May 21, 2024

How Has Reality TV Affected Mental Health? Ovie Soko w/ Love Island, TOWIE & Geordie Shore Stars

Published June 13, 2023, 2:20 p.m. by Violet Harris

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Contestant on Series 5 of Love Island, Ovie Soko travels across the UK to talk to Vicky Pattison, Michael Griffiths, Mario Falcone, Olivia Buckland, Alex Bowen and Sarah Goodhart about life after the spotlight of major reality TV shows such as Geordie Shore and The Only Way is Essex. Ovie himself is at a crossroads, considering whether to continue in the industry or concentrate on a future as a professional basketball player.

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another hate on social media was like he

was on another level

if i said one wrong thing it could be

gone in

in an instant i just kind of like give

up on myself and i was just like

i don't really see even if you check


it's a rotten apple that's been dipped

in gold isn't it


there's clear gain that can be made


as in things but does it drain

what you have up here and in the air

does it drain that


oh [ __ ] them if you can't handle this

you can [ __ ] off

once or twice when i was filming jodie's

show i definitely sacrificed respect for

attention i was on darson

amount of pressure to be what everyone

was expecting

to be this like [ __ ] loudmouth voice

of reason do you know what you look like

she looks like nancy de la you on crack

i feel like

there was pressure from the producers

but i can't blame it all on other people

ultimately i made the decision to do the

things i did i really lost who i was on

geordie shore

and played to the cameras what would you


are sort of the the negative turns that

could happen

i have no privacy like i have nothing

that's my own

and because of the nature of the beast

reality tv

your personal life is so intrinsically

linked to it

that sometimes you don't have anything

for yourself and that is

quite a hard thing to get your head

around but it's a very small price to


for all of the good stuff that comes

that's my opinion


because people have seen like snippets

of you on screen they feel like they

know you personally when they probably


five minutes of you that they've seen on

screen and then they feel entitled they

base your whole personality on those

five minutes

since love island then x like that's

exactly what's happened with me

some people just love to be haters


you're a joke oh yeah whatever

mental health is a huge issue

what kind of things had a negative

effect on that side of things from

sort of this reality world you see the

public's reaction they could proper hate


i'm talking hate like death threats

it goes a stage where it was just

affecting my mental health way too much

there was one uh cheating accusation

that come on the show

we went back to the place and mario come

back on his own with that girl

he came back with the girl yeah he came

back with that girl then the girlfriend

at the time had left me

because of that reason then i hate on

social media was like

it was on another level compared to

anything else i'd ever had before like

it's my whole life my overlap my dogs

everything lucy's my whole life

it is a one instance in my life i didn't

feel like i had control of it

so i just wanted to get out of that

situation and the only way i felt i

could get out of that situation

was to try and take my own life

when i look back here now it upsets me

just because

my mind at that time it just it wasn't

like i was me


i always sit here and say that how he

gave me a lot would it be where i am

right now without telling you i get that

but at the same time was i manipulated

were things always steered what it felt

like to be against me yes

100 percent


does the idea ever cross your mind about

you know losing relevance or not being

able to earn the same way

i worry about losing the life that i

have like if i lost this house i'd be

devastated if i made one wrong move if i

did one wrong job

if i said one wrong thing it could be

gone in

in an instant it is scary and you do

have a clock above your head but that's

like with any job

you can't live your life worrying about

stuff like that

while you're in it while you're in this

world you might as well just enjoy

i'm mystic meg i can predict the future

sarah gets mugged off again

people just take the piss out of you

because like beforehand i also used to

like work in clubs dancing and like i

did a few shifts like quite soon after

and like people would just film you

and they'd literally like take the piss

out of you and see tweets about yourself


oh she was on jordy shawn now she's like

dancing and stuff so for

a few months i just kind of like give up

on myself and i was just like i don't


see even a future myself so it did get

really dark you've gone through

real [ __ ] and tough [ __ ] you know i mean


and after talking to you like i don't

know if you give yourself enough credit

you should give yourself a lot more

[ __ ] credit


you can be really successful in this

reality thing super successful

and it can also chew you up and some


so um

it almost feels like it's like it's

hollywood isn't it

i feel like it's hollywood it's just

made me think that yeah it's a hell of

an opportunity

it just depends on how you use it


hey guys





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