May 22, 2024

4.5 Pound JUMBO LOBSTER & Best SEAFOOD RESTAURANT in San Francisco

Published June 13, 2023, 1:20 a.m. by Bethany

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In San Francisco to try out one of the best seafood restaurants in America & to try out the 2nd best sandwich in America.

Restaurants I went to:

New England lobster Market & Eatery

Swan Oyster Depot

Hunan Mifen

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Bay Area every time I come here this is

my first stop this is my favorite

seafood place in the Bay Area New

England Lobster they have a special on

jumbo Lobster today so just put in my

water but before that gets here just

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off your water plus three additional

months for free and the best part try it

out for 30 days if you don't like it for

any reason get your money back I love

about this place is first of all

everything is fresh the lobsters are

swimming in their tanks this is my

favorite bucket of Cajun shrimp this is

dishes and a must try


I shoot this whole thing with the shells

on Cajun shrimp probably my favorite

thing here so spicy with a nice after

burn buttery and sweet



never got something like this before

though a fresh jumbo Lobster


look at the size of this claw

and look

at the lobster itself

besides the 25 pound Lobster I had in

Toronto this is definitely the biggest

sea monster so far

let's start with the claw


oh my gosh this is almost too precious

to eat

when this Cloud went into the butter

almost caused a buttery tsunami

so naturally sweet and succulent buttery

and oh so delicious look at the sweet

meat in this Lobster

take a piece of that submerge it in some



tricep with some homemade chips

that's almost too sweet

and inside

they kept all that delicious Lobster

inners this is where all the flavor


right here

I'm so glad I didn't throw those away I

mean a sweet and succulent it's

delicious as the lobster meat is this is

the most flavorful part




I think that tail is sweeter than a

cloth this is such an amazing Lobster

experience you can't find anything

fresher than this in the Bay Area plus

what you can do if you want take your

butter roll take a piece of the lobster

I'm taking a cloth stuff it in there

squeeze a lemon juice in them and then

drizzle it with butter

only one thing I need to scoop some of

that delicious lobster dinners and cover

this roll with some of that

that's pretty much Lobster Perfection

and also every day the deals change so

if you want to try the freshest Lobster

in a Bay Area this is number one of my

recommended list finally homemade chips

delicious put some lobster dinners in it


here in San Francisco it's about eight

o'clock in the morning and breakfast

today going to a local institution Swan

oyster Depot yeah Seafood for breakfast

why do I feel like that slowly fading

will you still be friends



thinking with me


they just got Sea Urchins in


never had one with a little bit of

Wasabi before oh that is fresh Wasabi as

well that is the creamiest thing out of

the ocean sweet creamy a little bit of

Wasabi kind of highlights the sweetness

of the onion this thing is still moving

that's gonna be about as fresh you can

get this restaurant has been open since

1912. they only open from 8 A.M to 2 so

you gotta get here early and the reason

why I'm here this is the number one

recommendation from the lake great

Anthony Bourdain and he recommends the

crab back that sounds pretty good at me

this is the crap back it's basically

just the back of a crack and this is

where all the best flavor is I got loaf

of bread just dunk the bread into the

crab bag here we go

oh my gosh

this is basically all natural crab of

butter dinners of the crab that brings

everything is so rich and delicious


it does taste better than the crab meat

itself plus junking it with local San

Francisco Sourdough it's like dipping

the bread in pure delicious Magic

if you've never had the entrance of a

crab before I shaved this all the time

it's short flavor it's a little creamy

very rich and just that unexplainable

Umami all concentrating inside the main

shell of the crab clam chowder

it's very thin but really concentrated

clean flavor

yeah I'm definitely getting another one

dip the sourdough

in the clam back dunk it and some of the

clam chowder

whatever touches the clan back instantly

becomes a bite of food that you're not

gonna forget a little too fast go in the

clam chowder

I mean you really don't even need this

much better butter right here people

dunk their bread we're toast in the

morning into a lot of different things

trust me this is the only thing you'll

want to dunk your bread after getting a

taste of this another classic dish I got

here the Sicilian Sashimi another

Anthony Bourdain recommend halibut

salmon scallops and tuna soaked in olive

oil with capers on top

as soon as that piece of fish goes in

your mouth


first of all that's fresh as you can get

the Halibut is really tender


halibut's most tender one salmon

definitely the fattiest and most

flavorful when the scallop which is pure

natural ocean sweetness as soon as the

piece of fish goes in your mouth the

aroma of the olive oil just fills your

senses capers

papers as that vinegary hip that

balances out that nice oil all the

flavors of the Stitch just really aim to

highlight the natural flavors of the

fish this tuna looks exquisite



the most Exquisite he's so cool Ginger

and Meaty definitely dunk your bread in


that's amazing Sashimi for breakfast

never tasted so good I had to get

another crab back in this place every

single day two hours of wait that's

right I got here bright early in the


not many things on this planet has this

much natural flavor

I should do the back of a crack and

after eating everything here you just

feel so satisfied it was definitely a

check off the food bucket list for me

next place I'm going to is rate it as

the number two sandwich in America at

the torta Gorda


I thought it would kill me

to fall again

so I didn't feel a single thing my mind

was occupied


got two sandwiches this is the one that

was rated number two in the country by

Food Network the pulled poor torta and

this one I just had to get it this is

the biggest sandwich on the menu the

mega Cubana he's

are some Hefty Hefty sandwiches I think

this is at least a pound and a half

stuff four marinade a pulled pork

avocados jalapenos on toasted bread it's

colorful it's beautiful it smells


thank you

when you take a bite through this crusty

toasty bread get a layer of creamy beans

some crunch from the onions and

jalapenos nice creaminess from the

cheese and avocados and then of course a

mouthful of melts in your mouth pulled


choking that rich flavorful marinade

let's add some heat to this

oh I don't think I've realized how

spiced that salsa was my mouth is on

fire my lips on fire I got a little bit

outside of my mouth that's on fire I

definitely don't put that salsa in one

little concentrated area on your

sandwich but with it spread out

the heat makes the sandwich even better

fish with a label on it that says we'll

burn a layer of your tongue off no joke

as good as the carnita sandwiches this

Mega Cubana just looks so imposing a

thin layer of pork cutlet cheese

avocados hot dogs gooey cheese ham

turkey and this thing

at least two pounds

oh my God

I like the last sandwich I love this

everything about it

I love food they're just intense with

flavor that is this right here all the

different layers of meat provides a mix

of fatty flavor I love the crispiness of

the pork cutlet the ham is delicious I

like the popping hot dog I love the

gooey cheese kind of meshing all the

meats together


this is a truly great sandwich uh some

of that volcanic salsa onto this

sandwich right here I mean this is like

a meat scraper of a sandwich

oh even better with the heat because

there's so much fatty elements in the

sandwich you need some sort of acid in

there to kind of balance things out also

also there's an omelet in here as well

so you get the creaminess from that the

avocados the eggs the bean spread this

is a sandwich that will satisfy you it

will make you happy make you smile and

leave a Everlasting impression on your

taste buds honestly for me this is the

best sandwich here but it's not even

close definitely come here get the


final meal of the day haven't had

Chinese food here in the Bay Area yet in

this place sells all sorts of rice


I like the fact that they label these

noodle soups as super spicy

this smells really really good so they

warned me that this is incredibly spicy

I shouldn't add all the ribs in this

bowl if I can't handle the spice rice

noodles inside clear bone broth

very beefy very light

wow those broad spots be invaded by this

and on the other side chunks of meaty

beef bone soaked inside this red

volcanic looking chili sauce

whoa this thing turned red really


oh yeah

that's a lot of heat

I feel it right in the middle of your


but it's not so spicy that it covers up

the beefy flavor of the broth and I love

the use of rice noodles because these

don't get soggy really quickly so they

still return their chewy texture

I need some Chinese vinegar this is

definitely something you get to eat with

Chinese vinegar

perfect that vinegar adds so much depth

and umaminess


Chinese we call it very satisfying full

of soup it's spicy it's vinegary it's

super beefy look at the beef chunks

there's some tendon attached to this

along with some fat and lean meat


all the beach the beaches are really

tender too

actually I think the spice level is

perfect like I said it doesn't cover up

the delicious flavor of the broth but it

still hurts you that's the perfect level

fall off the bone Rich so they offer a

tribal minced pork chilies garlic

cilantro of course rice noodles I feel

like I haven't had noodles in Forever


this is really really good as well

you pretty Saucy and you get a better

chew with these noodles because this is

a very authentic comfort food type of

place for me this is the stuff I can eat

every single day come here and give this

place a try and then afterwards go get

yourself a milk tea if you're definitely

gonna need it as always guys all the

places that windshield listed down below

for you thank you all so much for

watching until we get again

see you later


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