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The Little Mermaid Movie 2023 DIY Make Your Own Face Stickers with Ariel and Sisters Dolls

Published June 12, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Today we are making The Little mermaid movie 2023 diy Make your Own stickers with ariel and all of the sisters. This kids craft includes sticker sheets of various characters. See what Little mermaid pictures we decided to create. #thelittlemermaid #thelittlemermaid2023 #littlemermaid

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what's up again

oh sometimes I just want to be human

what was that Dario oh nothing Sebastian

you wouldn't understand oh no try me I

would just like to experience walking

and running and jumping oh is that it eh

no there's so much more you can do

online Sebastian you're forgetting

everything we can do down in the sea oh

I know it's great here and all but you

would like to be human I'm gonna change

your mind let me go get your sisters oh

looky here Here Comes Tamika already oh

Ariel here you are what's all this

garbage around here I thought you said

you'd clean up I did Sebastian says you

want to be human just for a couple days

I'm here to change your mind too

oh hi Perla hi Ariel hi Tamika oh here

comes Caspian Mala here come Karina and

Dira looks like we have all the sisters

together you're welcome not that I

wanted them here Sebastian Ariel we love

to visit you I know you do and I heard

you want to be a human well we're here

to change your mind on that how are you

possibly going to do that by showing you

how beautiful mermaids are a couple

little fans welcome back to my Channel

today we are doing mermaid stickers and

we're gonna make each of the sisters

there are seven in total let's start

with our lovely Ariel which sticker

sheet looks more like Ariel we're gonna

make this one look exactly like Ariel

well we're gonna try let's go ahead and

do this tail it's teal and color let's

see her top is kind of purplish and I

think this top is gonna go great

she's got brown eyes and they're kind of

in the middle right here let's see she's

got light pink lips look there's even

flounder oh my goodness this is totally

Ariel's oh and her fin it's gonna be

light blue there we go all right let's

go ahead and peel this one back and

we're gonna put it right on the back of

this so here is our Ariel let's keep

going up next we have Karina her hair is

purple and it's in a high ponytail she's

got a blue with white swirly tail I'm

gonna bring out my permanent markers

let's see if I can add some purple

highlights to her hair let's try this

darker purple

okay I think the darker one is gonna do

a lot better so let me go ahead and work

on this


now she's got purple hair cool on to the

outfits so her top this kind of matches

the top so let's go ahead and use these

little shells I'm gonna go ahead and use

this blue tail and I am going to add

so maybe black swirls just like she has

it and maybe some blue ones in there too

and of course purple okay something like

that Karina's eyes are blue so I'm gonna

use these right here go ahead and put

these on she's got light light pink lips

and fun look the bottom of the tail kind

of matches this one let's go ahead and

peel her back and here is our Karina

mermaid she kind of looks like her I

mean I wish the hair was a little bit

lighter let's keep going up next we're

gonna do Indira and Deary has dark hair

with light highlights she's got darker

eyes I love her cold outfit look at her

tail and fin wow for hers I've got a

perfect mermaid sticker sheet this

totally looks like her let's go ahead

and find the tail let's see she's got a

little bit of red in it too but I am

going to use this Orange let's go ahead

and put that on her and then we have

this yellow fin her fin does have some

red and black


head and

do some spots on this one she has a

black line in here too now on to the top

let's see I'm gonna do this yellow one

right here with a little bit of orange I

am going to do these eyes right here her

skin color could be a little bit darker

but that's okay let's see let's just add

the lips to her let's just find

different eyes let's peel her back and

here she is let's keep going Tamika is

next Tamika has this black very curly

beautiful hair she's got a multi-colored

top blue tail wow these colors are just

so neon and bright for Tamika I am going

to use this mermaid she's got darker

hair darker skin color just the tail

doesn't match a little bit we're

probably going to use this pink one even

though it is blue that's okay though I

have colored in a different fin this one

is blue with a little bit of pink in it

I'm gonna use these clam shells

for the top since she has kind of like a

little Crown going let's use these

flowers here beautiful brown eyes so

we're going to add these and some pink

lips and that is our Tamika let's go

ahead and put her right on here let's

keep going perla's uh Perla she's got

black hair and look at the highlights

they're teal very pretty she's got a red

tail with hints of blue I have the

perfect sticker sheet for this one look

at how well it matches it even has kind

of like those highlights in her hair the

tail matches too okay let's go ahead and

put this on her fin is blue I'm gonna

borrow from a different sticker sheet

she has brown eyes and pale lips we are

definitely done with this one I think

this one matches the most out of all of

them let's keep going two more sisters

left let's go with Mala first Mala has

black beautiful hair let's do the tail

first I'm gonna do this pink one I mean

it's so similar to hers I'm gonna do an

orange top go I love it already Okay her

eyes are brown too let's go ahead and

put these on beautiful lips and her fin

this one right here totally goes with

her look and she's got a pink headband

let's see I found one right here on a

different sticker sheet go ahead and put

that on peel her back there we go let's

keep swimming caspia is last caspia has

pale pink hair she's very very light

she's got a blue top and a yellow with

blue spots on her tail tail we can use

this purple one right here so let's go

ahead and put that one on her hair does

not match at all but that's okay we will

work with it the top I'm gonna add these

two clam shells she does have blue eyes

very very pretty pink lips almost done

let's do this yellow fin this is what it

looks like so far all right cool fans

here are all of our sisters who do you

like here they all are wow Ariel looks

like hers too

oh I like that one and this one with the

dolphin I think my favorite does have to

be perlas with the dolphin so Ariel

looking at all of these beautiful

mermaid pictures have we changed your

mind don't get me wrong you're all

beautiful mermaid but I would still like

to experience being a human



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