June 19, 2024

The Super Mario Bros Movie DIY Custom Back to School Locker Organization with Donkey Kong

Published June 12, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Lets organize with The Super Mario Bros movie DIY custom back to school lockers including Mario and Donkey Kong dolls during their school day. We also organize and decorate the lockers with lots of fun stationary items, stickers, and items that they need. Which locker did you like. What a fun pretend play. #thesupermariobrosmovie #mariomovie #mario

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there you are Mario did you come to have

another fighting match oh no no no

Donkey Kong I just came for class isn't

this a school for training how to fight

uh depends on what class you're taking

fighting class I don't think they have

such a thing I'm just pulling your leg

I'm here for my mechanic training oh

what's that working on and fixing cars

that's right up your alley no but really

do you want to have another fighting

match before class starts no no no I'm

good looks like our lockers are next to

each other we're gonna be best buds ow

that hurt don't be such a whiner Mario

I'm just pulling your leg again Mario

well what do we need to do before class

starts well I came here to fill my

locker looks like I'm gonna have to do

that too who's gonna go first oh you can

Donkey Kong that's no problem I sense

fear in your voice if you insist I'll go


d k boom boom Donkey Kong caboodle fans

welcome back to my Channel today we are

filling and decorating Donkey Kong's

locker and Marios and I'm going first

yes you are Donkey Kong let's go ahead

and fill up yours first looks like we've

got a lock that we need to open up let's

take a look inside there's nothing in

there what where are my bananas I put in

earlier I didn't see any I hope Mario

didn't take them we're gonna have to

have a fighting match if he did let's go

ahead and start filling up your locker

I've got a black Shaggy rug and orange

divider that's going to go up here and

organizing basket let's put that up here

an organizing basket we can put it on

the door bananas I need some bananas

those are coming Donkey Kong don't you

worry okay let's go ahead and put a

mirror how's my white smile more

important how are my muscles looks like

they're still there all right Donkey

Kong let's go ahead and fill your basket

I hope it's with bananas well you are

taking different classes let's see

you're taking a mechanic class so we've

got a notebook with a car on it you also

need a folder to put your assignments in

we've got a car map some Apple stickers

yum apples are good too yes they are we

also have a driver's license and just

for you Donkey Kong lots of bananas nice

thank you you are welcome since you're

taking a mechanic class I have a saw a

hammer paint brush and some glasses to

protect your eyes now I guess safety

comes first yes it does let's go ahead

and put this basket right down here

perfect spot now let's fill up the

basket at the very top I've got a big

map for Donkey Kong he needs it because

he travels to a lot of cities I also

have something to write with a pencil

and a ruler I don't need very much I

know just your bananas hey I like apples

too well I have some apples for you

let's go ahead and put them at the very

top here and you know what more bananas

nice is there something I can drink with

those since you're a big monkey we've

got two drinking bottles I've got soda

in one and water in this camouflage one

let's put them next to the fruit nice

couple more things I have some

headphones if you want to listen to

music while you're driving I also have

many cars that you can work on in your

class they're monster trucks you're

definitely gonna need these I'll get it

off I'm just playing with you that's my

pet snake I got it from the jungle okay

I'm just very carefully going to place

it in your locker just in case somebody

gets in looks like that's it wait you're

forgetting my trophy oh sorry Donkey

Kong you did win some races let's go

ahead and put that so where we can see

it it's so shiny I also have a steering

wheel you can practice on let's put this

down below Donkey Kong what about your

Barrel yep that's my Barrel monkeys what

do you mean oh there's monkeys inside it

looks like he plays this when he's bored

let's go ahead and put in his locker too

all right Donkey Kong let's go ahead and

lock it so nobody gets in

let me unlock this Locker we'll help you

out Mario let's see what's inside looks

like it's completely empty we're gonna

start out with the rug I've got this

white Shaggy one I've also have a

divider that we're gonna put on top and

this storage container that's gonna go

right there we've got a white mirror to

go along with our theme there we go

let's fill the locker I've got this

question box that I'm gonna put way on

top right here I've got a basket let's

fill this up in the basket we're gonna

put a notebook we've got rainbows and

this little froggy reminds me of Yoshi I

also have a rainbow folder we're gonna

put some white paper in there

let's close that up put that behind I

also have another folder with some white

paper it has red polka dots I'm gonna

put an envelope just in case he wants to

write to Luigi or Princess Peach I'm

going to put a map in here too other

supplies we have a pencil case I'm going

to put a ruler in there sticky no pads a

pencil also a stapler and a pencil

sharpener let's close this up and put it

in our basket too let's slide our basket

inside of the locker he's taking math

class so we've got a multiplication

table let's put both of those at the

very top right there I also have a Super

Mario pen

put that in here I've got some Apple

stickers and another ruler what else

does Mario need Mario needs a plunger

perfect that'll unclog any toilet he

also needs some comfortable work shoes I

sure am getting thirsty not to worry

Mario here is Mario's water bottle let's

put that right next to our question mark

box I also have some shirts for Mario

we've got this Super Mario white shirt

and then we have a Yoshi tank top just

in case you need a change let's put

these back here let's bring out your

wallet Mario it looks like you've

collected four coins can't forget about

that we're gonna display your trophy on

top of our question block on break time

you've got this Hot Wheels car it's a

red one I'm gonna put it down here on

break time you can also listen to some

music let's put it in your little

organizer for electronics I've got a

laptop you could also play some video

games on your break let's put that up

here let's decorate I've got this star

that inside of the locker I've got a

Yoshi egg and another coin box this

totally looks like a Mario Locker we're

forgetting my backpack oh yes here is

Mario's backpack look it's a Goomba on

the front of it let's store it inside

your locker Mario I also have a mushroom

just in case you need it I think we're

all done let's go ahead and close your

locker there we go I'm gonna put a lock

on it so nobody gets into it plus

decorate the outside I'm gonna put Mario

jumping on the coin box Mario's gonna

get some coins I'm gonna put this

sentence right here it says here we go

I'm gonna put a green tube right below

it and some red

mushrooms all over the locker here is

our Mario Locker now I'm ready for



oh bye see a snake don't worry Mario

that's my pet snake it will only bite if

it senses fear okay I'm afraid I'm

afraid stay calm Mario

oh brother





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