July 14, 2024

When Lonzo Ball passed a basketball through a car 👀😳 | Sports Science

Published June 12, 2023, 2:20 a.m. by Bethany

Throwback to 2017 when the Ball family joined Sport Science and lonzo Ball

showed off his passing accuracy and quickness.

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to analyze one of the best playmakers in

the nba draft we brought former ucla

point guard lonzo ball into the espn

sport science lab

at six foot six lonzo is more than three

inches taller than the average nba point


and this length

helps lonzo drop dimes

in our lab he consistently identifies

the open target in less than half a


and using his long levers he's able to

launch passes as fast as 38 miles per

hour in just 2100 of a second

that's about 40 percent less time

than it typically takes aaron rodgers to

get off the path

but in order to truly test lonzo's

passing skills

we enlisted his brothers

angelo and lamelo

and of course

that's that big baller style baby

his dad levar

and we swapped the hardwood

for the blacktop

what we're gonna do is literally have

you pass through traffic wait oh wait a

minute with your car moving with it

actually moving oh man this is serious

business now let's go

oh good job that's what i'm telling my

creativity let's go

so with levar behind the wheel one of

them already said hit you right in your


lonzo will have to whip the ball through

two small two foot wide windows to

complete the pass




as the suv approaches at more than 10

miles per hour lonzo leads his target by

nearly four feet this trajectory causes

the ball to enter the suv less than

three inches from its grab handle and

because he fires this pass at more than

31 miles per hour it's able to clear the

next window with less than three

hundredths of a second to spare

that means if lonzo launched this pass

just one mile per hour slower this ball

gets jammed up in traffic

how did that feel felt good you know i

got the best passer in the nation you

know what i'm talking about


any other stuff you come up with that

ingenious attitude come see the ball

boys we'll do it you're on

thanks for watching espn on youtube for

live streaming sports and premium

content subscribe to espn plus


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