May 22, 2024

Turkish street food, BEST in the WORLD?

Published June 13, 2023, 1:20 a.m. by Bethany

Today we're trying so many different street foods on offer here in istanbul. The food in Turkiye has blown our minds and we're so excited to take it to the streets in this video.

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the food in turkey has been the best

food we have eaten in the world and I

know that's a bold statement to say but

it really is the truth we've already

done an incredible food tour where we

tried the 11 best dishes and now we are

taking it to the streets to try some

street food because I think it's part of

the culture and the daily life yes we do

need to check it out and you'll see

these cute red street food stands

literally everywhere you go we're going

to be trying some juicy corn on the cob

fresh fish sandwiches Crispy Donuts

massive stuffed potatoes Turkish pizza

and a whole bunch more and we'll be

sharing all the pricing with you as well

so welcome to Turkey Street Food


thank you

our first stop is on the Old Town side

of Galata bridge this is where we've

seen the most street food and we

actually came here the other night with

our friend shark and tried some Millis

but they had these cute little boats out

on the water with fresh fish sandwiches

or fish Burgers we're gonna try some of

those as well as some of the other

street foods that are available here at

the little cute cots and it's really

nice here actually there's a bit of a

Vibe all the local families come down

here for Sunset we've got the mosques

literally surrounding us the ocean sea

girls it's quite a Vibe it is without a

doubt that the three most common Street

Foods we've seen here since we've been

in Istanbul is the corn on the cob the

simet which is the bread that you

normally eat for breakfast with Nutella

on which is delicious and then there's

these burnt nuts I think it's a

hazelnuts but let's go and give it a try

hello how are you what is that by the

way this this yes

what is it called Chestnut Chestnut okay

how much for chestnuts minimum 100 grams

minimum 100 okay can I have 100 gram

please okay thank you guys I'm hangry I

actually really am hungry and I couldn't

imagine a better little snacky poo than

a milli in South Africa we call it a

milli but it's it's cold a big lamp it

has the juice it has a juice

thank you friend and one corn please one

yeah this this

um okay you can get basically grilled on

the bra or the barbecue and then oiled

in the water so Terry's gone with a nice

boiled one thank you and Jerry's had the

corn before it was absolutely delicious

I had a few bites highly recommend you

pick up a little corn if you are in the

areas literally like I said they are

absolutely everywhere I love that they

put a good helping of salt on this oh

it's just a really good snack to eat

after you've been walking up and down

the hills of Istanbul like burning all

the calories and when in doubt you'll

always find a corn on the street

nice and salty juicy soft yummy sweet

and crunchy

let's give these not hazelnuts these

chestnuts a try 40 Lira for this bag

it's still in its like covering never

had one of these before looks like a

brain honestly

wow it's actually quite sweet the

really big nut

these are yeah not salted but just a

little bit sweet there's actually barely

any like flavoring or salting on this

it's quite natural look at him his

coating is hairy

because these fish sandwiches look very

popular there's a lot of locals as well

as tourists eating here

oh pickle juice yes

okay very good very nice

how much for one yeah

350. the kitchen is on the boat how cool

is it I don't know how they don't get

motion sickness because those boats are


to fish thank you

one of Istanbul's most quintessential

meals is balik ekmek directly

translating to fish bread it's a fish

sandwich most famously consumed under or

around the gelato bridge where it's been

made for decades

for Instagram photo video

they just offered me to sit on the VIP

bench on the boats with like a lot of

town the whole city in the back with the

seagulls it looks so cute but my poor

motion sickness would say a solid note

we've got some lemon juice and some salt

and that looks very good


vegetables a nice walls soft roll some

lemon juice and salt because yo I think

this is gonna be good

she's very hungry and so excited

everywhere you go in Istanbul they give

you these Soviets and it's always lemon

flavor because traditionally in your

home they used to welcome you with some


like juice lemon juice with alcohol and

you used to wash your hands make sure

your sanitary while you're eating the

food so this is quite an old tradition

and I love that it's still around

muscles no maybe later thank you my


just had a bite it's very yummy there

are buttons in it though so just be

careful if you do try it um

that's me this is you yes my grandfather

your grandfather yes wow

145. yeah it's very old huh that was

absolutely delicious I finished the

whole thing usually on the free food

video I'll eat little bits of every meal

you want to say hello


this place has been here since 1945 it's

the third generation owner now started

off on a little little boat it's a nice

upgraded himself it's a really nice big

boat yeah it's quite a famous spot to

come and check it out guys

I lift the drink

thank you bye-bye guys

so Clary has decided that we're gonna

have some cinnamon drink I think it's

called salep

let's see

how much

20 Lira yeah thank you can we have one

please hello YouTube


thank you

I must come inside by the way turkey

I've just seen the Starbucks here so it

reminded me

okay yeah okay

turkey has the cheapest I think latte in

the whole wide world at Starbucks

how cool is that that's a little fun

fact for you guys but I'm not here for

stopsies I'm here for Sight apparently

it's been described as like a porridge

drink with cinnamon in it

thank you




I think we should insert a view right

now about what on Earth this actually is

salep was a popular beverage in the

lands of the Ottoman Empire and during

the Roman Empire as well they use a

flower made from tubers of orchid

flowers to make this drink not rice

flour like a thought it's a very starchy

and super nutritious drink actually



okay one this one yeah we're sharing

eating lots of food today

South Africa South Africa

thank you very very good

thank you

because how nice are the people honestly

they are just so friendly and fun they

want to know where you're from yeah it's

just amazing it's like it's just like a

fantastic little Duo going on yet

that is just such a cute little cup of

deliciousness it tastes like maybe like


porridge okay but runny and then with


oh yeah I love this this is all up my

alley yeah this is great so I can

imagine it being really good for

breakfast it's warm me up in the winter

oh wow they're so crispy

and I got a lot of air inside but

they're yummy is it syrup yeah I think

they've been soaked in syrup

it is literally soaked in syrup I think

the exact same thing that they use in

baklava I think like the syrup that you

find at the bottom of baklava that's not

too sweet it's quite I'm a Savory girl

so this is a really good dessert

actually it just goes so well with the



this is literally picking up trash

really really cool

interesting is that

you'll find under the Galata Bridge

there are hundreds of these little fish

restaurants definitely very popular

around here


okay we're heading across Galata bridge

now to the other side and it's actually

a really fun thing to do come out here

onto the Bridge at sunset and have a

look at the fishermen it's quite a Vibe

get a look into the real traditional

culture here in Turkey it's such a cool

place to go there's always people having

their wedding photos taken you on the

bridge every time we come here we see it

thank you


time to get something to drink let's

pick the thing we haven't tried or don't

know what on Earth is

slim and everything here in Turkey I

love it


thank you


oh my word


okay that must be really good

that is so refreshing and it's not fizzy

oh wow perfect the next thing you should

eat on the streets is compared we've

already actually had it on a separate

day but we're gonna slot it in here

because it is probably our favorite

thing we've eaten in Istanbul it's a

giant potato stuffed with all kinds of

goodness and it's like 110 Lira and it

feeds two people the potatoes here are

massive I've never seen such baked

potatoes before definitely try and find

one on the streets otherwise you can

come to our favorite store here and they

are wonderful people they give you free

tea at the end and karibos it's just

such a Vibe and it's kind of in the

street it is kind of street food

dating in the street

in the street come back to the taxem

side hopefully we can get some Kebab or

lemon oh guys we walked all the way up

from the ocean to Texas Square

the hills you are going to encounter in

Istanbul are Next Level I'm literally

out of breath anyway we made it to taxon

square there's a Vibe there's lots of

street food here so let's eat more yeah



most popular beef on what wheat wrap yes

this end is very popular okay tonight


thank you guys to be honest I don't know

what exactly this is called

dude it's so good

we've got gherkins tomato potato chips

and the beef is so salty and tasty you

saw earlier you can get this on bread

pizza and a wrap you just decide what

you want to eat it with and then yeah

similar to I guess the drink in India

like could

yeah it tastes very much the same very

good for you lots of probiotics by the


its name is

you should you should go to basic test

and Bombay party is the best

it's open and it's not a problem

very very famous place okay

I don't know

where we can get bomba and this card

what we were talking about where when

was the bomb oh my word

and these guys right over here

they sell the stuffed mussels and they

are the most mobile street food vendors

they literally have these teeny little

tables that they pick up drag along and

plonk it down salsa mussels definitely

try out some stuffed mussels we're on

the hunt now for Le Machin or lemakun

which is race

absolute favorite hello friend how are

you how are you we are back okay thank


thank you brother timetable let me turn

and and Trauma first f is beer the

street food video is evolving a little

bit into like a street dinner restaurant


Shop video listen we're on the street

that's a straight road can't you see

this actually is I swear like the pub

sporting betting watching drinking beer

streets isn't it


so apparently you're supposed to like

stuff the lemon tree with salad and roll

it up and eat it


I speak Turkish

no I don't it's actually been the

hardest language to learn guys I'm

disappointed in how little we know it's

actually really unacceptable isn't it oh

my gosh it's cute

thank you 500 mils yeah it's a proper

pint half a pint or whatever it is a

good beer

cheers don't forget to like And


it's just like the lemon one I had

earlier but this one's fizzy

brilliant love it it actually tastes

like Sprite but way better way tastier

thank you brother thank you all right so

the lemon churn has arrived you want to

explain so basically in a lemon is

minced meat there's minced herbs minced

garlic minced onions and some chilies I

think yummy now one of the cheapest

things you can get yeah on the streets

in Istanbul and yeah they go for around

30 to 40 Lira it's a really nice snack

it's not too filling it's a very nice

thin base and yeah it just goes down

very well with the beer I'm telling you

this is one of my favorite foods yeah

really it's so simple but it's so tasty

you're supposed to roll with it I don't

know I don't know

bon appetit


it really is rich in flavor that's about

light and eat now though I don't want to

fit anymore

that's us yeah



thank you

yes yes please


okay 20 lira is it

Nutella yes

thank you

good very good very good

thank you

one two three

okay bye-bye thank you

is basically like a bagel mixed with a

donut but it's got like these roasted

sesames on the outside he toasts it on

top of like a little coal or wooden fire

so it has a very nice wooden flavor on

the outside and then to add Nutella in

the inside where it's nice and soft and

chewy I think it makes a really good

dessert so shall we dig in

it's just a solid meal a solid snack and

then they also put bitter cheese on a

simmer for like breakfast or lunch red

loves that one and then sometimes you

can put like hazelnut spread and that's

like to traditional Turkish I think

creamy cheese with the honey glaze on

top of it you Chuck that all in here and

it's like a sweet sweet dessert or

breakfast it's a multi-use little


anyway we hope you guys enjoyed it don't

forget to like And subscribe stay tuned

for the next video we are off to

Cappadocia see you then bye




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