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IPTV: Students on college planning

Published June 13, 2023, 10:20 a.m. by Courtney

Idaho high school students talk about their hopes and concerns as they think about higher education in this segment from "Journey to College." a 90-minute program on Idaho Public Television airing Monday night.

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sandpoint high school senior brady luck

spends a couple evenings a week jamming

with friends brady discovered the fiddle

at the age of six when he tagged along

with a friend to watch his music lessons

it looked like it was so much fun and so

I talked my mom into letting me take

some fiddle lessons from that same gal

and it just took off from there I just

loved it and I've been doing it ever

since after the jam session at home in

the family garage another passion

another skill when he was younger he

developed an interest in mechanical work

Brady asked his parents for his own

tractor at this time they said no but he

had another plan it's short of getting a

tractor or he'll pick up to work on

mowers were something more like

chainsaws and stuff like that I can kind

of pick him up without my parents having

too much saying it Brady's small engine

repair shop allows him to earn extra

money and get his hands dirty his

proficiency in welding and his

leadership abilities qualified him to be

his school's student project manager for

the construction of an aluminum boat the

whole level of complexity

trying to get it clean and the different


more difficult to deal with when you're

welding so that's been really

brady's interested in lots of things but

he's not entirely sure about his

ultimate career I want to have a job

where I can be outside doing something

in the woods with the land that's kind

of my my direction and now how exactly

i'm going to do that i haven't quite

figured out i think i'm forestry i'm

interested in forestry or agriculture or

a geology brady's already been accepted

at the university of idaho University of

Montana and Montana State but his

decision about where to go to college

will be based on scholarship offers

asked why more Idaho high school

students don't go to college bridge says

many have access to jobs right out of

high school and don't think long term I

think sometimes you people don't realize

you know living in a small town or

something they may not see quite all of

the opportunities that are available to

them I feel like that college experience

is going to be very valuable to me just

as a person I think you know it'll make

me better prepared to handle whatever

career I end up doing and just the

complications that life will throw at

you having a college education will make

me better equipped to deal with that

sandpoint high school post-secondary

transition counselor der Lyn Meyer says

helping students determine their

long-term goals is a process that should

begin early I think talking about it

that not necessary saying you have to go

to college but we want you to figure out

something that will give you some kind

of skill to make a living wage it's

helping students realize what is a

living wage and to help the students

kind of find some type of career that

will open the doors to making that

living wage for other students college

is an opportunity to build on what

they've already learned to discover a

career or even to help grow the family


I just missed dallin Brady is graduating

from Kimberly high school unlike most

seniors he has a lot to worry about

right now it says FFA project so what I

do is I run a small herd of what's

called weather dams is the term that we

use and what that is is its use that are

bred and we keep track of their genetics

and their lineage and we will sell the

offspring and use them for show and

dallin is passionate about his work he's

successful it shows and he's been able

to earn some money but it's not enough

he sees the importance of a college

education for me I've had success like

you said but it's really just been in

the show ring and for me that ends this

year because I'm a senior so my plans

and what it really helps me do is I'm

going to go major in animal science and

be a geneticist or you could major in

animal reproduction and the knowledge

that I have now I'm gonna be able to use

in my career and something that I that I

have a passion for and love about love

doing that I've been doing for about

five years now I'll be able to do till I

retire dallin looks forward to a degree

that will move his farm forward and he's

happy to offer advice to others

considering a college education to just

find a passion that you have no matter

if it's not gonna be one that's like a

doctor or a pro athlete maybe it's just

something small fishing game warden or

you know a secretary or being with

somebody dental hygienist just do

something that you love whether it's

helping people or being schoolteacher

and go get a degree for that because in

the long run in the end you'll be able

to do the hobbies and go to a career and

have a job every day that you love

members of the sandpoint high school

dance club up before dawn for practice

and have another session before they go

home in the afternoon three dancers are

pursuing college with the same sense of

dedication but only one has a clear

career goal to be a language interpreter

or cultural consultant so it was easier

for me to narrow down my college list by

saying what schools have good language

programs and how many languages is this

school offer or do they have good study

abroad programs and I think that was

really helpful for me in choosing dance

team partner Matty sliced her nose she

likes science but she'll go to college

without a clearly defined career goal

I'm planning on studying biomedical

engineering because I couldn't decide

between engineering and a medical

program so i found a major that combine

the two and i'm hoping that college will

help me figure out what it is that i

like for sure and then i'll go from

there was a career and Jordan Garrett

who know she wants a good college

education but has no idea about her

future career I really you know i'm

interested in english and sociology and

biology and astronomy so I don't it's so

wide that I just have no idea what I

would want to do that I can definitely

take courses and classes and what I'm

interested in and from there find what I

want to do hopefully that's my hope it's

okay not to know exactly what you want

to do forever the average person you

know they change their major four times

in college and right now I think the

last study that most people have for you

know major career changes in their life

it's okay to find a starting place and

knowing that the doors will open up and

your your you know your path will go

down different roads



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