June 19, 2024

Hallmark Love to the Rescue Movies 2023 | Best Hallmark Romantic Movies 2023

Published June 13, 2023, 9:20 a.m. by Liam Bradley

Hallmark Romance Movies 2023 | Best Hallmark Romantic Movies 2023

Hallmark Romance Movies 2023 | Best Hallmark Romantic Movies 2023

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here you go babe great job


come on bud superheroes have to wear

clothes to school

finished lunchbox over there all right

backpack by the front door right but do

you have

the latest edition

of science tomorrow

okay one condition

if they change Pluto status again you

gotta Let Me Down Easy because I roller

coaster of emotion


okay what next books in the best books

in the backpack



I know a tiny superhero is supposed to

get a dog today but if we can't get

ready for school in time I don't know I

can do it

what else

and lunch


thanks Steph here we go

are you excited okay

so this is about the dog presentation


as you know today is the final day of

the pet adoption at our school

and this dog is the best dog for our


he's been in the shelter for a really

really long time and he deserves a

forever home he's loyal

smart playful


he's really really cute

that is one cute dog

mom please please can we get this dog

it's the last day

via I mean

what am I supposed to do you know about

all of these dog toys if we don't go a

doctor dog today


morning hey babe hey hi Bianca want some

eggs I'll have a tiny bit but

came by to say goodbye to you and your


where you going

um my job is sending me to Chicago

there's a huge court case with bad guy

villains yes I have to fight villains

with paperwork okay hey Bianca guess

what what we're getting adult today

a dog

that is huge news are you so excited I

am the most excited awesome

thank you



do you like dogs I love dogs I am just

what are you really how did I not know

this I don't know I guess just come out

hey uh Owen you want to go play with

awesome Patrol pass for five minutes


he's wanted a dog for for I don't know

how long and then no it's a no-brainer

you get the dog I'll get some Benadryl


whole month huh

I know but I'll call you as soon as I

land tonight what time I have a last day

of the PTA petted options today and

Mark's gonna bring the dog back here

tonight to get it adjusted and then I

still have to take a peek at this

project for work before tomorrow because

winter Owen is obsessed with superheroes

he lives with one

thank you for being so understanding of

this whole

super dead thing oh please super dad is


he may be cute but I understand that

it's made us take things much more

slowly and I just want you to know that

I appreciate your patience and I am more

than happy to do that

but I would like to know

right where we are going

I get it okay well I think we're gonna

use this time apart to think about us


between a career altering court cases

and PTA pet adoption

Super Dad can handle it

good job hey hi good morning hey good



thank you


no way even added an itemized budget to

a peace councilwoman police sir come on

come on enjoy your lunch thank you hey


hey brainstorm time



okay okay yep right there

come in take a seat

okay but before you say anything I I

would just like to point out that I have

a long track record of making excellent

films for this studio we know and I

believe that we are the future of

Animation because we take risk you know

and sometimes those risks are can I just

which is why I I just wanted to reassure

you Kate yes yes yes we know

and I feel like I would be doing you a

disservice if I didn't tell you that

you're short like the way has been

accepted to the Georgia Animation

Festival end of next month but the

winner of that qualifies to submit for

the best animated short at the Oscars

are you serious you're not serious dead

serious we love it and provided your

rework the ending as we discussed we

think this short has the creative depth

to go all the way they already accepted

you from a 30-second unfinished clip we




two seconds

I can hear you

okay oh we are not gonna disappoint you

we are going to blow you away okay yeah

out of curiosity yeah how is the ending


it's a mess it's a total mess


seriously yes that's awesome I know

which means we have six weeks to come up

with a new ending and animate it uh

sorry six weeks yeah

cool cool cool cool cool


we're doomed

oh come on we're not doomed we're not

doomed you guys are some of the finest

animators on the planet okay we got this

okay in a sense one might say we do got

this as in we already have an ending no

A Perfect Ending that you keep and as

the Director I'm gonna have to say that

that is the wrong direction

yes Jordan sorry I know I'm new around

here but um can you all explain why they

can't just be in love no no no no no no

come on what what did I do you can't

just come out and say the L word in

front of me I am not against love no no

no not at all let's just do a quick

count of how many love stories you've

created oh wait none

I don't listen to them first of all no I

love love I just don't think it's right

for me for it

for the story you said yourself this has

to be great well some of the greatest

stories ever told are love stories

without love the Odyssey is just like 10

years of some dude about getting lost

yeah Kate the story has Starlight a

daring rescue

it wants to be a romance I hear you okay

but the studio is taking a huge chance

on this short because they believe that

we're going to come up with something

original which means subverting


okay that's fair thank you

okay friend of friend I gotta ask are

you sure you're not letting your own

personal Hang-Ups get in the way of

what's best for the story I don't have

any Hang-Ups

oh Liam hold on one second hi

okay I'm just saying you turn down

romantic plots at the office you turn

down that really cute guy at the coffee

shop that asked for you never ordered an

extra shot extra hot extra whip

sugar-free caramel macchiato that is not

just high maintenance that is nonsense

but you haven't been on a date since you

and Liam got divorced five years ago

well that is because I have been busy

making beautiful films and co-parenting

my beautiful child Liam isn't afraid to

put himself out there Liam is dating

Liam is whining and dining Liam is

agree with Nadia Kate you need to get

back out there bye

I'm just saying

you know what Liam I am not take taking

dating advice from a man who took me to

a drive-through fast food place before


ISE no cliche romantic gestures I stand

by it

fair enough what's

so you're getting the dog

how did a photographer and an animator

end up with such a serious child

she is definitely your father's Mini-Me

oh she know is which is why I have to

get her this dog she just needs to get

outside and roll around in the mud and

make some mistakes yeah she needs to be

a kid yes

oh we're adopting the dog after school

today can I change shifts with you yeah

of course you need to pick her up today

and then drop her off in the morning

because I'm going to be in Bali for the

next two weeks I'm on it thank you I owe

you just bring Sophia back a souvenir

something nice not from the airport

bye bye


how are we doing we've only got one dog

and three cats left so I'd say this has

been a phenomenal success that's amazing


dad can I please go say hi to my new dog

yep I'll just stay over there where I

can see you okay


two two what two volunteers for the

carnival what how is that possible two

and all these parents please I have

tried everything no takers hey hey we'll

we'll get it sorted two is not a total

disaster this is a total disaster I

leave the office for two minutes and

then all of a sudden it's they just

can't oh man I'm sorry what were you

saying hey remember when you said you

were only going to take this job for a

year tops

now here you are five years later


over caffeinated I'm sorry are you

giving me a lecture about working too

hard this is coming from a teacher

hello pot Kettle we meet again okay well

it's different when you love what you do

okay I'm sorry who is that why don't I

know her

because some parents managed to wriggle

free from the tentacles of the PTA

oh not on my watch

excuse me

hi there pardon me I don't think we've

met my name is Eric Smith I'm the

president of the PTA oh uh I'm Kate

Healy and this is my daughter Sophia oh

hello Sophia nice to meet you I'm Eric

are you excited to adopt a pet today yes

well and clearly we're not the only ones

look I don't want to brag but that

volunteer over there may or may not have

just told me that this event has been a

phenomenal success more like foreign

it's just a little bad humor all right

uh dad jokes

for all dads anyway

um congrats on the success of the event

and please tell everyone at the PTA

thank you so much for your hard work

I'm actually glad to hear you feel that


we are in desperate need of some more

parent volunteers for the Spring

Carnival I I would love to great so much

but I am you know a single parent with a

full-time job just not a lot of time for

the PTA I understand I'm a single parent

with a full-time job

okay this is the truth

every year I go to that Carnival so you

understand how important this is the

same Carnival I believe that bean bag

toss once belonged to the settlers who

crossed the Atlantic Ocean if it ain't

broke don't fix it if it ain't broke you

don't need me

this is him Mom


I really appreciate everything that you

do and today I plan to support the PTA

to the fullest by adopting that dog

right over there

that dog you can't adopt that dog

because we're adopting that dog


I can't believe your chairs

hi Sophia's mom and Owen's Dad yes it's

Bruce hey Bruce oh and sweetie are you

sure this is the dog yeah his name is

Bruce like Bruce Wayne he's got dog dad

you know what Sophia oh why don't we

just find another dog who needs a home

because I said in my presentation yeah

right got it you got a presentation

she's um a go-getter

wow yeah

um I'm sorry guys could you give us five

minutes here

sorry thank you guys thank you

okay look my family's had a really hard

time Owen could definitely use this

friend I

hear old

I don't want to break her kid's heart

me either

okay look it's not like there's a

shortage of dogs who need homes that's

true why don't we just agree to be

bigger people and find other dogs you

promised please Mom leave a week

please don't do this

I'm sorry

it's just Bruce is he's an older dog

he's not a puppy and he's kind of shy

around other dogs so he's been pretty

anxious at the shelter

we've been waiting a long time for

somebody to love Bruce I mean now

there's two families interested so what

do we do here you know do we we flip a

coin that doesn't seem fair we don't

have to decide today

okay I'm assuming since your kids go to

the same school that you live in roughly

the same area Rainier Boulevard Dogwood

Drive stop

it's not a dad joke I actually live


but you gotta admit it's pure gold okay

okay so you could co-foster Bruce for a

month or so meet up a couple times a

week to trade off that way we make sure

that Bruce finds the best possible home

and it's rare but this dog fell in love

twice today the way to get in the way of


one month trust me you learn a lot in a



okay I could do one month yeah


Sophia have you seen my laptop


what's wrong

you told me to go outside and take Bruce

to go play so I decided to research dog


but everyone on the internet just seems

to disagree with each other oh boy


remember the rules we never ever

research on the internet without Mommy

and we never ever ever look at the

comments okay okay


just look at his face


you know what you just gotta get out

there and you have to have fun and get

messy and as long as you're kind to him

then you'll do great

let me show you how it's done

yeah okay come on Bruce let's go play


okay we have all the Necessities we've

got a detail schedule copy of the rules

for both houses and a very thoroughly

researched obedience plan we've got dog

toys dog treats human treats we are

organized we are prepared we are loving

we are fun we are fun loving yes

doubling down we are fun loving we are

going to prove to them with the most

responsible dog owners in the world

buddy and make new friends oh okay wait

Hey listen to me it is important to be

nice it is but it's it's kind of like

what did what did Captain Hammerhead do

when he had to make a deal with

Professor platypus quick ah powerposing

Poker Face

yes sharing a dog we're expert sharers

we're gonna win them over with our charm

and kindness and cookies mostly cookies

hi friends hey there how are you hi

Sophia we come bearing gifts we have a


and his favorite mukau moocow a working

title we can change the name

and cookies oh actually oh sorry almost

dinner time yeah we'll have maybe one

for dessert yeah hey is that Captain

Hammerhead from awesome Patrol Pals yeah

I love them did you know that my mom

made him

it's true I imagined him in my head and

then I drew him and then

he came to life really yeah I'm an

animator so it's my job to draw really

cool things

actually Sophia yes about the treats

reminded me I feel like we should get on

the same page about rules if our dogs

and be staying with you guys your dog

starting with treats and rewards right

there see

oh wow you um did you laminate these yes

I did if we're gonna help Bruce feel

secure I think it's important that we

give him a structured consistent

environment sure

um we also need to meet him where he's

at you know follow his cues rules and

boundaries will actually help him feel

more secure or break his spirit

can we take Chris to go play please yeah

sure yeah hey yeah absolutely here come

on Bruce Bruce go have fun buddy

just uh stay where I can see you okay


so I'm guessing that um OBD school is

out of the question it Bruce

is going to go somewhere to be trained I

would like to approve that and attend

okay sure how about this you can come

with me and I will even let you choose

the school deal great as long as you

agree to volunteer for the Spring


I don't I don't have a sitter

it provides one fully vetted High School

honor student what about Bruce oh dogs

are welcome

okay Eric Smith

this round is yours

have a good weekend

thank you

see you Monday 6 p.m Sharp

hey Owen come on let's go


good you sure you don't want to watch

something new pal Dad it's my favorite

and plus Bruce has never seen it okay

all right Bruce come here pal



looks like Eric got to you too huh yeah

he did he did

um hi Miss Ramirez putting the T in PTA

I see ah well someone has to wrap the

teachers it's nice to see you miss you

oh please call me Kate by the way I have

to tell you Sophia's having the time of

her life with you in science club oh

good well if she can keep a secret let

her know that I'm applying for a field

trip next month that will blow her mind

spoiler alert it involves the Science

Center's Galaxy Exhibit I call chaperone

are you an astronomer yes I am oh I have

been obsessed with constellation since I

was a kid did uh we just become best


I think we might have

it was nice to see you yeah me too

that as well okay last order of business

I know you all have jobs to get back to

committee heads for the Spring Carnival

Susan you'll do the Cakewalk again as

usual okay Allison you'll be in charge

of the games again as usual I'll be in

charge of the tickets again as usual


and our newest member Kate will be in

charge of the silent auction everyone

give Kate a big warm welcome

thank you all right I want us all to

break off into groups in a moment and I

want you all to really think about what

yeah yes okay yes what um

what do I do you're in charge of the

silent auction oh like like the

auctioneer hey gonna get a one dollar

one dollar going once no it's a silent

auction so you want me to just do it

silently are you

no your job is to get businesses to

donate items for prizes for the auction

then you're going to monitor the auction

and then you'll be in charge of

announcing the winners that's it very


um okay I want to sort of break off into

groups and I want to really think about

what is the theme

for for the carnival no there's never

been a theme it's just Spring Carnival I

mean that's your problem right there you

gotta have a theme well what do you have

in mind

well I mean let's think about it for a

second and should be something that

Sparks the kid's imaginations right

um kids love Pirates

um we could do

um space that thing is actually we don't

have the budget to revamp the entire

Carnival I mean I'm not opposed to

hearing some fresh ideas all in favor

okay okay

sure at our next meeting we'll discuss

potential themes great wonderful any

other thoughts from anyone I yes Kate we

need to talk about funnel cake okay

right eating is adjourned thank you


you said if I joined the PTA I could

choose the obedience school

you brought this on yourself join follow

not stage a coup in the school library

oh come on

even Carlos said the PTA could use a bit

more energy a little fun Carla's my


she said that

I gotta admit you run that organization

like a well-oiled machine

you are a charismatic and efficient


thank you but there it is

hmm what are you doing


unfortunately I detect no signs of it no

signs of what fun

not a trace of fun



I'm fun I have lots of fun okay all

right what's like an adventure for you

an adventure for me yeah um okay let's

see um

hiking hiking yeah okay I'm taking

Oliver's hiking this weekend yeah yeah

we're gonna go hiking down the Burke

Gilman Trail right till we get to the

docks I want to lay eyes on this traffic

hot spot and

see if

hey Eric what is it you said you did for

a living

I work for the Department of


okay okay

you should come with us

what consider it an olive branch you'd

be rescuing Owen from his lame boring


you feel a little more time with Bruce

look at them



well come good yeah




want to play superhero Red Light Green

Light so I hear you've been teaching

Bruce some tricks

of course

that's roll seven

I like English rules they help me make

sure I know what I'm doing


me too

can I tell you a secret sure

I like that you laminated them people

are messy


yeah they are

red light

wait a second where was the green light


aren't you supposed to wait for the

green light

how's anyone supposed to win oh no oh

it's much more concerned with fun than


my mom too

green light

look at those moves

thank you thank you


penny for your thoughts

20 years we've been trying to find the

safe way to close the gap on this Trail

and we finally found something that was

going to work for everyone and then that

Marina that we hiked past they're now


after we found the solution that was

going to work for everyone they're suing

because they don't want to lose parking


that's annoying

yeah tell me about it

you know people keep telling me it's all

right be patient we're gonna

we'll figure it out we'll get it

people are getting hurt in the meantime

it's making me crazy



I get called crazy a lot at work

I like to think of it as being


I'm not sure I'm passionate about my job

I mean it's not really where I saw

myself ending up well what did you want

to be when you grew up

what adult has their childhood dream job

I do


all right well we can't all be that


see I don't think luck has anything to

do with it

if you know what your North Star is you

can chart a course

that was beautiful nonsense


if you know what you want most then you

can figure out a way to get it

I have a lot of responsibility I'm a

single dad

what is it that you said to me when I

said I couldn't do the PTA oh right

I'm a single parent too with a full-time

job I was empathized

you were calling me out and doing a

remedial job at backpedaling

so this is me


I'm a single parent too

with a full-time job

which I love

what do you love

affordable housing advocacy

no it sounds boring but that's that's my

dream job


I had an internship when I was in

college and we got to

we got to really fight against these

developers to help protect low-income

housing and

I like going to Bedford people

so this superhero thing kind of runs in

the family huh

I guess so

I'm boring about that


happy Monday you've got to stop doing

that I never get so old look consider

this a small thank you gift oh you're

the best

and a small I'm sorry gift I drafted

storyboards for three new possible

endings last night so conference room

please I love you so much you're the

best I love you I do I do thank you so


I see you survived your hike four hours

with Mr PTA Power Trip how was it it

actually wasn't that bad he was a lot

more relaxed than I expected you mean to

tell me the guy who laminated the dog

rolls was fun on a hike uphill with the

bugs and everything well that's so much

the hiking part but when we got ice

cream it was civil dare I say Pleasant

well everyone's pleasant when they've

had ice cream so yeah yeah yeah you're

probably right it's probably just a

sprinkle-induced glitch



without further Ado may we present

Candyland only full size okay

check this out we can take the tent

poles and we can turn them into candy

canes I'm I'm pardon me for jumping in

here Kate this this budget seems quite a

bit out of our means though

paint shop could donate

this is a very Hefty time commitment for

all of us and we're not exactly a bunch

of Van goghs well you know what if Eric

can keep everyone on budget and I'll

teach everyone how to paint


let's just put it to a vote all those in


for someone who wanted nothing to do

with the PTA you sure made a lot of work

for yourself

consider it an olive branch besides I am

choosing my battles yeah yeah speaking

of our PTA agreement I feel I should

warn you my friend that you

are in for an intense evening tomorrow

how do you mean well I finally found an

obedience school great place solid

reviews it's called Fuzzy Friends time

Fuzzy Friends time seven o'clock


I don't have a sitter oh you know what I

found this one a fully vetted High

School honor student

bye Eric see you tomorrow


let's breathe

and exhale


and breathe


now once you've finished your breathing

exercises and you feel calm and centered

invite your pet to sit

Bruce please sit

he obviously already knew that word

Bruce please speak

right okay sit Bruce sit Bruce sit sit

sit sit sit but come on sit sit sit sit

that's it come on sit sit I know I got

this how did you do it breathe

there you go it's okay try again

Goose please sit

good boy

he did it that's great but calm okay

see okay well I'm a convert do you make

house calls I am available for all of

your home and office needs perfect why

is he boss great miss deadline

three yep yeah that's a tough one


my son makes our living room wall into

his own personal spaghetti art

installation yes

yes no are you kidding me that's just

destruction you really have to just have

one no well that's just my that's not

being mindful at all yes hi hey

um our Fuzzy Friends can sense when

they're not receiving our full energetic

attention oh so if we could just save

the flirting for after class



no no no no no no no no no no no no no

no no no no no no

no wow that was it was 11 no's no no

12. oh uh sorry since you're training

the same dog no no we um we share the

dogs yes um but but we're not together I

have a I have a I have a girlfriend she

has a job

a great job a great job and a daughter

yeah and a daughter which is why I don't

really date I mean not that there's

anything wrong with dating as a parent

so we just share the dog and and he has

a um I have I have Bianca a Bianca and

he's got a Bianca so we're definitely

you know not flirting and this has just

become embarrassing for all of us so I

I'm just gonna stop disrupting the class

you know with all the breathing and the

calm bodies with all of the not flirting

so I um

uh can uh okay bye


that was awkward


uh she said

I'd appreciate it if you'd save the

floating floor

your class


have more coffee it fixes everything


okay I've seen some epic Kate speeches

but this may officially elect you mayor

of awkward Phil look I haven't been

accused of flirting in

10 years at least


were you what flirting what

oh he said he's a single parent who has

a girlfriend and look I'm not dating

anyone while Sophia is still in the


Liam and I have a great system that

ensures Sophia doesn't miss out on

anything I am not willing to gamble that

you say so


I'm just saying

I'm glad Sophia is not missing out on


but you might be


Shake nice to meet you it's very nice to

meet you you're such a friend

isn't it amazing area you want to give

one hey

my instructions a bit much a little bit

oh pardon me sir Kate yeah

hey you forgot to leave Mr moocow oh I'm

gonna have to stop by your office at

lunch tomorrow and grab them is that

okay okay yeah

okay what's that face for

nothing it's um

it's just

so we meet with other people he just has

this whole

French Charming routine and what would

we call it that and then with me he's


you know okay you can't compare yourself

to those PTA parents they've known him a

long time they're like family

when Amy passed away they all rallied

around her they brought him casseroles

and babysitters and his wife

and my best friend

we taught here together

I am so sorry thanks me too

she was just one of those people who

made you feel loved you know yeah she

was grounded and steady but there was

this light about her

him outside of his comfort zone like Amy


it's good for him

he needs a friend like you



good morning don't do that not so fun is

it hey

sorry did I scare you no uh hi oh Moo

Cow yes I totally forgot you were coming

by hold on so sorry

um we need to work on that name by the

way this

office is


out there yeah they just play ping pong

um hold on I was on

the phone with you and then I

picked up Moo Cow and I picked up my

keys and then I dropped my keys

I I just totally left him by the front

door I'm so sorry it's okay it's fine

um do you want to drop them off at my

work when you get Sophie up from school

I'm right by there yeah that'd be great

and we'll do that here write your

address down

it's not no oh it's just you just keep

coming over



well uh it it will be amazing once I

come up with a heart-stopping ending

which I

decidedly have not was it a common or a


why do you ask well if it's a comedy

they end up together and it's a tragedy

they're driven apart by

the forces of fate or something those

are the rules right

you love your rules

well it's it's actually not that simple

those are the rules for

for romance and

um this is this is not that this is a

story about

courage and self-discovery and

no why does everybody keep saying that

well because they're obviously in love

that's how you draw them



they're not in love but I mean okay you

say so

I will lead you to it and then I will

see you today at three



hey Bianca wants to talk

uh-oh no before she left we said we

wanted to talk about the next steps when

she got back so I think it's positive

right well that depends what do you want

the next step to be

I mean there's a lot to consider

practically but Bianca is great

well are you asking me are you


just the one doesn't matter the only

opinion that matters


we have to send all of these back in for

approval that one this one

Mr mcasen reporting for Duty thank you

you're wonderful for bringing that I

appreciate it do you have any toys here

like my mom's office

I wish but we do have a model of the

light rail you want to see


thank you she's too much she is amazing

hi hey there I'm glad you're here

because I keep thinking about your short

oh yeah yeah I have a few notes oh

really no I don't but I do have a

thought here you said it's a story about

courage right I did

isn't love the most perfect motivator

for courage

I mean it's a little limited don't you

think people can be brave for a lot of

reasons I don't know the world is a lot

less scary when no matter where you go

you always know where you belong

and that helps you take bigger chances


gives you something to fight for you

know what I mean


to be honest I don't I don't think I've

ever felt that

hey sorry

child wrapped early so I just hopped a

flight so I can make our phone date a

real date yes all right let me see you

get a sitter maybe we can I'll take Owen

oh I'm sorry Kate this is Bianca Bianca

this is Kate uh hi oh you're Sophia's

mom yeah hi it's so nice to meet you

nice to meet you too are you sure

Sophia would be thrilled okay oh my gosh

thank you we'll uh we'll drop them off

on the way to on the way to dinner


that's great it's great it's great great

so great

um so I'll just uh then I'll just see

you two love birds later on the way to

dinner thank you on the way to dinner

that's right okay Sophia


you guys

hey what's up kiddo oh so good to see

you how was Bali it was unbelievable

wait till you see the shots I got the

temples the beaches the sunsets

the music

that's yours

thanks Dad of course yes thank you so

much for that that is gonna be the gift

that's gonna keep on giving well it's a

good thing that I got you this rare

Gourmet Coffee blend to help power you

through it is a great thing

let me see the pictures oh this smells

so good thank you thank you so much for

this you're welcome so many good shots

oh I love that

thank you

dad there is someone very important I

would like you to meet oh yes the famous


hi Bruce oh no the pleasure is all mine

I'm gonna go take him to the backyard

okay come on Bruce have fun sweetie bye


so is it okay if I take Sophia to my

place tonight

um oh no actually

um because Owen's coming over tonight

who the little boy Owen that we share

the dog with his dad's going on a date

so I agreed to watch him oh so the kids

are friends best friends we go to the

park we go hiking which

now I gotta say is not Eric's strong

suit who's Eric

Owens dad oh

he totally roped me into joining the PTA

you well he wanted Bruce to go to

obedience school so we made a deal I get

to choose the school if I volunteer and

I chose this like fuzzy you know

feelingsy place and I wish you could

have seen his face when he walked

through the door it was


um funny it was uh it was funny you like

him no I do not okay

you are smitten right now he has a

girlfriend yeah and you are watching his

kids so we can go out on a date


so we just throw them

yeah well at the canvas ideally and we

won't get in trouble anything above the

tarp is fair game ready

one two three


welcome home

that's nice

so do you remember that

old married couple in the Chicago office

I told you about the other one who they

are always fighting with each other yes

Larry enough with the printing already

Rhonda you know can't concentrate

without a hard copy

I'm so glad we don't get under each

other's skin like that

so the other night I forgot my keys at

the office

I had to double back

and there was Larry and Rhonda

slow dancing in the office he's cracking

jokes in her ear and she's laughing and

laughing Larry and Rhonda Larry and


I see that goes to show you you just

don't know what's underneath the surface


must have the wrong idea

what do you mean

I don't know I

I thought their bickering was

spark fizzling out but maybe it was more

than irritation

they hold each other

to their best selves even when they

drive each other crazy and that's

real connection

and I think

maybe that's real love

maybe I just

didn't get it before

we don't have that do we

I'm sorry

I was excited to have the next steps

talk with you because you're a great guy

and I felt like I was checking the next

relationship boxes but to be honest

I'm relieved

that every time I started thinking about

the next step conversation I was

I just went I went blank


that's not a good sign

so why don't we just find somebody who

makes us crazy is that how this works


maybe not crazy

maybe just passionate



hey come on in yeah


how was your date

it was um

you've covered it

just painting experiment on her eye


nothing nothing I'm

glad you had a good time tonight yeah


hey thanks for calling me back yeah I I

think I got so focused on how to share

that I forgot we need to choose one home

as fun as this is it can't be forever

right right I'm

here it could be

it seems like Bruce will have a happy

home either way so as a representative

of the shelter there's no problem on our

end I'm sensing a butt

my job is to look after Bruce but if it

were me

it would only get harder to say goodbye

the longer I had with him

I understand

thank you


thank you



how's world's best dog doing he learned

two new tricks this week he's a good boy

the best boy

hey Owen if Bruce lives with me

I promise I'll still share him with you

oh okay but

but if he loses me I'll still share them

with you too


oh and keep him on the leash Bud get up

hi Sophia

hey ah

sorry we're late

um no worries I got here a little early

anyway I'm just uh

trying to clear my head

you have news

what you're never late

uh nothing it's nothing

spill it

okay it's it's a job opportunity at a

housing advocacy group that's amazing

did you apply no

why that isn't that your dream job

that's just been a lot of change this

month but with Bruce and then Bianca and

I breaking up yeah

and I mean yeah

you did

oh yeah I'm really sorry to hear about

that that's that's very rough

that's um

Carla yeah

but I I am I'm sorry though



so this job

yeah yeah it'd also be a pretty big

career pivot on paper

nonsense you've been in government for

years all you have to do is just you

know get creative and then show them how

passionate you are about this right

those are not fireflies oh no my boss

reviewed my short and she told me that

my ending was um

uninspired so I'm trying to get out of

my head and get into my uh



hence that

can you get a sitter tomorrow


maybe he could watch them

why I have an idea something might help

give you some perspective oh

thank you I'm all ears oh no no no no no

if you were trying to get you out of

your head I think it should be a


what do you say you game

why do you want to help me

we might as well have each other's backs

right now


again okay


I think it's three stories

um if the last one you can read could be

a calm one he gets super amped up if you

read anything that's

that's pretty hero or space or


you look like a princess thank you


thank you

all right YouTube kids come with me it's

dinner time

and you kids have fun thank you


I should have known you'd take

some perspective literally

a little birdie named Carla told me that

you were a bit of an astronomy geek oh

no you hit it out of the park I have

been dying to come here but it's always

been too late for Sophia past her

bedtime oh sure well now we're we're

grown-ups with a sitter

look at us wow wow I know right I'm

doing it look at this this is fantastic

and laminated oh yeah very nice I love

the myth about that star and that star

once being a peasant a princess who fell

in love let me guess they lived happily

ever after

kind of more of a Romeo and Juliet sort

of thing where they put this gigantic

Celestial river between the two of them

otherwise known as The Milky Way Milky


dating is hard everywhere

Stars they're just like us

but that's not the end of the story

oh no one night a year the Stars aligned

just so to create a bridge to reunite


that's my favorite story

that's your favorite


it's so sad what oh no

it's hopeful hopeful please they're two

star-crossed lovers I saw what you did

there spend eternity pining for the one

person they can't have there are plenty

of stars in the sky it's like come on

move it along folks no but it's hopeful

because to never experience a love that

big is far worse than

the pain of missing someone it doesn't

get more romantic than that


what would they be missing out on

well for one she's one of the top five

brightest stars in the sky so I mean

what kind his right mind is going to

pass that up

what about her


satisfaction knowing that she didn't

settle and assurance


what Assurance they can't even be

together how many people can say even if

it's for one night a year

that in that moment they were right

where they were supposed to be




full disclosure I get to go grocery

shopping like I had planned and so our

menu tonight is 87 kid-friendly

fantastic what do you get

oh I got cheese puffs yeah yeah we have

a bottle of wine labeled red red yes

definitely adult approved now this

vintage I've been told pairs very well

with the PB engine

you had me a cheese puff

cheese puffs make everything better

really cheese puffs anything could have

happened tonight but as long as it ended

with cheese puffs all's well done as


that's right


can I say something awkward

that seems on brand

Carla told me about your wife

I had no idea and I just wanted to say

I'm so sorry

thank you

she was amazing

I can't help but think

how proud she would be of what no one

and I have built since

I didn't know her

I can't

I'm she wouldn't be

your turn

for what

Sophia's dad

what happened there oh I mean

nothing dramatic he um well we met in

high school

got married way too young we should have

known from the beginning

what's wrong

I don't need a new end I need a new


what do you mean I'm short I don't need

a new end I need a new beginning I gotta

go mission accomplished okay cool let's



to play

better than I blink the moment











sorry habit I've been up all night

writing a new beginning for our short

beginning and a new ending and drum roll


it's a romance now yes are you serious

is she serious nobody move or we'll all

wake up you were right it's all there I

just need your Brilliant Minds to bring

it to life so can we do this yeah we can

do it okay thank you guys and I'll see

you later



down and back perfect now let's talk

about sealant

oh Kate what are you doing here I'm

teaching Susan about stealing oh go home

and finish her short but go but no buts

about it you're not welcome here until

your shorts finished you're not the boss

of me no but as president of the PTA my

name is on that funnel cake machine

Elise you wouldn't no but I will make

sure that there is an unlimited supply

of funnel cake waiting for someone who

may happen to have a finished short


maybe dial back to caffeine a little




that looks good yeah what do you think

there's that one frame and when you get

to the you already did your job now let

us do ours thank you bye

she's crazy

hi hey how's it going good we're just

about to go paint some more and then I

think we're set hey uh did you finish no

I just wanted to sorry sorry



thank you


what did she do


you need to apply for this job already

watch it again okay


I met someone out on the West Coast


with me yeah

that video

I know it's incredible

thank you

it's the least I could do I actually

think it was the literal most you could



okay can I take you out

from real date no kids

I mean maybe Bruce could come


okay look I don't want to make things

weird I mean









we gotta say it you were right about the

theme it worked

do you think since since we did the

carnival today it'd be nice if we get a

booster one more day

you know what rules are rules buddy

especially when they're laminated

hey fun with you

great day

thank you

sweet dreams


oh no no no no we have the dog

you swore the PowerPoint Madness would



as you know we are sharing world's best

dog and we both love Bruce so much and

we don't want to give him up so we have

a plan





did you get an adorable Ambush this

morning or is that just me no I uh well

uh yes

Sophia gave me another one of her

PowerPoint presentations so I didn't get

that's mine was not that sophisticated

but uh still very impressed it was a

masterfully coordinated Eric


not a rules person

but I

I have had one rule

which is not to date while Sophia is a

kid because I didn't want her to get

attached to someone who wasn't going to

stick around

promised myself that when I did date

I would be so careful and so sure we're

going to take it slow

we're gonna make it very clear with the


did you and I get the same pitch this

morning our kids want us to just Mosey

on down to the courthouse and get

hitched and we haven't even gone on a

first date yet

it's too fast

I know how I feel about

I know I haven't

I haven't thought that we had a long


the look on her face when she was so

sure that you and I being together would

solve everything I'd


I can risk my heart

but not hers

I just I think we should

you know

take a break for now and and just let

the kids be friends


Owen we got it going buddy Eric I'm so

sorry no



you're in good mom

I get it



who wants ice cream

you want ice cream

this is a real departure for you I know

I mean I usually I know listen I don't

know what I was thinking

anything we imagine

what we love it I might be a little

biased but I've seen the other

submissions and I'd make sure you have

the first weekend in June open really

in my opinion you're a shoe-in for the

Georgia Animation Festival

I think you're gonna blow the judges



thank you



come on Bruce



so the digital copy of the festival

limitations are in your inbox and I had

my assistant print some on some fancy

paper for you

thank you

oh boy what happened

I don't know what you're talking about

with dog dad

yeah lady what you've known him for like

five seconds but sure he's definitely

the one

hey come on I was watching that look I

know where X is

but I like to think that we're friends

good friends

what did he do


nothing I mean

he's amazing



I can't do it to Sophia okay I can't

risk hurting her look we raised a

resilient loving

and smart kid

sometimes too smart

but I don't think that's what you're

worried about here no offense

I don't know why I'm

I do

you've never been in grown up love

I'm serious we started dating when we

were what 17.

you have not been swept off your feet as

an adult

and that is an entirely different


terrifying experience what if I'm no

good at it nobody's good at it okay well

I mean like what if we break up I mean

what about the kids and Bruce it's just

it's such a bad plan but

you can't plan this stuff out life likes

to take a hammer to the best laid plans

but the Kate Healy that I know

would take all those little pieces and

would string them together and tell a

bigger story

she sees what could be

even when other people can't

isn't that what they pay the big bucks

for over at that studio

yeah you know you've come a long way

since the angsty teenager I met


whatever whatever

you better do what makes you happy

though because uh I don't have a lot of

those speeches in me



today we have a super secret mission I

love super secret missions

take this invitation

tell your dad it's for my mom

Super Brother do you accept this mission


thank you


Kate what do you mean what are you doing

here hi

uh here

it's for my short they're showing it at

an Animation Festival and I just wanted

to invite you guys

you have two oh

just give me one

but I didn't I'm what I'm what

our kids well I can't turn down two

invitations now can I great


so I'll see I'll see you tomorrow

great awesome cool I'm gonna see you

there yeah


that's it


easy peasy


thank you

you look beautiful



okay thanks


welcome to the animated short film

competition this year's nominees will

compete for a chance to submit for the

Academy Awards animated short category

please stay seated after our

presentation for a q a with our creators



thank you



thank you


I'd like to turn the discussion over to

Kate healy's Charming short life away

you know it's a hard thing to make an

audience believe in love again in eight

minutes or less

wow you can thank my team for that one

um honestly I was completely against a

romantic ending for this short really

what made you change your mind well when

we first started working on the project

I had written love off as a cliche I was

pretty sure that I had been there

seen the trailer

wasn't missing much you know what I mean

um but then someone

very important to me

showed me just what I was missing

oh I can

shake parts of you awake that you

thought you would have to tuck away


thank you

because love is

it's one of the only ways that we show

each other that we belong


everybody deserves to belong

dramatic fireflies


shelter dogs

even me


mom yeah I'm gonna go show Owen your

ward okay

go in


hi congrats on the grand Joy prize

you're sure it was


you liked it

no I loved it

I had an interview with the affordable

housing advocacy group yesterday and I

have a follow-up next week of course you


tell me everything first thing they

asked about was my very creative cover


so thank you

I told them that long story short I met


infuriatingly zany insanely talented

woman who reminded me that life is

way too short to waste any time not

doing what you love

she sounds like a wise woman

let's say

hypothetically this wise woman

decided that she didn't know everything




dinner doesn't sound like Armageddon


one date would not be the end of the


no I think it actually might be


so what are we gonna do with this dog I

don't know

I cannot and consciously this dog with

some wild unruly unruly

Wilson I can't leave the dog with some

Tyrant who's just gonna break his spirit

and we're never gonna


hi buddy


all right guys let's go home



thank you

thank you


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