July 14, 2024

The 2023 Belmont Stakes FULL RACE | FOX Sports

Published June 13, 2023, 12:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

The 155th running of the belmont stakes got off to a fast start with National Treasure leading the pack. Towards the end, arcangelo caught up to National Treasure and broke away from the rest of the group to grab a comfortable lead. arcangelo crossed the finish line and was the winner of the 155th running of belmont stakes. Javier Castellano earned his first career win in belmont stakes as a jockey. Jena Antonucci became the first female trainer to win in the belmont stakes.

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The 2023 belmont stakes FULL RACE | fox sports


fox sports


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National Treasure is looking for the

lead again today down toward the inside

Tampa chooses hustled away Forte was off

to a good start he's in between horses

so they make that long run into the

first turn witness winner National

Treasure is in front plenty of room at

the inside for 10 minutes

rides the rails about the first turn

third forties up close there sliding

between horses fourth Head Shoulders

three wide outside him in fifth position

then it's long shot kill Morocco angel

of Empire on the outside another two

legs back two tap and try second to last

and the link running late running

stretch Runner red round one is the

trailer the opening quarter went for 23

and three fifths seconds as they move

through the first half mile here once

again National Treasure is in front

stronger than the princess though he had

to run a half and 47-3 to keep that lead

so it is National Treasure the leader

down the back stretch hit show in poster

soon tap of shoes down on the inside

races third Angel event players in the

clear fourth archangelo first fifth

surrounded by horses is four to eight

he's six but he's only four likes from

the Preakness winner then on the outside

it's Tampa Trice he's got three women to

extend those long legs of his as they

enter the far turn here there's five for

long to go on the Belmont now Morocco is

second to last Red Rock one has titled

throughout they are still chasing

National Treasure Angelo there toward

the inside


throws on the inside of the National

Treasure at what field turns for home


angel of Empire

comes off the inside






on the 50th anniversary of Sagittarius

Triple Crown sweep more history made of

the Belmont is Jenna antonucci becomes

the first female trainer to ever win a

Triple Crown race and she does it with

her very first daughter in a Triple

Crown race Mark Angelo shows that the

buzz was worth it was indeed and the

race was really run my one my when they

turned for home and Javier Castellano

decided to take arcangelo directly to

the rail with a little opening that was

left by our PACE Center National

Treasure who's going to slip through

right here wow I think Johnny blasquez

has been surprised that he's got company

coming from his inside he kept looking

over his outside shoulder to see where

everybody was it's too late now Mark

Angelo was in there and now it's a fight

to the wire archangelo a lot of stand

left he just kept he just kept he just

kept on man that was kind of reminded me

of caveat back in the day when the feet

got through on the rail the way he snuck

through that little spot down in there


you can see right there Johnny realized

he's in there but it's too late


and they go down the stretch not only

history made for Jenna antonucci Javier

Castellano the jockey was over 29 in the

Kentucky Derby and the Belmont Stakes

the New York resident wins them both

ends those streaks he can go to the

grocery store proud his kids can go to

school Javier Castellano has won two of

the three legs of the Triple Crown right

hey guys missing from his resume he's

got it now man he's a happy man let me

tell you and Forte was gallon in defeat

coming on late on the outside to be a

good second yes he really was I mean he

just keeps he kind of dropped back

seemed like he was going to get tired

that that layoff was gonna take take a

toll on him but but he just kept on


well a day to celebrate for Javier

Castellano who's with Maggie wolfendale

and happy

his friend we can't put any more over

you to inspire you to win these Triple

Crown Races talk a little bit about the

trip you pull with art Angelo straight

up the inside turning for Hope thank you

Maggie you know first of all I always

say thank Lord she's subscribe forgive

me the 420 to win another second Triple

Crown the third tip again this year's

second difficult for myself I give you

all the credit to the horse he's a

wonderful horse in the way he did it

today I don't think it is the limit the

way he got open now the way he didn't

raise he pulled everybody sing a step

away have a beautiful trip inside the

real let him develop the horse I'm

really lucky the way he did it

but it's also Jenna antonucci teaming up

with her she's a small table what does

it mean to the whole team I'm really

happy for her you know she's a really

good woman she's a good Horseman and she

did a lot of food this game put a lot of

into effort and money time Jenna

antonucci Jenna 50 years after

Secretariat makes history you make

history of your own how do you do how do

you describe the moment

I don't know that we have words right

now I'm gonna need a minute on all this


Fiona my assistant Robert her husband

who's been riding him John Everett his

owner I mean we're just

have words yet we're trying to soak all

this in and just so proud of the horse

right now it's amazing what did you

learn about this horse against this

field at this distance


he's just that guy he's just

congratulations it's just amazing just

amazing gift a true blessing an amazing

gift and just so immensely grateful

Jenna we often look for stories in sport

that can Inspire others and in you now

there's an inspiration what's your

message to those who maybe didn't

believe that this would happen never

give up and if you can't find a seat at

a table make your own table and build

your team and never give up you are

seeing people see you just keep working

your butt off the head of the table

that's your seat congratulations Jenna

well done thank you

thank you


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