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Meekah's Medieval Playground | Educational Videos for Kids | Blippi and Meekah Kids TV

Published June 13, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Bethany

meekah goes on a magical quest to find colorful dragons all around Lost Worlds, a medieval-themed indoor playground.

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Explore the wonderful world with blippi and meekah. There are so many exciting things to explore and learn. Feed your kids’ curiosity while they learn about vehicles, animals, the natural world and so much more. blippi and meekah help aid children‘s understanding of the world and encourage vocabulary development. Join the adventures as blippi and meekah visit exciting places such as children’s museums and the zoo! They love singing, dancing, playing and exploring. Their contagious curiosity engages young viewers in learning adventures that help them grow and develop.

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so much to learn

hey it's me Mika today I'm at a very

cool place called Lost World's myth and

magic in Las Vegas Nevada

oh that was a magical moment

do you see those statues

let's go check them out


wait you're not a statue hello my lady I

am sir Adam of the kingdom of lost

worlds hello sir Adam I'm Mika nice to

meet you nice to meet you too and Mika I

have a mystical Quest can you please

help me with it oh yeah the baby dragons

of the Kingdom have escaped can you

please help us find them of course

here's a scroll with your instructions

oh whoa

okay we have to find these baby dragons

there's a blue one a green one a purple

and a red dragon

will you help me find them

great do I have everything I need for my

mythical Quest all you need is your Lost

World safety socks oh and remember to

follow the dragon Footprints help you

find the babies great follow the dragon

Footprints okay let's go thank you

you're welcome

whoa whoa check out this Castle

there are lots of places where baby

dragon to hide here oh we're gonna find

you baby dragon

look at these trees

whoa they're so tall let's count how

many trees there are



oh and look I see another Forest

check it out this is a cylinder hey you

know what else is shaped like a cylinder

yeah tree trunks wow this is a very

Enchanted Forest

and look look a bridge whoa okay let's

go over the bridge like a night on a

horse ready

oh do you see that hot scotch

yeah I have an idea let's hop on the

orange numbers do you know which ones

are the orange numbers


two and six okay let's hop away


whoa a boat let's get inside

I like sailing with my best friends

being brave and flying dragons

okay let's keep going


a whole herd of horses yeah I'm gonna

press the red button see what happens


here we go


out do you see what I see yeah Dragon


wow let's count how many there are



three three

Footprints hmm let's look at our scroll

what does it say

follow the footprints to find where the

baby dragons layer is oh it must be that

way let's go

hey hey there are more Footprints we

must be getting closer


I bet the baby dragon is in there let's

go for a swim and find our first baby

dragon okay ready

okay let's swim



we found a baby dragon

and it's blue just like this ball fish

Castle we did it great job

okay baby dragon let's go find your

other friend


this Quest is getting so exciting let's

keep finding baby dragons

hey there's a dragon right there

no but not the baby dragons we're

looking for

but look at this more cylinders

this looks like a skyscraper


peekaboo I see you

whoa check this out over here

flights oh and inner tubes too let's

count the inner tubes





and they're so colorful do you know what

these colors are

yes yellow and blue

whoa and look more Dragon footprints

I wonder where they lead

I know I'll get a tube and slide down

this is gonna be so fun here we go

three two one

that was so fun


what's that


I think we just found our next dragon


hey baby dragon

look we found the red dragon awesome job

okay let's go look for more of its



oh cool

more Dragon Footprints yep we must be

headed in the right direction

oh check it out boxes hmm I wonder if

there are any dragons inside

let's count the boxes

one two three

the boxes

I know let's make a beat

dragons come out and play we've been

looking all day dragons come out and

play don't be afraid it'll be okay

Wow Let's head up this ramp


wow this whole room is purple one of my

favorite colors

let's ask this Dragon for help

excuse me have you seen any baby dragons

no okay thanks anyway

maybe they're over here

let's search far and wide hmm


nope let's keep exploring


oh maybe over here

hello baby dragons where are you

check it out more Footprints let's see

where they lead


hey we found the purple dragon

three dragons found one more to go

whoa an obstacle course

and it's in a forest let's pretend to be

in a forest looking for our last dragon

this is our first obstacle

have to make it across the river okay

let's get in our boat

whoa we made it to land and look there's

the Big Forest wall to get over whoa

boom how do I get on top oh here we go

yeah we made it oh there's some more

water waves though

let's fly down oh

check it out some Vines let's take a

swing on these Vines

oh let's keep going whoa

whoa check out these logs

I wonder how we'll make it to the other

side oh I'll go under

I got it let's pretend to be squirrels

in a forest

whoa check out these rings

whoa this is a great Forest Adventure


and look I think I see Dragon Footprints


yeah we found some more footprints okay

let's see if there's a dragon on the

other side

excuse me

excuse me

oh Another Mountain let's give it a


climb climb climb climb


check it out

we found our last dragon

yeah okay let's check our scroll to make

sure we have all four dragons

let's see

we have blue and purple and red and

green great job friends we did it we did

it we never ever quit it we did it great


sir Adam we did it we found all the baby

jackets wonderful you have finally

returned them and completed your magical

quest which has earned you the right to

become a knight

hear that that we're not we're nice now


five six seven eight it's time to send a


bye sir Adam my nightmaker bye baby


wow that was such a magical Adventure I

had so much fun looking at those Dragon

Footprints and finding all the colorful

baby dragons

we played in a ball pit who went down a

slide and threw a nice obstacle course

great job

well that's the end of this video but if

you want to watch more of my videos all

you have to do is search for my name can

you spell my name with me


m-e-e-k-a-h Mika okay Knights see you


come on everyone




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