May 30, 2024

The Super Mario Bros Movie DIY Custom Back to School Locker Organization! Peach and Bowser

Published June 12, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Lets organize with The Super Mario Bros movie DIY custom back to school lockers including Peach and Bowser dolls during their school day. We also organize and decorate the lockers with lots of fun stationary items, stickers, and items that they need. Which locker did you like. What a fun pretend play. #thesupermariobrosmovie #mariomovie #mario

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what's up again

oh there's the first Bell I gotta get my

locker ready now I know my Locker's the

pink one but who's right next to me it's

me Peach I'm right next to you Bowser

how could that be well at the beginning

of the year we had to write down a name

we wanted our locker next to and I chose

you Peach oh no I'll let you go first

and decorate your locker I hope you

don't expect anything in return I guess

we'll have to see caboodle fans welcome

back to my Channel today we are

decorating Mario lockers again and we

are starting out with Princess Peach

she's got a pink Locker that's glittery

Let's help her and open it up let's see

it's empty of course I'm going to start

out by placing a pink divider on top

organizer basket goes up here of course

she needs a mirror I'm also going to put

this multi-colored rug down at the

bottom Peach needs a chandelier on top

Sparkle Sparkle what else does she need

let's go ahead and take out our basket

let's put in a notebook she's got this

heart one and of course a folder she's

got the zigzag one she needs another

notebook for her art class we have a

gaming console in the front let's bring

out our pencil box look there's a

shooting star on it I've got some sticky

notes in the shape of a bow some

colorful rainbow tape she loves pink so

we have a pink ruler pink shell eraser

and pink scissors I also have some

colorful colored pencils let's close

this up I also have a pink highlighter

and that's it let's put the basket down

below back here and our other supplies

at the very top Princess Peach is taking

an art class look at her drawing I'm

gonna put this in her basket I'm also

gonna put a heart pencil up here here

what other classes are you taking a

fashion class that's cool Princess Peach

here are some fashions that she designed

we've got a dress with her on it and

then another dress with Mario Luigi even

Bowser is on this one let's put your

designs back here Princess Peach is into

fashion style and makeup I've got a

makeup palette we're gonna put in this

caboodle I also have a makeup brush a

compact mirror a pink brush some heart

earrings she even has some mascara and a

star necklace let's go ahead and close

this up and put it down here also for

your fashion class we have a coin purse

a console purse and a cloud purse let's

put those back here too what about for

gym class I love doing different stunts

and running here are your gym shoes

they're gonna help you run really fast

let's put them down here well the bottom

is getting filled up quickly at the very

top I'm gonna put a coin box a rainbow

organizers with some note cards

some mushrooms of course there's a green

and a red what about my water bottle I

have the perfect one for you Peach it's

pink and it's textured that's gonna be

perfect when you're done with Jim you're

also going to practice your gaming

skills let me put this at the very top

right here and look at here let's party

it's an invitation let's put it in your

basket what about my backpack I've got

you covered look at this backpack it's a

gaming console it can fit all of your

stuff in there let's put this inside now

we're going to close this up and put a

lock on here so Bowser doesn't get in oh

yeah Bowser


caboodle fans it's Bowser's turn to

decorate his locker I don't need help

opening up the lock

see the flame helped if you say so

Bowser let's open your locker wait a

minute where are my stars we'll get to

those in a second Bowser first let's put

your divider in he's got a gray storage

basket a white mirror I don't need a

mirror well you have to check how big

your flame is right I suppose you're

right let's put a Shaggy rug on the

bottom I don't want any more decorations

let's go ahead and bring out Bowser's

basket it's green Bowser is taking a

traveling class and a chemistry class he

wants to make a bigger flame I also have

a passport for him in case he wants to

flee the country why would I do that

Bowser wants no folders so we have a

clipboard for him and some paper some

star stickers because he loves

collecting Stars still looking for my

star let's put your basket in your

locker what else are you taking he's

taking a geography class he's going to

learn about different places and of

course a music class peaches peaches

peaches Bowser also has a ton of maps in

his locker he does visit a lot of places

Bowser did you steal this question mark

blocks we're gonna put that in his

locker too I don't steal anything it's

all mine that's what you think Bowser

Bowser also has Princess Peach in a

frame he wants to marry her peaches

peaches peaches what else are we missing

Bowser oh yeah your star looks like you

have it hidden in this pencil box there

it is that's my star we're gonna put it

right behind here so nobody finds it

Bowser also has a pencil and a ruler

let's keep decorating I'm gonna put this

treasure chest with coins at the bottom

and some other coins that he probably

stole that's a lot of coins since he's

in music class I have some headphones

he's going to practice his singing and

piano all this fire making is making me

thirsty I have the perfect water bottle

for you Bowser it's black I'm also gonna

put a star right next to Peach so pretty

of course Bowser wanted to give Peach

flowers and a piranha plant let me see

if I can put these up here how am I

gonna have my locker protected well

Bowser you do have your Koopas one right

here and one at the very top let's also

put the spiked Shell at the very top too

I need more more protection I've got

your Goombas let's put these outside of

the locker I think we're set wait what

about your backpack I don't need a

backpack I have the perfect one for you

it's a Goomba backpack fine but I'm not

wearing it we'll just put it in your

locker let's close it up wait I don't

have a lock for you Bowser what don't

worry I have an extra one

all right Kaboodle fans we are done

filling up Bowser and peaches lockers

I'm gonna put Bowser on the front of

this one and a star Peach is gonna go on

the front of her locker and Toad at the

very top which locker did you like the

best we're gonna have to go with peaches

what don't get mad Bowser I think I need

a locker change




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