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Wearable Technology – How to use it for Sport Performance

Published June 12, 2023, 3:20 a.m. by Courtney

Wearable technology can track more than just your steps. See how you can use wearable tech to improve your athletic performance with these tips from DMC Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer Laura Ramus.

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hi i'm laura ramos of dmc physical

therapy and sports medicine and today on

game changers we're going to talk about

wearable technology and how you can use

it to improve your sports performance

wearable technologies have become

mainstream practice in professional

sports and they're quickly moving into

all levels of sports both team and


these technologies are being utilized to

monitor conditioning game performance

recovery and even injury

the technologies can be broken into two

main categories the first category you

wear while you're training or while

you're playing in a game

these are based off of performance

indicators they look at how your body is


acceleration deceleration

your sprint speed your top speed your

average speed and the amount of load

that's being performed through your body

like during a jump landing

sensors are usually worn within your

jersey or within your uniform chest

strap or an ankle strap or even inside

of a vest underneath your shirt

the second set of devices monitor what's

going on in your body internally we're

looking at things like your body

temperature your respiration rate how

well you're sleeping your resting heart

and something called your resting heart

rate variability

all of these things will help you

determine if you're recovered and you're

most prepared to play your sport or

train that day

resting heart rate variability is

considered one of the best objective

measurements for determining your

fitness level and your readiness to play

a sport

so what is resting heart rate


well it's the amount of time that

happens between each heartbeat and this


for example when you take your pulse and

it goes 60 pulses per second that

doesn't mean that there's one pulse per

second there's a variability of time

between each pulse based on what you're

doing for example you might have one

beat point nine seconds later have

another beat

two seconds later have another one

a half a second later have another one

there's variability between each one of

those pulses and the bigger the

variability between your pulses the

better fitness you have the more

prepared you are for the game because

this tells us that your neurologic

system is turning on and turning off or

being down regulated or up regulated

based on what it needs to do in training

or on the field

to learn how to unlock the secrets of

your body's true potential contact an

expert at dmc physical therapy and

sports medicine

do you have a sports injury or are you

just looking to take your game to the

next level then go where the pros go dmz

physical therapy and sports medicine for

immediate care call

or 313-910-9328


game changers


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