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Published June 13, 2023, 3:20 a.m. by Monica Louis is where you can go to sign up for the service and to become an affiliate. If you want something where you don't have to chase people down to get paid with your business then here is your. The affiliate program is totally optional for people that don't want to participate they don't have to

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well good day folks it's your boy

harrison this is my channel ferris

hustles welcome welcome welcome now i

found another playing plug option now

this is a streaming tv service it's

uh it has a bit of an affiliate side

with a builder's side i know a lot of

you guys you

you're funny about that but

what this does is it takes the

unnecessary headache for you uh

trying to

build your customers and all that other

crap and having to deal with that and

they take care of all that and you get




you know the people that you bring in

and the people that they bring in

because it has a foreign pay no more

option that means when

um way they pay is that every it charges

39.95 a month i know y'all saying i

could get more money like that but i

mean trust me it takes the headache out

of the game


and they pay you ten dollars for your

upfront people then on the second level

it pays you uh two dollars and for those

people under them it pays you three

dollars per person that is uh that are

part of the situation i think the

company just keeps a little bitty five

dollars or whatever but what it does is

provide you with a situation that can

become very viral very quickly because

people start you know recommending

people to get that uh fee off

to get there to knock their monthly

month monthly off

of that bill and what it is is really

you're making enough commissions once

you hit four people to pay for the

service so a lot of people will just get

to that level and do that and you know

that's cool but you you know in

in in in the benefit to you is that

as a provider for the service

an affiliate of the company you still

reap the benefits of them you know

referring people and those people after


reaping the benefits and what ends up

happening is that hey the person who you

referred they start to see they're

making a little bit of money off this

and then they get busier and guess what

happens you get to get more money


again you can build this nationwide

actually worldwide actually uh

city city coast coast wherever yet and

it will help you

kind of knock off

a lot of the headache that you have to

deal with like i said running behind

people having to set up your own you

know fire sticks having to set up your

own brand your logo this that other



for just 39.95 you can get started and

you'll have yours you have your service

up and running and

basically you know ready for you to go


you just come over here fill out the

form to get more information

about what it is that we're doing


i'm trying to tell you man this i

this is the way to go i mean the

plug-and-play option is for the people

who are just starting out

and you don't want to catch the headache

of trying to find boards and having to

pay people and then you always have to

go through

you know

another person to get your boards and


this is a headache it is a headache and

a half


i just don't necessarily want to deal

with it like that so

what i'm going to do is just deal with

this i'm gonna keep finding affiliate

affiliate programs like i did with pro




keep pushing forward because it's just

the easier way to do this and who

doesn't want to cut the cable bill if

you get out here and you marketing you

use the eddm postcards and you use

flyers you go to you know like i said

you go to swap meets you go to the flea


you go to wherever people conquer are

congregating at and just hand out your

flies and let them know what it is that

you're doing

then you can win with this


it's free to look you just check out the

option to see if it's for you if it's

not then you know wish you the best

the marketing system that it comes with

this is an optional marketing system

that you know you can get

and it's totally separate from the




and what it does is provide you with a

way to market to people and though it

does all explaining and it does all the

selling and telling for you plus

it has its own little

affiliate commissions to go along with

it so


with that that's really it man i mean it

wasn't gonna be this wasn't gonna be a

long video i mean it's 39.95


just know that 10 out 10 3 10 2 3 that's

what you get paid

10 dollars for the people that you refer


two dollars for

the people that they refer and for those

people who are on the second level

for those people and that default that

they when they start referring people

you earn three dollars per person so the

company only keeps i think like five

bucks maybe for

the um for the service and they get

maybe five bucks out back to which

really if you think about it all they're

doing is paying for credits for

the system itself so with that being

said click the link below to get started

if you're looking to get into ipg

streaming and stuff like that this is

the way to go


if you don't you know if you like it's a

complete affiliate program and it just

takes some of the headache off of your


when dealing with billing and all that

stuff you do need to have a paypal


um let me see

what else

that's basically it need to have paypal

account need to have ways to uh market

um i will be opening up a telegram group

pretty soon for this because on on with

it regardless if you know it or not

people are going to find this and it's

best that you have something on deck

that people are going to find and i'm

telling you it's going viral every

everybody that i deal with on the mlm

side of the game man they are going

bananas over this and the people who are

in the places that we're advertising it

plus craigslist you advertise on

craigslist and stuff like that

win it

so what they've been saying there's been

your boyfriend since we're going to tell

ferris hustle i don't want to turn this

into an mlm company channel this is just

let's conversating in

you know trying to find ways to make

money with this thing

um iptv streaming and cutting the cable

from the big you know from the big boys

so with that being said this has been

your boy ferris again i said that be

blessed not stressing will always be

motivated by success and i will see you

guys on the beaches of the world and not

hoped to see the bank catching a big

tech living the best life that you

possibly could live because why the hell

not man why not

should get out here live

make this money

hustle anyway

be blessed


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