April 15, 2024

6 Awesome Martial Arts Movies You Need to Watch (Nerdist Now)

Published June 13, 2023, 9:20 a.m. by Liam Bradley

If the first trailer for Marvel's shang-chi and the release of Mortal Kombat have got you craving all the fisticuffs and fight scenes you can get, have no fear. Dan's here with a list of underappreciated martial arts movies you may not have seen to help satisfying your craving on today's episode of nerdist Now!

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here are six awesome martial arts movies

you need to watch

this is nerdist now

with marvel dropping the shanxi teaser

last week and mortal kombat

upper cutting its way into theaters and

on hbo max into our hearts we here at

nerdist want to provide you with a list

of some other incredible martial arts


to fill your eye holes with if you're

still craving roundhouse kicks after

subzero shattered your brains

now we know we know there are thousands

upon thousands of amazing martial arts

movies out there but we're focusing on

ones that might be a little bit lesser

known to some people and you can find

all of these easily on various streaming


the night comes for us it's medically

impossible to overdose on mortal kombat

star joe taslem so after you're done

watching him freeze blood into daggers

you can always go and watch him knock

heads around in the raid or be a

complete badass and warrior which by the

way if you're not watching warrior go

watch that right now

fix your life but if you want to see

tesla become completely unhinged

2018 the night comes for us is exactly

the kind of all-out madness to sink your

teeth into

indonesian director timothy lets taslem

off the leash in this graphic novel

turned movie

that never ever lets up on the action

even for a moment

insane knife fights violent butcher shop

employees bloodthirsty assassins

and of course the raid star iko uwais as

the big bad of the movie

all coalesce into an incredible

13-minute long

knock-down drag out slobber knocker of a

fight at the film's climax

now with that said a word of warning it

is a bit on the gory side the film

earned itself an nc-17 rating simply

because the fight scenes are so brutal

but if that's your kind of vibe then

also check out headshot another movie

from the same director which is also

streaming on netflix

the villainous remember that bonkers

motorcycle chase scene from john wick 3

well you have the 2017 korean action

film the villain has to thank for

inspiring it

this jungle film follows the story of

silky a woman trying to escape her life

as a perfectly trained weapon her

romantic past with a crime boss spirals

its way into her new life as a secret

government assassin all while she's

working to protect her young daughter so

a lot of work-life balance going on here

plus a lot of knife throwing as well

packed full of mind-blowing

cinematography beautifully choreographed

fights and a deep well of emotional

storytelling running through it the

villainous will leave your jaw on the

floor with every new scene so

put down a pillow so you don't hurt your

jaw when it falls to the floor

anyway dragons forever it wouldn't be a

proper list of must-see martial arts

movies if we didn't include a jackie

chan classic and you've probably seen

rush hour and rumble in the bronx and

hopefully police story but one gem you

might have missed is the 1988 film

dragons forever

directed by and starring the legendary

samo hung dragons forever is a

phenomenal action comedy that really

shows off the skills of the three

dragons i mean

yuan bial might be some sort of elite

android in disguise what he does

is almost inhuman it's amazing great

physical comedy a charming cast and

kicks that you can almost feel in your

chest when you watch them on screen

if you've been meaning to dig into

jackie chan's older works this is a

fantastic place to start cannot

recommend it enough

the man with the iron fists if

incredibly over the top characters mixed

with an amazing hip hop soundtrack is up

your alley you're going to have a blast

with the 2012 cinematic treasure the man

with the iron fists

directed by wu-tang clan's rizza this

movie swings for the fences just so hard

you have to respect it it's got knee

blades lucy lou chopping people up with


russell crowe is a cowboy named mr knife

rizza as the titular man with the iron

fist and if that's not enough for you

how about a brass plated dave batista

because guess what

they've got a brass plated dave batista

inspired by 70s martial arts films like

executioners from xiaolin and the kid

with the golden arm this is a perfect

movie to throw on when you want to

unplug your brain and watch something so


the end credits might even have calories

listed the grand master now there are a

lot of movies about ip man

and if you want to see donnie yen be

awesome we can't recommend them enough i

mean just look at this

but in the vast canon of ip man movies

wong car wise the grandmaster easily

stands at the top of the hill

this 2013 film about the wing chun

master who went on to train bruce lee

is just amazing to behold i mean

seriously this might be one of the most

beautiful movies ever put to film turns

out if you mix

expertly choreographed fight scenes with

wonka wise enter style

you get a film that captures martial

arts in this ethereal way that's very

rarely seen in other films

and it stars marvel's newly minted

mandarin himself tony liang as it man

so take this as a subtle hint to dig

into more of his work before you see him

knock simuliyu around this september in


the man from nowhere this 2010 south

korean thriller teaches a very important

lesson if a pawn shop owner with a dark

past is pals with a snarky neighborhood


don't kidnap that kid the film takes you

on a wild ride through a criminal

underworld as our protagonist searches

for the professional idiots that

kidnapped his last connection to


this movie drips with style emotion and

you can feel its fingerprints all over

the american action movies that would

follow it just a few short years later

it's a movie that lures you in with

slick action and before you know it

you're weeping like a baby in between

fight scenes i mean we cannot recommend

this one enough

thank us later and those are six amazing

martial arts movies you should watch if

you're in the mood for some furious

fists and killer kicks but tell us what

are some of your favorites what would

you add to this list and why

let us know in the comments below and

for even more knuckle breaking action

stay tuned to nerdist.com




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