June 23, 2024

The Super Mario Bros Movie DIY Diamond Painting Craft Tutorial at School

Published June 12, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Today we are diamond painting The Super Mario Bros movie characters Mario and Luigi. This is a fun diy craft tutorial for kids. The diamond craft includes mario characters, drill colors, drill dish, and drill pen. #thesupermariobrosmovie #mariomovie #mario

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hello students it's craft time I wonder

what we're going to be doing today we

are gonna be Diamond painting ooh with

real diamonds now unfortunately we don't

have real diamonds today let me hand out

the images we're going to be doing here

you go Mario and Luigi to warm up you

can pick one to two images to do today

oh let's see here I kind of want to do

Princess Peach over there well if Luigi

wants you two can switch Pages fine with

me all right let's go ahead and swap

nice there's Princess Peach on each

image you will see a letter yep Princess

Peach has a lot of A's in her hair so

these are the drill diamonds I have all

sorts of different colors and they're

all labeled with a specific letter that

you need you also need a drill pan drill

pen and jelly glue fun jelly glue yep

that's gonna help the drill Diamond

stick to your drill pen this seems

complicated oh no it's not complicated

at all just wait until you get started

can you show us how to do it let's show

Mario and Luigi how to Diamond paint


caboodle fans welcome back to my Channel

today we're going to be Diamond painting

our Mario characters we've got a bunch

of fun ones look there's Yoshi Princess

Peach we've got Mario coming out of the

pipe yikes even a piranha plant I wish

we had a Bowser one that would be fun to

do we have Mario Luigi Toad and a fire

plant so many fun ones I am gonna go

ahead and start with prince's peach I'm

gonna start off by cutting her image out

up next we have to find specific diamond

colors let's see which ones Princess

Peach has we've got the letter A J and I

here is a it is yellow and now let's

find J we also need I I'm gonna start

with Princess Peach's hair let's go

ahead and take the yellow diamond and

I'm gonna dump them out into our drill

pan whoa they sparkle like real diamonds

I'm gonna go ahead and shake them I'm

gonna go ahead and shake these so

they're nice and flat all right almost

all of them I'm gonna take the film off

of Princess Peach so it's sticky grab

your drill pen and your jelly glue let's

take off the film and with your drill

pen go ahead and press that in your

jelly glue so now the tip of the drill

pen has a little jelly glue on it now

we're gonna pick up one of these

diamonds just like that let me see are

right here perfect let's keep going


all done with the yellow diamonds now

let's find the pink ones the letter J

empty those into our pan and go ahead

and shake them until they flatten out

let's get started


thank you

last pink one in her crown I'm

definitely gonna do her skin color so

it's Light Beige that one doesn't need a

whole lot of the diamonds


the beige ones could be a little bit

maybe on the yellowish side a little bit

darker let's do the white for her gloves

that is the letter c right here

these are really going to stand out too

and we don't need a whole lot of them

finishing up right here and then all we

have left is the blue let's see oh it's

a pretty blue kind of reminds me of the

ocean let's finish her off oh wait she's

got black in her eye her pupil in her


I seriously thought we were done with

her but we have for her lips and for the

pupils well I poured just a handful of

the red for her lips and we need two

whoa two black ones and one here let's

finish her off last one perfect here is

a diamond painting of Princess Peach now

we can go ahead and peel this one back

because it's a diamond sticker


can we go Mario uh Diamond painting of

Princess Peach just beautiful I want to

learn how to do Mario he's my favorite

brother I'm your only brother all right

cool fans let's go ahead and cut this

Mario out very carefully since we ended

with a black for Princess Peach let's go

ahead and start with the black for Mario

here we go


I am back on the white diamonds

because he wears white gloves

now his face he's got the same it almost

looks like white it does not look like

beige I can't even tell which is his

eyes now and which is his skin color

you should have definitely made this

color a little bit darker oh we need k

for his pants for more like his overalls

it's got like a darker blue


a couple more things that we need we

have the buckle on the overalls which is

yellow and then we need the bottom of

one of his shoes it's kind of this

brownish like a taupe color let's finish

this one off I don't know how this is

gonna look kind of like the bottom of

his shoe maybe they should have added

like a darker gray

to this I don't know yippee we're done

with Mario's Diamond paint no but really

they should have added a different eye

color I can't tell where are his eyes

but he looks good other than that

there you go Luigi your brother Mario

okay now that you've seen the

demonstration you will be doing this on

your own at home this is your homework

for today that's due tomorrow


thank you


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