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Want to focus your career on Technology in Sport?

Published June 12, 2023, 3:20 a.m. by Courtney

We speak with leaders of technology focused sports organisations to understand the type of talent they are looking for to help deliver the future of sports business.

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even if you've worked in traditional

media maybe if you've worked in an ad

agency a social media agency even a game

a gaming company why wouldn't you

consider working in sport I think it's a

fascinating and exciting industry that's

undergoing a lot of change it's still

massively growing I mean it's a very big

industry there's lots to do lots of

interesting and exciting career paths

and alleys to go down there's certainly

been a move and particularly underpinned

by the Olympic Channel and the

investment that's coming around there to

actually bring in a whole new scope of

professional that has really some people

that have grown up in digital media

environments and actually bringing in

people from outside to complement the

existing experience that we had within

the IOC and within itams specifically

because of the vacant is a project which

has stepped away from the traditional

ways but the OIC has commercialized so I

think there's a perception that in order

to get into digital technology to do

technology and sports being an extension

of that you have to be an engineer you

have to have a background in mathematics

you know if you're someone like me who

runs a team of people that's very much

focused on soft skills and very much

focused on the importance of

interpersonal communication and

relationships and doing what you say

you're going to do that is not

necessarily something that you need an

engineering background to be able to

pull off and and those types of people

and these types of organizations are

just as important as the folks who are

extraordinarily brilliant at the things

that they got to be able to create

Patrick Lencioni talks about the ideal

team player being humble hungry and

smart and I think that's a pretty good

guide for from what we're looking for as

well within Nielsen sports here the

industry's changing quite dramatically

and we've got some very technologically

strong people but we've got also some

really analytical people who were able

to make sense of all that data that we

gather and really help our clients tell

a story about what they can see we're

looking for more and more those data

analysts and those who can provide

insight and that starts in our data

world but also moves into the consulting

work that we do so we've started to hire

more and more strong

variants consultants from a more classic

consulting background who are very

comfortable handling big datasets an

array would subscribe an extra level of

insight to our to our client base the

skills that you have that are unique to

you that are that are just intuitive to

who you are or ultimately the ones you

should try to leverage and there's no

there's nothing about digital technology

that will prevent somebody with any type

of skill set from being successful they

just have to find the right silo for

that still taking that next step in

actually saying I have a specific

interest or I have a specific skill set

which relates to either technology or

the development of systems that rely on

certain technologies that's already

getting you a couple of steps ahead of

people who had a somewhat more vague or

broad description of what it is they

think they bring to the table so I think

being able to focus on those skills

possibly as I said developing them in

other industries where you're getting

working knowledge of your particular

area of specialization and then being

able to adapt that to what an

organization like the IAC does then

that's a really really critical skill

set and to the level of attributes you

can bring to the table so I'm not really

looking for that one kind of CV you've

been working with in ages for the last

15 years or even working with a sponsor

or doing activation for 20 years I think

the industry can use some fresh set of

eyes some fresh set of talent and I'm

I'm personally and I think in front is

very open for people with maybe

non-traditional backgrounds because I

think you can only add perspective and

and that's the advice I would give is to

don't don't shy away from those

opportunities just because you don't

have a distended CV in sport




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