May 30, 2024

The Little Mermaid Movie 2023 DIY Slime Making Tutorial with Ariel and Ursula

Published June 12, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Today we are making The Little mermaid movie 2023 diy slime with ariel and ursula. This kids craft includes glue, activator, mixins, and various characters including lots of mermaids. See what slime creations we created. #thelittlemermaid #thelittlemermaid2023 #littlemermaid

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what's up again

oh this sand is so soft today what is

this it's from another shipwreck

flounder come take a look what I found

oh Ariel don't you have enough stuff

already nope I mean take a look at this

shiny disc that I found why do I get a

feeling that's not what that is I don't

know looks like a disc and it's shiny to

me oh Ariel I think you're getting too

bored I need to find something for you

to do yeah I haven't had any luck

finding big Treasures today all right

Ariel follow me

Capital fans welcome back to my Channel

today we are finding something to do for

Ariel so we are going to make some slime

on the left we're gonna make Ariel's

slime and on the right we've got Ursula

so let's go ahead and start with our

beautiful Ariel let's bring out our Bowl

what should we put inside we're going to

start out by adding some glue and this

blue is really gonna match Ariel's color

palette plus it has glitter inside too

there we go it's shiny just like the

ocean let's start out with our first

add-in these kind of look like scales

don't they just like her tail let's go

ahead and add these in there they're

shiny too I'm also going to add these

gems let's take a look cool they're so

sparkly let's put those in there those

are added for some more texture plus

they look really cool too up next I'm

gonna add some more confetti

these kind of look like scales too

they're teal and color that's what we

need and then since Ariel has some pink

in her tail I'm going to add some of

these pink mermaids here we go sprinkle

those on I think I'm done with the

add-ins I have Triton's Trident we're

gonna go ahead and mix this all together

maybe I should have added the mermaids

last one we have the Slime already here

we go this one looks really cool you

guys who wants some slimy soup I'm gonna

bring out the activator I'm gonna put a

little bit at a time this is what's

going to start forming the glue into our

slime all right it's kind of forming

into our slime

let me go ahead and play with it with my

hands now by stretching it and just

mixing it it's really gonna help it all

right my hands are so sticky it's very

carefully gonna add some more of this

activator in here and if it like falls

apart like it is right now just keep

mixing it all right cool fans here is

our Ariel slime I absolutely love all of

the add-ins that we added to this slime

it looks so cool now let's make Ursula's

slime since she is purple let's go ahead

and use this glittery purple glue whoa

let's add some gold confetti this

reminds me of Ariel's voice that

Ursula's stole so I'm gonna put a little

bit of these in I'm also going to put in

some of these purple foam beads

for some texture and of course we're

under the sea let's add more confetti

this has a bunch of purple shells and

hearts even though Ursula doesn't have a

heart hey I've got one more add-in but

I'm gonna add it after we've mixed

everything together let's mix all of the

mixins in with the glue this one also

looks really cool bring on the activator

mix this all together play around with

it with my fingers it's so slimy right

now we're gonna keep um mixing it until

it's no longer sticking to our fingers

don't forget to add more activator as

you go here's what our Ursula slime

looks like so far I've got one more

surprise mixing for her since she's

always watching Ariel and everybody else

I'm gonna add these eyes to our slime

they're googly eyes let's go ahead and

stretch this okay this is actually one

of my favorite slimes I have made so far

just because of the funny googly eyes in

it all right cool fans did you like

Ariel's slime with the mermaids I really

like the color that it turned into it

totally matches her tail or Ursula's

it's purple with the googly eyes oh my

goodness this is such a hard pick I

don't know I love them both kapowi I'm

gonna mix them together blue and this

teal this looks so pretty we swirtle it

around this kind of looks like seaweed

in the sea wow it's so pretty I'll trade

you my slime for your voice Ariel you

keep trying that trick Ursula no I'll

get it somehow


oh foreign


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