June 23, 2024

The Super Mario Bros Movie DIY Slime with Luigi, Bowser, Toad and Princess

Published June 12, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

The Super Mario Bros Movie DIY slime with Luigi, Bowser, Toad and Princess

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I just love Princess Peach so much but

this Mario he's in my way well there is

a way to win her over I heard she really

likes slime

maybe make her a batch of slime that

looks just like her when will the Slime

Trend end among these humans fine I'll

make her some slime it can't be too hard

to change this watery slime into ah

Princess Peach looking slime

let's get started whoa Bowser wants to

impress Peach

but he's trying to make this liquidy

blue slime to match Peach do you think

we can do it we will need some

creativity and some fun things to put

inside to make this look way more like

Peach because right now it's just ocean

blue don't tell Bowser but if he makes

it and he also makes one look like Mario

and Luigi then it's going to get magic

powers so let's try and convince him to

make one that looks like me Mario and

Luigi okay right well let's start with

our first one the one that should look

like Princess Peach right now it looks

nothing like her here is what I will be

using to make it look like Princess

Peach I've got some Fishbowl beads I've

got some teddy bears and some of these

Fimo beads to make a fun slime I've also

got a whole bunch whoa of glitter that

we will throw on top to make this blue

super pink let's throw it right in the

middle some light pink

wow and let's see if this is enough

to make our blue slime

starting to look more like Peach and



I think I'm going to add more because

it's starting to look purple but we need

it pink

this is looking way more peachy



that looks like pink

now we need to make it super fun and add

some Fishbowl beads


carefully crunch this

into our slime

so pretty Peach you're going to love

this even though it's from Bowser

it's so easy to make your own slimes you

just need a base and some extra crafts

and check this out you can make any

slime any way you want

I think we made peaches perfect what do

you think yes or no leave a big thumbs

up if you think we did and we need

supercharged power because we have to

get Luigi's and Mario's looking good so

we can defeat Bowser so one super

special unique slime made and as her

super power I am going to add one lucky

gummy bear charm the fun part is you can

mix it in and then you have to search

for it there it is there's our lucky

charm hi

keep your voice down so Bowser doesn't

hear us he's sleeping back there


Princess Peach I love you

it's time to transform my slime we need

it to be super red and at the end we can

add a gummy bear charm to give it super

powers so we can throw them all at

Bowser when he wakes up let's go ahead

and make a Super Mario one okay Mario

has the colors blue and red so we're

adding some blue fine dust to make it

super vibrant like his clothes I also

want to add in some snow

to make it like really fun because these

are your creations and you can make

slime any way you want

stretch it carefully


I really liked it it's super icy looking

so far

and that is a vibrant blue

okay what should we add next

well Mario does have red should we add

some red beads just a few there we go

that actually looks totally like Mario

and we can add some fun snowflakes it

just kind of makes me feel like Mario

some brown dots for his mustache that

looks so good

and some candy canes because hmm

it just looks like him right

okay we can carefully mix all of this

into our blue he's got red hat Brown

mustache this is totally Mario slime



careful and quiet Bowser's still

sleeping let's not wake him up and you

definitely want to stick around till the

end because we're gonna throw all of

these songs we made at Bowser this charm

fits perfectly it's got kind of like a

red in the blue we can hide it really

well inside of his slime Bowser will

have no idea that we hid secret charms

in here that give super powers

okay we've got two down princess and

we've got Mario whoa what color is Luigi

everybody knows that he's green I'm

going to add a whole bunch of green fine



fold it over whoa it's getting

everywhere I better collect it real fast

I think I put too much in it


his is a really vibrant green

I love it

I'm just gonna maybe leave his just like

this what do you think

I think it's pretty enough

do we have maybe some green charms we

can put in let's go ahead and put this

charm right in the middle and carefully

close it up hmm

I think his slime needs something else I

mean she has a green glitter we have to

make it a little more special right

let's flatten this out

whoa tons of green

looks so good

it's crunchy now too


I'm loving these slimes

oh my goodness

I think we're ready we've got three

supercharged super special slimes

Bowser my my slime is so beautiful okay

it's time let's find that magic to eat

where's that Gummy Bear right let's

search for it there it is peach there

you go

hey Bowser

darling I can't see anything

Miss peaches that's the clue Mario come

on let's find that gummy bear

oh Bowser

what is this I can't see anything gummy

bears supercharge



you were my wife and you weighed me down

with slime I can't see anything anymore

peaches no way to go we made three super

special slimes one like Luigi one like

Mario and one like peaches to defeat

Bowser it's so much fun to create your

own slimes and there's so many

combinations you can make


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