June 20, 2024

Roblox Rainbow Friends Chapter 2: Odd World (FGTeeV)

Published June 13, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Bethany

Okay Yellows name is Yellacopter right? Cause if not, I'm just a genius! And if you don't believe that, watch the end of the vid! 🤪 Anyways the fgteev boys take on Cyan in Odd World with our unique scary sound! How many times did you hear it?

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no no wait we need to find hiding spots



I'm about to make my own scary sound

effect using this Rusty hoop

even now for how many times you hear

that sound come on Chase make it

easy to show boy Fiji drum on my son's

chasing Sean say what's up what's up we

are back and rainbow friends after like

a year I'm beating chapter one now it's

time to step inside the ring and play

Odd World we're climbing over the fence

we're hopping and sneaking in the odd


I forgot the word all right let's go we

hopped over we're running from security

yeah I got the goofiest walk ever dude

who is this why don't you just use Bowl

Cutters dude is trying to make arts and

crafts what in the world are you doing

out here what is this Sean is like what

are you doing out here old man I'm not

deaf Sean but I think you said monsters

why don't you all help me find the SOS

light every theme park has one that's

cool so we will alert people that

they're monsters in the theme park I

think yellow and pink are in the game

well Red's in the game

these are back this is cool like

animation this is going to be fun he's

evil I don't like him I know I'll go get

the others no what others

pink and yellow all right do I found

yellow I found him step on him crush him

find the light bulb wait what yo let me

get it good

this is laser tag I thought

you have to put in here oh it's another

light bulb wait what is oh my goodness

that's a ferris wheel wait did you just

get a light bulb wait zip I always do



there's blue there's blue weight it

started he's looking for us no no wait

we need to find hiding spots you guys

left me oh sorry son maybe you should

find your dad you are my again I am


um no I'm coming wait is this close

don't move I found a light bulb do what

I found blue Throne look at me I'm

stupid no tell me in blue no

wait we're all separating but I've got

three bulbs and I don't know where they

go me and Chase are next to each other

no way I want to be with you guys oh oh

more bulbs

oh my gosh I'm on Blues I'm on Blues

Ferris wheel

Nickelodeon oh I have to take the light

bulbs back to the laser

he's Boombastic side eyeing me

Sean you're going on the Drop Tower

oh my God

wait no guys Blue's coming Blue's right


oh my God that's so gross I'm kind of

sick I just coughed it out of my mouth

I think I'm gonna be sick


okay okay fine we'll go do something

since apparently having fun isn't


how are you rainbow roading oh yeah wait

wait you're a rainbow's racer fine we'll

go there but how many more do we have to

get we only found 11. hello Chase wait

these are contracts you promise not to

tell when you die here yeah I I promise

you guys are so slow let's go let's go

let's go whoa I don't know how to drive

this it's really simple you just have to

be good

I just beat Sean it's a box car get it

yeah you Sean you left me here seriously

I'm up here oh you're an employee's only

way Chase did you go up here this is

probably where orange eats oh my gosh

we're gonna see Roxanne who's there I

knew it

don't don't

wait what where's purple

what what

to grab me from repeat back no way can I

revive no you survived until one hour no

haha I definitely never died I lost all

my bulbs yeah wait are you kidding no


what happened you got caught oh my God

somebody down here oh


he's so dull I missed him wait is this

guy is this a good guy can I touch this

yeah oh okay you can't get past him oh

this is the boulder of smolder I can't

go this way bro this clearly I should be

able to get past me


did you say you suck

mutant Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

there you go that's what he meant to say

mutant Teenage Turtles

I found a light bulb and other great

news it's probably your only one that

you found stop I hear someone oh my gosh

they're both coming they're both coming

oh this way I'm in the sewer now I'm a

teenage turtle in a fooler but I'm a

mint turtle ninja flip what whoa I got

the first of the color JC I'm good I got

the first of that color that doesn't

mean you're good is it yellow

here this is scary oh hey guys we're

together right here

that's scary so wait he can't get us if

we stand right here oh no is he coming

for him

I didn't mean to say that crappy Beast I

don't know what it means I think it's

like as if you don't make honey you're

just like there's two more I'm running

I'm running I'm running I'm running I'm

running oh I I could hide here I think

yeah bring it back to wait though

there's another right here go I'm trying

I'm trying I'm trying I'm trying I'm

trying I'm trying I'm trying

okay I got this all right now I'm going

I'm going I'm going I'm very hungry give

me the Shawn

show what's the matter buddy green ate

him okay so wait Sean which way is the

lightning again

sit sit I don't have time to play games

chase I'm playing a game no no

down here and and now go around there

and that's where the thing is

so close

run big dumb dumb run run okay yes yes I

did that just letting you guys know I'm

so good and look up in the sky what the

what we need Blue's help blue is the

Batman hey did any of you hear Dash no I

didn't hear Dash hey man how's it going

what are you doing here

coming here was a mistake we need to

find a way out of here

maybe this can help us bust out of here

I'm a pro at riding that what I always


oh no it's a kangaroo is it wait it's

bounce Celia yo how do we do this oh

wait wait wait right here right here

you find gas we need to find nitrous

oxide 15 this is gonna be so much easier

what wait

wait let's go to the exit you're

all right guys we beat the game we'll

just go home oh it's a helicopter

helicopter yellow's a helicopter it

looks like a Pokemon well let's give him

his name

oh my gosh listen to this listen to this

yellow copter helicopter that's gotta be

his name oh oh

what oh no yellowcopter does he see oh

gosh he's just staring at night

bro here's a helicopter no yellowcopter

oh that's funny I know things don't jump

until you find a safe place to land

no this doesn't make sense like where

are the other gas canisters we only

found one seven seven dude get to the

thing before you restart okay it's back

at the beginning where the card is wait

where are you I'm gonna find you I'm

right next to laser tag but Green is

right here laser tip oh Cracker Jacks

wait can yellow see you in a box no oh

yeah or no

ah see I forgot how to crouch for a

second I wanted to press shift yo look

at them loaded up boom guys we just need

five more I got one right here did

anyone can the rainbow racing no

crack Cracker Jack of a napkin of a

whole napkin of a sack of a sack of a

napkin cracker of a cracker napkin see

can't come up what if I just do this

hey come get me

can she kill you if you're in a box if

she kills me this game

purple can do that he's mean I don't

like purple Sunshine is still a gas and

Escape without us chase wow you and your

flat face three more look at the curves

on my face did you guys check yes sir I

got them curves

fartle Doodles what's your profanity


oh my God

we have to land at a safe place but I

don't know what place you have to land


the bounce house maybe oh on the Bounce

House wait guys I found wait gas cans

are illuminated does that means we're

doing really bad yes embarrassing

sacrifice Chase

oh my gosh that was so quick it scared

me how did you get caught

Chase no

on the second full of a crack

let's eat the Box eat it yellow it's

tasty wait where is purple

oh my gosh she's right there


blue how you doing buddy run two

more two more guys I made it

that's Blue's alarm clock in the morning

oh yes dude seriously a crayon a crayon

is gonna bust the door down Crayola what

wait oh no that hurts when you hit your

head like that

how is he up here how did he get up here

he's working with the helicopter

name dude I'm calling this

red thing

I didn't see it collect all of those

rookies and I'll let the old man live

bro I don't care about the old man I'm

sorry bro but you lived your life I'm

trying to live mine

Dynamite I know I guess we're letting

the old man live

one already that's so cute oh my gosh

it's so funny put it in here bro why am

I holding it like that



wait you're gonna give our locations can

I get this giant one

holy scary why did Green do that he

opened his mouth and ended like a party

horn wait remember he said there's a

timer oh no there's no timer okay get me

in here

who just did that sound

Chase Chase watch I'm gonna raise it for

a biscuit oh God okay now I need you're

caught way to land bouncy oh yeah see

it's bringing me to the bounce house

look daddy I'm just gonna let him catch

me because it's kind of actually it's

pretty fun oh my

wait what

wait where are you at the river there's

like a billion about what what how did

you survive

Chase escaped odd world there's like

five lookies that's the last one we need

then you guys have to do this because

wait is that Green's arms okay we're


what Chase how are you outside I saw

everything that they like they put in

tell us the secret

again no don't I don't know

got one are you gonna get one at a time

don't get greedy you one two three and

chubby Wookie activate we need one more

chubby Wookie activate a chubby Ricky

Sean do you have one yeah chasing me

hold on is that actually moving

I got the last one

he could have just climbed down the

whole time he made us get Wookies for no

reason no we need to put them when we

put the lookies

this thing goes Higher and Higher and

then oh oh my first Escape Plan failed

but there's actually one more way to get

out of here there's a way through the

orange roller coaster we just need to

get the T-Rex to move the boulder of

smolder that's not what he said if we

only could find some pink around he'd do

anything for a slice of cake we gotta

find cake I'm gonna use this time

machine also known as our new book to go

and get a slice


that's interesting no I just ate the

cake by mistake you should have sold

she's so interested in that bug I did I

saw the Axolotl that was light blue wait

we have to make ingredients wait we have

to find all this we gotta find

s don't jump don't jump don't jump don't

jump wait look at Axolotl all right I'll

tell you when to jump three two one go

bro you missed chase that wasn't cool

blue wants to jump with me I'm afraid

look I'm jumping on the bow this is the

only way you can jump on a bounce house

wait wait

oh you have to keep getting the same

sugar packs do I got three

almost shot to Amy I am a sneaky sugar


trying to

it's a wheel okay here we go here we go

boom guys I like how the Sugar Bowl goes

four left

well I didn't realize that look bats

wait what inside the bushes big thoughts

can you follow you it follows you

Sean stole something you put in his

backpack how do you have an orange box

wait a second you can buy stuff wait I

want to buy that

yo that was it we beat it it worked

let's go


wow he's naked wait we're still playing

hello how long is it

Crystal Caverns all right this looks

like some like bad hobby right now pick

a cart fine I'll pick this one do you

trust this player wait wait wait why

does it say that you're allowing them to

go with you I'm like my head's connected

to my shoulders my head's connected to

my shoulder too Dad please let me join I

did I trust you

oh no you have to lean to choose your

path I don't know if I trust Sean we

can't be wet so we have to lean right

we're drowning oh wait it's not that bad

Sean it's good because you're kind of

stinky now you smell good remember Sean

when I go right you go left

just kidding don't do that

oh gosh oh gosh oh orange is trying to

eat the cake I poisoned it go ahead eat

it Sucka oh

that is scary I kind of want to get

caught a little but I don't want to


ready lava turn back turn back forbidden

oh my gosh hit the lava oh I just got a

lava haircut I lava my haircut seriously

turn back no I'm not oh how did we make

that up so oh my gosh no no no no no no


yeah we made it what happens if we go


wait what it killed me what what sorry

we all died oh my God oh my God okay

we're not finishing this I didn't

I'm sorry

I didn't know I would do that no I'm

sorry oh my life please can I still be

your dad just ask my brother no I'm

playing this by myself cheers let's

let's play me and you what I want to

play I will give you guys Pokemon packs

to say sorry

I'm so sad that took so long I ruined

the day

the month

the Chinese New Year

Celestial Millennium I don't even know

what that means that's it for this video

we'll check you guys next time if you're

a doctor and can fix my brain call me

all right bye


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