May 30, 2024

Samsung's work of wall art - the Frame TV is BACK!

Published June 13, 2023, 1:20 p.m. by Bethany

It's a TV designed to look like a picture on the wall.

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so samsung's been selling the frame

television for a while this is a brand

new version for 2021

the idea is it looks like artwork and

it's also a television


so new for 2021 that frame tv is 24.9

millimeters that's 46 percent slimmer

than before

it's a noticeable difference when hung

here on the wall now just like previous

generations you can have a customized

frame around the edge

samsung now has a new beveled bezel type

it's a little bit more of an angle

again to have it look as much like a

painting as you can now the frame

includes artwork as part of the deal

you can actually download up to 1400

different pieces of art

onto the screen itself so you can always

have something new there's also a new ai

algorithm that'll

figure out what kind of art you like and

suggest new stuff according to what it

thinks you're gonna like

of course this is a fully functional

television too it's not really about the

image quality however

it doesn't have full array local dimming

or any of the extras found on their

higher end tvs

although it is a q led tv the idea is to

have this really nice design

aesthetically pleasing around the edge

that you can customize to fit your decor

now the frame comes in screen size from

75 right here

all the way down to 32 and the smaller

size you can actually orient

into a portrait mode as well so you can

have them be up and down for different

kinds of art that

is again more conducive to that

orientation so the main appeal of the

frame is this design compared to a

standard television that just sits on

the wall

it also works with samsung's ambient

mode so you can have something

different display it on the wall even

when the television isn't displaying art

or your tv show the tv can also work

with specialized

third-party frame vendors that maybe

have something a little bit different

but look even cooler

even more like artwork on your wall i

like this nice neutral look however

it really does kind of go with

everything so behind me is a huge

75 inch tv the frame does come in

smaller sizes right here you see a 32

inch model

they've oriented this in the portrait

mode i first saw this thing and i

actually thought that it was

not a regular television i thought this

was a mock-up but actually if you look

closely this really is a screen

but they've got the screen coding the

dimness of the screen

so natural that does appear as if it's

just stationary art sitting here so

really cool they've done a lot with this

design of the frame television over the

last couple years

this 2021 version is the newest and best

and again

thinner it's got the frame around the

edge that you can customize and even

third-party frame vendors will help out

with that that's a look at samsung's new

version of the frame

for 2021 i'm david katzmeyer


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