June 19, 2024

TCC IPTV Web Access Tutorial

Published June 13, 2023, 10:20 a.m. by Courtney

This video shows you how to log into and use web access to access your DVR on TCC's IPTV (Cable in the Country service) with new Innovative Systems' software.

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hi this has been gums with tri-county

communications with a tutorial video on

using a web portal to access your DVR

and set recordings with TCC cable in the

country the web portal is a handy way to

log into your TCC DVR to set and change

recordings remotely through websites the

following video will show the steps on

how to do this start by going to TCC my

TV TCC pro dotnet now this site only

works through Microsoft's Internet

Explorer and Internet edge browsers and

Mozilla Firefox browsers unfortunately

does not work with Google Chrome at this

time so fill out the user name and the

password the user name is your TCC

account number on your bill and the

password is the last name listed on the

bill it usually takes about 30 seconds

or so to first load it has to load the

data stored in your DVR and on your

system right now with any scheduled

recordings it has to populate the guide

and what time it is and you know that

stuff so this is the first screen it

comes to now if you have more than one

DVR in your house the first thing you're

going to want to do is go right here

where it says select a set-top box and

choose which box you want to work with

now the primary function for this Web

Access is being able to set recordings

on your DVR when you're not at home so

if you know the date time and channel

that a program that you'd like to record

is going to be on you can just jump to

it using these features here the first

box is date click on the little calendar

function and it shows a calendar that

you can just click on what date

something is on that you'd like to

record for example if you'd like to

record the brewer game on Saturday May

28th you'd click on the 28th then it

goes to the time box you can click on

this little clock here it automatically

jumps to a list of available times I

know that the Ruhr game is on at 12 p.m.

so I'll click on 12 p.m. last is the


if you click on the down arrow at the

end of this channel line here you'll see

a whole list of channels with a slider

bar you can just quickly scroll to the

channel that you'd like to set now I

know that the brewer game is going to be

on Channel six thirty seven that's Fox

Sports Wisconsin in HD so I will scroll

down to that and click on that that will

populate the guide with what's on at

that time so I can just click here on

MLB baseball it highlights that show and

shows me a little bit more information

down at the bottom and to record I just

click in the lower right corner on

record little dialog box comes up with

some options such as if I'd like to put

it in a special folder that I've created

in advance or if I'd like to create a

folder such as Ben's recordings or

Brewer games or something like that so

that when you're looking through all

your recordings on the DVR this will be

easier to find you can also alter the

start and stop time to allow a program

to start a little bit early or run a

little bit late with baseball games

since you don't know if it's going to go

in extra innings or not it's a very good

idea to set the stop recording click on

the words on time or in this line and

set it maybe 60 minutes late you can

always delete you know the game after

you've watched it so it's not going to

take up space on your DVR but if you

don't do that it will not automatically

know that the game has gone over its

normal allotted time and it will stop

when the guide says the game ought to

stop so we just make any settings in

here we like and we just press record

and that schedules the recording for us

now if it's not a one time event but

rather a series recording we will have

different options so let's say that I

want to record some episodes of beat

Bobby Flay on the Food Network and I

happen to know that there's a block of

them on Thursday

so I'll click I'll go back to my date

click on the calendar Thursday is going

to be the 26th so I'll click on that

time it's going to start at 9 p.m. so I

click on the time and I move down

till I see 9 p.m. which is right here

and click on that and for the channel I

know it's on channel 76 that's the Food

Network so I scroll up in this channel

listing to 76 and click on that and now

the guide populates with all of the

programming in that block of channels I

can see the beat Bobby Flay starts right

here so I just click on any one of those

episodes are actually the first one I'd

like to start with is the best one it

displays it down below and now I click

record in the lower right corner again

the dialog box comes up but because the

DVR knows this is a series show it

offers me choices of one time recording

or series recording so if I want to do

one time I can still start it early

stop it late change the folder that it's

stored in and such and if it's a series

I have a couple extra options like how

many episodes to keep on the DVR whether

I want new episodes or all episodes and

so forth so when I'm done making my

changes I hit record at the bottom and

that creates and sets up the DVR to

record that series based on what I've

selected if you don't know the channel

time date things like that that a show

is on but you'd rather just see what's

on maybe you want to get a couple movies

loaded up for a weekend coming up but

you don't know exactly what's on you

have a couple options you can just click

up here underneath that select my

set-top box that we looked at earlier

there is a search box as a magnifying

glass and the word search click the

little down arrow here it opens a search

box you can type in anything you're

looking for like the name of a movie or

a TV show

see if I do Columbo and click find it

will find all of the Columbo episodes

that are going to be showing in the next

couple weeks so I can click on the

episode I would like to record click on


I get the one time

or the series options in my settings box

I make my changes I hit record and now

it will set up to record every show of

based on my settings to view change or

delete your recordings click on the down

arrow by recordings underneath the

search box so right here is recordings

click the down arrow and it will show me

my recordings I start off in the current

recordings section I don't have any

current recordings on my DVR as you can

see so let's go over to future

recordings recordings I've set but that

have not yet happened click on the

future recordings tab click on all

recordings and here are the shows that I

set up to record yours beat Bobby Flay

an MLB baseball if I wanted to make a

change to the MLB baseball event I click

on this green down arrow here if you

click on the name nothing happens

need to click on the little down arrow

here to reveal more things so it tells

me a little bit about the channel that

it's on the date and time and if I want

to cancel this recording I just click

cancel if I want to move it to a

different folder I click move and if I

want to find more shows like this I can

click find more let's look at the beat

Bobby Flay series recording I'll click

the up arrow next to MLB baseball and

that gets rid of that screen now I'll

click the down arrow underneath beat

Bobby Flay to show me

the recordings that are set for this

show I have the find more move and

cancel if I wanted to make changes to my

series rules I don't do that here I do

that in the tab up above this is just

for viewing and canceling recordings

that you have programmed in so if I do

need to make changes to the series rules

like how many I want to keep on the DVR

I would click on the series rules tab at

the top this shows me if I click on beat

Bobby Flay shows me all of the settings

that I used for that recording if I

click on Columbo shows me the settings

on that recording I can edit those

settings with the edit button

and click save when I'm done or if I no

longer want to have that series

recording I just highlight it and then I

click delete and it will then click OK

again and then it will delete that

series recording rule so now when I

click on future recordings Columbo is

not there so deleting that series rule

for Columbo actually deleted any future

recordings as well so those are the

basics of using the web access for the

innovative systems on IPTV if you have

any further questions please contact our

office at seven one five six nine five

two six 91 or email us at info at TCC

pronet thank you for watching


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