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Using VLC Player in an IPTV app

Published June 12, 2023, 6:20 p.m. by Bethany

A simple set by set guide to using the essential settings in vlc for a happy experience with iptv.

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it is essential that you set VLC player

as your player as it is the only player

that can play all content and as the

features required first we need to

install the player when logged into the

app go down to my settings and select


tick VLC player and click Save Changes

if you don't already have it installed

on your device it will direct you to the

page to install it

then head back to the app and click Save



select a movie or TV show



this will take a moment to buffer into

your device


press the ok / select button on your

remote the movie or TV show will pause

and display a toolbar select the speech

bubble icon audio tracks allow to select

the language you want to watch in note

English is not always the first option

that auto plays on audio delay allows

you to adjust the delay in sound this

can occur if you have a Bluetooth sound

bar a router that needs resetting or

settings on your smart TV may cause this

subtitle tracks allow you to select the

subtitles for your preferred language

the other main setting is resizing the

screen press the three dots to open this

menu and you will see the resize option

almost all movies are filmed in an

aspect ratio of 1.85 to one or two point

three nine to one and you should have

the black letterbox at the top and

bottom your TV or your current setting

may try to stretch this out to 16:9

which is unpleasurable to watch thanks

for watching and don't forget to Like

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