June 17, 2024

Womens Sport Health Program

Published June 12, 2023, 3:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

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female athletes are two to six times

more likely to suffer an athletic injury

depending on the sport it may come down

to a simple explanation women are built

differently than men these physical

differences are more prominent when

girls reach puberty but if you have been

playing your sport a certain way for 13

years or 30 years or even 60 years

adjusting your performance your body's

changing abilities can be challenging

here at Pro health we have developed a

women's sports health program a unique

program designed to strengthen the

health as well as enhanced the

performance of the female athlete the

idea behind it is to help the female

athlete perform and a more healthy level

so what our plan is for them to receive

three aspects of care when they go see

dr. Dena kisara for a medical workup

just to make sure there's no medical

reasons underlying any problems they may

be having once that's clear the athlete

does have the option to come see me for

a musculoskeletal assessment to see if

there's any musculoskeletal issues that

can be addressed to help reduce any kind

of risk of injury and then additionally

they can go see our nutritionist to help

make sure that the athletes getting the

nutrition they need in order to perform

at a level they need want to perform at

proper nutrition supplies the body with

the iron calcium protein and calories it

needs to fuel its best performance

athletes in particular has specific

nutritional requirements for their

individual sport body and intensity

level poor nutrition can lead to anemia

deficit bone mass and menstrual or

hormonal disturbances that can interfere

with performance when it comes to

movement poor Foreman underdeveloped

muscle can cause injury addressing these

issues through programs like the women's

sports health program can significantly

reduce the risk of injury I look at

their core strengths I look at

flexibility I look at a dynamic strength

if they're able to have stability in

certain positions so they are not at

risk for injuring themselves when

they're in an uncontrolled environment

and then once I do the assessment I

provide them with any kind of corrective

exercises that they may need or help

them with a training program so they're

in a more healthy

optimal state young girls with high

school and collegiate careers on their

horizon are obvious candidates for the

women's sports health program but it's

available to any female athlete looking

to improve her performance regardless of

age or skill level any female athlete

we're not just looking at you're you

know you're young teenage athlete that's

in high school or college we're looking

at women in their 40s 50s and on if

they're competing whether it be swimming

tennis or a marathoner or triathlete

just the idea is to provide health care

for the female athlete for them to

perform at the level they want to

perform it in a healthy manner if you're

a female athlete looking to improve your


whether that means being stronger

healthier or more confident in your form

ask your doctor about Pro Health's

women's sport health program it could be

the helpful guidance you need to explode

into your best performance ever I'm dr.

Mike Rosen and you're watching the

eHealth Network stay healthy


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