May 30, 2024

The Super Mario Bros Movie DIY Slime Making Tutorial with Luigi, Peach, Toad, Bowser

Published June 12, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Today we are making The Super Mario Bros movie diy slime with Mario, luigi, Peach, Toad, and Bowser. This kids craft includes glue, activator, mixins, and various characters including lots of superheroes. See what slime creations we created. #thesupermariobrosmovie #mariomovie #mario

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I'm under attack

it's me Mario here I go a prickly Cactus

wait Mario don't touch it I know not to

touch it Luigi just making sure here I

go what are you doing here anyway Luigi

what do you mean I'm here to help you

find Bowser it's a long road Luigi did

somebody say we're going on an adventure

and I'm ready to help Peach what about

your Castle don't worry the Toads have

it covered okay the more help the better

here I go

whoa Peach you just flew over the cactus

without wings what can I say it's

definitely a plus having a dress like


I knew I was going to find you all oh no

and he's coming our way Mario hand over

the star the coins and the princess not

a chance

and move oh no

no I know let's make slime that will

help Bowser's boat get stuck and then we

can defeat him finally caboodle fans

welcome back to my Channel today we are

making lots and lots of slime we have

Peach Mario Luigi Toad and yes Bowser

too we're gonna start out with Mario

Mario is a plumber he's got denim

overalls a red shirt a red cap with an m

on it let's get started with the base

we're gonna need glue a bowl and Magic

liquid into our Bowl we're gonna dump

our glue for Mario I'm using red let's

also add some add-ins as you can see

I've got some sparkly Stars perfect for

our Mario slime let's go ahead and

sprinkle those on top and of course our

really shiny yellow stars I'm gonna put

those on top oh so sparkly first things

first let's go ahead and and mix

everything together next comes the magic

liquid let's put a little bit at a time

and start mixing

it's gonna form into our slime that we


and it looks like it's all finished now

we have a stretchy it's almost like a

peachy color now but we have some

beautiful gold stars I'm gonna go ahead

and stretch it out best part we're gonna

put these gold stars on top here we go

oh what a fun slime let's go ahead and

mix these together we're all done with

Mario's slime next we're gonna do Luigi

Luigi is Mario's twin younger brother

he's also a plumber he's got a green

shirt and a green hat for this slime I'm

using green glue let's go ahead and dump

the glue into our bowl and now our

add-ins they're also very sparkly for

Luigi we've got a bunch of stars these

are silver and since we're doing a green

theme for him I've got some green stars

too let's go ahead and mix this all

together there I'm really liking the

silver stars in here now on to the magic

liquid put a little in there and let's

keep mixing until it forms into the

Slime that we want

we are all done mixing here is our Luigi

slime it's light green with silver stars

let's go ahead and stretch this out and

I'm gonna add some green beads to this

slime here they go let's go ahead and

press them down in there I just wanted

more of a texture for Luigi's slime and

now we have these green beads in there

up next let's do Princess Peach Princess

Peach has lots of friends Mario Luigi

Toad Yoshi she has a beautiful pink

dress and look she's holding an umbrella

in this one she's a princess so she

wears a crown since we're doing Peach

I'm gonna use a pink glue let me go

ahead and put

some pink in here now on to the add-ins

I have some beautiful multi-colored

flowers and more glitter let's add the

flowers first they're so pretty they

remind me of spring and of course more

glitter for peach now we're gonna mix

everything together this is gonna be one

of the prettiest slimes ever and now on

to the magic liquid I'm gonna add a

little bit this time Luigi's kind of

fell apart we're gonna keep on mixing

until it forms into the Slime that we


and it's all done here is our Princess

Peach slime oh my goodness this is the

perfect consistency plus I love all of

the different color flowers in there

we're not done yet I'm gonna put this

one down because she's got some

beautiful blue gems and earrings I'm

gonna add these blue beads in here oh

this is gonna be so perfect let's mix

this together and there you have it our

Princess Peach slime up next let's do

toad toad is a mushroom and the toads

are for runs with peach for toad I've

got a pre-made slime already that is

clear that's what we're going to use let

me go ahead and stretch it out first mix

in Our Stars can we even see them oh wow

they're kind of like pearly Stars next

up we've got some beads and the red kind

of like the top of the mushroom he's got

red spots next up I've got some confetti


I also have some hearts

that are super shiny I'm gonna add the

whole thing up next I've got these soft

beads let's go ahead and dump these on

here too this totally looks like a toad

slime let's go ahead and squish

everything in our slime and now we're

just gonna stretch it out and start

mixing it oh wow oh that looks so cool

look do you see the stars in there

the different beads what do you all

think about Toad's slime get ready

Bowser because we are gonna start

throwing slime at you we'll see about oh

I can't believe you just threw some oh

oh I'm under attack

you think you're pretty smart I'm gonna

create my own slime oh no I didn't think

about that cool little fans Bowser wants

to create a slime I've got those orange

glue let's see what his slime is going

to look like for the add-ins I'm gonna

add these black balls in here I'm also

going to add some black gems

and some silver ones too let's mix

everything together on to the magic

liquid let's go ahead and pour that in

mix it together until it forms into a

slime all right looks like it's formed

into the Slime that we want

here's our Bowser slime oh look at what

you all did to my ship it's okay though

I don't mind the Slime here is my slime

oh Bowser that didn't even do anything

other than ruin my dress don't worry

I'll create a bigger slime



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