April 12, 2024


Published June 13, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Bethany

MOST INSANE lankybox challenges EVER! (lankybox ON TV, JELLY FRUIT challenge, & MORE!)

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in this video you will see the most

insane lanky box challenges ever we try

crazy jelly fruit candy transform into

miraculous ladybug and even do an insane

five nights at freddy's challenge stick

around to see the secret leaf footage of

what lanky box actually went on tv

let's go


is this thing on shh guys i am going to

pranky box adam imma get him back this

time we're gonna eat these jelly candies

on this show i'm gonna empty these and

i'm gonna fill up with some hot sauces

he's gonna have no idea it's gonna be

sick okay let's go hey i've seen these

all over tick-tock too okay we actually

had to pay a lot of money to get these

be very careful

you can't even find these anywhere

anymore do not lose these okay now

basically how you're supposed to use

these is you open them from the top and

you're just supposed to like drink them

oh really but how people are doing on

tick tock which is going viral is you

put them in your mouth and you literally

bite them and we actually made a tick

tock using them oh yeah okay so we

should play a game that's going really

big right now we're gonna take turns

eating these right but sometimes when

you bite them they just go in your mouth

but sometimes it like sprays everywhere

out so if it gets in your mouth that's a

hit but if it sprays everywhere else

that's a miss i will not miss okay i'm

gonna go first i'm gonna start with the

grape you guys see that that looks so

cool looks so satisfying okay here we go

let's see what i get

huh what are

how's it taste it's like great really

like pretty subtle but like i actually

like it on a scale of one to ten what

would you say i would probably give the

grape a

nine out of ten that's pretty high good

okay jessica will go in for the lemon or

is this pineapple this is a little

pineapple you gotta say the game before

you do it like i saw a tick tock hit or



hey that was like a mix dude was that a

hit or a minute that was a hit

this went straight into microphone

wait that was me their face is covered

with it that was wayne

or is it pineapple it doesn't really

taste like either just tastes sweet i

i'm thinking it's pineapple oh i lost

okay you want to play again yeah let's

go okay now uh there was a lot more of

these earlier do you know where the rest


i have no idea oh i didn't see him weird

weird okay well okay that's all right

i'm gonna go for an orange okay go for

the greenness okay hit or miss yeah


are you trolling it does taste good imma

go in for a green one oh this is so sad

okay hit or miss

oh no

oh no

no i didn't even get to taste it none of

us have gotten any of it in our mouth

i don't even think you understand how

much money we just wasted by doing that

and now it's just on the table these are

really expensive let's play one final

time this is to win the entire day oh

adam let me give you a special jelly i

found over here all right okay cool cool

cool cool cool oh it's the strawberry i

haven't tried that one yeah yeah i heard

that's like the best flavor i'm gonna

actually come in with the blindfold here

okay yeah that might actually help me

get a hit because i feel like when i can

see it like i like psych myself out and

i keep getting misses yeah true some of

the jelly kind of spilled out i think

this one was kind of loose when it came

in the jar okay there you go here you go

why is it covered with jelly i i don't

know the packaging must have been ripped

or something i don't know all right guys

here you go hit or miss i hope i get a

hit this time hit or miss


wait there's nothing in here no wait

what is that what is this

whoa where did the wall where did this

come from are you kidding me what not

only did you put hot sauce on one and

try and shrink me you had to open one of

these and waste it to do that i did not

waste it where did it go into my bed

you wanted to see if the yellow one was

lemon or pineapple right uh-huh you

could have one of the yellow ones and

find out for yourself okay okay cool

yeah cool cool cool


okay the hot sauce is kind of going away

i'm okay now i actually really like like

the packaging of these like

like the grape ones are like oh pretty

cool yeah these are sick okay here i got

a yellow one here for you okay okay here

you go you can find out if it's lemon or

pineapple now okay hit or miss all right

hit or miss on the yellow


what is this oh where did that go oh you

think i'm an idiot wait don't answer


don't waste the rare jellies are you

kidding me what you tried to drink me


that was such a waste no i'm so mad i am

recycling and reusing really the

packaging that was empty and i reused it

for a little pranky box i am

environmentally conscious adam okay adam

honestly i feel kind of bad i'm gonna

give you these remaining ones and

they're real yes they're real and also

my little secret stash you told me that

you didn't know where these were yeah

well hey well did you lie to me yes but

then i fell back

i forgive you my conscience came back

said justine don't

now a lot of you guys actually want to

know the flavors of these so i'm going

to try the red one last okay okay i'm

going to actually try and make this one

hit okay here we go hit or miss


how is it wow that's the best one i

think you tried all of them except green

tried the green that's really good

that's like intense strawberry is the

best yeah strawberry is definitely the

best it tastes like a like a sweet

strawberry like kool-aid kind of okay

okay and then hit or miss on the green

yeah green's kind of the worst of all of

them in my opinion yeah i don't really

like green but it looks the coolest it

does look really cool now not only do i

feel bad i want to make it up to you but

also i've seen on tick tock because i

didn't know we had these i was looking

at ways to make these at home oh a lot

of people want to learn how to yeah a

lot of people are like not even sure

where to get these or like they're

probably like sold out everywhere so

like a homemade version be great okay

let me show you guys how to make these

at home i actually saw this on tick tock

also you get some plastic wrap right

right okay you cut out a little square

okay okay and then you bring in some

jello cups like some pre-made jello cups

oh kool-aid oh yeah

okay okay

they actually have the same colors as

the real jelly they look similar right

they have grape or purple yeah they have

green for apple and they have red for

the strawberry okay uh make me a green

one okay six then you take a jello cup

open it up and you just plop it right

down in the middle uh-huh look at how

satisfying that is dude you take the

quarters you fold it up you twist it so

it becomes really tight tell me this

isn't pretty good wait this is actually

such like a good diy zero budget version

if you can't get these candy because

they're really rare this is actually

pretty close and you can actually play

hit or miss with this i saw it on tick

tock oh it must be true let us know if

you like the real one or justin's

version i actually think i might like

yours okay yeah you said you didn't like

the real green one maybe you'll like

this one more okay you can have the real

one i'll try this one let's see how we

do okay hit or miss on justin's version


how is it that is amazing let's go okay

your turn okay okay cool i'm gonna come

in with the great hit or miss

did it even get in your mouth yeah i got

some really i got like dismas

no way because i still feel sorry i'm

gonna make a triple colored rainbow

homemade diy tick-tock viral candy no

way yeah okay dude that would be like

combining three of these together dude

and it's gonna be so much crazier when

it pops

oh oh man this is so sick dude we now

have a homemade triple color silly okay

you gotta play hit or miss with that

this is too much responsibility adam i

made this for you this is a token of our

friendship and me being sorry here we go

okay here we go we're gonna play at the

same time dude these are so sick okay

i'll give a review of it too okay triple

color jello hit or miss here we go three

two one

oh i got a hit

oh that's so good wait this is actually

like a really cool like flavor like you

get some of the lime and then

or miss also some of the strawberry

i'm gonna go in for another quick bite

there's still some left dude this is

actually so good like the lime is like a

really nice like subtle green flavor

the strawberry tastes a lot like the

actual jelly fruit okay the grape i

actually think the grape of the kool-aid

jello cup is probably better than the

actual official jelly candy so this

could be really good like if you have

like a tank top party

i'm gonna go in for another bite really

quick these are awesome wait are you


today we are reacting to when we were on


okay now adam this is a real serious

video yeah this is no laugh

i will not laugh now if you guys have

ever seen those like my strange

addiction videos on like youtube or tv

or anything i was on one of them yeah

you were on the show you were in here i

was there the whole film crew came this

was an older video of ours this was a

couple of years old this was when i was

addicted to dabbing bruh yeah that's how

you know it's old now for those of you

guys who don't know dabbing show them a

dab but don't get addicted okay okay

that's a dab it's like a celebratory

move yeah exactly something cool you

just dab exactly look at my dab yeah

exactly exactly

foxy's not gonna dab she says sad reacts


this real sad okay we know this was a

very hard time in your life yeah and

what's also really crazy is this video

that we're about to watch went like

pretty viral and it got like 100 million

views how could it get a hundred million

views when there's only a hundred people

on the earth how are we gonna get five

million subscribers if there's a hundred

people on the earth i told you they each

subscribed like 50 000 times really

that's what i've been doing oh yeah

okay let's get into the video my name is

adam macarthur

and i'm addicted to tabbing bro

no no i'm emotional

you look like you're about to cry i was

about to cry you look like you're

actually just like 12 bruh i was about

to say i look the exact same oh really

put it right next to each other

maybe on tv you look younger i don't

know it's probably the camera the camera

but i'm on camera here too there's a


yeah bro what'd you think we were

talking to a dope nut okay here we go uh

i don't really remember when it started

bruh uh

i've had issues going on oh wait there

you are

oh i have repressed these memories we

used to go on public animals and start

dabbing they took the camera crew into

the store and i just couldn't help

myself dude

it came out of violence

crazy he lost control dude i didn't even

recognize myself because i had the old

glasses and the old hair guys yeah that

was a different me and this was a

different you so this is before we met

foxy and boxy foxy says i was always

there really she said i was watching

over you

i was worried thanks he says you barely

made it out of this addiction here we go

bro the worst part is bruh the song

doesn't even need to be lit for him to

do it bruh i've seen him dab to shawn

mendes okay oh

no that's how you know it's not i'm

gonna take that back shawn mendes is lit

sean does is pretty lit with the lord

mendez with the prod men there but

normally it's not his music that you dab

to that's why i cry every time he comes

on the radio me too

okay you got some good dabbing form

though thanks man that's a good dab a

lot of practice i think i caught him

once doing into the sound of a microwave

going off bruh oh i remember that day

like it was yesterday i was heating up

some pizza bites those are yours in the

microwave yeah well i couldn't even eat

them because adam was in front of it

just dabbing i'm sorry for that i want

to apologize okay i still ate them they

were just cold that's okay

man you look like you're about to cry

there i did cry there i actually cried

there's been times where uh my dabbing

has put me and my friends in danger bro

no i remember we were going to the

drive-thru then too bro we do not

condone this no do not stab and drive do

not even dance when you're driving right

drive safe that's why i can't drive this

is literally why my mom drives us

everywhere because she does not die you

are not allowed to drive anymore after

this yeah i never knew how in the first

place i'd be sitting on the side that's

the order window yeah yeah yeah we were

going to mickey d here i was getting the

mcdouble you were getting the mcdouble

oh i crashed my car i remember that bro

i actually remember this like it was

yesterday when you crashed that car my

life flashed before my eyes yeah i'm

really sorry about that i saw all the

food i had eaten

last right before you died i saw all the

roadblocks i had played yeah this is a

really stressful time dude this is hard

times man yeah and a lot of people had

to see us go through this are you

dabbing across yeah i was angry i said

adam are you dabbing or crying what is

that both okay


that was identical yeah to be honest

things have been really looking up

lately things got better wow you get

better look at how happy you're getting

a lot happier happy justin yeah


so it's been about two months since i

last dabbed uh haven't done it once i

feel great wow i had him two whole

months without doing it dab yeah this is

when i was all better yeah you're on the

phone with someone take out her

oh i don't have those i have my life

back together i've never been happy

up here

like fly or something bruh was it a fly

no it was a bee

okay adam was swatting i've never been

happy that's all real good

dude look at my form

you're there to rescue me i had to save

you dude but now you're you're all

better now i'm all better if you stab

now are you back to being addicted

no i don't want to do it anymore okay

nice nice nice okay now around the same

era in the lanky chronicles yeah okay as

the dabbing video we also made the

chicken nugget song this video really

got 11 million views

a little thing that most people don't

see what is on your hat now it's a

little easter egg guys i got a chicken

nugget glued to my hat

that took a while to get on i still have

the hat but with

dude this song is so lit

okay the body rolls

chicken breasts


foxy and boxy might have exposed us on

their channel this was the computer

generated image really yeah she was on a

green it was a green screen because

people be asking in the comments i

thought they said they had no friends

that's true we have to edit them in can

i hate you and you don't know what to do

just get down to one


justin's proposing how can you turn

somebody down with a chicken nugget ring


you were about to cry there that's such

a sweet moment oh i did cry i had to

give away that joke i was saving it oh

adam's in the gym yo you're getting

swole thanks man yeah i was trying i was

trying real hard with that what's that

like a five a ten it's a two and a half

i'm working my way up still i'm only one

i'm just going for tone not balls i'm

going for both protein oh stuffing

protein in your face chicken nuggets do

have a lot of protein that's true that

sweet and sour power

okay now which sauce do you like

i mean clearly the honey mustard gotcha

flustered well let me see if i can hit

that face again

what your mom says you could go to



that makes sense that was in the final

test before grass


oh man she's lonely because all of her

friends have a man and now she no longer

has a husband no yeah she turned me down

yeah damn start to feel alone then you

grab your phone

oh a love of her own wow that love is

nugget she realized she don't need no

relationship she's a strong independent

person with yeah exactly that's all you

need that's all you need she says that's

all justin has

it's nuggets and are you happy yeah yes

yeah yeah

i'm strong

i cried but i do it in private you just

did it on camera that's a camera yeah

i'm always wanting okay


this is not science based but i swear

fun shaped nuggets like dinosaur shaped

nuggets taste better than normal yeah

leave a comment guys let me know if you

agree with this yeah all food in the

shape of something fun scientifically

tastes better what if we released our

own line of donuts or gummy treats in

the shape of foxy boxy or dude what if

you made a foxy and boxy cereal with

like little pieces of boxing boxes like

marshmallows yeah

that would be insane oxo treats yeah

nice hold up

tender in the middle true tastes so good

gotcha thinking that's it


okay okay okay these two videos were

sick this is old lanky box era but these

are classic videos yeah classic i was

addicted to nuggets here and you were

addicted to dabbing in the other video

at least one of us has recovered me yeah

this was great adam we took a nice trip

down memory lane i'm gonna go take a

nice trip to mickey d

what is up guys we got a super special

video for you so we are gonna be

reacting to a bunch of the

transformations from miraculous ladybug

we're gonna be ranking them and then

we're actually gonna do our own

transformations at the end of this video

which looks super cool and you guys

gotta let us know which one you like

best and we're gonna transform into

superheroes yeah dude it's gonna look

sick what's this bro okay so this is a

compilation of a bunch of

transformations from the show and this

thing has super amount of views right

okay yeah and so basically we're gonna

watch all these guys and we're gonna

give our rating and then at the end

we're gonna make our own transformation

video okay let's go dude

oh we got ladybug up the back


the earrings



we're red

okay got the yo-yo bruh


that was super clean now you attempted

that move in a zero budget and i did

yourself here you gonna put that

clip here

i'm gonna edit the video



yeah guys i tried this in real life it

didn't go that well but she obviously

did a great job that's crazy oh now i

get what you mean by transformations

these are crazy man i'mma say 9.5 out of

10. 9.5 out of 10. i would put this one

at probably yet 10 out of 10 honestly

already 10 10. yeah you got to start

high that was sick okay let's go

let's close out

why he got this swag


okay i like that because ladybug did

like the two-handed mask reveal he just

did the one-handed like flick so i don't

know both of those are really good what

are you talking about like go to

ladybugs when she

freeze framed in here

right there yeah okay that was cool but

he did a one-handed with like a little

flick let me confirm what you're saying

okay okay so i think both of those are

pretty cool i'm gonna say this is a nine

this was sick what do you mean

i'm coming in ten out of ten once again

you're gonna give them both attention

yeah coming in hot with the ten out of

ten all right let's go to the next one

let's go oh bro

don't cry

why would i cry because you get scared

when he's on the team i don't

you're confusing him with mayor hall

ginger oh

it's a different show

all right all right whoa your eyes just

get watery oh i'm just saying that's

like how your mouth gets watery you

start drooling when you think of



yeah that was kind of scary




two out of ten what i don't like that

one what because it wasn't as flashy and

he's really scary so wow two out of ten

i feel like he needed some like flare

yeah that one it wasn't as crazy as the

others let me think real hard let me say

i'm gonna say 10 out of 10. no you can't

give 10 to all of them

let me do what i want just because you

yell louder doesn't mean you oh yeah

that's my page justin remember what my

mom said stop what she said she said we

had a question

for one day

she said we had to be more quiet when we

filmed these videos so she's gonna get

mad remember yeah we had the neighbors

call they didn't like it when we

screamed they said it sounds like a zoo

in here what yeah

well the way they throw the rock through

our window

well maybe because they just like rocky

i thought they wanted to hear us scream

even louder oh no

okay so i gave this 2 out of 10. just to

give it 10 let's go


the necklace bro

with the double hand reveal

into the spin okay got the ears okay


another spin oh man

dab at the end bruh is that gonna push

it higher than 10 out of 10. damn

i would say for me this is a 9.5 out of

10. i'm holding out my 10 for like the

best best one in my opinion okay what do

you guys think let me talk with the

judges i mean foxy is a fox right yeah

now you said you weren't gonna give tens

to all i won't so what do you what are

you official right here is damn

damn out of ten

okay aqua ladybug

also with the earring

all right it's similar it's very similar

it's not the same

so you got scales wow

and fans that's pretty crazy i'ma be

honest i like this a lot would i rate

this higher than the classic ladybug

transformation i would say

i'll give this a 9 out of 10. okay what

would you rate i'd give this about

three nemos

that's almost six doors

all right let's see it right

bruh bruh got the gothic got the got the

tiara like elsa oh got the ice skates



and the pose

well this is really cool because if it

ever gets really cold she can turn from

the aqua ladybug into the ice ladybug

she can go from swimming in the water to

ice skating on top of that true i'll

give this a

9.4 out of 10. so it's still what was

the original transformation 9.5 9.5

that's still the top one okay i agree

you're going to give it a 9.4 out of 10.

no i didn't say that i'm gonna give it


i would say

okay so it's okay okay same same moves

but different outfit you know what i

mean right okay i also got ice skates yo

whip out the swag on them wow

oh yeah it's not the same moves it's

totally different i'm totally confused

that's pretty lit bro it's ice skating

move you try to hit that pose i don't

even think you could man to remind you

guys adam used to be a gym nest that's

it right there

yeah i would rate that

is that good or bad i mean

oh okay yeah i would say this is an

eight out of ten i would say it's about

six fudgsicles worth of ice cream on

this one okay that's pretty good that's

my rating queen bee okay


okay i would say

seven out of ten only because i wish

that they'd integrated either some more

bees flying around them or maybe some

honey into the transformation like maybe

she had to like take some honey eat it

and then she became a bee

i think it could have been cool okay

that reminds me of how i added my

transforming our superheroes i like this

one a lot because you know my superhero

persona is macaroni and beasts right

here's these mama's boy yeah you

transform you drink milk


that's what you're thinking huh exactly

strong milk for strong bones yeah look

at how strong i am


this one was sick i like this one a lot

you know what i mean because i can

relate to the bees you know what i mean

right right like this one okay buzz buzz

you know what i mean bugs buzz i would

rate that with a buzz buzz that's a good

rating okay let's go


that was good i like that i like the

break dancing i like how we had the hood

come up at the end that was a really

nice addition i would say

seven out of ten

i would say seven on yeah yeah yeah yeah

i love turtles i like turtles


i like turtles you know that turtle

shell you can't remove it like it's part

of its body what like a turtle you think

i should be able to remove it like it's

wearing a hat you know how like a snail

is just like a like a slug but it crawls

inside of a shell no that's part of the


you try and take it off a snail no but

like a turtle its shell is like a body

like it's not like what did you think it

was a piece of clothing it was wearing i

thought it just found them and like wore

them where do you find a shell turtles

what like other turtles old shells so

they've been passing around shells yeah

centuries that's crazy though isn't it

just cause jessie wears your


it doesn't mean that's how the world



is this box part of your body




don't taste me

rocky says this rock is part of my body

you are a rock rocky what you're just a


why would you say that

that's i'm horns in a rock

i'm a


is he just wearing a box or is he a box

i don't know

don't ask questions you can't answer do

you want to know the truth can it

who raped these two candies

oh boy bro

oh man we're back to the evil side


oh she got the bird feathers bro you see

that i did see that the bird feathers

bro i would say

you haven't working on your bird

impressions recently i got outside

that's my hobby i do bird calling

it's so funny no it's funny to hear you

i would say this is six out of ten

really i think it's better than hawk

moths and not as good as any of the

other people okay i respect your opinion

lady noir whoa





that was pretty crazy bruh wow this

might take the lead from me that was a

really cool hair transformation

i would say

9.6 out of 10. this is the new leader

what would you rate it foxy i like all

of them yeah what's your favorite so far

the one with the person transforming in

it right that's all of them foxy


carefully why

okay all right that was pretty sick bro

yeah we got mr bug



looking really good so far

i like the kick okay

not as good as ladybugs that was the

same that was sick i'm gonna say 9 out

of 10. still good but not as good as the

ladybug because the hair wasn't as cool


i like it

i can tell you don't don't lie i like it

but i don't love it but i love you rocky

and i like you cool

that rocks say that what

do you love me don't tell me what to say

but do you love me i already know the

answer rocky you rock and thanks rocky i

would say this is a seven out of ten man

you're like don't give 10 out of 10

every night just getting seven

so what's the difference yeah i mean

i gave it 2 out of 10 to hawk mob


okay that one has

some swag you know i mean

with the little snake tongue too that

was that was pretty legit i'm gonna be

honest 10 out of 10. that's my first 10

out of 10. okay that is a near perfect


higher than ladybug yeah because ladybug

might have more i would rate you 20 out

of 10.

you rock okay

you say that a lot

let's see what that one


gotta be adam's favorite bro because

adam be jumping rope dude 20 out of 10.

you said 20 out of 10. i love jumping

rope guys it's one of my favorite things

to do adam be jumping rope all day you

know i mean he loves to do this just

jump rope and stuff yeah

bro okay respect we got dragon bug bro


short but sweet

yeah i would say that one is a 9.5 out

of 10.

so guys let us know your trash you raise

your trash you haven't even been ready


10 minutes i did what did you rate the

last one one last one huh what i rated

all of them yeah you forgot to rate like

the last one

you know what justin we're gonna settle

this well only one way

i think i can beat you in a

transformation what you think you can

make a cooler transformation to me yeah

let's find out okay here we go


my macaroni and bees

it's time for milk

here we go

okay guys make sure to leave a like and

let us know whose transformation you

liked best



that's your super hot right you can

drink milk faster than anyone else yeah

drink it


drink it


yeah finish

drink it


i'm a bee

this video is over i quit

today we're doing the extreme try not to

laugh challenge okay guys we each have

five lives i will not laugh don't laugh

guys okay



okay adam down one heart immediately off

some bears just dancing right you see


you see that dance no i gotta win this

challenge you down one heart already bro

try not to laugh come on now guys

there's some videos in here i'm very

worried about because i think i'm gonna

laugh we'll see okay this looks like

five nights at freddy's

where are you


who wants candy




are you serious are you even trying

don't look at me like that you left

because she said


it's like me when the dominoes shows up

at the door

the whole video she just hate pizza out

the trash it's funny how she said it i

i'm not good at not laughing and it's

down to three hearts okay i'm not gonna

laugh on the next one sure are you sure

you're not laughing though cause i

haven't even started this video my

friend oh no

what's wrong


what's wrong with you bro what


oh yeah

oh yeah

i don't wanna laugh

hilarious it's hard but like are you

serious what's funny about that there's

what's funny about that roast of dancing

pandas with the bird

flying at a panda booty


no i'm still at five hearts my man down

two hearts i'm not gonna laugh at that i

laughed really hard in the last night of

that video i lost

this one i'm gonna win guys i'm gonna

force myself not to laugh force yourself

you got two hearts i don't think panda



okay it's gregory from five nights at





oh it's the moon boss





don't mess with him greg gregory

really though what was funny about that

bro i'm laughing because i'm trying not

to laugh and it's hard not to laugh that

makes a lot of sense adam okay back to

the pandas

trying to drinking some coca-cola





you gotta be king bro

i had to pick these videos just so you

guys know it was me and foxy what no


i've never seen these why would you lie

me and foxy and milky thought these

milky wash these bro

they do these


you don't think this is funny foxy you

laughing at a panda party right you got

no no response i you laugh too

you laugh i like you laughing bro uh all

right let's watch it again then



are you kidding me

he's floating away

like you gotta be kidding me bro this

what makes you laugh man i'm trying not

to it's funny because it's so dumb

that's why i'm laughing dumb now it's

not dumb that's normal and natural watch

yeah so yeah he farted out

yeah and what bro and what

nice baby yeah

that makes you giggle doesn't it no it's

funny because it's so immature that's

very much you guys following me i'm

laughing because you uh

me oh is this my fault let's go the next

video man oh the next video is still the

panda nice


like down

yeah wow


what is this so

you like dancing


you always dance like that

so i thought you'd like it



i like the one i like this one

you don't like this one as much no not

really bro not as much as you do i don't

know guys i think the score is pretty

close i have not i can't see the hearts

right now but you lost a long time ago

bro i think we're close right this will

you be watching in your first

it is right no i didn't even laugh at

this one this you did

okay there's a tick talk about

kanto kanto okay

she picked up a donkey


it wasn't a donkey it was penny wise

that's funny to you bro yeah it's the

wrong donkey it's pennywise you out here

laughing at a pennywise breedy i'm not

laughing at a pennywise booty that's

what you just laughed i'm laughing

because you think it's going to be a

donkey and it's penniless


not everything is booty josh it is to

you you just keep saying food you got

baby on your brain okay there's five

nights at freddy's freddy

you're supposed to be on lockdown

vanessa he told me that the life of my

dreams would be promised in someday

you're supposed to be on lockdown

vanessa he told me that the life of my

dreams would be promised and so


we have about negative five hearts right

now bro

no bro guys i really did try to not

laugh on this i feel like i let everyone

down that people were rooting for me to

beat justin finally a lot of us were

rooting for you adam i didn't think i

was gonna laugh we were rooting for you

to be more mature than laughing just the

blue shaking pandas but that's all it

takes to crank you up crack me like an

egg you're thinking about boo

well i've defeated k in this game i've

never lost yet wow

we'll see if adam can get me next time

it's pretty close today we are playing

real or cake cake or fake bro what is

this yeah so we're gonna look at stuff

that is either actually made of cake or

a real object and we gotta decide which

one it is okay is this real or cake i

think it's real you think it's real

toilet paper i think they tried to trick

us by putting like the jelly around it


do you think it's cake dad i think

that's cake bro all right it's cake

please be real please please real it

looks like cake please

what are you doing think of how much

cake you have had in your life gordon

ramsay's gonna be very upset if he sees

this i got chef's hat on everything all

right next round gets a point there okay

i'm an idiot how i fall for that okay is

this cake or is this real that's gotta

be cake best cake bro cause look it's

like wobbly yeah

bro if this is real i will be very

surprised whoa oh cake whoa that's so

satisfying i'm hungry


imagine taking a bite of that that bite

would be so tall

i'm getting hungry dude i can't keep

playing okay is this a cake burger or

zero that's a real burger bro that's

cake what look at the meat that's gotta

be real i think for some reason it's

cake that's i think they're trying to

trick us with the with the i'm thinking

that's real i think that's real

you don't think i don't make double when

i see it you're right i forgot who i was

messing let's go okay cake or nah it's

gotta be a cake nah it's reverse

psychology bro that's definitely cake

now what if it's like a box underneath

and they just frosted it i think it's

not i think cake nah you think it's cake

i think it's fake yeah it's not no way

i'm a genius

what the heck i just ruined a perfectly

good laptop yeah how are you gonna use

your macbook after that i'm talking

about bro why would they do that now

they got frosting all over the keyboard

what are you doing

all right eggs or cake okay that's gotta

be eggs bro oh wait they're really shiny

i've never seen i think they're real i

think they're just wet i think they're

cake i don't even know what the score

they have but i think it's pretty close

i think it's cake man i think that's

real i've never seen eggs this shiny i

think they're real they're so shiny


let's go oh you're so good at this game

i ate a lot of cake

so oh bro can you imagine eating that

that looks yummy guys play along see if

you do better than us okay this got to

be real that's gotta be there's no way

that's a cake it's like reflecting the

metal there's no way that's a cake right

a hundred percent this is real this is

not this is a cake this is is this a

cake bro you're kidding no way this is a

cake bro that's got to be real



we are indians how is that possible wait

what hey that's not really fair because

i think i think this is like a real

clock they couldn't have put cake inside

oh like that oh

you know what i mean like if they just

filled it yeah that's insane yeah but

it's still cake we still lost wow okay

cake or iphone okay it's reflecting it

has to be an iphone it's reflecting the

flowers on the phone yeah wait it looks

like you think they would just put

frosting on their phone though yeah i'm

gonna say cake bro it's got to be a

phone i'm gonna say kate yolo it's

reflecting the knife you can have a

reflective cake it has to be real it's

real cake or destroyed laptop it's a

laptop what do you think

cake or not

that's real how's that a cape

real laptop

yeah no it was already a destroyed

laptop oh

cake or fake that's cake that's soap

that's cake i think that's a sponge

that's cake bro that's a sponge bro dude

you're fake it's cake oh you're right

don't eat that though cake or a shoe i

think that's a regular shoe with

frosting on it

i think so wait they just like ruined

their computers their shoes what i think

it's cake bro i think it's real

oh yeah it's real oh no it's cake not as

cake bro no way

way going back

holy moly i'm terrible in this game guys

you having fun watching

nah this is not fair this is not a cake

they filled a shoe with cake oh

but how did they cut it so perfectly

they like already cut it and then

they're just pretending oh

that's how it looks so realistic that

pencil is case what about this piece of

paper that pepper

i don't even know

dude this is cake these pens are cake

okay yeah i think you're right the

sharpie definitely looks like bro that's

cake yeah yeah oh yeah oh yup wow

oh yeah what is that supposed to be

think hard about it okay that's gotta be

cake bro look it looks like there's

frosting on it it looks like a syrup be

careful be careful it looks really yummy

oh we got ketchup on the cake

what is that supposed to be i don't know

okay okay that's gotta be real that's

real that's gotta it's gotta be real no

i'm just filling an airpod with cake

what the heck okay this is the hardest

one they say that's cake bro that's a

real pair uh

peach peach i meant my guys say that's a

real pale they sound similar peach pears

cake bro this cake that's a real pizza

that's cake wow i got it


i'm not falling for this again that's

cake nah it's fake that's toilet paper

that's toilet paper that's toilet paper

it better be you it better be toilet

paper you sure yeah oh you're right what

no it's not it's totally didn't put cake

stop it it looks like ravioli yeah yeah

that's cake okay i'm pretty sure that's

cake i don't know this cake wow it is

cake was that supposed to be okay that's

obviously cake i don't even know anymore

i think it's real i taste cake oh

they're having to push really hard i

think that's metal bro

how am i so bad at this game

this is so troll because this is metal

yeah cake inside so the outside is real

but the inside decade is this cake are

real that's real real cheese look at the

cheese that's got to be real looks real

yummy why they cut it like that bro that

looks so tasty are you kidding me yum

yeah you can see the melty cheese yes

it's a bird oh what pumpkin that's real

there's no way there's a cake there's no

way unless they just stuffed a pumpkin

with some cake and called it a cake

that's probably what they did i think

this is real dude i mean they're using a

butter knife you can't cut a pumpkin

that's real so it's real it's a real

pumpkin it's your pokemon let's go let's

go okay tape or cake cake that's cake no

it's not this cake this cake tell me

it's cake yup yup oh yup no way oh

what kind of cake is that is it a potato

or cake

potato or cake okay it's cake it's

potato cake

i can't win but that one that one's

gotta be real because this is real

this one's actually pretty realistic

that's actually really good oh okay this

is tricky that is a bottle of pepsi that

they just put chocolate syrup on it i

think it's cake no way no way

why do i even bother playing this i'm so

bad i'm playing against someone that

eats cake for every meal of the day i'm

a professional cake eater yeah no chance

okay cake or alive live the lime looks a

little too shiny now it's a lie that's

alive i know lime when i see it come on

that's a lime let's go yeah it's just a

shiny little lime oh boy this is hard i

has cake i think it's real it's cake

is it real

wow wait that's okay that's actually

legit that was an actual cake bro you

see that yeah that's sick that's really

cool wow chocolate wow cake or plum

apple oh that's definitely a real plum

very suspicious that's a real plum

ladies and gentlemen i'm gonna go with

real yeah it's real okay cake

real it's cage bro but they're just

gonna fill cake in their hands cake it's

cake is cake

got that one real this is a hat i think

so okay that looks like cake okay yeah

obviously those are real okay what's

this a lemon a lemon that's cake you're

not even guessing anymore i think it's


okay whoa

egg flavor cake i ain't planning it's

kitty cause cake that's a real eggplant

it's cake no no it's cake it's gotta be

cake eggplant that's cake

no it's eggplant i got it right he said

that's cake at the last second try to

switch it up okay last one that's a real

lemon i okay that's the last round if

this is not a real lemon i'm turning the

video off i'm going cake that's a real

lemon i'm going cake i'm going cake that

is a real lemon yes

what's your name hi my name is justin

and i'm here to do some fidget spinner

tricks for you today best of luck this

means everything to me this one's for

you mom

sometimes when i think about my life i

really do think spinning is my destiny

honestly justin it feels like he was

born to spin when i think back to my

childhood i just remember my parents

spinning me around and

those are really some of the only times

i felt free i think growing up i wasn't

really good at that many things so i'm

hoping with this act i can just

just really make my parents proud


honestly i feel like with this act

we can really win it all



i really really love what you just did

and i loved it so much that i'm gonna

hit the gold





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