June 19, 2024

IPTV on FB Live - Led By The Spirit: The Unveiling

Published June 13, 2023, 3:20 a.m. by Monica Louis

Led By The Spirit: The Unveiling

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all right well apostle started this very

hot topic it's led by the spirit but he

added a subsection if you will called

the unveiling led by the spirit the

unveiling now let's jump into the word

second corinthians chapter 3 says

but their minds were blinded for until

this day remaineth the same veil

untaketh away in the reading of the old

testament which veil is done away in

christ okay

that word veil

actually means to hinder the knowledge

of a thing to hinder the knowledge of a


it also if you look at uh the root word

of that it comes from crypto where we

get cryptocurrency which means to hide

or conceal to hide or conceal we know

that the archbishop uh marked mark

winfield du bois excuse me uh you know

uh proverbs 25 what he says uh it's the

glory of god to conceal the thing the

scripture says it's the glory of god the

concealer thing but it's the honor of

kings right it is the honor of kings so

what are we getting at well there is a

veil hey pastor bernice don how you


there is a veil covering us there is a

veil that is covering and it's hindering

us from the knowledge of a thing it's

hindering us it's hidden it's concealed

something that bishop talks about a lot

and apostle eric does as well it's all

about seasons timing sometimes there's a

timing where there's a veil upon us and

we we don't come into the knowledge of

something we may not realize something

we may get a word

god can give us a word and we may not


all the details i guarantee you you will

not have all the details if you feel

like you have all the details i would

highly suggest you seek some counsel

because we walk by faith and not by

sight and it will not be all laid out

okay there's going to be glimpses

there's going to be pieces


there's going to be some knowledge that

we don't have and there's going to be

something that's hidden and concealed


so that could be by season right that

could be by season okay


there's other reasons why we may have a

veil look at the beginning of the verse

it says but their minds were blinded

that word blinded

means to make the heart dull to make the

heart dull to grow hard a callous right

if you think about if you get hurt and

you get a scar you get some calluses it

is something that is hard right

oftentimes the callus is there to try to

protect something underneath

blinded also means

lose the power of understanding lose the

power of understanding so when we're


we're not very uh we're dull it says to

make the heart dull we're not as sharp

we're not as sharp as we can be bishop's

been talking a lot about during the

pandemic we've had we've had this effect

things have affected us and a lot of

times it could really affect our

sensitivity right and there can be a

hardness that comes upon us a

callousness a callousness for the

presence of god

and we can lose the power of

understanding now last week apostle

talked a lot about in hebrews chapter 5

and verse 11

of whom we have many things to say and

hard to be uttered seeing you are dull

of hearing dull of hearing so blinded

means dull of hearing it means the heart

is dull so what are we getting at

there's an unveiling happening because

there's something that's hidden there's

something that's concealed and in this

concealing we've been blinded we've been

our senses have not been exercised right

we can be very dull we may not be as

sensitive to the spirit as we once were

we can grow hardness and

we can grow we can lose understanding of

what's happening

now let's keep going

in 2nd corinthians chapter 3 and verse

14 we just said the minds were blinded

right and then the next verse says but

even unto this day when moses is read

the veil is upon their hearts right this

thing is hidden so when people are

reading the word of god specifically

they're talking about the old testament

there's a veil upon their heart even

unto this day

nevertheless hey

deacon jeff lovell that is my partner in

crime he along with brian culshaw make

up uh the iccm tech team uh we are

always working together always trying to

solution things even apostle eric was on

a stream with apostle adrian taylor and

timothy boston apostle timothy boston

and we were texting back and forth

we are geeking out all the time trying

to see make sure that iptv judah

international iccm all these different

ministries constantly have the best

technology to provide people with the

best experience all right

so there's a veil upon their hearts

but look at this next verse verse


nevertheless when it shall turn to the

lord the veil shall be taken away what

do you mean

well when people's hearts starts turning

to the lord

that veil becomes lifted now

in the next verse it says this now the

lord is that spirit and where the spirit

of the lord is there is liberty so when

our hearts turn towards the lord and the

lord is that spirit right

so when if we're talking about being led

by the spirit

we're talking about turning our hearts

towards the lord turning our hearts

towards the spirit why where the spirit

of the lord is there is liberty now

apostles really been digging into john

16 and 13 it says the spirit will guide

us into all truth the spirit will guide

us into all truth and we know that

you shall know the truth and the truth

shall make you free

often times we're bound

and we are struggling with things but

there's a veil over our hearts and we're

blinded remember that we're blinded

means dull sometimes we can get become

very familiar with our dysfunction

sometimes we can become very familiar

with the way things are going and it

becomes the status quo

and we don't recognize that there's more

out there there's more of god see even

as a consultant when i come into uh

companies and i'm talking big

fortune 100 companies multi-billion

dollar companies the thing is is that if

you stay in the status quo if you just

stay in that status quo yeah uh 52

of the companies um that were in the

fortune 500 have now become bankrupt


have become bankrupt have become

acquired or ceased to exist in other

words they have stopped being relevant

so 52 of the companies since 2000 right

have become have stopped becoming

relevant apostle eric's been talking

about relevant content see if we're


we can miss that relevant content

let me take it a step further as the new

testament church if we're blinded we

could become completely irrelevant and

again if you look at the numbers of

people leaving church you will see

people are finding church less and less


that's why we need an unveiling

now the next verse says this

but we all

with open face beholding as in a glass

the glory of the lord are changed into

that same image from glory to glory even

as what by the spirit of the lord

see with this unveiling this unveiling

is trying to unveil him his image his

character his person why

that way we can be changed god's

convincing splendor from glory to glory

glorious convincing splendor we can

start being changed into his image how

by the spirit of the lord

the reason why god has breathed upon us

and said look you need to be led by the

spirit is so that we can go behind the

veil and we can be changed into his


now what i want to do with you is share

with you a little journey that god has

taken me on taking me behind this veil


the scripture says

thou shalt thou will show me the path of


in thy presence

is fullness of joy i at thy right hand

are pleasures forevermore hey patrice

god bless you good to see you

all right so what what's happening here

well that will show me the path of life

you know something apostle and i were

talking about it talks about a lot is

you know a lot of times we as people

we're trying to find ourselves we keep

saying i'm trying to find myself

well the path of life is in his presence

if you want to find yourself get into

the presence of god

you know i've talked a lot about people

dealing with anxiety depression again

there's no condemnation for dealing with

that however i know those things are an

attack to keep us from the presence

because the in his presence is fullness

of joy at thy right hand are pleasures

forevermore behind the veil is him

the unveiling is unveiling of the lord

jesus christ and if we can get into his

presence there is a fullness of joy

there's pleasures forevermore there

as i was looking at this you know of

course when i saw in this presence is

fullness of joy of course we know that


is an aspect or it's a part of the fruit

of the spirit right we know the fruit of

the spirit is love joy peace long

suffering gentleness goodness faith

meekness temperance right


i'm like lord you're taking me behind

the veil and you're showing me the fruit

of the spirit now

i got a confession to make okay

i was like okay fruit of the spirit

that's wonderful that's great

there used to be a bookstore in

bloomington illinois called the berean

bookstore okay and in this it was i mean

this was years ago and it was a

wonderful bookstore had all kind of

great christian material and see there

was a section there and they called it

christian living

christian living

i have to confess i didn't go over there

i didn't go to that section very often

why because i didn't really want to deal

with christian living i wanted to learn

about destiny and and purpose you know i

wanted to learn about the five-fold i

wanted to get into hermeneutics and exit

jesus and i wanted to look at the

commentaries and the bible dictionaries

and all these other things that's what i

wanted i never went over to that side

that talked about christian living that

talked about all that you know nice

fruit of the spirit and love

joy peace you know i i just i gotta

confess i was never really into all of

that okay

but god really convicted me he really

convicted me

he said this you know he brought me to

first corinthians chapter 13

and verse one where it says though i

speak in the tongue of men and angels

and have not love

i become a sounding brass or a tinkling

symbol and though i have the gift of

prophecy and understand all mysteries

and all knowledge and though i have all

faith so that i can remove mountains and

have not love

i am nothing

matthew chapter 7 and verse 16 says this

you shall know them by their fruits do

men gather grapes of thorns or figs of


even so every good tree bringeth forth

good fruit and a corrupt tree bringeth

forth evil fruit wherefore by their

fruits you shall know them and see what

the lord did was when i got behind the

veil he really started convicted me and

showed me how wrong i was he said look

if you're going to be led by the spirit

if you are truly led by the spirit

well then you should see some fruit

there shouldn't be fruit in your life

that says you are truly being led by the

spirit right we just read the scripture

that talks about look you can have all

this knowledge you can have all the

prophetic in the world you can have all

understand all these mysteries right and

later on in matthew chapter seven we

know uh people they came up to jesus and

said lord lord did we not prophesy in

your name did we not cast out devils did

we not do miracles

he never denied those things happen

but what he checked them on was

relationship they didn't have the fruit

of the spirit they didn't have his

character they did not have his

character thank you there sister laura


in revelation chapter one and eight

you know i've been talking about this

jesus said i am the alpha and the omega

i'm the god that is and was and is to


the almighty the almighty now

i'm i'm i'm sitting here with the lord

and lotus convicted me about the fruit

and then he shows me the scripture

i'm like wait a minute god i thought

we're talking about character and

everything see the almighty

we know that means that he is omnipotent

or i like to say

omnipotent omnipotent see the almighty

is omnipotent that means he is the god

of all ability

as well as he's the god of all authority

he has all the ability infinite ability

he has infinite authority

he is omnipotent he is omniscient

all-knowing he is omnipresent right

but then god dropped this on me

he said

i'm also omni love

i'm omni

love i said i'm not love huh

well first john chapter 4 says and we

have known and believed verse 16 and we

have known and believed the love that

god hath to us

god is love

god is love and he that dwelleth in love

dwelleth in god and god in him

we love him because he first loved us

see he that dwelleth in love he that

dwelleth in love you're dwelling in the

spirit okay if we're led by the spirit

we should have some fruit that the fruit

there's only one fruit it's called love

all the others are aspects of that fruit


he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in god

in god god in him god is love he is omni

love he is all love just as much as he's

all-powerful just as much as he's

almighty just as much as he's omnipotent

omniscient i'm not present i'm not i'm

nigh right god all in all

he's omni love as well


omni love let's really break this down

what this looks like in first

corinthians chapter

13 in the niv understand this

often times this scripture is read at

weddings and it should be because it's

all about love right

but god had a different context for me

see god was using this in a much

different way than i never thought uh it

would be used right

in second corinthians 13 and 5

the scripture says examine yourselves

whether ye be in the faith prove your

own selves

so what do you mean

see what i'm about to show you is a

self-analysis that we can do

we can use

actually the whole bible but in first

corinthians chapter 13

we can do this to examine ourselves and

let me show you what i'm talking about

thank you rita jones

the scripture says love is patient love

is kind it does not envy it does not

boast it is not proud the lord said son

are you patient

are you kind

and you know when god is when god's got

his thumb on you and you're sitting

there before the living god you know i i

mean i was like i i uh you i i mean you


most of the time

yeah i you know

and then the lord said what about when

you're tired

what about

when you're you know you're at the end

of your day and your kids are jumping up

and down and they're screaming you know

you're tired from being up early uh

working doing all these different things

and by the time it comes to be night

your energy is low

are you patient

are you kind

when you have to call customer service

because they messed up your bill they

completely messed up your account and

they charged you more than they were

supposed to charge you

are you patient

are you kind

and you know it's not like you can lie

before god right it's not like you can

be in his presence and say well wait you


no god gets to the heart of the matter

he gets to the true essence of who you

are and gets down to the core are you

patient are you kind i have to say no

not always

not always you know at first i was like

well it kind of depends on the day

and then i thought about it

and even in the same day i could be

totally happy one minute and then

totally frustrated

and impatient

and not so kind the next

it'd be up and down up and down

it does not envy it does not boast it is

not proud now look at this next one

it does not dis dishonor others it is

not self-seeking it is not easily


it is not easily angered

son are you easily angered i was like oh


i mean i felt like there was a knife in

my heart yeah

i was like oh easily angered


right when things aren't going our way

right you know

we were talking to our there uh we have


you know our child is in foster care we

were talking to our therapist yesterday

and you know i was telling about some of

the things that our child was doing and

therapists looked at us and said

that's just parenting

that's just part of parenting

that's dealing with kids

i wanted some like deep psychoanalysis

some kind of behavior modification i

mean i i that's the kind of answer i was

looking for

she said no that's just parenting

and you know what that means

i can't get angry when i got two active

boys acting squirrely

what do you mean

you know when i tell a child to do

something and they don't do it i get

frustrated i get angry but guess what

that's what children do that's part of

parenting and if we want to show them

god's love

i can't be easily angered

i was like oh


oh lord i i felt like kevin hart no no

no no

and then look at this next thing do you

keep record of wrongs do you keep record

of wrongs and i was like

and and here's the thing the lord showed

me you know i might forget where my keys

are i the other day you know i took the

baby somewhere and my wife said hey make

sure you take the baby bag right and of

course i forgot the baby back right my

wife told me i forgot


but oh wait a minute when somebody does

me wrong oh i can remember everything i

can remember every detail let me give

you an example one time i was coaching a

flag football team okay and i had you

know i said here here's the play we're

gonna run and then this other guy said

no we're not gonna run that here and

completely changed everything i did

i was like



listen y'all i gotta confess i went off

on the man okay i was like this far from

his face and i felt my fistball up i was

about to knock him into god's kingdom

all right i was going to

i was going to hit him so hard that

somebody was apostle eric was going to

have to come over lay his hands on him

and bring forth lazarus do you all

understand what i am saying i am going

off on this man i am screaming at the

top of my lungs

and the worst part about it was

we're at a flag football game and all

these people are watching

all these people are watching you got 10

20 30 40 people i mean there's football

fields everywhere and you can hear me on

every field

and everybody is watching me

everybody knows i'm a christian

everybody knows i'm i'm this preacher

motivational speaker whatever i am

acting like a fool see that scripture it

says it does not dishonor others

and the king james it says does not

behave unseemly

look y'all when i get angry

i act unseemly if i can just be totally



and to top it all off

i felt a hand on my shoulder okay

our quarterback at the time was brother

laurel collins you you heard sister

jackie collins last week laurel collins

is about six foot two and about 260


he grabbed me and threw me i think he

must have thrown me across the field i

felt like i was levitating he threw me

so far okay

and he said yo both need to calm down

oh my god i was so convicted

i was like oh

yeah so i keep record of wrongs see the

thing about anger

here's the thing about anger

it really really gives you a false sense

of control

and it's all about self-justification

you're like you did me wrong therefore i

am justified in being angry i am

justified in acting like an idiot okay

i'm not saying that's reality but that's

how we feel a lot of times ephesians 4

26 be ye angry and sin not let not the

sun go down in your wrath

neither give place to the devil

see when when i'm angry and i'm

self-justifying and i self-justify why

i'm acting uh like an idiot behaving


you know what i'm giving place to the


i'm giving place to the devil see anger

is very inward focused in that it really

see it says it's not self seeking anger

is all about self seeking it's all about

self justification it's all about making

yourself rise up we used to call it

being like a puffer fish

and that's not what love is

that's not what love is love love is not

about gaining love is about giving love

is all about giving

see the best example of this kind of

love i can think of

our visionaries apostle eric and teacher


you know here's the thing they're not

going to want me to say this but i'm

going to say it anyway

for over a decade they did not take a

dime of salary for a church that they

have in jackson tennessee

did not take a dime they did not take a

salary i was begging them please take a

salary please take it they would go it

listen it is nearly a thousand miles

round trip

round trip from mackinac illinois down

to jackson tennessee okay almost a

thousand miles all right

up and down that highway look at how gas

is expensive is now never took a diet

never took salary

i mean we were begging them please take

us out they're like no no no we don't

have it we church doesn't have it we


and you know the thing that they told me

apostle error told me something and it

really convicted me he said you know but

that's why we have covenant partners

covenant partners help support us

and listen

they did not come up with this whole

thing that we have this whole drive

about covenant partnership

they did not ask us to promote this no

we as the e m staff we did this why so

that they could they could keep doing

the work of the ministry


how many of us

if our paycheck came a day late

a day one day late

you know we would be so angry you talk

about being unseemly man we would be

chewing out our boss we would be chewing

out hr i mean we would be calling al

sharpton i mean we would be putting this

all over facebook twitter tick tock

everything right talking about how

horrible this company is acting a fool

okay maybe you wouldn't i would let me

just put it that way okay

let me put it that way


i was reminded of something that teacher

rebecca said when we were in college we

were in a bible study okay we were all

cramped there was like 10 15 of us

cramped into this little student

apartment we couldn't even afford to

have the air conditioning on so we're

all sweating to death okay

and sister noble in her so eloquent so

tactful way she was talking about love

and she said this

love is sacrificial

not beneficial

love is sacrificial not beneficial if

you want to understand god you want to

understand led by the spirit

led by the spirit means love is

sacrificial not beneficial


and by the way that's why we're pushing

so hard for these e m covenant

partnerships okay so please please if

you can sow into it you're saying you'd

make an offering in the middle of your

message absolutely i am it's called the

love offering right it's called the seed

of love why so that way the ministry can

go forth

all right now

let's keep moving

the scripture says love does not delight

in evil but it rejoices in truth

it always trusts always hopes always


see it rejoices with truth okay we shall

know the truth and the truth shall make

you free love is all about truth now

when you love somebody we think you know

you don't hurt their feelings you don't

do anything that would offend them no

love is telling people the truth and

here's the thing you can have a hard

conversation with somebody but if it's

wrapped in love you might have some

disagreements it may get a little ugly

but if that if the other individual

understands that the intent is i'm

trying to do what's best for you i love

you so much that i'm trying to help you

and see it says always protects always

trust always hopes always perseveres

protects means hey i got your back

i love you i got your back always trust

always hopes

sometimes we have to love people so much

that we believe in them more than they

believe themselves

we have to we have to have a hope in

them that hey god can work in this

individual it always perseveres

always perseveres what do you mean

another aspect of the fruit is long


lung suffering just like it sounds

suffering long i wish there was a

different definition but that's what it


slowness in avenging wrongs

gentleness kindness pleasant as harsh

hard sharp bitter kindness

meekness strength under control god is

the almighty he is all-powerful

but he's meek

in ancient greece war horses were

trained to be meek strong and powerful

yet under control and willing to submit

meekness is not weakness it is actually


under control under what control control

of the spirit control of love

and temperance self-control the virtue

of one who masters his desires and

passions especially his sensual

appetites see all of these are

characteristics of love

now i'm going to give you a couple

one-liners and i'm going to bring the

uh our shofar blower here

bishop td jake says

what are people getting when they get


what happens when people come in your


are they getting a facade

are they truly eating from the fruit of

the tree

spirit of life

three-time golden globe award-winning

actor jim carrey says

the effect you have on others

is the most valuable currency there is

the effect you have on others is the

most valuable currency there is listen


apostle talked a lot last week about

being an influencer

if we really really want to be an

influencer if we really want to

influence if we really want to bring the

gospel to the nations

we must come bearing fruit and that

fruit is love

and i'm going to leave you with this

second corinthians 5 14 says for

christ's love compels us because we are

convinced that one died for all and

therefore all died jesus christ died for

us he died for us paul said christ jesus

came to save sinners of who i am the

worst first timothy 1 and 15 the new

international version version

everybody needs god's love look look at

what's happening in the world we have to

be led by the spirit and we have to

bring god's fruit see god's love that is

the key to inspiration that is the key

to motivation

if we want to go after it if we want to

inspire people to pursue god's purpose

let's do it in a spirit of love brian



uh yeah


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