June 23, 2024

TRAVEL HACKS FOR SMART PARENTS | Parenting Hacks, Must Have DIY Ideas and Vacation Tips by Gotcha!

Published June 12, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Hey Gotchers! Smart parents use travel hacks when they are going on vacation with their kids. Kids always create havoc when they are traveling. And these travel hacks for parents will help not to cancel vacation plans just because of kids. Awesome tricks, diy ideas and funny traveling moments with family in our new video by gotcha!

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the family is sleeping in a tent

what's wrong sweetie

they're gonna eat us honey wake up what

is it what's happening there's a monster

outside oh silly those are just leaves

it's gone when you point a flashlight at

it it's so bright

this doesn't seem to work oh you're

right it's like staring straight into

the sun oh I know Mom is making a lamp

out of a heart-shaped balloon cover it

up with a tissue and start painting add

a cute bear and glitter cover that up

again with a tissue and paint some more

then add Stars this time repeat the same

step tissue and paint now that you've

molded the shape of the balloon we can

pop it and get rid of it I'm sure you

can already tell who this lamp is gonna

be huggy wuggy a hockey wonky lamp

that's so cool now they can finally

sleep in peace

and it's so fun I'm gonna fill it up

with water

just a little bit more it looks like a


but I'm gonna mold it into a ball

something's inside

let's soak it under the water to see

what's hidden

well hello there Huggy wuggy where is

the rest of his body



no the lollipop is a cute monster Mom

Dad look what I found that looks fun

sweetie oh where's my lollipop

covered in sand now is

you stop you are not eating a sand

flavored lollipop

I wanted to eat that use this instead

what is that

oh he's eating my lollipop he's just

holding it for you and he's protecting

it too you can place it on the sand

anytime you want now

cool my lollipop is safe I love this


the carpet is so clean and fluffy but

not for long

I'm home

step on the carpet

no what Mom put the balloon down just in

time this could be more useful when

deflated now it won't spread mud look at

my cool kicks they're a limited edition


my carpet is saved hold on what's that

noise what's going on why is the left

not working I'll use a flashlight then

okay let's go investigate detective mom

is in the house are those handprints

someone's been making a mess around the


let's see what this stain is

chocolate just as I thought uh-oh the

culprit is behind that door we ought to

open it carefully I hope it's not some

kind of chocolate monster the trail of

handprints continues this is her

daughter's bed are you under there huh

oh for you it's just Melanie craving a

midnight snack if you really want

chocolate I've got a better idea huh

let's see what mom is up to use the

spoon and take a dip into the jar make

sure to coat it just like that

now add some sprinkles all over it

and voila it's like a chocolate lollipop

this is amazing

it's so sweet

I don't think a kid should be holding

such a sharp knife what the hell

dad is making something fast like the

flash is that a knife made out of paper

use this it works just as well as the

knife to you that was close shoot

another problem

no not the socket

not today Missy now I've got a plug

protector to keep you from shoving

things inside huh where did she go hi

Dad her fingers use these door stoppers

wow dad is like a superhero

it's a relaxing day for camping

never mind dad seems to be looking for


three oh dear this is bad aha I found

the tongs

easy you can't use those

just stay back and let me do the job

we have a first aid kit for this I

present to you the pump Gadget this will

suck out that nasty Splinter fast one

down two to go it's good it doesn't even

hurt no need for tongs then I see mom

always knows best the family is going on

a vacation wait where's our daughter

Melody let's go we're leaving are you

here Melanie I'm not sure she'll fit

under the carpet either maybe she's in

her room I'll go check there you are

silly girl Melanie we have to go

huh why can't she hear me Melanie we

have to go

what's going on up there why Aunt

Melanie hear anything let me check her

ears it's full of Wax

how will she be able to hear us now

oh I have an ear cleaner

let's get to work it might tickle a

little ew Melanie basically made her own

earmuffs this gadget will get rid of all

that nasty earwax good thing this ear

cleaner comes with a light show

hey she can hear us now yay she can hear

us now

Dawn dad's ears are full of wax too


how was Dad able to hear through all

that slime

look like Melanie and Mom are going

somewhere ready to go

all done


I think I put them on the wrong foot how

can you even get that wrong you know

what we'll solve this it seems Melanie

can't tell which one is left and right

mom's gonna put a sticker to Mark

witch's witch this side goes on the

right and the other half goes on the


huh this image doesn't seem right

this way it's just like a puzzle I'm

ready to go hey ladies you guys ready

dad put on his shoes incorrectly too


good you

felony is really addicted to video games

slouch like that fix your posture

whatever oop she's doing it again

unbelievable sit straight okay

hmm my daughter can't have bad posture

she's like an old woman with a hunchback

that can't be no

we can't have you slouching like that we

need to solve this right now

who is about going to help

it properly

is he making a seat belt

oh I see he's tying Melanie to the chair

let let's see if you'll still slouch

after that what a smart hack dad we'll

fix your posture in no time

you can only pack so much for a trip

but it seems dad wants to bring the

whole Toy Box

but it says what's happening

I'm sick is that a cough I hear I have a

solution for that just dip the lollipop

into the cough syrup

not that she can eat it okay

what is Mom looking for

I found the mold I'm going to make a

homemade lollipop place a toothpick in

each mold then pour in cough syrup let

it freeze and voila a medicine lollipop

here you go

whoa this is yummy lollipop can I have

some I want a lollipop too well I guess

Dad can enjoy it too even if he's not


lollipops are for everyone


you'll get a speeding ticket at this

point oh

one those four toys what a tragic



oh no the clothes the bicycles are made

to be used outside the house after all


the poor toy got hit by a bicycle

thin look at his broken arm

is an easy job Dr mommy is in the house

she's all suited up let's start the


can we save him in time first things

first check for the pulse

we have to cut his arm off to put it

back properly we have to remove it first

tweezers please


practically his shoulder bone

we need to attach his arm then we can

stitch it back up with a thread and


mom is a professional at this

look how awesome her stitching skills


surgery is done I recommend bed rest for

a few days so the Stitch will heal

wow his arm is okay

my job here is done what about Barbie

well being a mom and a surgeon is a

full-time job

the family is about to board their


oh funny

it seems Melanie didn't get enough sleep

last night she's lost in Dreamland

her snoring is so noisy

I'll just put tape over her mouth well

that's one way to solve the problem


I'm kind of getting sleepy too

huh what's that noise dad is snoring too

it's so noisy I know a sleep strip will

cover up his snores

seems to work really well it looks like

Dad has a cute pacifier

oh mom's asleep too who's gonna cover up

Mom snoring now

score yeah that was a good shot another

point for me my turn yes

yes they're supposed to be packing their

bags for the trip but I guess a DIY

basketball game won't hurt

uh oh it's Mom what are you guys doing

this is not how you pack your clothes

hold on this box is giving me an idea

let's see what mom is up to

she's cutting out the cardboard into


now shall bring it all together with

tape make sure to secure every corner

this way the cardboard can be foldable

it's done

you can fold your clothes with this

let's give it a try

put the shirt over the cardboard and

Fold It Up on the sides

men at the bottom

oh hi

to turn this into a game and score a

point for every folded shirt and look

they fit well in the suitcase it's Dad's

turn to fold his clothes like this oh I

got it this is too easy

what a cute picture honey pack your

things I've got your backpack it's so

ugly mom

I don't like it

why I think it looks cute oh well look

at this cute bag now this is the kind of

bag I want maybe there's something pink

around here aha the trash bag

Melanie's got a unique taste for a bag

oh my the trash

why are you putting your stuff inside

the trash bag

I'm ready to go I packed my stuff check

out my cool new backpack

it's like I'm wearing a cape


that's not an appropriate bag sweetie

what should I do oh a puppet looks like

Mom got an idea


okay I'll definitely wear this



cereal is my favorite meal of the day

Legos on the floor are never a good idea

the cereal spilled all over Melanie

ouch my foot you're ruined

ruin her guys what is going on here

oh my gosh so many Legos

playing don't

yikes it's so sore wait I have an idea

on how to clean this up

mom covered the vacuum tube with socks

to gather the Lego pieces they won't get

sucked in all the way

and it's easier to bring them back to

the toy box

Tommy is like a special agent with her

cool hacks


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