art class we

need some paints and a paintbrush let's

put that in also some crayons a pen we

have a cute shell purse that she's going

to keep in her basket too Ariel is also

taking a traveling class we have the map

of the world this basket is gonna go on

the very bottom for gym class we've got

these scaly tennis shoes let's put these

down below she's also taking swimming so

I have a swimsuit and I'm gonna put this

shell down here to decorate at the very

top we've got a student plan banner and

a traveling Journal here we go in the

organizer I've got an aerial notebook

we've got a music book because she's

taking singing classes a report card

looks like she's got all A's we have

some mermaid papers she can color on and

it looks like she's invited to a pool

party cool she's gonna need a pen we

have this shell one since she's new in

town we have an address book with

everybody's address in here we have a

pink pencil case I've included scissors

a shell eraser and a ruler just in case

you take some other classes we also have

this pink calculator let's put that in

and don't forget about your phone you

need to call Eric once you're all done

oh I totally forgot a water bottle don't

worry we have you covered you've got

some boba on the bottom let's put that

on top I'm going to miss my friends

don't you worry Ariel I'm gonna put a

little bit of sand right there here we

brought flounder it's in a fish tank so

it can be with you all day we're gonna

put this at the very top we also have

Sebastian because he needs to keep an

eye on you Sebastian you can hide in

that shell if you need to I'm gonna put

another shell right here just to

decorate the locker oh don't I need a

backpack we have a perfect one for you

Ariel look it's flounder I don't see

Sebastian in here but it's silver in

color and it's super shiny let's put it

right next to you also if you need to go

to the beach we've got this Ariel bag

we're all done with Ariel's locker let's

go ahead and close it up I wonder where

that girl Anna went

here she is we're gonna do her locker

next she has a purple locker let's go

ahead and take the lock off let's open

it up she's fancy she already has a

chandelier let's go ahead and get

started with the divider very top there

she's going to have a great organizer uh

purple rug down here a white mirror

that's pretty much all that I need I

don't want to take any classes I just

want to steal Ariel's voice let's go

ahead and get started with your basket

we have two notebooks an Ursula pencil

pouch we have some scissors and a ruler

in there let's put a calculator also

Ursula has some sanitizer and a boom box

basket goes at the very bottom her

tennis shoes are purple and white she

also wants to spy an Ariel and Eric so

we're gonna put some binoculars some

sandals she doesn't want to get her feet

dirty I'm gonna put a little shell to

decorate and let's do the very top

Ursula is taking a geography class with

her singing lesson ends she also has a

laptop to keep an eye on everybody in

the organizer we've got an Ursula

notebook and Ursula postcard a passport

and some money I need to follow Ariel

wherever she goes for a pen I've got the

shell one I've got a purple water bottle

and she loves drinking coffee too I have

to stay awake you know we're gonna put

another shell on top of our book and it

looks like you haven't been out in the

sun let's go ahead and put a hat on you

how I hate being on land Ursula also has

a purple Trident let's go ahead and fit

that in her locker don't I need a

backpack we have the perfect Ursula one

for you it's purple and shiny here you

go Anna I mean Ursula no one needs to

know all right looks like we're all done

let's go ahead and shut her locker

oh hey Anna looks like our lockers are

right next to each other yeah I'm gonna

enjoy this oh same I made a new friend

wait a minute what's that on your

backpack are you Ursula



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