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SPICY NOODLES | Family Comedy Eating Challenge | Korean Ramyun | Aayu and Pihu Show

Published June 13, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Bethany

Aaj hum karne ja rahe hai Spicy Noodles Challenge 🍜

Isliye Humne different types of Noodles aur Ramyun try kiye 😋

Spiciest noodles kon se the, yeh jaanne ke liye video end tak zaroor dekhna 🌶🌶

Aapke favourite noodles kon se hai comment mein zaroor batana! 🤩

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By special you mean even higher than this? It's going to be too spicy.

It's going to be special. I am out of this, I can't eat too spicy.

This was level 10, next is going to be 100.

Wait, if it is too spicy I can't eat it.

You have to eat. Yes, Mom it's a challenge.

Alright, fine.

Hi Friends.

Today, we're going to spicy noodles.

Spicy? The level of spiciness will keep increasing.

Will you be able to eat it?

Sister will eat it but how will I?

You eat sweet food so you should eat spicy food too. Yes.

Aayu, try to eat it.

Whoever likes spicy food, please like this video.

Alright, the 1st round is about to begin, wear your blindfolds.

Dad got special kinds of noodles.

How many types of noodles will there be?

There will be 7 types of noodles, wear your blindfolds.

7 types of Noodles! Aayu Pihu will have so much fun.

Let's see what did we get in the first round.

Wow, it smells so nice. What is it?

What are you doing? I am preparing noodles. Preparing it?

Yes. Weren't they already prepared?

We have to prepare some noodles. Isn't it right friends?

Friends understood.

So first, I will feed Aayu.

Open your mouth.

This is crunchy.

What? Guess what kind of noodles it is? Wait...

It is the noodles that come with a soup.

Tell me its name. Maggi.

No. It is the noodles that come with a soup.

This is fried noodles but what have we mixed it with.

Mom you said it will be spicy but this is sweet.

Yes, it's sweet but guess what it is.

There are no sweet noodles. There are. Sweet noodles.

Mom, it's that...

American Chopsuey.

Yes. Oh, right, it's chop suey.

I recalled it suddenly.

It's been a while since I ate this.

Friends, it has fruits too, like pineapple. Yes.

Let's use chopsticks. Can I eat it? Yes, you can.

I don't know how to use chopsticks.

But the young ones know it all, Aayu don't spill.

We don't know it that well, we just hold it and eat.

It's just for showoff. That we know how to eat it. Yes.

It's enough. Aayu is not full yet.

Aayu, eat this till you're full.

Because as the challenge progresses the level of spice will increase.

I ate. Good. Very good.

Let's go for the next round.

Dad, get the next round.

Who got the point in the round?

Pihu got one point and Aayu got a zero.

Get the next round. Second round...he wants to cheat.

Metaphorically my eyes are still open and that is cheating.

I got such a blindfold for Aayu because he is a cheater. Frog shaped.

Alright, it's 2nd round.

Wow! Mom says that for everything. It smells good. I got it.

Should I try with chopsticks once?

Mom, we can smell it too. Can you? Yes, we can.

You can guess it from the smell. Yes.

We have eaten it a lot too.

Is it the way to hold chopsticks?

Aayu, open your mouth. Mom, you should use a fork.

I can do it, I know how to use chopsticks. How will you feed us?

I fed Aayu, just a little got spilled, it's fine.

Open your mouth properly.

How are you doing it? Use a fork. Alright, just slurp it.

Slurp the noodles.

Should I guess? 1,2,3! Hakka Noodles. Chowmein.

Chowmein is wrong it's. Hakka Noodles. I knew it!

You should've guessed. Chowmein has sauce.

I can eat with chopsticks, like this.

You're spilling it but that's alright.

I can eat this. Forgive your mom.

You're spilling it but that's alright.

Pihu too. I told you I don't know much either. I know it.

Aayu! He learned it from his Dad.

His Dad used to do this with his aunt as well.

Mom, this is not spicy as well.

Hakka noodles are not spicy. The spiciness will increase slowly.

The first round was sweet and sour. It was sweet.

This is not sweet. Will next be spicy? This is not even spicy.

But the last round will be spicy enough to bring tears.

Dad, get the next round. Who got this point?

This point also Pihu got it. Yes, Pihu got it.

Alright, get blindfolded.

Yes, wear your blindfolds.

Let's see, what is this?

What? We have to wait for this.

We have to wait for you to prepare it.

My hands burned it is so hot.

I understood.

Should we help you?

No, no. I think my guess is correct.

Did you? What are you doing?

Dad got me an induction, I am cooking noodles for you.

So that my younglings get hot food.

Dad, turn on the power plug. What are you doing?

Power plug? I thought of something else. What did you think?

Mom said induction. I am making it on induction.

I am making it in front of your friends.

My hands got a burn.

Mom, it's not good to overact.

Dad, please keep quiet.

Finger on your lips.

It is ready. Feed us. It's Mom's special noodles.

It's Pihu's turn earlier you got first. Oh, man!

Wait, let me feed it to Aayu as well.

Open your mouth.

What is it? I haven't eaten it.

You haven't eaten it earlier.

I have eaten it. You have, then guess it.

Spicy Maggi. Cup Noodles. What cup noodles?

Cup noodles! Yes!

No? Is it just cup noodles? Yes.

It's made in a cup. No.

Yes, take a look at it.


Cup noodles.

Cup noodles? Is it just that? Spicy Cup Noodles. It's the same.

It's the same, Aayu got the point. Where is it written?

Mom was acting about the whole induction thing.

I heard it when she was pouring water.


Dad, prepare for the next round.

Isn't it tasty Aayu?

Did Pihu like it? But it is still not spicy.

But it is spicier than Hakka noodles.

It's increasing. Dad ordered it accordingly.

The spice level is increasing. Yes, it's increasing.

You can imagine how spicy the last one must be.

Alright, next round, Aayu eat it later.

Now, your friends and I will see what is there?

I thought you will mix noodles with Jolo chips in the last round.

In this round also first I will feed Pihu.

What is it?

You have to taste and guess it.

It's noodles.

I also know that.

It's a noodles challenge so we'll get noodles only.

Don't tell, answer it after I say 123.

Mom, did you get anything else besides noodles.

It could be something else too.

Mom, don't scare us. Dad can something weird too.

Mom, don't scare us. Should I not? OK.

Open your mouth and eat like this.

Alright 1. Wait. Wait, I will say it let Aayu eat too.

Aayu, 1,2,3. Masala Maggi.

Is it masala Maggi?

Dad, what noodles are these? It's Masala Maggi.

Aayu won this round. This is my comeback.

I will also taste it.

But Maggi... Masala Maggi...

There is a difference. It doesn't have vegetables.

It has spicy. This is special Masala Maggi.

This is not your usual one.

The usual one doesn't have a dark colour.

Usually it is not much spicy either.

I can see the spices in it too. It is spicy.

I didn't feel so. It is spicy and it's because you eat spicy food.

Pihu eats spicy food.

I can also eat it.

I can't. Aayu doesn't eat spicy food.

It's fun to eat long noodles, it's not happening.

I got it, Aayu wait a minute.

You should use a fork.

Will you let me learn something?

Do you even know how to eat chopsticks properly?

It's time for the next round. Alright.

Dad let us eat.

There are many rounds left. Let me eat. How many are left now?

Four? That's it? What?

You ate four times. So. We ate three times.

You've 2 points each so how can it you eat only three times.

Look how he ate.

What is it called?

What? When you eat noodles while making a sound?

S L U R P, slurp. It's slurping the noodles. Slurp. Slurp.

We'll also learn it, Dad.

It's not that. I will also learn English.

There will be a day when I will speak English fluently.

It's not necessary to know English so well.

Yes. You should just be able to understand it.

I understand everything.

I can't speak well. You'll learn. Do you know Spanish?

Do you know Spanish? If you know it I know it.

That's it. We also don't know it that well.

I know it. I am happy that they know it. Hola mucho gusto.

Alright, let's move to the next round.

What is it? I sit something that you have to prepare?

Tell us. No, Dad won't give me to prepare something every time.

Tell us. Tell us.

Now it's Aayu's turn because you had two times each. OK.

Aayu guess and wait for me to say 1,2,3 then you can answer.

I got it. You did, Pihu, open your mouth.

Did you both guess it? Should I say 1,2,3?

1,2,3! Chowmein. Chowmein.

They both got the point for chowmein.

Mom, the spiciness is increasing. Please pass me the chopsticks.

Please pass me the chopsticks.

Yes, this is spicier. Yes, this is spicy.

But it's good. It's hot and spicy. And this is the 5th round.

What will happen in the 7th round? How much will it increase?

In 7th round, all of us would be in tears.

I won't even taste the 7th round.

Why won't you? It's my wish.

I am not playing, I don't have to eat that.

Then don't eat now too. I'll eat this.

What is this? Don't eat if it's something new.

If it's something new I'll consider it.

You will taste it.

You should taste everything otherwise how will you learn.

She is using my dialogue on me.

Let's see who wins this round.

What is it? I can't even guess by looking at it.

So how will they guess by tasting it?

What? Why did you give me a spoon?

What? Alright.

Now it's Pihu's turn first.

What is this?

What is this? What is it?

What is happening?

Pihu, you have to slurp it.

What is it called? Slurp. You have to slurp it.

This is how she has to eat.


Keep slurping it. It's not going to end.

Keep going, it's not going to end.

There is more.

It's not going to end.

What kind of a noodle is this?

First, let me try it. Yes, sure.

Aayu is feeling left out for so long.

I guess I know it.

Wait a minute.

I am confused about two.

You try clearing your confusion while Aayu is eating.

I need one more bite for that Mom.

One bite takes so long in this one, so you can't get it.

Right now it's Aayu's turn. Aayu keep slurping it.

Aayu cut it from the middle. It's OK.

Alright, no problem. Do you know the answer or not?


1 2 3.

Ramyeon. Noodle soup.

Pihu is correct, it's noodle soup.


In the end, it tasted like the soup. It's too spicy.

It's too long.

Aayu the spicy round has begun.

It was not that spicy Aayu.

It was for Aayu. Yes, it was but. Mom, finish it once 1 2 3 starts.

You can't pause. 1 2 3 4 5...

Look at the noodle dropping down.

You mean soup. Oh, yes soup.

And when you mentioned spoon, it was confirmed.

What's with a spoon? It's too yummy. It's noodles soup.

It's spicy as well. It's tasty as well.

Look, at how he is eating. Aayu, you don't have a mouth this big.

Spicy one. I saw a reel.

Someone was using a knitting needle with noodles. Look.

Sister, look here. Yes, 1 2 3 4 5 6.

Alright, Dad. Who got this point?

Me. Oh really. Yes, Pihu got it.

Till now Pihu is leading the score.

My score is 4. Mom's tablecloth got dirty.

All three of them will be washing this after the challenge is over.

Why? No.

You are the one serving food on it.

I don't know how to wash. I am sweating after eating that.

I won't be able to guess the spicy ones.

1 2 3.

Even I won't be able to guess this one. Please don't bring spicy.

You stop talking about spicy for now.

The level is going to increase.

Still, my mouth is burning.

Open your mouth Pihu. This was Aayu's turn but it's OK.

It's too hot. Oh.

It is too spicy.

I will not eat it. Aayu, what will happen to you?

Let me give it like this.

I just had one bite and I was not able to guess this one?

If they can't guess, will I get that point?

Yes, sure. But, what will I get? A zero.

What is this?

What? Really, it's hard to guess because

it tastes exactly the same as the previous one.

It's too spicy. This is spicy.

That was soup.

Can I tell it? Can I try this?

Ramyeon, it's shin rameyeon. Shin spicy.

It's extra spicy shin rameyeon.

No matter how many times you say extra, you'll not get the point.

You're wrong.

We are yet to come with extra spicy dear.

What is this then? This is medium spicy.

This was medium spicy and its name is...


Wait, its taste is the same as the one we had during the salad.

That is like the Kimchi.


This is Kimchi Ramyeon.

See this, you are having this for the first time.

Kimchi Ramyeon. Sister, do you want to do the expression challenge?

Let's do it.

Friends, watch the expression on their faces.

We'll do this in the last round Aayu.

I need water.

What's this Aayu, you are asking for water with expressions.

You should think twice before challenging her.

Will sister get the point for this?

No. No one will get the point.

I got the point. Wish I could remember it two seconds ago.

This is what you have missing from your head.

It's good.

It's too tasty.

Made in Korea.


OK, now have a look at the score.

The score is 4-3.

Are you done, can we bring the next round?

Next round.

I am nervous. It's going to be spicy.

Don't know what it's going to be? You have to try it anyway.

Or you can quit before playing.

Aayu keep this bottle with you.

Water bottle. Well prepared.

Let me tell you something before starting this round. What?

There is a special round for Mom at the end. Yeah...

Wow, he always does something special for me. Yes.

This smells really good

Let's see if they are able to guess this or not.

Is it spicy?


Aayu picked up the bottle right after eating this.


What did you bring Dad, what's this?

Dad, what is this? Please tell.

These are noodles.

These are spicy noodles, you have to guess the name.

1, alright drink water properly.

I don't know the name.

Is it spicy? Yes.

1,2,3 Extra Spicy Ramyeon. Ramyeon Extra Spicy.

Extra spicy, this won't work. Wait a minute.

I am requesting a hint. No hint.

Dad, it tastes like Ramyeon.

Yes, Dad. Mom can't handle the spice.

It's super spicy ramyeon. It's extra spicy ramyeon.

Both will get the point. Please, give me the point, I said it first.

We both said it. I said it first. You both said it.

Super Spicy. I said it first.

You take it, it's a tie anyway. Thank you.

Aayu gets the point and it's a tie.

It's tasty. If Aayu eats the whole plate. What will I get?

Then I have to give something. What will you give?

I will get you a big bar of chocolate. No.

He said no.

I'll get a special round and guess what will it be. Aayu, eat more.

Your friends also know.

Dad will get Jolo chips. I only have noodles in front of me.

They both are eating it. Yes, we are eating it.

Aayu, it is spicy, no need to eat it. Yes, no need. I want to eat it.

It's a challenge. He wants to win from me, alright Aayu, 1,2,3.

Don't cry later.

He is not even able to speak.

I am not reacting just drinking water. No, no. No.

Don't do such a challenge.

Now it's Mom's turn. The next round is for me.

Which blindfold will you like?

Dad does special means spicier than the last.

It's special so it will be. It will be spicy. I won't do it.

It will go from 10 to 100. Put on the blindfolds. Oh, man!

Put on the blindfolds.

If it's spicy, I won't be able to eat it.

Mom, it's a challenge. Yes.

OK, fine.

Feed me a little. It's alright, Mom. It's fine.

Yes, Mom. It's so spicy, you have to drink a lot of water after it.

You have to drink milk. Let's see. Give me a bottle of water.

Give her the bottle, mom, open the bottle cap too.

It will be so spicy.

Blow it and eat a little with caution.

Just eat a little.

You can guess it from the smell. Mom, it's a spoon. Yes.

It's very spicy, Mom. Wow, this is my favourite.

Tell us what it is.

Sweet Sewaiyan. Yes.

Dad, what is this? Sewiyan is vermicelli noodles.

It's vermicelli noodles. I like it a lot. Yes.

When we were young, vermicelli noodles were not available.

My mom used to make vermicelli noodles by herself.

Friends, comment and tell us your favourite noodles.

I liked sewaiyan and cuppa noodles.

This was a must.

I liked Kimchi Ramyeon.

See you in the next video. Till then.

OK, Tata, Bye, Bye, Love you all.



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