May 30, 2024

Transforming my kids into cheerleaders! Who will win?

Published June 13, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Bethany

Payton, Paxton, and Ashton are transformed into cheerleaders! Who will be the best and give their siblings consequences? COMMENT below who YOU think will win!

Thanks to @annamcnulty @BrittHertz @jackpayne for helping us with this video!


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today my kids compete to see who can

become the best cheerleader and the

winner chooses the consequence for their

siblings comment who you think's gonna

win Ashton Paxton or Peyton what guys

I'm so nervous I've never done this


round one is jumps but first they gotta

look apart


close the wrong clothes

oh Britney gave me the wrong stats okay

we gotta fix this fast give us the right

uniforms I don't know why they're so mad

mine's not even that bad just a little

bit the first challenge is jumps and our

experts are gonna demonstrate

you have five minutes to teach my kids

how to do jumps and then you're gonna

judge them the winner gets a hundred

points okay let's go come on come on

let's go I got you I got you this is

what's gonna happen you have to learn

every single one of the jumps and

there's three different jobs so we'll

start with the first one which I think

is the easiest Echo touch don't touch it

uh this is gonna be difficult I'm a

little nervous for these jumps I'm not

the most flexible and Peyton works on

these all the time booty mashed in wish

me luck come on let's see it you gotta

stretch put your butt down it's okay if

you're not pulling a split I don't want

to see you hit a t so you're gonna clap

on one sharper more aggressive yeah I've

never done jumps like this so I hope

Brit can teach me how to do them great

so I will win and I won't have to get a

consequence I have some really good

consequences for pain and Nation so vote

team Paxton if you want me to win

yeah that's actually it that was really

good try to keep them in a tea and you

could even kind of bring them down and

make your legs look higher okay one

thing I'm a little bit nervous for about

jumps is Ashton can jump higher than me

so I hope that my flexibility can take

it over hopefully I can do this comment

down below team page and if you think

I've got it what do you think our

chances are of beating her brothers

today I think she's gonna get first

place for sure if you win you get to

pick the consequence for your brothers

oh so you get to start thinking about

that okay good luck you guys just have

one minute left how's Ashton doing that

he's only learned two of the three jumps

if you lose your siblings get a pick of

consequence for you oh but if you win

you pick it for them one up two three

hit four five

are you okay you gotta keep my kids safe

all right he's a tough kid but you gotta

keep this head attached it's not the

first time I've done that cheerleading

is hard you guys this this shows it



yeah I hope you remember that third one

I don't oh no you got it yeah no

pressure toe touch Pike heard burn you

got it


but I know that Ashton did three and

Peyton did four Images stalled in

between each of them and they didn't say

we're supposed to do it back I'm not the

judge we're gonna leave it up to them

first we need to see Paxton five six

three hit four five six seven eight

I don't know

you can't be biased to the person that

you coached you have to vote for who you

think did the best job judges

three two one vote we have two purples

and one red that means Jason gets first

and Ashton gets secretary

15 points passion I believe in you but I

think just two points for this round


hey Peyton you had good jobs but your

arms weren't even existing you didn't

hit the team ocean you didn't hit this

y'all picked her because she's a girl no

I mean Paxton and ashens were like the

same and packed into the top no mine

mine were

up here now lift the right up if this

video gets 200 000 mics I'll challenge

my parents to a gymnastics competition

no no I didn't agree to that I mean it's

up to you guys I already said it so how

many 200 000 video Never Happened it'll

never happen when I went obviously ready

Turtle please

they have to wear a girls cheerleading

uniform and post a picture on Instagram

with no captions comment team Peyton I

got this what are we doing for round two

to keep my experts from being biased

we're gonna rotate the coaches this time


Payton got me in round one I still think

it was a little biased and everyone

knows I'm a better tumbler so I've got

this one you better because remember if

you lose you have to do a consequence so

don't do anything that's too difficult

make sure to do something that you can


I took off too fast I'm confident for

tumbling I'm gonna put together some

skills I know my siblings can't do so I

got this one voting matched it so for a

walk over hit that take your time pretty

back handspring back handspring tuck

oh got him let's go I'm a little bit

worried for this one because Ashton is

actually really good at tumbling but I

think I got this I've never done

cheerleading before but I feel like my

tumbling is a little bit more like a

cheerleading style get your arms up arms

up and go for it oh shhh I'm glad you

didn't go for it right there

all right don't laugh that ain't gonna


let's go arms ah Jack and I were trying

to think out of the box like some people

don't usually do so that I hope that

helps me win and I don't get a


I think I need your help I cannot get it

thanks Ashton eyes on the prize go keep

going no giving up


first we're gonna see a standing

tumbling pass then a running tumbling

pass you got it remember what we

discussed you got a Paxton


let's go

oh let's go


that was pretty good off to a strong

Start immigrunning Tumbling I stumbled a

little bit hopefully it's enough to be

paid in Ashton voting packs in the

comments to help me win

yes take your time controls yes

that was pretty cool I don't even know

who to vote for because they're all my

kids I'm just proud of all of them

yeah it's beautiful

that was so pretty

yeah I think that was pretty good I feel

very proud of it that was pretty good

now it's my turn let's see what you got


come on yeah

that had the most difficulty it was it

wasn't as easy as Peyton's but it was

definitely harder that was pretty

impressive but there's no way he beats

me and he keeps going like that like

gymnastics it's cheer Ashton not

gymnastics I did fist up let's go power

okay that was so good

oh it was so good it was really good but

the ending definitely scared that was

the most difficult I wasn't

is harder than what we did earlier wait

I don't know how I'm gonna judge it yeah

me neither

glad you get the judges are you ready I

I think we needed to think it over a

little more that was really close three

two one vote


I am so surprised my siblings did

amazing but I I'm really happy it was

unanimous that means Ashton gets 100

points but we still have to see who gets

50 points so we gotta vote for second

place now three two one vote

hey team take second that means you two

are tied up Paxton gotta get on the

board otherwise one of them is going to

choose a consequence for you

what are we doing for round three

all of you are going to fly can you give

us a demonstration because I don't know

what stunts are

the girls what oh you guys are gonna do

that to them can you even look me up uh

it doesn't want like a duck swim in a

circle yes

I don't know about this keep my baby

safe I don't care if you win just don't

get hurt I care if I win oh I have no

point so far so I really need to pull it

together and get it on this stunting so

let's go

the kids and their coaches have five

minutes to practice their stunting they

have never done this before and it's

kinda dangerous smash that like button

for good luck and let's see who wins

when I win Peyton has to put on Harold

and post it on Instagram and Paxton has

to wear a tutu and do a cheer for us so

if you want to see that happen vote team

Ashton I'm so excited guys I lost the

last two so I have to win this one to

catch up and I hear a few people all get

really hurt on these so I hope they

catch me and

I make it now Shane's turn yeah come on

what come on I'm not wearing the right

shoes those are the right shoes should

be fine I got you do you want to stand

in the front in case he freaks out he

probably will I'm actually gonna scare

doing it myself than watching my kids do

it so let's do this let's do it one two

we're gonna do a small dip then go on

and then I stand up yeah yeah stand up

on when we say up and one two down up


let's go

come down and one two three


I wasn't scared at all I think this

might be my new thing but I'm dizzy hold

on I need to go take a break yeah I'm

actually really nervous for this one

I've never done stunts in my life before

I think I have more balance than my

brothers do but I am nervous but I've

got this who's gonna win this round

Anna are you sure this is safe this is

definitely safe they got this one two

straight yep

good slowly lift it up whoa amazing and

pop off one two whoa

it's my turn and I'm showing them how

it's done yeah I love the confidence win

versus win well he's starting backwards

backwards one two stand up whoa

this is


give it back down cradle beautiful

that was cool Paxton that one might have

been a little more difficult ready okay

to start we got it extension one two dip

and squeeze dip catch and go

yeah I don't know if it's enough to win

the stunting round because it was mainly

tumbling three two one whoa oh

what he did a spin a half off

100 points dude that is literally like

the hardest way to go into a stunt he

didn't go straight up he was the only

person that spun so it was a clear one

and he also did a beautiful body

position second place float unanimous

Peyton picks up the 50-point star yeah

also they can't throw me up like these

little tiny people

that's the problem with having the extra

muscles sorry what are we doing for

round four

cheers guys I won the last one and I

really hope I win the next one because

if I win Aiden's gonna have to get a

mohawk and Ashton's gonna have to wear a

bikini in our next video I really want

to see them do these consequences so if

you do too voting passion in the

comments partner up with a coach that

you haven't been with yet Perfect all

right you ready yeah let's do it I'm so

excited I voted for you in one of the

rock come on get some pom-poms perfectly

matched you let's do it they're just off

to a really good start okay hey Jack is

a world champion cheerleader so I'm sure

he's really good at cheering and dancing

and stuff like that right uh I was

really good at the tumbling part but um

yeah we'll figure something out let's do

it guys jack is my coach but hopefully

my dance skills can still make me win I

still feel pretty confident because I'm

a pretty good dancer so I got this we

could do like

p-a-x t-o-n I always score a 10 or

something because that would rhyme

um yeah

clap clap

p-a-y-t-o-n one skill you like to end it

what do you think of that yeah

yeah okay and this year is dedicated to

my little brother good luck Paxton yeah

that's perfect I win drop make sure you

drop the Pom-Pom when you're in the

HyVee and front walk over back and you

do a little hair flip whatever you want

let's go

p-a-x-t-o-n I always score a ten oh whoa

whoa what's he doing

yeah wow so good that side flip was fire

here we go

p-a-x-t-o-n Paxton in a tutu


oh great did you say Paxton in a tutu I

think that's what he said what that

doesn't make very much sense I think

he's saying that's your consequence when

he wins is that what you're saying yep

because if you vote me then Paxton wears

the cheerleading outfit and dances for

all of us no I don't want

to Ashton I may have overstepped when I

said they could pick their own

consequences good luck Paxton



wow these are all really good that was

really good you guys were so cute I

didn't know boys use pom-poms is that

normal Tomatoes they can okay it's time

to find out who won this round judges

are you ready I think so ready three two

one vote

so if you want to see that happen

comment team packs and do it right now

it's all tied up 200 200 and 200 going

into the fifth and Final Round what are

we doing something really crazy time to

throw people to the sky baskets what are

baskets oh well do you want to

demonstrate yeah okay let's see an


are they gonna go down this is one of

the most difficult parts of cheerleading

but we'll definitely keep them safe it

is the most difficult one of these

you guys don't have to do this you're

all out of tie right now you could just

end with 200 Points each how about that

well if I win then I get to give them

consequences so I'm going okay fine I'm

going Paxton you're going down okay


now we'll tell you what not to do do not

come down kicking and moving your arms

that will make it way worse straight up


so you want to be more like this but you

are like a board like this that makes it

heavy but if you're like this it's

easier to hold got it

too slow up yes one more we're gonna go

higher are you okay I'm going out here I

can't watch this stand up yay

guys I'm so nervous I've never done this

before people actually get hurt doing

this and you get thrown so high in the

air comment team Peyton give me the love

and support I need it tell me how we're

gonna judge this so we're gonna judge

this by whoever goes the highest in

their basket yeah they're like two

pounds you can just Chuck them to the

Moon well you're taller so it gives you

an advantage so basically all equals out

maybe I don't care how high you guys go

as long as you come down safely that's

all I care about okay one two



my God that was so good

what's this expression whereas I'm more

shocked than you you went vertical wait

is that bad no I'm asking me pretty hard

to be I don't know if y'all are gonna go

that high to be honest I was scared

because someone had to catch him and I'm

one of those people but you made it

you're fine that was amazing line two

down stand up yeah



for yourself

all right if Peyton goes higher than me

then I get a consequence and I don't

even know what it is yet I'm really

nervous so please just keep her safe and

don't go that high I think I did pretty

good I just I just hope I would you went

so high but I don't know who went higher

you or Ashton we're gonna have to watch

the playback oh I'm a little nervous but

I've got this I think I can do one two


oh my God

I went up and then I got kind of scared

I don't know who went the highest but

that was really high to me that was a

photo finish the judges are gonna watch

and tell us who won whoa

Ashton okay there's packs that's really

high too okay wait okay so close there's

Peyton oh my gosh I think I know

too I definitely want higher on the

basket toss and it wasn't even a fair

match she's 40 pounds lighter and I

still think I won about team Ashton in

the comments three two one vote


it's unanimous and she is literally as

light as a feather that's not fair weigh

like 95 pounds and I weigh 140. thank

you so much to Anna Jack and Brit

they're amazing cheerleaders thank you

for teaching my kids and keeping them

safe comment down below who you think

got second between Ashton and Paxton

sorry guys but you guys lost the cheer

challenge so your consequence is you

have to

no you guys look so good now it's time

to take some photos no no way yeah no

yeah no no no no no no no say cheese



okay we were in your photo I'm getting

okay okay see you boys thank you that

post is gonna go viral



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