May 30, 2024

Red Dots vs Iron Sights: Pros & Cons #training

Published June 13, 2023, 2:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

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guys so big Pro for iron sights is their

reliability nothing more reliable than

irons the red dots you know they've come

a long way but they are electronic and

they can fail another advantage to iron

sights is being able to see them in your

periphery while you present a Target all

right guys so disadvantage to irons is

it's going to be a little bit slower due

to the fact that you have to align your

front and rear sight it's another

disadvantage is taking longer shots on

irons you know it's going to be a little

bit harder to do than on a red dot

all right guys starting off the big

advantages to red dots is they are

faster and more accurate to shoot next

biggest Advantage is it's easier to

maintain Target focus when presented

which is going to help you with Target

ID all right guys a big disadvantage to

red dots is you're going to be more

susceptible to environmental factors

that can stop you from seeing the Red

Dot it's another disadvantage to red

dots is the upkeep all right you got to

keep these things maintained and up and

running all right guys so let us know in

the comments you know your team red dot

your team iron sets you go back and

forth like we do let us know


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