June 23, 2024

TRANSFORMERS 7: RISE OF THE BEASTS – Final Trailer (2023) Paramount Pictures (HD) (New)

Published June 12, 2023, 12:20 p.m. by Arrik Motley

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Here's our 'Final Trailer' concept for Paramount Pictures upcoming movie transformers 7: RISE OF THE BEASTS (More Info About This Video Down Below!)

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The inspiration behind this video:

Bay's first transformers was something of a surprise hit, bringing the toy line to life in a highly satisfying and exciting way, and boasting some very impressive visuals. The two direct sequels also have their merits, but transformers: Age of Extinction and transformers: The Last Knight suggested that it was time for a new creative voice. 2018's Bumblebee ended up being a welcome departure from Bay's movies, telling a smaller, more character-focused story. The Travis Knight-directed movie takes the franchise back to the late 1980s, following Hailee Steinfeld's Charlie as she fixes up and befriends the titular Transformer. Although transformers: The Last Knight made a strong case that the franchise had run its course, Bumblebee proved that there's still gas left in the tank.

transformers: Rise of the Beasts is shaping up to be somewhat similar to Bumblebee in the sense that it takes place in the '90s and follows a new cast of characters. The upcoming sequel has an opportunity to further expand on the fresh ideas that Bumblebee introduced while also blazing new ground. While Bay is undoubtedly a major reason for the transformers franchise's continued success, it's time now for a new generation of filmmakers to try their hand at the series and infuse it with their own sensibilities and ideas.

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