May 21, 2024

The Super Mario Bros Movie DIY Make Your Own Face Stickers with Peach, Toad, Luigi

Published June 12, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Today we are making The Super Mario Bros diy Make your Own stickers with Peach, Toad, Luigi, Bowser and others. This kids craft includes sticker sheets of various characters. See what Mario pictures we decided to create. #thesupermariobrosmovie #mariomovie #facestickers

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what's up again

it's me Mario oh wait how do I get out

of here

come on Luigi

where are we looks like Peach's castle

okey-dokey come on Peach

threw that really fast we're back at my


now let me just jump off who else are we

waiting on come on Yoshi

wait what about toad

I'm here

who looks like we have everyone couple

fans welcome back to my channel looks

like we have everybody here because

today we're gonna be doing Mario face

stickers first up we're gonna start out

with Mario's face sticker let's look at

his facial features he has a mustache

and a bigger nose let's go ahead and put

that on first goes right in the middle

right here what eye should we put on him

I'm gonna take these two they're gonna

go right by the nose can't forget about

his eyebrows they're gonna go right on

top of the eyes which mouths should we

do on him I'm gonna do this one he's got

a big smile geez I'm not gonna switch

his hat but I am gonna add an m at the

very top right here for Mario let's go

ahead and peel this sticker back

flip it over and put it on the back of

our sheet what do you think do you think

it looks like Mario let's keep going

Luigi is next and look he's got a

flashlight here Luigi's facial features

he's got a mustache too let's start with

that put it right in the middle look at

these googly funky eyes and then he's

got some blue ones too let's do these I

didn't realize that Mario and Luigi's

eyes are the same let's do some thinner

eyebrows one on this side and the side

oh look at the mouse one is scared and

one is happy oh let's do the happy one

we want Luigi to be smiling today and of

course we can't forget about the L for

Luigi put it right on top of his hat and

now let's peel back all right put it

right on top of this page what do we

think it looks exactly like him let's

keep going looks like each is coming

into the scene I'm not only pretty I'm

strong too yes you are Peach here's what

Peach looks like she's got long blonde

hair a crown eyelashes let's see if we

see any of these things on our sticker

sheet she's got blue eyes so let's go

ahead and peel these back them on the

sides she already has a little nose

let's go ahead and pick a mouse oh I

like these lips let's put the lips by

her nose she's definitely missing some

eyebrows she's got blonde ones on the

doll I don't see any blonde ones but I

do see some brown ones here let's not

make her look angry so I'm gonna put the

eyebrows up a little bit she's got lots

of accessories like these blue earrings

she's a princess let's go ahead and put

a crown on top of her head and a bow

let's put that in her hair I'm gonna put

that right here that's it that's all I'm

gonna add to her let's peel her back

alright Princess Peach what do you all

think ink does it look like Princess

Peach she's a little sad in this picture

but let's keep going to slowly coming in

this toad has red spots on top it's a

mushroom if you didn't already know

Toad's eyes are completely black and

they're kind of farther apart from each

other I don't know if toad has eyebrows

so we're not going to add any cute let's

add a body this one's gonna match our

character toad is gonna be crying or

scared one of the two and I'm not gonna

put glasses because I want it to match

our tone

so let's peel this one back all right

toad here we go what do you all think

okay it kind of doesn't match because

this one's sad and this one's really

happy let's go Yoshi's our last one

Yoshi is completely green we're gonna

have Yoshi fly first though let's add

the eyes and the feet here we are

just like that and then I want to add

some wings to our Yoshi maybe just one

weighing right here I don't see anything

else I would add okay let's take the

head first and then the body all right

Yoshi let's put you right here and for

Yoshi I'm gonna add a little coin box

wait I think we're missing his nose too

we are oh my goodness we totally forgot

about that okay he's gonna be on top of

the coin box we need a question mark

let's put that right in the middle are

we gonna get a coin yes we are I'm gonna

put the coin right on top right here

here is our Yoshi

all right cuddle fans who is your

favorite sticker character we've got

Mario Luigi Peach and then Toad and

Yoshi I gotta say my two favorites were

Mario and Yoshi I see Bowser over there

looks like he took over your Castle

another adventure begins





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