June 17, 2024

Across the Spider-Verse is Art

Published June 13, 2023, 9:20 a.m. by Liam Bradley

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Hey! How ya doin’? Finally, another spider-man, another hitop Films spider-man Video, spider-man Video Essay, whatever. Point is Across the spider-verse, or spider-man Across The spider-verse is Art. The spider-verse is Art. Plain and simple. spider-verse continues to be one of, if not the best take on spider-man,. MCU spider-man, hell most spider-man ain’t got nothin’ on what these two films do for the genre, for the character, and for every wrong artist out there.

Lol, can you imagine if I called this a Bad spider-man Movie, that would not something. spider-man - Across the spider-verse, and is one of the greatest superhero movies ever made, genuinely.

Thank you for watching this spider-verse review, ramble, etc. I can’t wait to see where they take Miles Morales next.





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Okay - Textures

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hey how you doing I hope you're doing

well you know you should be proud of me

I haven't made a Spider-Man video in

almost a year now I'm putting back on

the mask one more time probably not the

last time because I need to one two and

have to we all knew this was gonna be

good right like I don't even know why

you would watch a review especially from

the likes of me go see the damn movie if

you haven't already go see it again man

take me with you you ever think

about the multiversal you like you

watching this video what are you doing

in a different dimension where did you

go wrong or right who are you are we

always at our core the same me I'm

definitely always a sellout deep in a

bottle of self-pity masquerading and

self-aggrandizing sorrow in every

Universe anyways you know those films

that come out every once in a blue moon

that everyone agrees are art like not

just the hyperbolic I'm gonna call this

a masterpiece so that you click the

video kind of art but actual without a

shred of Doubt game-changing genre

defining art across the spider is that

it is that and so much more

but before we get into it I have to make

sure I don't get evicted and thank the

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into the spider-verse the first tale of

Miles Morales was great so great a bunch

of buzzwords and awards kind of great

look at my guy Avia Rod wearing the

Spider-Man hat you can see him hatching

skiing skeet Landing really Avi was in

charge the entire time Bobby knows all

right he thought Venom was the billion

dollar answer the awards contender

in that moment on the stage years ago he

realized the future lies in this

spider-verse hence no way home the

Blockbuster impact good or bad that will

continue to have of course the spider

versus what the people at the top took

from that first film without really

understanding that it was not the spider

verse that made that movie special it

was the story that will never get old

that Everlasting Fable of a young kid

whose heart is in the right place forced

to deal with the unimaginable

responsibility the unreasonable tragedy

of growing up and trying to find your

place in a world that seems so scary in

its scale So Random in its reason what I

think makes across the spider verse one

of if not the best Spider-Man tale ever

woven is the fact that Miles fights

against that in what genuinely might be

the best plot conflict in a superhero

movie miles wants to fight against the

tragedy that defines Spider-Man the that

isn't a new idea per se go back to the

earliest of Spider-Man stories swing

through all your favorites and that's

the consistent thread web whoever is

wearing that mask wants nothing more

than to give it all up if it means

spending another moment with the one

they love

but it is done so so so so so so so well

here every scene every action beat every

line every Look of Love and longing is

so supportive in showing you that

struggle that miles is facing of course

as we always do we want need him to win

need him to be able to be happy to get

the girl to not be alone to not lose

another loved one even though Destiny

Cannon the reader the viewer me and you

know that in the end Spider-Man will

always suffer Ben will always die Gwen

will always fall we will always love and

lose and have the strength to do it all

over again but why why does it have to

be that way because the universe tells

you that because fate demands it miles

isn't ready to face that willing to

believe that is Spider-Man a Mantle

worth the pain of that loss or is being

Miles Morales enough and that's so

brilliant Peter Parker always accepts

the pain that comes his way he finds a

way to move through it always but we

have never seen a Spider-Man who is told

what's going to happen before it does

who has shown it who has a chance to

choose his own path out or through a

tragedy that will inevitably Define him

the Mad Geniuses Behind These two movies

dared to ask a question I can't believe

has not been explored like this before

what if Spider-Man did not want to

accept the grief that makes him


Jesus H Peter B Christ brilliant just

brilliant I love the fact that the first

half hour is all about taking a pretty

cool but fairly Blank Slate standout

side character from the first film and

filling her with such an empathy and

emotion I seriously just wanted to keep

following Gwen see the entire story told

or retold through her eyes just

intelligent bombastic ballsy stuff that

plays so well and works so well for

getting you to care about her her as a

character as a person not her as just

miles's Crush I was so so worried that

the group of interdimensional spider

people would be portrayed as the cool

guys the good guys I'm so happy that I

was wrong kind of

group of spider men making sure death

and loss fill every timeline that the

pain always continues so the universe

won't end that doesn't sound all that

great right cool visually and in concept

the secret society of string pulling web

slingers or doing the difficult but

necessary things self-sacrificing always

making the tough call Righteous sure but

morally correct I don't know I don't

think so but maybe one life is worth the

lives of billions I'm not going to make

that call but they are and that's so

fascinating if I saw the universe live

through the spider-verse the way Miguel

did maybe I would understand his anger

towards miles his hatred of an anomaly

that did work out an anomaly who might

end up on a loan if we saw any of these

spider people the way we get to see

miles Gwen and Peter maybe I would feel

the same for these antagonists as we do

for Our Heroes the spot who I remember

like a wart deeply from the Animated


spot the spot the spot

the spot is he a victim wanting to lash

out for the hurty experience if he was

the main character we followed his pain

his emptiness and saw miles's original

apathy to it would we feel sympathy for

him root for him a villain of the weak

has an entire life story that we aren't

privy to and that to me that use of

perspective that moral gray area is

where the best stories come from I said

groundbreaking earlier but the ground

across the spider-verse shatters is not

entirely fresh nothing here is an

entirely new idea but more importantly

everything here is explored with care

questioned and deconstructed with a

Nuance that feels so fresh this is the

best use of a superhero Multiverse it

puts the rest to shame not because 500

spider people flood the frame and you

get to catch a glimpse of your favorite

childhood Spider-Man but because the

worlds we see and the voices that echo

through them are all so uniquely real we

will all chuckle at a fun but forced Fan

cast when Doctor Strange confronts our

childhood Xavier but we will always

remember the feel the mood the emotion

that seared through the frame when Gwen

Stacy's father her dad aimed a gun at

her and she felt no choice but to leave

her shattered purple world behind we

will clap seeing Michael Keaton back in

action but you'll always remember that

the spider verse made you believe that

the pain you felt feel the loss you

experienced the change you went and are

going through is shared by so many that

are like you even if you can't see them

beyond the style beyond the Renaissance

Da Vinci vulture the 90s emo Ben Reilly

the overwhelming jaw-dropping amount of

bold creative choices per second per

frame it's the humanity underneath that

changes the game the artistic expression

is always in service of the emotion

Spider-Man has never connected with

people because he can climb up walls

because he can swing through the

skyscrapers but because when Peter or

miles or Gwen or any Soul decides to

remove that mask that mantle what we see

underneath is not just a face but a

mirror that god-awful stupid debate that

circles back every few months about

Peter being Spider-Man and Miles being

knocked that has always been so

asinine man Spiderman is a

mantle a gift a burden not a goddamn

person Peter isn't just Spider-Man he's

Peter miles isn't just Spider-Man he's

miles media literacy must be deader than

I thought because literally every single

Spider-Man movie comic Show game ever

ridden tells you that the thing that

makes Spider-Man special is the person

inside Miles Morales not being Peter

Parker is what gives him the chance to

break out of the scripted story he's

told he must follow it's what lets him

choose his own fate or try to even among

the Multiverse of Spider-Man women and

dinosaurs miles is still the Oddity the

one that slipped through the cracks we

watch him learn that he can either take

his own misplacement and let it consume

him become him or he can use it break

the cycle of fate and the pain of a

story he's supposed to be trapped in

nothing is more powerful than watching

this young kid thrust into a role he did

not think he could handle and come to

realize that being an anomal holy and

unbelonging mishap and the Canon is his

true power across the spider-verse is

the most Pro art Blockbuster I have seen

maybe ever which is ironic considering

that the last few MCU Sony vs Spider-Man

films are pretty much the prime example

of Studio filmmaking being

pro-consumerism at the cost of the


it's kind of hilarious how both these

movies which are made for significantly

less money and body the creativity and

the character far greater than his

recent live action outings but even that

is an understatement these two films

have shown the world what comic book

movies can could have and should have

always been films that are larger than

life not in spite of their intimacy but

because of their firm grasp on our

Collective humanity and our deep-rooted

desire to make a difference

as you all know too damn well no

Spider-Man film will ever top my love of

Sam raimi's second swing that movie made

me want to be an artist made me want to

create I would not be here talking to

you about this character these wall

crawling wall flowers these slinging

swinging sunflowers without Spider-Man 2

dropping down from its web biting into

my soul and showing me the beauty of

Creation in every person every artist's

World Dimension there will always be

that inciting piece of creation that

sets them on their path these will do

that I have no doubt that whether you're

going into a cross or beyond the spider

verse These two and probably three films

will inspire an entire New Generation to

take a leap of faith to pursue their

dreams to be different be an anomaly to

be themselves to tell their story and

that means something more powerful than

any one review one video One Voice



hey guys thank you so much for watching

the video it's always fun to talk about

Spider-Man you know finding new ways to

do it since that's like kind of the

start of my channel and everything that

I am was talking about Spider-Man so

it's always fun to step back into that

what did you think of the movie man I'm

sure all of you love it man I've never

seen such a positive uh response to a

comic book thing before

um thank you so much again for watching

the video uh Jason's coming along great

trailer very very very very very very

very very very very soon thanks man bye




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