June 20, 2024

The Science Of Lonzo Ball’s Shot | Sport Science | ESPN

Published June 12, 2023, 2:20 a.m. by Bethany

lonzo ball’s shot has been called a number of things, and “pretty” isn’t one of them. Sport Science and John brenkus explain the science behind lonzo's release, and how will it affect this likely lottery draft pick.

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in college Lonzo ball shot a respectable

41 percent from the three-point line but

how will his unique jumper hold up at

the next level find out we brought him

into the ESPN sports science lab and

wired them up with the state of the art

motion capture suit now compared to a

more traditional form like Steph Curry's

in Rhonda's shooting motion the ball has

to travel about 20% farther to get to

its release point and because he brings

it up from his left side before he

starts to flick his wrist his right

forearm it's about fifty degrees from

the ideal vertical position for just 12

hundredths of a second before he lets go

Lonzo rotates his right hand directly

behind the balls vertical equator this

normalizes his shot trajectory and it

allows him to impart almost the optimal

amount of backspin on the ball now at

times when his shot is rushed he can't

fully rotate his hand and because launch

velocity accounts for the majority of

shooting errors sit sideways release can

increase his chances of missing left or


but what should keep Lanza shot

effective in the NBA because that is

quick release usually gives him enough

time to finish this last-second

adjustment in fact even with these

unorthodox mechanics he's able to

consistently get his shot off about 13%

quicker than the NBA average that's only

two hundredths of a second behind the

release of Golden State's klay Thompson



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